Chapter 123 – Void Stones

Epsilon used his magical powers to clean the blood on the ground left from the corpse of the young mage he had killed. He did warn them that if any of them were to talk he would kill them. It was not his problem that they did not take his warning seriously.

Blue Tear City Headquarters

In an office that looked for high ranking officials from its decor, using deep blue colors and luxury materials, a gray-haired man with a clean-shaven face sat on a comfy chair.

He was scanning documents sent to him earlier that day. The documents were about Mage Epsilon — a mysterious mage who helped Blue Tear City and the Government during the second invasion of the magical creatures and monsters.

The report detailed the last interaction between Epsilon and the mages of Blue Tear City. He understood why Epsilon killed Markin Leonar, a peak Imper Level mage in the service of the Blue Tear Mage Army.

The name of this man was Nate Niro. He was responsible for mages and beings from the outside and was the go-to person between the Government and these beings.

The matter of Epsilon needed to be resolved. Blue Tear City’s goal was to ally with Epsilon to have him under their control. After Blue Tear City learned that Epsilon still had a relationship with the Werfur race, they sent Aleria and her team to talk to him. They wanted to end his relationship with the Werfur Race as they were in fact enemies at the moment due to the last attack.

But from the report, Nate understood that Epsilon was not a man that could be controlled by any authority. At least, he was not scared of Blue Tear City even though he was just one man.

If an individual can attack a mage from Blue Tear City and kill him without needing to hide it, it was safe to assume he had some confidence and protection that allowed him to believe he would not be harmed.

“His teleportation abilities are no joke.”

Nate commented after reading the complete report.

“He wants other people to show him respect. He does not like humans in general but still helps humans in the end if they were confronted by other races. He did not enter any political struggles for the time being and had no interest in entering battles and political warfare between humans. His only action was when humans were attacked by other races.”

“He does not want to be close to humans but still protects them as he is a human himself.”

Nate wrote these words on a yellow document and after sealing it, he sent it to another department of the Blue Tear City Government.

Some officials were angered because of Epsilon’s behavior and actions but none of them did anything about it. In the end, they knew he was a being at Magister level or even higher than they thought. The truth was they could not be sure about Epsilon’s magic level as they did not have access to any information about it.

Who would want an enemy like that just because a young man died in his hands?

Humans respected other people with power even if they hated them. Also, in the eyes of the officials and other nobles who knew what happened between Epsilon and the mages of Blue Tear City, they could understand what happened and would maybe do the same thing.

At the end of the day, in the respective records and officially, Epsilon was a Viscount of Blue Tear City. If he gave an order to a mage soldier of Blue Tear City, the latter had to obey it.

If not, execution would be a normal response from the noble. All was fine if within one’s power. And Epsilon clearly had the power to do whatever he wanted to do.

After Nate’s report was sent to other officials, finally reaching the Blue Tear City leader, all acts against Epsilon were stopped. From now on, as an official order, no person from Blue Tear City would contact Epsilon on any issue.

They will just try and forget these events and maintain a neutral relationship with him. Essentially, this meant not trying to meddle with his affairs.

Blue Tear City government was not scared that Epsilon would attack them as they believed he would not kill humans without cause. Instead, they were worried he would have a more intimate relationship with other races such as the Werfurs and give them information and knowledge that would indirectly empower them to fight against humans.

They were also concerned that he might eventually switch sides and become an enemy of the humans. And this was not an end they wanted to see.

Epsilon who was not aware of these things at all just upgraded his basic magical capabilities and control. He practised and drew some sketches of mechanical battleships and fighter drones.

After some thought, he believed that creating big mechanical ships or such was not his cup of tea. He decided to research mechanical drones that were smaller than Eagle Fighters of Blue Tear City but still had ranged battle capabilities and could launch air attacks.

Basically, he wanted to create fighter drones and Epsilon already had some ideas for these.  Before completing this creation that would need a lot of research, he believed that completing the dimensional gateway project with the Werfur Race was the best thing to do.

After the project ended, they would give him their gravitational understanding and application.

With this knowledge, he would have the fundamentals of creating machines capable of flying without needing to use aerodynamics. In the end, Nick did not want to create ordinary drones like planes or helicopters. He wanted to create drones that were capable of flying and leaving the atmosphere of the planet. High-tech drones that were capable of casting magic spells that he would integrate with them.

The matter of energy was not important as Epsilon had the method to produce it already. He sold the daily produced energy and his total funds reached the amount of ‘2 Million Ether Stones’ or ‘2 Void Stones’.

He calculated that one city-level energy would be enough for one drone to operate for more than 10 years in active use. Of course, these were his back of the envelope estimations; without producing the real product, he would not be able to gauge the real expenditure of energy or any other investment it would require.

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