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The butcher woke up at four in the morning when he heard chickens making noise from where he had kept them.
I put them there for more than a day. He realized when he saw the entire case of beer empty. His wife had already removed those bottles, but it seemed like she was not bothered by the noise of animals. 

He went to the farm with hangover all over his body. Even his sweat smelled of alcohol. The chickens were flying all around the farm. One of them almost scratched the butcher from its claw. Water was all dirty in there and there was not even a single grain of fodder. 
“Relax you chicken s****, you won’t taste good if you panic like this I tear you apart.” He yawned.
He put his hand in his pocket when he realized something terrible. He had entered the farm without the keys. Butcher walked past the panicked chicken, “F*** off thief.”
Sshhhh…” a childish voice came, “You are scaring them.”
He saw his son stroking a rooster’s back. 
“What the hell are you doing here at this time?” he asked.
“I had named this rooster. I was here to say goodbye to him.” Kid said.
“Bring me my apron. And the knife.” Butcher picked the key from the kid’s hand and opened the slaughter room.
Soon the child brought the apron and a knife.

“Not this, bring the other one. This is too big.” Butcher said while he cleaned the room.
“There was just this one.” Child said.
Butcher took it regardless, then he brought some chickens with him.

The kid was about to leave when his father called him back, “Hey, take your rooster with you.”
The boy jumped in joy, clutched the rooster and ran.
While he laughed, he heard screams of slaughtered creatures. Inside the room, the boy opened a box and took out his dad’s knife. 

Days passed, and the rooster made noise every morning till it disappeared suddenly one day.
The same day butcher’s son came with dirty clothes.
He told his father to make a catapult. To make his kid silent, he made it, but he never had thought his first target will be on window glass.
“Go to the trees.” He told his son when he broke the second glass. 
“I don’t want to. There’s a cemetery nearby the trees.” He said.

How old are you?

“Ghosts don’t scare children of eight. Now go.” He sent him off by saying so.
What if I turn nine next year? He walked  away with the thought.
He climbed a tree to see the window he had broken. With all the difficulty, he climbed half of the small tree. He could see the window broken.
He fired his catapult towards it, but the stone didn’t even get close to the house. Instead, he heard some birds chirping. There he saw two baby birds and an egg yet to be hatched. When he looked back, then he got scared because he saw the cemetery. 
The kid climbed down and waited for the mother bird to come. Later a bird came, fed the babies and sat on the egg. He tried to shoot the bird with the catapult but she flew.
The next day, he climbed on another tree and waited for the mother bird to come again. But this time the wait was very long. 
When she came, he got her with his catapult. He climbed down and picked up the injured bird. She attempted to fly, but he did not let it do so. He broke one wing and went to the slaughter chamber. 
He brought his dad’s knife with him and tore the bird till she was dead. 

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In the night he woke up all of a sudden for no reason. He saw a man standing infront of him. It had wings. 
“You did a mistake.” The mysterious man said, “I was here for a purpose and you killed me.”

When the kid stared at his wristwatch, then saw the time 27 O’clock. 
“I am sorry.” The kid muttered and stirred his mother hard. But she didn’t wake up.
“I couldn’t feed my babies. They died.” The monster said.
“I am eight.” He cried.

“Yet you killed me.”
“Please forgive me.” Kid cried.
“I have forgiven you already kid. But I can’t leave you unpunished. You interfered in my task.”
After it, the boy fell asleep. The sleep was very long. He didn’t even dream anything. He didn’t even realize he was asleep until he felt some discomfort around him.
He felt like he was wrapped around something.
The kid struggled and got out of it. He saw his father and mother along with some people in the cemetery. All of them were crying as the coffin was being lowered down.
He saw the window which he had broken. 
It took him time to realize where he was. He was in the nest with some dead bird babies.
He now had a beak, wings and had fur. The kid chirped till the funeral was over. 

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Title: World of Expertsd | Tags: Cultivation, Second Chance
Synopsis: The online game <> entered the whole world. It's a game about territorial construction and war to reconstruct alternate history. Although it's virtual, it'll change the world. Shi Hao, an ordinary freshman, decided to bravely enter <> in order to gain the approval of his beloved goddess's elder brother. He, however, accidentally got a super skill at the beginning because of a strange game-helmet.

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