Chapter 122 – domain-Level Tesla Shield

Aleria and the mages and warriors with her could not even keep up with what happened. Just as the words of their fellow mage ended, they saw him drop on the ground. A hole as big as a human fist opened up in his chest. Most likely, he died instantly but the blood still gushed out from his chest.

Aleria looked at Epsilon and saw him smiling. This smile was not arrogant or condescending. It was a clear smile of provocation. He was inciting them to attack him. If they took any action against him in rage, he would have a plausible reason to kill them all right there and then.

Of course, that was what Aleria was thinking.

The truth was that Epsilon was in fact smiling because of arrogance. It may seem like a provocation but he did not need any reason to kill them as he was not scared of Blue Tear City. As long as he wanted to kill someone, nobody could stop him from doing so.

That being the case, if they did not actively try and find a problem with him, he would not kill them either. It was not a humane thing to do.

Epsilon may seem to have done many cold-hearted things but he always had a motto he followed. ‘Real power came from forgiving those who did you wrong; you had the chance to punish them without facing any backlash but you did not do so.’

If one could do something like this, then they would be in the right. Epsilon believed this from his heart. As long as they did not provoke him any further, they would still have the opportunity to save their lives.

Aleria noticed the anger among her mages and directly signaled them to leave. She did not speak as she remembered Epsilon’s threat — “one more word from you and I will destroy all of you…”

The mage who died was called Markin Leonar. He died because he paid no heed to this warning. Not only did he speak after Lord Epsilon’s order but he even bluntly labeled him a traitor of the human race.

Aleria looked at Epsilon with fear in her eyes. She turned her back and started walking, leaving Epsilon’s domain slowly. Her mages picked up Markin’s corpse from the ground and followed her.

They were young but still battle-hardened soldiers and mages. None of them was dumb. They were not going to give in to their anger and emotions and try to do or say something to Epsilon. They did not want a hole in their chests and their corpses to be carried by their friends.

After about 10 minutes, Aleria and the mages and warriors had exited Epsilon’s domain and started discussing.

“What are we going to do, Leader Aleria?”

One of the young mages spoke up with a concerned voice. It seemed that he was shaken up as the events unfolded contrary to their expectations.

Aleria thought a little and answered.

“We are going to report the events to headquarters. Hand over Markin’s corpse to the Leonar family and let them deal with the events. As individuals, we are not going to do anything.”

As Aleria finished her words, she looked at the forest behind her that marked Epsilon’s territory and shook her head regretfully.

“If only he helped Blue Tear City to take care of the Werfur race. With his power, in no time Anderium Forest would completely belong to the Blue Tear City which means the human race.”

Aleria knew about the events in the last battle between the humans and the magical creatures and monsters. She heard about what Epsilon could do as he showed his power during the war.

It seemed that in just under a week, he had already upgraded and improved his power to another degree. He was not scared of the Blue Tear City at all. This was not because of his arrogance but his confidence. Aleria believed that Epsilon really believed that he did not need to put Blue Tear City in his eyes.

Considering his teleportation power, in the end, Aleria understood that even if he cannot win a direct battle against the Blue Tear City, the city itself had no way to completely annihilate Epsilon.

On the other hand, Epsilon could use simple tactics to destroy the Blue Tear City’s economy or could combine his power with the Werfur race to destroy the Blue Tear Empire and constantly attack Blue Tear City caravans, villages, towns and smaller groups of mages.

In the end, with his power, he did not need to be concerned about Blue Tear City.

After the Blue Tear City mages and warriors left his domain, Epsilon prepared himself an alcoholic drink. This time, he was not in the mood for tea and needed something stronger.

As he started drinking his copy of Whiskey, an alcoholic drink from Earth, he started mulling over what just transpired.

He felt too many people were entering his land as and when they wished and he did not like this. Two days later, he will start working with the Werfur race on the Dimensional Gateway.

Before he went to work on that, he wanted to create a domain shield to protect his land. He took a deep breath and remembered the tesla shield he had created during the Underbroom Cave battle. He used Ether Stones, about 100 of them, to create a stronger version of that shield. Within three hours, he created 30 of them and started teleporting to the borders of his domain to plant the Tesla Domain Shields.

After the shields were placed on the ground, he made signboards that marked the borderlines of his land, also warning others against trespassing.

If they tried to enter, they would die. As long as a being that was a higher level than a Magister Level did not come, they had no chance to break the shield forcibly.

After everything was prepared, he created a big Tesla Domain Shield on the roof of his home and activated it.

As the shield activated, lightning started dancing in the sky before vanishing, hiding the dangers of crossing it within itself.

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