Chapter 59 Marriage proposal

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Early in the morning, because Wei Zhen Hui had returned, Zhang Jie had made noodles stewed in pickled cabbage and pork ribs. Wei Zhen Hui had loved eating this since he was a child.

“Father, mother, I will go and propose marriage to the Su family later.” Wei Zhen Hui sat perfectly straight while he finished his meal.

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Zhang Jie almost choked on her food because of what he said. She coughed until her face turned red and it took a long while for her to recover. Both surprised and happy, she said, “You already know what I had discussed with Su Hong’s mother yesterday? I was afraid you would be unhappy with it so I had not dared to tell you. Since you are satisfied with the girl, then I am relieved.” Zhang Jie put another piece of pork rib in Wei Zhen Hui’s bowl, then pointed towards the kitchen, “Mother has already prepared the things for you. In a while, you should bring them directly. Do not forget etiquette when you reach them.”

Wei Zhen Hui nodded without any expression on his frosty face, giving off the impression that he would do as she had arranged.

Wei You Shan slapped his chopsticks down when he heard this, “Our eldest is going to propose marriage to the Su family?” He felt like he was the last one to know about things again. Yesterday when Su Hong’s mother had come, he had not thought much about it. She had come to their house quite often recently, so he thought they were simply chatting like usual.

“It was just decided last night, so I have not had the time to talk to you about it yet.” Zhang Jie felt guilty and her tone softened.

It was more like she did not want to tell him. Zhang Jie had complained to him for a long time last night. How would they survive if Wei Zhen Hui no longer sent money home in the future? Wei You Shan stopped eating altogether and he walked furiously to the sofa to read a book.

Zhang Jie knew that Wei You Shan was unhappy, so she also put down her chopsticks and went to sit next to him on the sofa, “Old Wei, I truly did not have the time to discuss this with you. Our eldest is 25, others his age have already had children, so am I not just being anxious? I thought that since our eldest is at home right now, and there is a girl of the right age, then the marriage can be settled. You see, even our eldest is willing.”

Wei You Shan remained silent and continued to flip through the book, although he did not read a word of it. He knew his wife the best and she was probably selling her son off to gain some sort of benefit! However, he thought about Su Hong and felt that she was still passable as a daughter-in-law.

“How about we pick a date?”

“Figure it out yourself, this father is just a decoration anyway.” Still holding the book, Wei You Shan turned his head away to the side.

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Zhang Jie knew that he had already softened slightly, “When the date has been decided, let us call over eldest sister and second sister and their children. The whole family will be happy.”

Wei You Shan did not have any brothers and both of his sisters had married into neighboring villages. They had many children and barely managed to scrape together enough to live on. Wei You Shan had always wanted to help, yet he was unable to spare any expenses. Seeing Zhang Jie talk about his two sisters, his expression finally eased a little bit.

“You should also tell father-in-law’s side a bit earlier.” Zhang Jie had five brothers and one younger sister. They usually came around and had a good relationship with the Wei family.

Zhang Jie chuckled in response and brought over the lunar calendar that she had already prepared, “I think the 16th of the first lunar month would be good.” As she said this, she handed it to Wei You Shan.

Wei You Shan put down the book and took the lunar calendar, looking at it solemnly.

The more that Zhang Jie thought about this marriage, the more satisfied she felt. Su Hong had good features, a thin waist, and a big butt, so she would definitely be able to bear sons in the future. She was in the same army division as Wei Zhen Hui and the two of them would be able to look after each other. The most satisfying part was that Su Jiang Tao, the village chief, would become their in-laws and he had promised to allocate another 5 mu1 of land to them each year. Whatever happened in the village from now on, they could rely on them a bit.

When Wei Zhen Hui finished eating, he went to the kitchen and saw the four gifts that Zhang Jie had prepared.

Wei Min followed and grabbed Wei Zhen Hui’s arm, “Brother, are you really going to marry Su Hong?!”


  1. 1 mu is around 667 square metres.

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