Chapter 98 Holding Back the Shame

Chief Instructor Zhang announced An Xia’s victory. A few seconds later, the huge drill ground once again exploded with a thunderous round of applause.

The students were all excited as they shouted, “An Xia! An Xia! Mighty! An Xia! Mighty!”

It was not easy!

The instructors who beat and scolded them every day were crushed by An Xia, and they didn’t even dare to lift their heads. This was what they had always wanted to do but never could!

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But An Xia did it!

She was their idol!

Lin Yin Ya, who had already caught a cold, jumped up and screamed, “An Xia! You are so damn awesome!”

“You suck up! She can’t hear you shouting.” Huang Yi Qi dampened her enthusiasm eccentrically,  “Do you think you can offset the things you did to her with just a few sentences of good luck and you are awesome?You must be dreaming!”

Fang Si Ling wanted to say a few sentences, but Shang Yu Jia grabbed her sleeve, shook her head and said softly, “Don’t get involved.”

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Lin Yin Ya glanced at her and chuckled, “Haven’t you heard a fault confessed is half redressed? You can’t recognise the reality clearly yet you want to prevent others from recognizing the reality? Huang Yi Qi, let’s just mind our own business, considering we had a good relationship, let me remind you that An Xia is more cruel than me! “

More cruel than Lin Yin Ya?

Fang Si Ling and Shang Yu Jia were shocked.

Lin Yin Ya was a ruthless person who dared to set fire to kill people, although she didn’t succeed.

If An Xia was more cruel than her, wouldn’t it be a real murder and arson?

Both their voices were drowned out by waves of roars. The students could scream as loud as they wanted, they vowed to roar out all the aggievances they received since entering the juvenile detention center.

Being motionless for 6 hours, it could not be done by ordinary people.

The instructors who had lost thoroughly listened to the applause of the students who had not disappeared for a long time, and they were so embarrassed that they just wanted to escape quickly.

Today was a shame they would never forget.

It was not given by others, it was the shame that they personally “held” back due to their arrogance.

Among the instructors, only Mu Chen Yuan won.

It was normal for him to win.

He had a background in special forces, standing still in the wind and snow for 6 hours was a common thing, which was not worth mentioning.

He faintly thanked the instructor who patted away the snow on his body, before raising his hand to salute An Xia, who was standing opposite, with sincere admiration.

It was too formal, and An Xia was stunned.

Soon after, An Xia’s expression receded, and she also saluted in return.

She stood for too long, the joints of her arms were stiff and it was hard to bend between her raised hand. The muscles of her entire arm were so tight that the blood seemed to coagulate and became a mass of unconscious dead flesh. An Xia’s face did not change its color, and her arm remained stagnant for at most three seconds and she lifted up her arms.

The snow covering her arms was flung as she raised her hand.

Mu Chen Yuan stared at An Xia who saluted him in return, and a dark color flashed across his deep eyes.

With her standard stance, standard salute and amazing perseverance, she had definitely received extremely rigorous professional training.

But why should she hide it?

What was the purpose of doing so?

“Stand in formation!” Chief Instructor Zhang yelled and interrupted Mu Chen Yuan’s thoughts. In a flash, 28 instructors stood in formation with him as the coordinate point.


Following the even more solemn voice of Chief Instructor Zhang, the twenty-eight instructors stomped the ground, and together with Mu Chen Yuan, saluted the girl who was standing opposite them with dignified eyes, arrogant than the wind and snow.

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