Chapter 99 Why are you hiding from me

They had lost!

The result of looking down on her was what brought to their own destruction.

Today, they had learned a lifetime lesson from An Xia.

The cold wind was strong but everything was quiet. The world was the same color, and the girl standing opposite them had used the most direct method to trample them. The instructors who despised her were fiercely under her feet.

She slapped their faces fiercely with strength and told them how tragic it would be to look down on an opponent.

In the audience, the students were silent as the atmosphere was too solemn. They couldn’t help but hold their breath, and they dared not make any trouble. They silently watched and waited for the end.

An Xia saluted first and it was habitual, from last time until now. But now it was hard to change her habit in a different place. Even so, she didn’t want to change it.

At this moment, she was in a more uncomfortable situation.

At the end of the competition, her tense perseverance relaxed, and her whole body was stiff as a stone. She wanted to walk away, only to find that her thighs were stretched until they did not listen to her brain at all.

As Mu Chen Yuan said, she could do better.

It was her new body that could have done better. She couldn’t have completed the 6 hours without training. It was supported by perseverance.

The consequence of over-exertion was…

She needed to slow down.

Mu Chen Yuan approached, his sharp and handsome face was a little dull, he had already noticed as early as An Xia raised her hand to salute.

His thin lips moved slightly, and his voice was low, “Relax.”

“It’s difficult.” An Xia, who was not ashamed, said calmly, “My knees, pelvis, and back are stiff, so I can’t move for the time being.”

She did not not anticipate this as she had only stood for 6 hours but she was experiencing symptoms that would only appear after standing for 60 hours.

Cheng Ming, who was below, also saw the problem. He took large steps and went to An Xia’s side with a few steps.

Outsiders could not see that An Xia had a problem, and thought it was a simple interaction.

The other instructors organized the students in their teams to leave the drill ground under the order of Chief Instructor Zhang. The merriment ended, and the situation returned to being peaceful again.

Chief Instructor Zhang came to take a look, but Mu Chen Yuan blocked, “Chief Instructor, I would like to speak with An Xia alone.”

So, please leave.

Chief Instructor Zhang, who still wanted to talk, was asked to leave. He had no choice but to leave. Facing Mu Chen Yuan’s stern black eyes, he was inexplicably shocked and could only leave.

An Xia waited for him to walk away, and said to the two of them, “You…”

After a pause, her language regrouped the words and asked the question that had been entrenched in her heart, “Since you are here to monitor me, why are you still helping me? It is so kind that it makes me doubt that you have another purpose.”

To suck up, then ruin the relationship?

“What purpose can you let us have?” Mu Chen Yuan asked back. At the same time, supporting An Xia with his slender and powerful arms, he said, “Let the strength of your upper limbs lean on me. Try to lift your leg.”

On the other side, Cheng Ming, who made the same action, looked at his empty hand, blinked, and said with a dazed expression, “Miss An, why are you avoiding me?”

The surroundings were still, only the wind was heard.

An Xia blinked, she was more confused than Cheng Ming, “I don’t know, maybe it’s a habit?”

She was really not used to being approached, even Dubhe and the others did not allow themselves to have physical contact with herself, unless there was no choice.

“Habit?” Cheng Ming asked dryly, “Then, why is Captain Mu OK?”

He was really hurt deep down!

Both of them reached out at the same time, but the result was!

Miss An avoided him!

It was fine if she avoided him, but why did she not avoid Captain Mu?

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