Chapter 79 Simply looking down on you

Wu Wen Yue became the first instructor in the juvenile detention center who could not get off the hook after being put in order by a student. Not only that, she was even humiliated.

In front of the crowd, her attempt to cover her embarrassment was torn by An Xia, and her face was lost.

Because, as long as one wasn’t blind, one could see that she was not as good as An Xia.

Even she herself knew it very well.

She flew into a rage out of humiliation. She waved her whip and took up her identity as an instructor as she yelled, “I am an instructor, and you are a student! You have to listen to what I say! Now, I order you to do 500 squats at once! Otherwise…”

“Otherwise, what? Otherwise, you are going to punish me again?” An Xia didn’t change her expression, and smiled coolly, “Now, even if the chief instructor comes over, I will still diss you. After all, you aren’t even as good as your student!”

“You know you are not as good as me , but instead of admitting it, you claim to be an instructor, but in fact you are a person who has looks but has no ability. If I were an instructor, the first thing I would do is to take care of trash such as yourself !

Behind her, there was a serious, low, and cold voice of a middle-aged man, “Really? That’s very courageous. The juvenile detention center has been established for 10 years. There were thousands of students in the past. You are the only one who dares to say an instructor is a person who has looks but has no ability.”

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She might have spoken too much.

He was the chief instructor, who was 42 years old, whose surname was Zhang and was a native of Xuancheng City, who really came from a background of special forces soldiers.

It was said that he had been on the battlefield abroad and suffered numerous injuries.

Chief Instructor Zhang came over. The group of 20 young problematic youths with an average age of 19 years old all became silent and lowered their heads, trying to reduce their presence as much as possible.

Even if she was Wu Wen Yue, the second she heard Chief Instructor Zhang’s voice, she immediately suppressed her anger and greeted respectfully, “My apologies.”

Chief Instructor Zhang nodded slightly to Wu Wen Yue.

“What’s your name?” When he walked towards An Xia, his murderous aura loomed faintly. No wonder they were afraid of him. People who had blood on their hands had a ruthlessness that could stop the crying of children.

It was an aura that An Xia’s was familiar with but it was possible that he had been away from the forces for too long, his aura was not as pure as the aura on Mu Chen Yuan’s body.

She gazed at him differently, and her voice came calmly, “An Xia.”

“An Xia, that’s a good name.” Chief Instructor Zhang praised seriously and awkwardly, and his naturally dark face squeezed out an awkward smile. One could tell that he had a temperament that was serious and was not fond of laughing. “You said that the instructor is not as good as you. It’s hard to convince the public just by talking about it, you have to show it.”

Wu Wen Yue didn’t want to see An Xia getting ahead of herself, so she stopped him, “Chief Instructor, An Xia…”

“There’s no need to say more.” Chief Instructor Zhang raised his hand and interrupted, “If she is really better than the instructor, then it is my fault. But if she is a mess, then she must be punished!”

“You all listen to me, when you enter the juvenile detention center, either you are capable enough to convince me. Or, you train sincerely! Train until you become well-behaved, and train until you go out and no longer harm society!”

His voice was like thunder, one after another, the timid students had been struck till their thighs shivered, and the courageous students continued to keep their heads down, trying to hide themselves as much as possible.

However, An Xia was bold, and said indifferently, “If I train well, then can she still control me?”

“She still will, not because you train well, but because she’s restraining you from what you are allowed to do and what you are not allowed to do.”

“What do you mean by what I’m allowed to do? To be obedient? Be honest? Not allowed to fight back if I’ve been hit, not allowed to talk back if I’m scolded, if I’m bullied I have to endure it, if I’m wronged I have to endure it, if I’m insulted against my will I have to endure it? Is this what you mean by what I’m allowed to do?”

Her voice was as clear as water, “So, is there still a need for the juvenile detention center? Chief Instructor Zhang, do you even remember why it was built in the first place?”

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