Chapter 119 – Plasmenergy Bullet

A young mage and a fighter of the Revenge Gang were wondering what happened to them but the cause of their instant kick-out, Epsilon, smiled at his end. His experiment was a success. One thing that differentiated Quantum Teleportation from Portal Teleportation was that it could be used on others as well.

As long as the target did not have a magical or technological shield that could stop Quantum Teleportation or magical power that exceeded Epsilon by a long shot, the target would be teleported to any location Epsilon wanted. Unfortunately, the target could not be destroyed though as that needed more power than Epsilon had at the moment.

To add to this, Epsilon was in a pleasant mood also because all the 50 Solar Panels were filled up with city-level energy again. He proceeded to sell this without delay and his funds increased to 1.5 million Ether Stones.

At this time, a message from the Void Dealer came to him.

“1 Million Ether Stones = 1 Void Stone. ‘Void Stone’ was the true currency of the Void Market and what the big-shots dealt in. Mage Epsilon can exchange 1 Million Ether Stones for 1 Void Stone without any commission.”

Epsilon nodded and commented.

“I expected something like this. Apparently, even millions of Ether Stones were not worth much in the eyes of the Void and the powerful beings.”

Nalia and Leon found themselves on the road just outside the borders of Viscount Epsilon’s land. They did not understand what happened but after Epsilon waved his hand, they found themselves here in the blink of an eye.

It seemed that the Viscount had banished them.

Leon turned to Nalia because she was the one with magic and most likely had a better grasp of what happened.

“Nalia, do you know what he did?”

Nalia shook her head and answered.

“I cannot tell for sure. It is magic, that is certain, but I have never heard or seen any spell or capability like this, that was capable of sending people to a different place.”

With complicated thoughts in their minds, the duo started heading back towards the city. They were carrying 3,000 Ether Stones with them. With just 100 Ether Stones, their leader had cultivated a lot; even they could not imagine what he was going to do with 3,000 Ether Stones.

One has to know that 3,000 Ether Stones was equivalent to the entire funds of a middle-level organization that was weaker than Deep Water in size but stronger than many smaller organizations. Black Flower Coven, for example, only has 10,000 Ether Stones as their overall funds and they were a complete magic organization with a history of 60 to 70 years.

Considering all this, the value of 3,000 Ether Stones was self-evident.

Epsilon was working on improving Energy Bullets. This spell always worked well for him in the past but he believed that as he progressed in his pursuits, his enemies and creatures he would fight against would also become stronger.

Because of this, he needed a stronger version of the Energy Bullet. If not, things could prove to be tougher than usual.

The current Energy Bullet was not enough for Epsilon to deal a high amount of damage to adversaries he would encounter in the future. Since he anticipated this, it was prudent that he did something about it at the earliest.

“The Energy Bullet right now has no matter. The best way to increase its power is to add some kind of matter and weight to it. In the end, Energy Bullet is just a projectile that uses magical energy with a high amount of force.”

Epsilon started thinking and an Energy Bullet manifested in the air. He targeted it towards a nearby tree. Soon, the Energy Bullet shot and penetrated the three without stopping, hitting the next one in line. In all, it had penetrated more than 10 trees, before it slowly vanished.

Epsilon thought about it a little and had an idea forming in his mind as he opened the Knowledge section of the Energy Bullet spell.

‘Energy Bullet’


‘Plasma was called the fourth state of matter after solid, liquid, and gas. It was a state of matter in which an ionized substance became highly electrically conductive to the point that long-range electric and magnetic fields dominated its behavior. Plasma was typically an electrically quasineutral medium of unbound positive and negative particles. Although these particles are unbound, they are not ‘free’ in the sense of not experiencing forces. Moving charged particles generate electric currents, and any movement of a charged plasma particle affects and was affected by the fields created by the other charges. In turn, this governed the collective behavior with many degrees of variation.’

Plasma was distinct from the other states of matter. In particular, describing a low-density plasma as merely an ‘ionized gas’ was wrong and misleading, even though it was similar to the gas phase in that both assume no definite shape or volume.

Three factors defined an ideal plasma.

The plasma approximation. The plasma approximation was applied when the plasma parameter, representing the number of charge carriers within the Debye sphere is much higher than unity. It can be readily shown that this criterion was equivalent to the smallness of the ratio of the plasma electrostatic and thermal energy densities. Such plasmas were called weakly coupled.

Bulk interactions: The Debye length was much smaller than the physical size of the plasma. This criterion meant that interactions in the bulk of the plasma were more important than those at its edges, where boundary effects may take place. When this criterion was satisfied, the plasma was quasineutral.

Collisionlessness: The electron plasma frequency (measuring plasma oscillations of the electrons) was much larger than the electron–neutral collision frequency. When this condition was valid, electrostatic interactions dominated the processes of ordinary gas kinetics. Such plasmas were called collisionless.

After Epsilon completed the Knowledge of ‘Plasma’, he activated the ‘Energy Bullet’ spell and enforced the changes. With this, the name of the Energy Bullet spell also changed.

“Plasmenergy Bullet”

As Epsilon whispered, a gaseous energy bullet manifested in the air. It was visibly different from its predecessor.

Epsilon targeted another tree and shot the Plasmenergy Bullet towards it. With a sharp sound, the bullet shot towards the tree. Even Epsilon had a hard time seeing the bullet. The bullet penetrated the first tree and did not stop until it penetrated more than 100 trees. Eventually, it took Epsilon to stop the bullet from further destruction.

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