Chapter 27: Stop imagining things!

She felt that the atmosphere was a little strange.

She didn’t know why he looked at her while saying that. Wen Yifan looked away and went in while saying politely, “Then your friend is quite charming.”

She sighed secretly after answering him.

She’s indeed Sang Yan’s friend, they even speak the same way.

Sang Yan was still staring intensely at her.

And ended the call.

Wen Yifan was sitting next to the coffee table as usual while switching on the kettle.

While waiting for the water to boil, she saw Sang Yan was also sitting in his usual position. Wen Yifan had nothing to do at that moment, she remembered his phone call just now and casually said, “By the way, did that girl confess to your friend?”

Sang Yan looked up, “Why?”

“It’s somehow illogical.” Wen Yifan gave it a thought, “If that girl admires your friend, the reason why she hugged your friend is actually very clear. Your friend should not have to discuss this matter with you specifically.”

“Oh, so.” Sang Yan slowly blurted out, “She’s losing her head over lust.”


Although the girl who was judged by him was not her, but Wen Yifan kept having a strange feeling. After a moment of silence, she calmly continued, “But from what I heard from your conversation between you and your friend, this girl seems to have not expressed her feelings clearly.”

Sang Yan leaned back and he looked condescending.

“So, is it possible that your friend is…” Wen Yifan paused, she swallowed back the term ‘imagining things in her head’ and changed it to a milder term, “Having a misunderstanding?”


The water just happened to boil.

Sang Yan coldly looked at Wen Yifan who was pouring boiling water and a little cold water into her cup. She picked up the cup and covered it with her hands. After taking a slow sip, she noticed his gaze.

Wen Yifan paused, “Do you want some water?”

Sang Yan glanced at her, he sounded unhappy, “Drink it yourself.”

Wen Yifan nodded, she didn’t know where his emotions came from. She continued to drink half of the cup and poured some boiling water into her cup again before getting up, “Then I’ll go to rest first.”

Sang Yan briefly replied while picking up the remote control to switch on the television.

Wen Yifan took the cup and went back to her room.

Sang Yan heard the door open and close as he was half lying on the couch. His elbow was on the armrest, his face was supported by his hand, his eyes were drooping, and he was switching the TV channel lazily.

He changed to a certain channel and a variety show was streaming.

The male celebrity said, “I have a friend…”

He was interrupted by someone else, “Why are you making friends out of nothing?”

Sang Yan watched without any emotions and immediately pressed on the button to switch channels.

This time, it was a movie broadcasting channel and it seemed like a comedy was playing. In the vintage filter, a middle-aged man said boldly, “Stop imagining things!”

He switched channels again.

He switched to a channel that was playing a famous drama, the actress on the screen was teary-eyed and was shedding tears, “Have you never loved me…. Have you been playing with me all the time…”


Sang Yan sneered and switched off the television directly before throwing the remote control aside.

He picked up his phone and saw Qian Fei had spammed a series of messages to him. The messages were all about condemning his disgusting and rude behaviour for hanging up directly.

Qian Fei changed his strategy to spam in their dormitory roommates’ group chat when he noticed Sang Yan was ignoring him. 

Sang Yan was going to reply to his message.

A reminder appeared on the interface of his phone.

Duan Jiaxu.

Sang Yan answered the call and went towards the kitchen.

“Spill it.”

A clear gentle voice of a man could be heard from the phone, he sounded like he was smiling, “Bro, what are you doing?”

Sang Yan took a beer from the refrigerator and opened it with one hand.

“Why are you so free today?”

“Meh,” Duan Jiaxu didn’t spend more time on being polite, he said slowly,  “You moved, didn’t you? Send me your address later, I’ll send something later.”

Sang Yan immediately understood when he heard this, “Am I a postman?”

Duan Jiaxu smirked, “Isn’t this by the way?”

“What is it this time?” Sang Yan said lazily, “To make up for Women’s Day?”

“Why should a child celebrate Women’s Day?” Duan Jiaxu said, “Isn’t your sister’s 18th birthday next Saturday? The little girl is coming of age. You can help me to bring the gift to her.”

“Okay.” Sang Yan paused for two seconds and raised his eyebrows, “Her birthday is next Saturday?”


Sang Yan leaned against the counter and took a sip of beer, “Can’t you send it directly to my house?”

“The surprise will be gone,” Duan Jiaxu smiled, “If it’s received in advance.”


“Surprise.” Sang Yan sneered, “You’re old-fashioned.”

“Don’t all little girls like things like this?” Duan Jiaxu suddenly recalled something as he was saying, “By the way, bro. Why did I hear Su Haoan saying that you came to Yihe some time ago?”


“He called and scolded me because of the rumour of us in university.” Speaking of this, Duan Jiaxu paused for a few seconds, then he said in a jokingly manner, “And, he said that you came to Yihe just to see me?”

Sang Yan took his beer and walked towards the living room while saying, “I’m hanging up.”

The weather in Nanwu kept changing.

Whenever Wen Yifan thought that it was getting warm, it would suddenly rain the next day for several days. It was continuously drizzling instead of pouring rain.

It was distractingly annoying.

As a result, the temperature dropped several degrees.

Qian Weihua still received a report from a hotline in this weather.

The report was roughly about a homeless man that was mentally ill had been wandering around the Nanwu University campus for some time. He sometimes would attack people out of the blue.

The people he attacked were all random people.

However, no one was seriously injured, so nobody cared much about this.

That morning, for some unknown reason, the homeless man stripped off his clothes and walked around the streets naked. Later, he even slapped a male college student.

The homeless man stopped slapping when the student dodged. He continued walking around with a stiff face.

Soon, the homeless man was arrested by the police at the police station.

After getting a brief understanding of the situation, Wen Yifan applied for an interview car from the office and went to the police station with Qian Weihua.

Both of them listened to the explanation from the person in charge.

The homeless man did not cause any injuries, but it scared several junior high school students who just happened to see him. The teachers and parents were calming their emotions. Then, the police would send the homeless man to the Nanwu Rescue Station and strengthen the patrol nearby.

Qian Weihua held the camera and Wen Yifan was taking notes beside him.

Besides, Wen Yifan noticed that there was still a boy sitting in the police station.

According to the police, this boy’s name was My Chengyun, he was a final year student from Nanwu University majoring in Communication Media.

He was the one the homeless man tried to attack that morning.

Mu Chengyun had good reflexes. He took off his coat to cover the homeless man after dodging. Then, he called the police. After they arrived at the scene, he gave full cooperation to follow them to the police station and explain the situation.

Wen Yifan glanced at him.

Mu Chengyun was born charismatic. He was wearing a sweater at that moment. He had soft facial features which were slightly androgynous, just like a young boy. But he was tall and slightly muscular.

It was a balanced combination of cuteness and attractiveness.

After getting sufficient information from the police, Qian Weihua went in front of him and politely asked, “Hello, we are reporters from <Communication>, the Nanwu TV Station news column. Can we have an interview with you?”

Wen Yifan followed at Qian Weihua’s back.


Mu Chengyun looked at them and gazed at Wen Yifan for a few seconds. His eyes lit brightly and he smiled. He looked extraordinarily youthful, “Sure.”

He pointed to his watch, “But I have something to do later, I might not have much time. Do you have anything to ask?”

Qian Weihua didn’t hold up much of his time. He simply asked a few questions and finished the interview.

Later, Qian Weihua kept the photography equipment and Wen Yifan stood aside waiting.

She caught a glimpse of Mu Chengyun’s face.  

As the distance got closer, Wen Yifan kept having a feeling where she had seen this person before.

She couldn’t resist peeking at him several times.

Mu Chengyun probably was aware of Wen Yifan’s gaze, he suddenly looked at her. He scratched his head and he was not upset at all, he just said, “Is there something on my face?”

“No.” Wen Yifan was surprised, she said frankly, “I think you look familiar.”

After blurting out the words, she realized that it sounded like she was hitting on him.

Mu Chengyun didn’t think it was strange, he nodded and suddenly said, “Do you have a pen and a piece of paper?”

Although she didn’t know what he was going to do, but Wen Yifan still gave him the notebook and pen that she carried with her in her pocket. Mu Chengyun took them and flipped them open directly to the back cover to write something.

Wen Yifan was dumbfounded, “……”

Is he going to give me his contact number?

Soon, Mu Chengyun handed the notebook back to her with a shy expression.

“Thanks for liking me.”

Wen Yifan took the notebook and looked.

It was a signature.


Is he a well-known person?

Wen Yifan stared at the signature for a while and still she couldn’t recognize what it was.

After two seconds of silence, Wen Yifan kept her notebook in her pocket and sincerely said, “Thanks for your signature.”

Mu Chengyun was surprised and he smiled, “You’re welcome.”

Qian Weihua didn’t pay much attention to the both of them, he took the equipment, “Xiao Fan, let’s go.”

She answered, “Alright.”

Mu Chengyun stood there and seemed to have no intentions to leave. He had a mobile phone in his hand but his eyes were still on Wen Yifan and his ears were slightly flushed.

Wen Yifan politely said goodbye to him.

Mu Chengyun seemed like he wanted to say something, but he simply just smiled and waved at her.


The two went to the Nanwu University campus for a simple interview and video shoot.

Not long after, Qian Weihua sent Wen Yifan back to the office because he had to do a follow-up interview. The remaining manuscripts and post-editing had to be done by Wen Yifan alone.

Wen Yifan spent a whole afternoon in the computer room.

She wrote manuscripts while listening to the audio clips and edited the videos into a news clip. She tried to submit them before the evening program was broadcasted. After confirming that the clip was submitted, Wen Yifan didn’t plan to work overtime, so she packed her things and headed back home.

Wen Yifan met Su Tian who had just come back from an interview when she just got up.

Su Tian greeted her, “Are you leaving?”

Wen Yifan nodded.

“Okay.” Su Tian added, “I’m leaving too, let’s go.”

Both of them walked towards the subway station once they were out of the building.

Su Tian suddenly recalled, “By the way, Yifan, are you still looking for a housemate? I heard from you that your current housemate will only be renting for three months?”

Wen Yifan, “Yes.”

“How much time is left?” Su Tian asked, “My friend also wanted to find someone to share a unit with, she’s a nice person. I think both of you can get along with each other well.”

Upon hearing this, Wen Yifan counted, “There’s one month left.”

“One month should be fine.” Su Tian said, “Why don’t you discuss this with your current housemate first? If he confirms that he will be moving and you need to find a housemate, then I’ll send my friend’s WeChat to you.”

Wen Yifan forgot about this matter, she immediately agreed.

Both of them lived in different places, so they went back home separately after they entered the gate.

Wen Yifan got on the subway and scrolled the news with her headphones on. When she was going to reach the station, a message popped up on her screen, it was sent by Sang Yan: Where are you?

She opened the message and replied: I’m getting off the subway soon.

Wen Yifan: Why?

Sang Yan sent a voice message this time, “Ok, come directly to the supermarket outside the neighbourhood.”

Sang Yan, “I’m buying some stuff.”

His tone was still annoying, “As soon as possible, I can’t carry them all by myself.”


Wen Yifan: Okay.

The supermarket that Sang Yan mentioned was just nearby Shangduhua City.

After getting off the subway, Wen Yifan walked five or six minutes to the entrance of the supermarket. She couldn’t find Sang Yan and she wasn’t sure whether to enter the supermarket or to wait for him outside. So, she simply just sent a WeChat message: I’m at the entrance of the supermarket.

Sang Yan didn’t reply immediately.

The night was chilly and it was raining. Wen Yifan felt a little cold, she placed her hands into her pockets and suddenly touched the notebook inside. She took it out and looked at it. She noticed the signature on the back cover and remembered what happened that afternoon.

Wen Yifan took her phone out and typed ‘Mu Chengyun’ in the browser. 

She wanted to find out exactly who he was, so that this signature had a place to go.

Otherwise, it seemed strange to constantly hold a notebook with someone else’s signature.

Her surroundings went dark when Wen Yifan 

Wen Yifan noticed Sang Yan’s figure appearing in front of her before she could see the contents of the search results. He bent down slightly and stood beside her. It was like his breath was surrounding her.

He appeared in silence.

The distance between both of them pulled closer in an instant.

Wen Yifan could even touch his face if they went a little closer. She stared at him, he was looking down and staring at her phone screen. His side profile was smooth but masculine.

The picture became clear.

The man’s eyelashes were like crow feathers, they were not clumped together. His eyes were pitch-black, his eyelids were thin enough to see blood vessels, and he had a tiny mole on her eyelids. His lips were slightly tinted and he was smirking.

Wen Yifan moved her lips, but she couldn’t manage to say anything.

The next moment, Sang Yan looked at her and casually said, “You like this?”

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