Chapter 58 Brother-in-law

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Su Mian left the tower space in high spirits, then saw Su Jiang Hai angrily coming in from outside.

“What is wrong with you now, such a long face, don’t scare the children!” He Qin held back Su Jiang Hai who was heading towards Su Mian.

Su Jiang Hai suppressed his anger and glanced at Su Mian before returning to his room.

“Xiao Mian does not cherish herself enough. Look, now the village is saying this and that.” Su Jiang Hai became even angrier when he thought about the things they had said.

As a female, He Qin heard these things more than Su Jiang Hai, “Do you not know what Su Mian is like? Would she be hurt if she was not foraging for herbs? You need not pay attention to them, moral integrity fears no slander. No one can stop the mouths on their faces! Besides, Su Mian is your daughter. How could you not believe your own daughter, but trust those outsiders?”

When Su Jiang Hai listened to He Qin’s advice, the flames of his anger dissipated a fair bit.

“What, if you say that again, I will beat you to death today!” As the couple talked inside the house, Su Jin Long’s voice rang loudly. They did not know who he was fighting with again.

Su Jiang Hai and He Qin rushed out and Su Mian also left her room with her crutches.

Su Jin Biao saw that Su Jiang Hai came out and hurried to complain, “Uncle, see how Su Jin Long has not learned well. I am his cousin, yet he dares to hit me. Look, he hit me.” Su Jin Biao pointed at his eyes, wondering to himself how after a damned month of not playing with Su Jin Long, how had this kid become so strong that just now, several boys could not hold him back.

Seeing Su Jin Biao’s panda eyes, Su Mian wanted to laugh yet she managed to hold it back.

“Little Long, why did you hit your cousin? You used to play together so well before.” Su Jiang Hai knew Su Jin Long. This kid had been righteous since he was young and loved to stand up for others. He definitely would not have beaten up Su Jin Biao for no reason.

“He said that sister seduced and led on his brother-in-law, he slandered my sister, if he says it again, I will hit him each time I see him!”

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“Your brother-in-law?” Su Jiang Hai stared at Su Jian Biao a little bewilderedly, “Su Hong is talking about marriage? Who is she talking about?”

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“It is Wei Zhen Hui, Captain Wei. He will be my brother-in-law soon.” Su Jin Biao looked triumphant. His mother had just gone to the Wei family’s house to propose a marriage, so this matter was already finalised.

Su Jin Long felt suspicious. He thought of what Instructor Wu had said and he still could not understand. Wei Zhen Hui was already in the talks about marriage, so he did not need his help at all!

Su Jiang Hai’s expression became sullen, “Little Long, apologise to your cousin.”

“I will not apologise. My sister did not seduce or lead anyone on, so what should I apologise for?” Su Jin Long glared fiercely at Su Jin Biao. He had been blind before, running behind his butt all day long. Seeing the crap that Su Jin Biao had been doing recently, he really regretted it.

“Apologise to your cousin, you should not have hit him.” Su Jiang Hai repeated loudly.

Su Jin Long understood, “Cousin, I was wrong, I should not have hit you.”

“Forget it. Seeing as you are my little brother, I will forgive you. In a few days when my sister is engaged, Uncle and you all should come and drink wedding wine!” After Su Jin Biao finished speaking, he led the other kids away.

Su Mian became anxious when she heard this. Since she had been reborn, many events had changed. Could it be that Su Hong and her mother were acting ahead of time?

What should she do? Things were happening almost the same as in her previous life.

That night, Su Mian tossed and turned. She knew that Wei Zhen Hui had feelings for her.

However, she was afraid that just like in her previous life, it would be too late for anything if Su Hong and the others schemed against her again.

No, in this life, she would not sit still and await death no matter what. Tomorrow, she would go and find Wei Zhen Hui.

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