Chapter 61 No match for his wife

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He Qin was knitting a sweater inside the house and when she saw Su Mian’s reaction, she knew that this girl would agree to the marriage. Looking out the window again, she saw both father and son still confronting Wei Zhen Hui who was blocked at the gate to the yard.

This father and son really were stupid. Captain Wei had seen all manner of battles before and had led thousands of men, so how could he go to the wrong house to propose marriage? He Qin put down the sweater and put on her cotton shoes, then walked out.

“Oh Captain Wei is here, come talk inside.” He Qin greeted him warmly, then glanced fiercely at Su Jiang Hai as she walked past him. She took the gifts from Wei Zhen Hui with both hands and looked at Su Jiang Hai meaningfully.

He was already of such an age yet he still could not understand. If their daughter was not satisfied with this marriage, would Captain Wei come to propose the marriage? This father and son were one more stubborn than the next.

Now that Su Jiang Hai had an excuse, he put down his axe and followed them inside reluctantly. He decided to himself that if Xiao Mian did not like it, then he would immediately drive this man out.

Before Su Jin Long could understand what was going on and why his father did not stop them, his mother had already let Wei Zhen Hui into the house. He threw the axe onto the wood and with a few steps, he rushed into the house.

It was only then that he recalled that Instructor Wu had asked him for assistance before they had left. Oh dear, Su Jing Long slapped his forehead. Could it be that Instructor Wu knew that Wei Zhen Hui would come to his house to propose marriage, so he had asked him to be accommodating?

Wei Zhen Hui’s eyes blazed like torches and his expression was frosty. He had not expected that coming one day late would lead to things being like this. If he had known this would happen, he would have proposed right on the spot when he carried Su Mian out of the car.

Su Mian was nowhere to be seen in the house. He Qin pointed quietly towards the inner room. Wei Zhen Hui knocked on the door and went inside.

Su Mian was facing away from him, her heart beating fiercely, nervous and restless. In her previous life, she did not have such strong feelings even when she married Jiang Yi out of anger.

When Wei Zhen Hui came in, Su Mian was even more embarrassed and could not face him.

“Su Mian.” Wei Zhen Hui called out to her. With her back to him, he could only see her hair parting on the back of her head.

“Who let you come and propose marriage? Who said I will marry you?” Su Mian’s face flushed red as she mumbled. Just a moment ago, she had almost gone out to find him.

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Now that he had come to propose marriage, Su Mian’s heart was tossing and turning like lava.

Wei Zhen Hui hugged her from behind, surprising Su Mian so much that she almost screamed. Wei Zhen Hui reacted quickly and covered her small mouth with his big hand. He turned around and seeing that no one came in, he whispered, “What are you calling out so loud for, it’s not like I bullied you.”

“You did bully me.” Thinking of the misery she had suffered in her previous life, Su Mian felt aggrieved. She had never been hugged even once by Wei Zhen Hui. The two of them had kept each other in their hearts, not knowing what the other was thinking, and missed having a lifetime together.

The person in his arms remained silent for a long time. Lowering his head, Wei Zhen Hui saw that there were tears in Su Mian’s eyes. He was suddenly at loss and said, “I was wrong. I was late and made you feel wronged.” His arms around Su Mian tightened, “I made you feel wronged, it will not happen again.” 

He had not expected that rumours would spread so quickly. When he had gone on missions before, he had carried, fought, and hugged women before, so he had not given much thought to what had happened yesterday.

Wei Zhen Hui patted her head gently, as though he was touching a rare treasure.

“Who let you come and propose marriage?” Su Mian pouted and turned around to hit Wei Zhen Hui’s shoulder with her small fist.

He put his arms around her. Su Mian’s red cheeks were too pretty, “Are you unwilling to let me propose? Hm?”

Wei Zhen Hui’s breath was very close to her and Su Mian could smell his unique scent. Her face reddened even more and she pushed at his shoulder. Why is this man like this, she had not accepted him yet.

“If you are unwilling, why is your face so red?” Seeing that she did not say anything, Wei Zhen Hui grasped her wrists, “So strong. It seems like I will have to increase my training intensity in the future, otherwise I would be no match for my wife on the wedding night.”

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