Chapter 120 – Werfur Race – Restoring

Once Energy Bullet progressed to Plasmenergy Bullet, Epsilon heaved a deep sigh. He was happy because the spell worked exactly as he had envisaged it in his mind.

He then went back to his home and looked at the three documents that he had purchased from the Void Market. The first document had already helped him in increasing his teleportation ability.

The second one was on dimensional understanding. Titled ‘Basic Principles Of Magical Dimension’, the theory detailed in this book was different from the usual dimensional theory taught on Earth. The knowledge of Earth was important and powerful for Epsilon not because it was advanced and contained more knowledge but because it came from a completely different universe.

When it came to technological progress, Earth had no comparison with the Void Market. The tech of Earth was not even enough to find a way to go to the other stars as yet, whereas in the Void Market, they were already selling how to make Stars or traded on planets ownership.

The disparity was too much to be measured in words.

Five hours later, Epsilon had rested and performed a host of things such as improving his magic quality through meditation. The book taught him important aspects about dimensions but it did not have any direct impact on his power and most of the knowledge it contained was just simple facts about dimensions.

Epsilon hence started working on a different subject altogether.

He responded very well to the Werfurs’ War Machines and the Eagle Fighters of Blue Tear City. From the outside, Blue Tear City was no different from a middle-aged city in its technology and progress. However, it had hidden Eagle Fighters that could easily take out Earth’s modern jets.

Ever since he had come across them, Epsilon wanted to create his own fleet of machine production that could be used in exploration, battle and resource gathering.

He wanted to create his machines using tech and magic. However, before he could begin any actual work on this, three individuals came knocking at his door.

Epsilon knew one of them. It could be said that it was his only friend in this new world.

These three individuals were not humans but Werfurs.

When Rabial and two other Werfurs came to meet him, Epsilon grumbled to himself.

“I have many visitors these days…”

Nonetheless, he showed up by teleporting in front of them and began talking without waiting to hear anything from them.

“Hi Rabial, may I ask the reason for your visit?”

Epsilon took a transactional attitude and Rabial took a deep breath before he answered.

“We know that our relationship with you is not like the old times and we also know that you had no malevolence towards us and did the right thing in protecting your race.”

Epsilon said nothing and waited for Rabial to finish his words.

“Therefore, we wanted to meet you to restore our relationship. Our past leader, who is dead now, is replaced by a new leader and will be sent to Anderium Base. So, it would be easy to restore relationship with you.”

Epsilon nodded and then answered.

“It would be good for us to restore the relationship with the Werfur Race. As you said, I had no evil intention towards your race, especially as your race was the one that saved me from the undead back then when I had no power, giving me shelter and sustenance.”

Rabial smiled. He was happy that Epsilon was reasonable even though he did initially show a bad attitude to Rabial and the other Werfur mages. The headquarters had, in any case, ordered them to not engage in any kind of battle with Epsilon. He was already a mage at Magister level and capable of creating many types of spells. Not to mention, he had a strong amount of magical knowledge in matters of teleportation and dimensional understanding.

The headquarters deemed that making an enemy out of this human being was not good for them even if there was the matter of him killing more than 70 Werfurs during the battle with the humans.

The headquarters did not think about avenging the Werfurs, as going against Epsilon would only worsen things for them. Especially the control of Anderium Forest and Underbroom Cave which was an entrance to a different dimension altogether.

Individuals and organizations do things differently. Individuals move according to their needs and what they want at that time, but organizations moved according to what was profitable for them.

The Werfur race was like that as well. They did not care about the blood of their kind. If Epsilon was weaker than them, they might kill him to show other races that they were not to be messed with but this situation did not allow for that.

There was no gain in entering a battle with Epsilon because killing Epsilon needed more than three to four Magister Level mages and many troops. He was not only a Magister Level mage himself but he was also capable of escaping to other dimensions and creating many kinds of formidable strike attacks.

After thirty minutes of discussing different things, Epsilon and Rabial had restored their friendship. The Golden Document was not in effect but at the very least, Epsilon and the Werfur race had rekindled their cooperative relationship.

At this time, Rabial did not forget to tell Epsilon about another task at hand. This project was called Dimensional Gateway. The Werfur Race – Anderium Base was trying to build a stable dimensional gate to the Rock Dimension. For completing this dimensional gate, they needed mages and scientists who had a profound knowledge of teleportation, dimensions and space.

When thinking about these qualifications, there was no better person than Epsilon. As a teleporter himself, they believed that he could play a hugely important role in addressing this matter.

Epsilon did not agree at first but after Rabial offered some technological knowledge on manipulating gravity, he agreed.

It was not that he could not do the same, but having this knowledge on gravity control and manipulation from the Werfurs would give him a better chance at learning and understanding the difference between him and other scientists and mages.

This was why he accepted working with the Werfur race again. Two days from now, he agreed to meet Rabial at the entrance of the Underbroom Cave, where they would begin to create a kind of a temple with other mages as a Dimensional Gateway.

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