chapter – 118 behold The Power

Of Epsilon’s two unexpected guests, the female mage was named Nalia. She was from Blue Tear City and knew about Epsilon and the kind of place he held in the City’s current scheme of things. The male warrior was called Leon. He too was from the City and was also aware of Epsilon’s feats and power.

Seeing the famous mage open the door, Nalia began speaking. She was better when it came to conversing with people. Because of this, the duo had decided beforehand that she would be the one handling the ‘communication’ part when the need emerged.

“Lord Epsilon, I am Nalia and this is Leon. We are here because we wanted to speak to you.”

Epsilon nodded and asked.

“What is it that you two wanted to talk about?”

Nalia exchanged a look with Leon and answered.

“We are from the Revenge Gang.”

Once Epsilon heard the name of the organization they represented, he smiled and started talking.

“Then please come in and sit in front of me. Would you two want some tea?”

Nalia and Leon walked in and settled down on the comfy wooden bench and nodded. They did not want to refuse anything from Epsilon. It was widely known that he was at least a Magister level mage. Their combined power also was not enough to resist or do anything against a mage at his level.

It would be naive for them to think he would try poisoning or scheme against them.

After Epsilon served two cups of tea to Nalia and Leon, he wordlessly sat down, looking at them.

Understanding the meaning of Epsilon’s silence, Nalia started speaking again.

“First of all, we want to thank you for the 100 Ether Stones. Our leader, Deniv, wanted to thank you in person but he is in the City and many things were occupying him at the moment. This was why he sent us on his behalf.”

Epsilon nodded in acknowledgement, and Nalia continued.

“We are here to understand a simple thing, My Lord. What is it that we needed to do and what was your reason for your funding.”

Epsilon laughed a little and shook his head as he answered.

“For the time being, there was nothing that I wanted from your gang and your leader. I just read about your gang in a document sent to me and decided to fund you with some Ether Stones. That was all there was to it for now.”

Nalia and Leon looked at each other again as they each took a sip from the tea served to them. At this time, Leon, who had stayed silent so far, started talking. Nalia tried to stop him on reflex but could not.

“We don’t want to be your slaves, Lord Epsilon, just because you funded us.”

This time Epsilon got up from his seat. Leon’s hand immediately went to his dagger even though he was fully aware that it could do nothing to the man in front of him.

Epsilon started talking as he shook his head.

“It seems you people think too highly of yourselves. Let me ask you a question, young warrior. What could Revenge Gang possibly do to help me? What is it that your organization can do that I cannot.”

Nalia wanted to jump into the conversation and answer but Epsilon shook his hand. Suddenly, Nalia felt she could neither speak nor move. She was completely restrained by Epsilon. It did not show on her face but she could not do anything at all.

Epsilon used magical energy to stop her without deploying knowledge or anything else. It was as simple as a flick of his finger. When two individuals had high disparity between their magic levels, something like this was possible.

As long as Epsilon wanted to and controlled his magical energy, he could stop, kill or knock out these two without any problem.

This was once again a reminder of why at the end of it all, power alone was the most important thing.

Leon did not notice that his partner Nalia was immobilized. He assumed that she wanted him to continue the conversation, so he answered.

“This is what I do not understand. That is the reason I said we do not want to be controlled by you, Lord. We do not understand why a person such as you would want to help us.”

Epsilon smiled and shook his hand again, clearing the magic confining Nalia. He looked at the two young people and whispered.

“Look at the power that your organization seeks.”

With his whisper, a sudden burst of large energy started radiating. The energy was pure colorless magic. Within a second, the forest started shaking and in the next three seconds, Epsilon created something like a hurricane and an earthquake at the same time.

Leon and Nalia were shocked beyond words. They had never imagined that in their lifetime, they would witness something like this.

As a mage, Nalia knew and heard about the power of Magister Level mages. However, she realized that this was not only about Epsilon’s magic level but also his individual power. No Magister Level mage possessed this kind of strength. There were no records or instances of anything like this.

This man may be called Magister Level but his power was most likely higher than that. It was at a level they could not imagine anymore.

After his cryptic words and show of strength in a matter of seconds, Epsilon did not say anything further. He shook his hand and three brown sacks appeared on the ground. Leon and Nalia gulped and looked at the sacks on the ground.

Epsilon then started talking.

“There are around 3000 Ether Stones inside these sacks. Take these back to your leader. Tell him and your organization that I do not want to or plan to control you. If I wanted, I could create my organization and within the first second, it would be the strongest in the whole city and continent.”

“Instead of second-guessing, it would be better to use these Ether Stones to upgrade your organization’s power. By the way, do not think of stealing these stones I am handing to you. If you do that, I will find you. If it does come to that, you understand what will happen, right?”

Leon and Nalia accepted the Ether Stones on the ground. They were just about to thank him but Epsilon shook his hand and within a second, the two were teleported outside of his land.

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