chapter – 107 – Extending Help – Revenge

Extending Help — ‘Revenge’

Epsilon’s newly constructed wooden villa had all the necessities. At present, he was sitting on a chair in his office, reading several documents on the table. These documents were from Blue Tear City. It contained information about new types of organizations or more correctly, gangs.

Creating an organization was no crime. There were different kinds of organizations of mages, warriors, long-range fighters and even race-based that were operational at the moment. This was acceptable. However, putting together an organization for criminal or evil deeds was not.

The reason Blue Tear City couriered these documents to Epsilon was that as a Viscount, he had joined the ranks of those who would be notified about such information from time to time.

Epsilon had just about woken up and was killing time before he would work on his magical research again.

As he was reading, however, one particular ‘gang’ caught his attention.

There were about 10-12 members only in this gang. They were all ordinary people, all young boys, who were mostly orphans without any familial relations.

They called themselves ‘Revenge’. Their purpose was to ambush and kill mages and warriors with power. Essentially, they were a group of ordinary humans who used sacred technology and carefully laid out plans to kill as many mages and warriors as possible.

This gang earned money by selling the goods on the corpses of those they killed. They had already killed more than three Imper Level mages and four warriors using simple but effective techniques.

Epsilon smiled and nodded.

“I can do something for them.”

Only mages and warriors with magical power used Ether Stones to transact in Blue Tear City. Ordinary people used coins including copper, silver and gold.

10 Copper Coins = 1 Silver Coin

10 Silver Coins = 1 Gold Coin

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10 Gold Coins = 1 Ether Stone

Epsilon prepared a simple wooden gift box, randomly placing about 100 Ether Stones in it. He summoned a Reaper Anubite and ordered.

“Find the leader and the base of the young gang ‘Revenge’. Give them this box and my letter.  I am sure you know how to find it.”

The Reaper Anubite nodded. For a creature at Student Level 3 or Provec Level, it was too simple to find a gang created by some young orphans.

The Reaper Anubite took the box and left the villa. Within seconds, he had already taken off towards the city.

Only allowed on

With its speed, reaching the city in under 10 minutes was not hard. Also because it was carrying the insignia of Viscount Epsilon, which was the symbol of the real ‘Epsilon’, the city guards would not create any problem for it.

Other than being a Viscount, the title of ‘Protector Mage’ that was given to Nick for his ‘Magister’ level held more power. No guard or official in Blue Tear City would want to cause problems for a person like this, irrespective of whether he was a lone mage or belonged to an organization.

After the Reaper Anubite went on his way, Epsilon took a deep breath and started writing, his mind already busy with an assignment that could be said to be responsible for his current victorious status.

He let go of all his thoughts and concentrated on the terms of the deal Ravia struck with him.

“I need to create an energy-generator using energy that does not exhaust itself easily and is renewable at the same time. Basically, I need to create a magical generator that employs energy from a source that does not deplete.”

Epsilon was breaking down the steps to the final output, noting it all down.

“The generated energy must be easily converted into other types of energy. Also, it should be convenient to transport or it would not be very useful.”

Epsilon looked at his notes and shook his head, his eyes turning serious.

“I created a portal teleportation spell in my first week of being a mage. Converting energy types and transporting energy sources is not hard but I cannot show everything at once. I don’t have much power in my body or enough magical energy. If I am discovered, I can be kidnapped and tortured to create different things.”

Epsilon knew that real life was not as he expected; there existed those who would not hesitate to bring down 10,000 years of torture on him for the knowledge in his mind.

He must not do everything the easy way. If he were to do that, he would give away the extent of his complete capability to Ravia. And while they have a good relationship at present, who was to say Ravia would not turn on him to create things as a source of revenue.

Epsilon knew he could not fight against Ravia, a being with unknown power and organizational connections; one that even the more powerful beings did not dare to cross paths with.

“I need to create a simple energy production item that has basic transportation and creates renewable energy. As long as I can show this to him in theory, I can create what he wants in the future, and there should be nothing wrong with us working together.”

Epsilon said these words and started writing.

‘Star Panel’


‘A flat panel that uses ‘Stars’ to generate electricity.’

Epsilon decided to create a basic solar panel with a magic twist for more efficiency. For generating energy, he had knowledge from Earth. With the additional power of Ether Stones and magic, he had the utmost confidence in creating this kind of item without any hurdles.

At the time Epsilon was busy with his new assignment, within the depths of the city, in an area that looked dilapidated and slightly reclusive, the Reaper Anubite entered a basic wooden shack in the Blue Tear City slums. It looked at the young boy sitting on a large chair like it were a throne. The Reaper Anubite did not say anything at this ‘leader of the pack’ appearance.

The young boy was 17-19 years old at best. Despite his appearance and attempts to look indifferent, the Reaper Anubite could easily smell fear and anxiety on his body.

The Reaper Anubite had his instructions. After all, he was here to deliver a gift; he did not mess with the young leader anymore and spoke.

“What is your name, Leader of Revenge?”

Hearing the deep voice, the young boy became alert at once and answered without thinking.

“Deniv, I am Deniv.”

The Reaper Anubite put down the wooden box on the ground and said a few words before vanishing.

“This is a gift from my master. Read the letter.”

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