Chapter 121 – traitor Of Human Race

Epsilon was at his home eating his breakfast. It was a slow start to the day but after he finished his meal, he headed outside with a clear goal in mind. Today, he wanted to focus on increasing his power to control and manage other individuals such as groups, and at the same time, he needed to find a way to go back to his world.

The work with the Werfur race in creating a ‘Dimensional Gateway’ would give him some experience in creating a return path to Earth. He was not moving fast, as he believed he did not need to at the moment. With his magical power, he could live as long as he wanted.

Even if his body was destroyed and got old, he could make another copy of himself and transfer his mind to the new body. Of course, at this time it was not possible but Epsilon believed that with enough work, there was nothing he could not do in the end.

As he was drinking his tea and looking at the scenery, a group of 20 men showed themselves from the forest. Some of them were carrying swords and some of them were holding wands and staff.

They all were wearing blue clothes that showed that they were in fact soldiers and mages of the Blue Tear City. In front of them was a blonde woman with an attractive figure and a beautiful face who was leading them.

The woman herself was wearing a set of simple blue leather clothes. The simplicity highlighted her power and authority.

Epsilon noticed them at first but did not care much once he realized that their power was not much in comparison to him.

The woman in the lead walked towards Epsilon and after coming closer, she started talking. She was however careful not to enter Epsilon’s home ground as yet.

“Lord Epsilon, I am Aleria, a high-ranking mage official of the Blue Tear City. I would like to speak to you on behalf of Blue Tear City.”

Epsilon looked at the woman and took a sip from his tea before he signaled her to sit in front of him.

Aleria nodded and sat in front of Epsilon. The weather was pleasant today and the sun was shining on them. Epsilon noticed that the sun was bothering Aleria, so he moved his hand and a parasol canopy manifested from the ground.

On seeing something emerge from the ground, the mages and soldiers at the back were startled and were almost going to use their weapons and wands to do something about it.

However, Aleria was experienced. She signaled them to calm down. Epsilon understood from this behavior of the mages that they had some kind of perception about him. They did not trust him and were scared of his power.

He did not blame them though as it was human nature to fear anything they could not know or understand. On most occasions, if they were stronger than the unknown that they were scared of, they would tend to destroy it to clear any misgivings. However, if they were not able to accomplish that, then they would just put their mask of fake respect.

But nature was nature after all — nothing could change it. Even Epsilon had no power to change these human characteristics.

Aleria began talking again.

“Thank you for the shade. I am here to speak to about you on the matter of the Werfur Race…”

Epsilon directly interrupted here, not allowing Aleria to continue.

“I am Epsilon and I am not connected to anyone or do not want any kind of power to control me. Right now, I am working with the Werfur Race on a secret matter. As long as the Werfurs do not attack the humans, I am not going to intervene in the matters of the two races.”

Epsilon’s words were clear enough for Aleria to understand what he meant. She took a deep breath and started talking again.

“Lord Epsilon, you know already that we are at war with the Werfur Race – Anderium Base. It would do no good for our Viscount to be in a good relationship with them.”

Aleria voice cracked as she said the last words. From her behavior, Epsilon understood that there was some personal problem that she had with the Werfur race.

The Werfur race must have harmed this woman personally by maybe hurting her or her family or something on those lines. Epsilon showing a good relationship with the Werfur Race directed her anger towards him as well.

But this was not reason enough for him to back down.

Epsilon asked slowly.

“Are you threatening me? Or by any chance, are you intimidating me using the name of Blue Tear City?”

Epsilon’s questions were clear and bereft of any emotion. Just like a person who was prepared to kill, there was no feeling whatsoever in what came across as a frigid heart.

Aleria gulped and did not say anything as she got up and went back to her troops. She then resumed the conversation.

“I believe you are among those people who do not like humans. And because of this resentment that you hold, Lord Epsilon, you do not feel like helping humans in need.”

Epsilon smiled and answered.

“I have no problem with the other races but my race, as you know, enslaved me and used me as a test subject. And if it were not for the power I have right now, you would be attacking me already to finish me. One more word from you and I will destroy all of you. And from now on, no official or individual connected to the Blue Tear City can enter my domain or I will kill them on sight.”

Aleria was going to reply but she heard the clear threat from Epsilon when he said “one more word from you” and the words never left her mouth. However, one of her men, a mage with blonde hair and a look on his face that showed clear arrogance, was not wise enough.

“You are the traitor of the human race!”

Aleria was going to reprimand her soldier but she did not get the chance. Even before she could say a word, a hole the size of a human head opened in his chest with blood gushing out. He dropped dead in an instant and the blood continued to paint the ground red.

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