Chapter 127 – Gravity Information

As soon as the Werfur researchers heard that the human researcher Epsilon found a way to understand dimensional waves and locate the target location, they looked at each other with apparent shock on their faces.

They did not expect him to be capable of doing something like this so soon. Who would have expected it anyway? They did not doubt the information as the one who announced the findings was none other than Lord Rabial himself and everyone trusted him.

Rabial became one of the council members of the Werfur Race – Anderium Base after the previous leader of the base died in the last war waged on the humans. Until the new leader arrived at the base, which was expected shortly, he was the one person that held the most power in the organization.

It was also one of the reasons why he commanded an important place like the Underbroom Cave and the research of the Dimensional Gate. If it was the past Rabial, he would not have had enough power or authority to lead an expedition and research of this level but now it was expected of him to do so.

Epsilon looked at Rabial and asked.

“Can I get the gravity knowledge that you had mentioned to me earlier? Two days later, I will come back here to help with the Dimensional Gate.”

Rabial nodded and smiled as he started talking.

“Of course, I will give it to you right now. Also, I wanted to discuss something else with you as well.”

Epsilon tilted his head and looked at Rabial, as the latter started talking.

“We decided to build a research center in the Underbroom Cave, as it will be an official base. I am already appointed as the leader and the one responsible for the base itself. I would like to give you the position of ‘Leader Advisor’, which means that you will only be under my command and you can command the other researchers, mages and soldiers.”

Epsilon nodded and asked nonchalantly.

“It sounds good but I don’t know what remuneration are you planning to pay me for the position.”

He asked this and quickly added.

“I have no interest in Ether Stones, as I have many ways to earn and produce it myself.”

Epsilon’s energy production sales already put him, most likely, among the ones with the most funds on the whole planet. He definitely did not need any more Ether Stones.

Rabial smiled at Epsilon’s words. He expected this much; a person like Epsilon would already have a way to earn Ether Stones. He then answered.

“In return, I am willing to share more knowledge from the Werfur race with you. What do you say?”

Epsilon laughed good-naturedly this time and nodded as he shook hands with Rabial.

After the deal was made, Rabial informed every mage, warrior and researcher at Underbroom Cave that Epsilon was Leader Advisor of the Underbroom Research Center. If it was any other time, the race members would have created problems but right now, because they knew that Epsilon was the one who already found a way to locate the dimension using the dimensional waves, which was a big thing and very crucial, they accepted Rabial’s words without objection.

Two hours later, Rabial gave a document to Epsilon. He also warned him that it would self-destruct a minute after it was opened. He further cautioned that the document was forbidden to be shared with other races or people. Breaching the clause would cause the whole Werfur race to attack Epsilon.

Epsilon nodded wordlessly and thought to himself…

“Not that you guys have the power to harm me anyway…”

While this churned in his head, he decided against voicing out loud, thinking that some things were better left unsaid.

After some time, Epsilon left the Underbroom Cave and made his way home. Upon reaching, he directly headed to his office and opened the document on gravity, reading the contents. He was just about done when the document burned to a crisp. By then, Epsilon got what he needed.

Within seconds, Epsilon took in a deep breath and smiled. He right now had three things that were on top of his to-do list.

  1. Call Void Hunter Rat and show him the Solar Panel.
  2. Build a mechanical legion of drones that were capable of space travel, at least to some extent.
  3. Help the Werfur race in building the dimensional gate at Underbroom Cave.

These things were not too difficult for him right now. The first was in fact already completed.

Epsilon had three different types of Solar Panels:

‘Solar Panel – Level 1 (One City-Level Energy Per Day)’

‘Planetary Panel – Level 2 (100 City-Level Energy Per Day)’

‘Star Panel – Level 3 (One-Planet Level Energy – 1000 City Level Per day)’

For the time being, Epsilon was not trading the Star or Planetary Panels for his safety. It was true that he would make much more by selling and producing energy using these two gadgets but it would also draw the unwanted attention of many beings.

Epsilon realized that did not have much information or knowledge about the kind of beings that existed in this universe. If he attracted the attention of a being at the level of Void Rat Hunter and if that being was evil, he would be killed, or worse, tortured for more information. He might even be imprisoned to create more gadgets.

If Epsilon wanted to own the goodwill of evil people and make any work arrangements with them, it was paramount to demonstrate that he had enough power to deal with them or at least protect himself.

Why would anyone form a good relationship or strike a deal with a weaker being when they could just force him to do whatever they wanted to by using any means necessary — magical or technological.

Deal-making was only reserved for those who were capable of retaliating and inflicting harm to a great extent. At least, this was how evil minds worked. Epsilon had a good sense about such things and believed it was better to stay lowkey until he had accumulated enough power.

He was not very trusting of the Void Hunter Rat either even though Ravia had come to his rescue in two life-threatening situations. He was on friendly terms with Epsilon right now but if Epsilon showed what he was truly capable of, there was no guarantee that Ravia too would not turn on him.

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