Chapter – 106 – war Aftermath – True Epsilon

War Aftermath – The True Epsilon

Two Days Later…

The city was littered with shells, weapons and pools of blood. Red, silver and khaki became the new colors of the once hectic and vibrant city that was now the stage of a long, destructive war. The air that was usually alive with the sounds of people chattering and work tools clinking with each other was now thick with the stench of gunpowder, blood, gore and death — just the mere sight was enough to trigger an escape reaction among any who saw it.

An army and a rebellion fought a battle of survival, and it’s yet to be determined which side truly came on top. The dead and wounded of one side were scattered across the city and the faces of the fighters who were yet breathing, weapons firmly clenched in their hands, were nervous and hopeful; despite inherent strengths, this became a face-off of equals.

The chaos concealed any sense of victory or loss, and the two sides fought with fear coursing through their veins. Some had succumbed to a crazed frenzy and were on a rampage against anybody in their way, while others fought as a conditioned survival mechanism.

The toll on both nature and humanity was intense. Weaponry, bodies and metal had taken the place of homes, streets and gardens; it would likely take a lifetime before this city recovered to its former state.

Nick opened his eyes and inhaled a long breath. He was in a dream that he had not expected to begin or change. It was the most unexpected thing that the battle between Blue Tear City and the Lord of Anderium was over.

The Werfurs and other magical creatures signed a cease-fire treaty with Blue Tear City after they lost not only a troop of more than 80 of their mages and soldiers but also the Werfur Base – Anderium chief, Leader Warin.

The Master Duelist killed Warin, Spectator and the Lord of Anderium completing the promise that Eye of Void made to Nick and Ravia. The organization did not care about the impact that a broken contract would bring, as long as they remained on the good side of Ravia, the Void Hunter Rat.

The demise of Leader Warin, Spectator and the Lord of Anderium brought a grinding halt to the battle within a matter of hours. Against popular expectations, humans were the ones that won the war. Nick played a game-changing role in this, his behavior and power drawing the attention of the Blue Tear City officials. For this, they awarded him the land he purchased earlier for free, paying him back 100,000 Ether Stones.

In addition, they also bestowed a nobility title of Viscount on him. This was a good development for Nick even though he did not care about such labels.

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In the battle aftermath, Nick had the chance of meeting Rabial. Despite everything that happened, Rabial did not hold Nick responsible even though the latter killed more than 80 Werfurs. It seemed that Rabial understood that, in the end, Nick would not want to kill his race. Nick’s actions were to protect his race. On closer consideration, Rabial would do the same, had the situation been reversed.

Once the line of races was drawn, the subsequent turn of events was natural. Nick should stand up for his race and defend those who were unable to protect themselves since he was among the few who had the ability to do so. This was a moral call and it could not be held against him.

A Werfur familiar with the sense of loyalty, Rabial, agreed with this and realized he had no place to question Epsilon.

Nick was in a wooden villa he had constructed on his land near the Underbroom Cave.

The Blue Tear City footed the building and other basic costs as a form of compensation for Nick’s services to the city. A week after the battle had passed, the Blue Tear City Leader and other leaders wanted to meet Nick. By now, even the mages who were not deep in battle on the city walls knew that Nick was a Magister Level mage. Everyone wanted to be in his good books.

In his bedroom, Nick finally woke up and got ready for the day. He washed up and changed into another set of simple black clothes. He was resting until now, recovering from both the physical and mental fatigue of the battle. As was probably ceremonial after every big battle, Nick took a look at his power levels.


‘Epsilon (Nick)’

‘Level – (Magister) (Expert Level)’

‘INT = 17.1’

‘Physical = 3X Ordinary Human’

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‘Sonic Bullet (Variations — Poison Bullet, Machine Gun, Sonic Bullet etc.’

‘Creating energy bullet using a gun and basic firepower knowledge from Earth’

‘Wave Radar’

‘Radiating waves to pinpoint living beings, enemies, surroundings’

‘Portal Teleportation’

‘Using portals to teleport to places that user can imagine and has been to’

‘Vacuum Bomb’

‘Using knowledge to create a bomb-type spell’

‘Reaper Anubite Summoning’

‘Summon ‘Reaper Anubite’ using magical death energy with Ether Stones’

‘Anubite Summoning’

‘Summon ‘Regular Anubite’ using magical energy’

‘3x Passive Shields’

“Three different types of shields for passive protection including Titanium Shield and Gravity and Force-Field Shield’

Epsilon checked his status and smiled. His mindset had changed because of the last battle. From now on, he did not use the name ‘Nick’. In fact, he even tried to forget that this was his Earth name. His mage name Epsilon was becoming one with him now.

It was safe to say he had evolved. He had become maturer but more dangerous at the same time. The world of magic has its mysteries. In the past two days, Epsilon had entered into a meditation mode by himself. Due to his experiences and enhanced knowledge, he finally broke to the Expert level (Magister).

This change was not just on his physical and magical strength but impacted his very mindset. True his mind had matured but there was a sense of danger surrounding him now. A cold aura emanated from him that made him appear more ruthless and calculative. He was not going to enter meaningless battles anymore and if required, he would kill humans and magical creatures alike, making him eviler.

Epsilon was becoming power-hungry and with his knowledge and capability, his threads of emotion, which were weak, to begin with, were disintegrating further.

With his power came the reasoning that emotions must lose in a battle of power and for the greater good.

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