Chapter 81 Written challenge

Wu Wen Yue was so humiliated that she wanted to hang herself!

She wanted to reprimand An Xia, but An Xia no longer paid any attention to her. Her cold black eyes looked at Chief Instructor Zhang, “After being locked for three days, winning is no difficult feat.”

That was her purpose.

Mentioning Wu Wen Yue was just incidental, An Xia only wanted to make her panic.

Wu Wen Yue took the dirty money from outside and let people in to kill her. Did she think she could live a peaceful life? She must be delusional!

Chief Instructor Zhang finally experienced An Xia’s ruthlessness.

Her ruthlessness was not just for show.

Instead, it was open and candid, making others convinced.

To have such ruthlessness, one must be capable enough and not a bluff. 

From her manner, An Xia was definitely not bluffing. 

“Good!!” Chief Instructor Zhang nodded in admiration.

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Her unrelenting courage caused Chief Instructor Zhang to respect her even more!

“How do you intend to win?” he asked in interest.

An Xia raised her eyebrows, “How many instructors are there?”

“There are 30 instructors and 20 teaching assistants.”

“I’ve seen the introduction of the juvenile detention center. All the instructors are from special ops background, I’ll compete with them. I won’t compete with the teaching assistants, it’ll just be a waste of time.”

Teaching Assistant Cheng, who happened to come over, “…”

He had taken an arrow to the knee!

Chief Instructor Zhang was silent for at least ten seconds before speaking, “Okay, I’ll have them all gather in the drill ground.” He looked deeply at the crazy student, and said with a cold voice, “If you lose, An Xia, the time spent studying in the juvenile detention center will be unforgettable. I will hand you over to Instructor Wu and let her educate you well.”

An Xia’s expression remained unchanged, “If I win, she will leave.”

“Okay!” Chief Instructor Zhang received the written challenge, turned around, and ordered Wu Wen Yue to broadcast to all the instructors, including teaching assistants, to gather at the drill ground.

Wu Wen Yue almost trotted away.

She was very excited!

An Xia would definitely lose!

In the next 3 months, she would definitely educate An Xia until Mrs. Song was satisfied!

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“Oh f***,” At this moment, that was the only phrase the students could use to express their respect.

Unfortunately, they were uncultured and did not know how to use noble words to express themselves.

Fang Si Ling swallowed her dry throat, and whispered to Shang Yu Jia who was standing beside by, “I thought she won’t look too good after being locked in the small black house for 3 days.. Who knew she’d become even more arrogant after she was released.”

“After provoking Wu Wen Yue, she dared to challenge Chief Instructor Zhang. Now she wants to compete with 30 instructors! Do you think we should continue to go against her in the future? I’m a little bit terrified.”

In the past, they bullied An Xia because they thought she was weak as she couldn’t fight back or curse them.

Bullying An Xia now was no different than throwing away their life.

Shang Yu Jia was still in pain, her lower abdomen was trampled till they were bruised, her old wounds were not healed and she didn’t dare to add new ones.

She glanced at Huang Yi Qi, and after thinking about it, she replied, “Let’s observe first. Competing against 30 instructors, whether she will win or lose is still a question. If she loses, she falls into the hands of the dark-hearted Wu Wen Yue, and she will definitely suffer in the future.”

“Let’s just observe. Don’t let her put us in order without figuring out the situation like the past few days. I have had enough of this horrible place. If I can get out early, I will get out early.”

Hearing this, Fang Si Ling’s face was bleak. She bowed and said blankly, “Get out? Do we have a chance to get out after entering this kind of ghost place? Even if there is, our family will definitely refuse.”

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