Chapter 124 – Dimensional Gate project

A fresh breeze made it into quiet bed chambers as Epsilon woke up to a new morning. He had been preparing for this day. He took his shower, had his customary cup of tea with some homemade breakfast, and moved outside to refresh his mind.

Today, he would head to the Underbroom Cave to meet the Werfur race and Rabial. After checking everything once, and selling the energy saved up in the Solar Panels, he left his home and his territory.

His funds at the Void Market had already hit 2.5 million Ether Stones or 2.5 Void Stones.

Epsilon decided not to walk to the Underbroom Cave but instead use Quantum Teleportation to reach the Cave’s entrance. As he appeared from nowhere, he managed to shock some of the Werfur Race mages and warriors into almost attacking him.

Fortunately, Rabial stopped them in time. He quickly came to Epsilon and gestured with his hands as a sign of respect.

The duo, along with others, walked towards the Underbroom Cave when Epsilon asked a question he had been thinking about in the last couple of days.

“I have been wondering, the Underbroom Cave has its own dimensional gateway. Why are we going to work on creating another one there?”

Rabial had expected this question. He answered without thinking much.

“The current gateway at the Underbroom Cave is not stable and dangerous for Werfurs to cross. Don’t you remember? We all entered about the same time but all of us were teleported to different places. If we need to have any kind of advantage from this Dimensional Gateway, we must find a way to create a stable transportation route to a designated place so that we can cooperate and establish a foothold there.”

Epsilon nodded this time as he understood what Rabial meant. He was an individual and not an organization like them. He only needed to think about himself but they needed to worry about others from their race when they ventured into a deep unknown dimension.

It was not like any of them had the individual power that could match him. In addition to his magical prowess that was considered genius level, Epsilon could teleport between dimensions without the use of a dimensional gateway through his quantum teleportation spell or his erstwhile portal teleportation.

It would be unwise of him to assume others were similar to him in such things as he was the oddball in the world of mages.

Some time had passed before they arrived at the Dimensional Entrance. There were more than 10 Werfur researchers stationed here, who were protected by over 30 Werfur mages and soldiers.

Tables, bookshelves and some technological gadgets were lying around and each of the researchers was busy studying something. They already had set up a structure, in the shape of a large gate, that was covering the dimensional entrance.

Epsilon was still taking in the surrounding when an elder Werfur researcher came to Rabial’s side. The elder nodded at him and looked at Epsilon for a moment before talking.

“Hello Lord Epsilon, I am Renarvil, the head of researchers here at the Underbroom Cave for the Dimensional Gateway project. I have heard much about you and saw the passive shield spell you had created.”

Epsilon nodded and smiled. He walked towards the gate and started talking.

“Has any kind of designated place been identified as you research the dimensional waves to lock on?”

Epsilon directed this question to Renarvil but every researcher in the Underbroom Cave had their ears perked up. Renarvil considered the question a little before he answered.

“We are right now trying to calculate and find the Dimensional Waves to set up a designated place. We are trying to reach the ‘Greenland Continent’, where Lord Rabial was sent to when he first entered the other dimension.”

Epsilon nodded and looked at Rabial as he started talking.

“Rabial, I would like you to me give me a detailed report of the place you had been to. Tell me about the creatures you encountered, the factions and the races you saw, and the terrain maps and everything else you can think of.”

Rabial nodded without hesitation and asked.

“Of course, I can do that, but why do you need it?”

Rabial asked this out of curiosity. Renarvil and the other researchers who were listening to Epsilon too had the same question.

Epsilon eyed the Dimensional Gateway as he answered.

“As you already know, for pinpointing a location, we need Dimensional Waves that we can lock on. Dimensional Waves are generated according to what the target place contains. I need your information and the things you had seen so that I can eliminate the undesirable waves, and only target the ones that I want to find.”

“More information and details would eliminate the places that we do not want to go to. This increases our chances to arrive at the designated place we target. That being said, this is just the start. There is an infinite number of dimensions and it does not matter how many details you can give me, in the end, we would still need other things.”

Epsilon’s summary reinforced in the minds of the Werfur researchers why they needed this human’s help on this project.

Most of the Werfurs knew of Epsilon’s reputation and what he did in the last war. From one perspective, he was right. It was expected for a human to protect his race but this did not mean they would not feel rage towards the man who killed their fellow beings.

Not to mention, they already had innate anger towards humans and, in fact, at present, they were at war against the human race.

At first, when they heard that the headquarters wanted them to work with Epsilon, many Werfur beings ardently objected to the decision. Some council members even tried with all their might to stop the headquarters but it was all to no avail.

It was apparent that they needed to work with Epsilon. Now, however, even though their animosity towards the humans had not lessened, they felt respect towards this human mage.

They did not like him but it was true that he did not mindlessly kill their race. He reciprocated in an act of war — it was naïve to begrudge that. With Epsilon proving his mettle on the matter at hand, his standing in the Werfur race had reached another level. At least they knew that from now on, all matters around Epsilon should be considered seriously.

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