Chapter 40 We are looking for Miracle Doctor Su

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Several apprentices heard their master’s teasing and laughed at Su Jin Long.

Su Jin Long appeared as though he had not heard and watched as the jeep moved further and further away. Feeling anxious, he ran off in the direction that the jeep was heading.

“Brat, where are you going?” Su Jiang Hai shouted after him, although he was not actually worried that Su Jin Long would act recklessly.

In the past month, Su Jin Long had really matured and no longer ran around in the mountains with Su Jin Biao. He had been shut inside the house with him making furniture every day and had made them decently well.

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Su Jin Long ran straight towards the jeep like an arrow that had been shot, shouting as he ran, “I’m going to be a soldier, the jeep came to pick me up!”

“Brat!” Su Jiang Hai cursed as he watched Su Jin Long run further and further away. This kid wanted to be a soldier so much that he was obsessed with the idea, so he would just let him go and have a look.

The jeep drove along slowly on the mountain roads while Su Jin Long ran in a straight line across the fields. He had been tempering his body this whole time and did not fall behind the jeep as he followed it all the way to the entrance of the village.

The team leader had long spotted the agile figure in the rearview mirror. If he had seen it correctly, that kid had been following them for at least 10 li, “Instructor, that comrade you see followed us the whole way.”

Wu Feng jumped out of the passenger seat and turned around to look.

At this moment, Su Jin Long ran up to them and standing still, he gave a salute, “Uncle, hello, I have caught up with you.”

Wu Feng looked him up and down a few times, then finally patted him on the shoulder, “Little comrade, why were you following us?”

“I want to become a soldier!”

“How old are you?”

“I am 15!”

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“Exercise well, you can sign up for the army when you are 18!”

“Yes, uncle.” There was no need to mention how happy Su Jin Long felt, this Army uncle did not look down on him!

The team leader parked the jeep. They had received news that there was a miracle doctor who lived in the eastern side of the village, which should be near here. “Little comrade, are you from this village?”

Su Jin Long nodded.

“Do you know of the miracle doctor Su in Apricot Village?”

“What, are you looking for her?”

The team leader nodded, “We are seeking her for an urgent matter!”

Su Jin Long immediately became spirited, “Then you have found the right person. I am the most familiar with her, come with me.”

Su Jin Long led the way and ran into his own yard, “Sister, sister, come out quickly. There are two uncles from the Army looking for you!”


Wu Feng and the team leader were both taken aback. They had heard that the miracle doctor Su was an old man and could not walk well. They had even specially prepared a stretcher.

Su Mian was helping He Qin prepare dinner in the kitchen when she heard the shout and went out.

She saw that Su Jin Long had already led the two members of the Army up to the door.

“Are you looking for me?” Su Mian wiped her hands that had just tended to the firewood on her apron.

“You are the miracle doctor Su?”

Even though they had prepared themselves, the team leader was still almost shocked. The widely famous miracle doctor was actually a girl who was only 18 or 19 years old.

The girl had an oval face, fair skin, a pair of large and clear eyes, and her hair was tied in two braids hanging in front of her chest. How could she look so beautiful standing there gracefully?

Cough cough. Wu Feng saw the team leader staring unblinkingly at the girl for a long time and coughed twice. The team leader scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.

This girl was so pretty, even the girls of the military song and art ensemble were not as good-looking as this girl!

“Just call me Su Mian. Please come in to talk, it is cold outside.” Su Mian invited them into the house.

The team leader had been surprised by Su Mian’s beauty just then, but now that he had returned to his senses, he whispered to Wu Feng, “Instructor, did we find the wrong person, this girl is not yet 20-years-old, can she really treat the soldiers? Even the doctors at the hospital were at a loss!”

Su Mian was young and did not look like a miracle doctor. However, Wu Feng had smelled a faint herbal scent when they entered the house, so he was certain that this was the person they were looking for.

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