Chapter 362 Help me

When Zhang Yan Jie saw Su Mian, she gritted her teeth so hard that it almost broke, “Tie her up too, let’s see who’s going to save you now.”

Lao Hei did as he was told, he tied up her upper body firmly and once around her thighs.

“Su Mian, you were so lucky, I didn’t want to kill you initially, only to destroy your life. I didn’t expect you to be so lucky every time. Since killing one person is already murder, killing two is the same, today I will drag all of you to hell.” Zhang Yang Jie walked towards Su Mian as she spoke and touched Su Mian’s face.

“Look how beautiful this face is, who knows how many men have fallen for this. It’s a pity that you won’t be able to seduce them anymore,” After she finished speaking, she raised the knife.

Su Mian was already prepared. When the knife fell a little lower, she would kick her.

But Zhang Yan Jie suddenly turned around and stabbed Lao Hei.

Zhang Yan Jie’s back was against Lao Hei, from that angle he couldn’t see her movement at all. Besides, he had only just heard her say that she wanted to destroy Su Mian’s face.

He was still waiting for her move when the knife was aimed towards him. He was standing behind her and did not expect that at all.

When he raised his head and looked at Zhang Yan Jie in horror, the knife already pierced through his abdomen.

Zhang Yan Jie withdrew the knife and stabbed him again, Lao Hei fell to the ground with a thud. He stared at Zhang Yan Jie in disbelief, “I helped you so much, why did you kill me?”

“Hahaha! Help me?” Zhang Yan Jie laughed until she cried, “Are you helping me? If I didn’t have the letter you wrote to the Liu Brothers, would you help me? Why did you think I can’t kill you? You pretended to take me in, but the truth is you just want to own me, you even let a dozen other punks have fun with me, so why do you think I want to kill you? I would kill you a hundred times!”

“Hahaha!” Zhang Yan Jie laughed as she stabbed Lao Hei’s dead body a few more times. She only stopped when she was finally tired.

Guo Lei and Hao Dong Ming covered their mouths, they were getting ready to jump Lao Hei, but he was murdered by Zhang Yan Jie.

Zhang Yan Jie had really gone mad, she didn’t even blink!

The incident was too unexpected and messed up Su Mian’s plan. Zhang Yan Jie’s eyes were now red from the killing.

Sun Ying was so scared that her whole body shook.

The aunty stared at Zhang Yan Jie, her state was not better than Sun Ying.

Zhang Xiao Feng’s face was also filled with shock, because Zhang Yan Jie was now walking towards him.

Sun Ying was crying from fear, but she didn’t dare make a sound, she was worried that her cousin would also be killed by Zhang Yan Jie.

Su Mian kept thinking, even though Zhang Xiao Feng was not a good person, she couldn’t let Zhang Yan Jie kill him.

Zhang Yan Jie walked Zhang Xiao Feng’s side and touched his face with a face filled with pity, “My body is now dirty, I am no good for you now. Let’s die together and start over, ok?”

Damn, this woman’s thoughts… Su Mian wanted to puke. She really liked Zhang Xiao Feng, so she killed Liu Wen Juan out of love and hatred.

Zhang Xiao Feng wanted to get away from her as far as possible. She was a monster, but he couldn’t provoke her, she was smiling and the knife on her hand was still dripping blood.

Zhang Xiao Feng felt like he must have committed sins in eight lifetimes to have met a woman like this.

“Why aren’t you speaking, are you afraid of me? I also don’t want you to die so quickly, why don’t I blame you in the case of Lao Wu and the Liu Brothers, then you can spend the rest of your life in prison, living in agony, ok?” Zhang Yan Jie held Zhang Xiao Feng’s face again and raised her head to kiss him.

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