Chapter 80 I didn’t let you talk, so shut up

Chief Instructor Zhang was stunned by An Xia’s questioning.

He knew An Xia was a difficult child, but he did not expect her to be this difficult.

An Xia’s questioning was not over yet. Her voice was cold, like a cold breeze, as she spoke, “Businessmen value money highly and are blinded by greed, and in the end, they make contributions to the society to seek their own personal gain. Chief Instructor Zhang, I will ask you again, what’s your definition of what we are allowed to do?”

Several sharp questions were asked till Chief Instructor Zhang could not help but squint his eyes as he pondered.

Her questions were even targeted to those at the floor, who were all students forcefully sent by their families to the center, and cold sweat formed on their backs.

She was extremely daring!

“Oh, is she An Xia? When I used to bully her, she looked like a dumb person, since when did she become so awesome? She even dared to call out the Chief Instructor!”

“If she was this awesome before, I’m afraid our brothers wouldn’t have dared to bully her.”

“If both of you don’t want to die, you’d better keep your voices down!”

Several boys who had bullied An Xia before were shocked at An Xia’s change and couldn’t help whispering to each other at the risk of being punished.

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She even dared to challenge the Chief Instructor who everyone was afraid of, awesome!

If they had known she was so awesome, who would dare to bully her!

Chief Instructor Zhang also admired An Xia a bit now.

He didn’t expect An Xia, who looked weak, was able to confront him without changing her expression, and she even raised such intense questions. She not only questioned him, but also questioned the need for the juvenile detention center.

He wanted to say that she had an exaggerated opinion of her own abilities, but her indifferent, calm eyes made it impossible for him to scold her.

Instead, he had to listen carefully to his weird sense of obedience.

Looking around, Chief Instructor Zhang listened to the whispers of several boys. His cold face was tense and his aura thoroughly released, as he felt pressured. “There is a saying, ‘all talk and no action.’ After having said so much, you are simply questioning the ability of the instructors in the juvenile detention center.”

“The juvenile detention center was established 10 years ago. You are the first student who questioned the ability of an instructor. If you want to know what I mean by ‘what you are allowed to do and what you are not allowed to do’, first let me see if you are capable enough for me to answer you!”

If every student followed her behavior, what kind of dignity would the instructor have? Everyone could provoke and be presumptuous! Then, the problematic students would return to their old behaviour of being disrespectful!

An Xia heard what Chief Instructor Zhang said and the smile on her did not falter.

An Xia did not pay attention to Chief Instructor Zhang’s deterrence. He wanted to see her panic? 

Forget it, there never will be.

An Xia said calmly, “Then let’s have a match, I…” She looked at Wu Wen Yue sharply, “I was imprisoned by her for three days before today. The reason was because I caused a scene.”

Wu Wen Yue, who was suddenly mentioned, raised her eyes and stared at An Xia. She snorted coldly, “And is that not true?”

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“Why are you in a hurry, did I say I didn’t?” An Xia chuckled slightly, and her disdain for Wu Wen Yue was emitted from all over her body and even her hair. “It’s your characteristic to deliberately make things difficult for girls. Very good. Keep it up.”

The girls underneath couldn’t help but nod secretly, exactly!

Everyone knew that Wu Wen Yue liked to deliberately make things difficult for girls, and she was unusually generous to boys!

“Nonsense!That’s a venomous slander! Chief Instructor Zhang, if such students are not properly punished, how should the instructors discipline them in the future? Where is our dignity as instructors!” Wu Wen Yue was angry and panicky, An Xia revealed matters that she was well aware of in public. It was like slapping her face deliberately!

An Xia glanced at her, exhibiting her disdain.

I didn’t let you talk, so shut up.

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