Chapter 60 I did nothing wrong

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“What is it, do you have a problem?” Wei Zhen Hui looked down at Wei Min who had an anxious expression, then he raised his hand and glanced at his watch, “If you have any problems, say them quickly. I will give you five minutes.”

Wei Min was about to be driven mad by his eternally unchanging ice cold expression, “Brother, do you really not like Su Mian? She is a good person and is pretty, how did she not catch your eye? One glance at Su Hong and you can tell she is a scheming person. You did not know, but that time when Liu Da was injured and Liu Er asked her to help, she was afraid of making a mistake and hid behind her mother. Do you not often say that as a soldier, you must stand forth unconditionally when the country and its people need you? Yet she only knew how to hide and she is unsuited to be a soldier. In the end, it was Su Mian who stepped up and saved Liu Da. Brother, just what part of Su Mian is not good and why do you not like her? You even hugged her and now Su Mian’s reputation has been ruined by you, so you should be responsible for Su Mian.” Wei Min was almost crying as she said this. She really did not want Wei Zhen Hui to marry that Su Hong woman!

Wei Zhen Hui knew that if he continued teasing, Wei Min would definitely cry. He gently touched her little nose, “Who said I am going to marry Su Hong? Su Hong’s family is not the only one with the surname Su.”

Wei Min’s eyes brightened instantly and she asked in surprise, “Brother, if you are talking about the Su family, then could it be that you mean Su Mian’s family?”

“Hush!” Wei Zhen Hui blocked her lips with his finger, then gestured towards their parents in the other room.

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“Brother, I will wait for your good news.” We Min immediately beamed with delight, her voice as quiet as that of a mosquito’s but her heart was jumping for joy. This was truly great. Yesterday, she had heard about Su Mian’s feat of going to the army. Only such a brave person like Su Mian was worthy of her brother!

Wei Zhen Hui carried the gifts and walked from the west end of the village to the east end. Even though he walked so fast that it seemed like he was flying, it still took 20 minutes before he arrived at Su Mian’s house.

Su Jiang Hai and Su Jin Long were in the yard chopping firewood when they saw Wei Zhen Hui coming over carrying four gifts. As a man of experience, Su Jian Hai knew at a glance that they were marriage proposal gifts. Remembering Su Jin Biao’s words yesterday, he knew that he had come to the wrong house.

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“Captain Wei, you have come to the wrong place. Su Hong’s place is the next house to the west.” After speaking, he swung his axe horizontally. His meaning was obvious, he did not intend on allowing him inside the house.

“Uncle Su, I did not go to the wrong place. I came to propose marriage to Su Mian.” Wei Zhen Hui took another step forward and glanced around the courtyard, yet did not see Su Mian.

Su Jiang Hai put away his axe suspiciously, his expression still dark, “You came to propose marriage to Little Mian?” His daughter’s current bad reputation was all due to the person in front of him. Su Jiang Hai became even angrier when he thought about this.

“What, you want to propose marriage to my sister? I disagree! Why, did you not talk to Su Hong already yesterday? Su Jin Long was enraged as soon as he heard this. How could there be such a person? Talking to Su Hong yesterday, then running over to look for his sister today, treating his sister like a spare tire!

“Little Long, you have misunderstood, I have not talked to Su Hong. I know that Su Mian’s reputation was affected because of me. I am willing to marry her. From the moment I held her, I decided to marry her. Before coming out, I have already applied for marriage. When Su Mian is 20 years old, we will get married.” Wei Zhen Hui’s words came from his heart. At the top of the mountain, when he held her in his arms, he had decided he would not let her go.

“Are you speaking the truth? Then we will need to ask Little Mian what she thinks.” Su Jiang Hai’s expression finally eased a little. In all honesty, Wei Zhen Hui was indeed a good candidate to be his son-in-law. Since he was young, he had been a high academic achiever, he was handsome and fit into the army well, becoming a captain at a young age. It was just that Su Mian was too young and he was unwilling to give his daughter up.

Su Mian had eaten breakfast and changed her clothes. Just as she was thinking about how she would get Wei Zhen Hui to meet her when she heard that Wei Zhen Hui had come to propose to her.

Su Mian had blushed and went to hide in her room. In reliving this lifetime, whenever she thought about marrying Wei Zhen Hui, she could not help but blush and her heart would skip a beat.

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