chapter 128 – Drone Project – Part 1

Epsilon was sipping on his tea as his mind wandered on many subjects, including the list of tasks he had marked to be done today. He was simultaneously also browsing through the Void Market. With the beginning of a new day, he sold the energy he had stacked up previously.

After completing the daily trade, his total funds now amounted to 3 Void Stones or 3,000,000 Ether Stones. The Void Market was truly humongous. There was no end to it. There should be trillions of beings in this market purchasing and selling almost anything.

This also made Epsilon wonder about how big and powerful the ‘Void Market’ was as an organization. Laws of any land would indicate that any organization that was responsible for almost all large transactions in the universe would have the utmost power.

After some research, Epsilon bought two things to add to his knowledge. These were books that he needed the most right now.

One of them was named ‘Combining Spells and Tech’ and the other was ‘Interaction of Science and Magic’.

These two were important for Epsilon as the drones he wanted to create would need both arsenal and a shield system. This would come from magical energy and not technology alone.

For making this better and powerful, he needed to understand how he could integrate his spells into the drones he would create.

He immersed himself into the books.

Underbroom Research Center

Before Epsilon left, he gave the Dimensional Wave Reader to Rabial as proof of dimensional wave reading, using both tech and magic. The researchers were trying to understand how the gadget worked or how it was created but it was of no use. No matter how they observed the gadget, they did not understand a thing about it. The only aspect they could be certain about was that it was a real product that could locate dimensions using details of the target dimensions which was dimensional waves.

Dimensional Waves were the energy that radiated from the dimension and included what the dimension contained. This was expected as it was built using details of the dimension. Rabial sighed deeply as he was mulling over some things in his mind. Earlier, he had reported this gadget to the headquarters. In just one day, the headquarters reverted to Rabial, reiterating that no matter what they did, they should not make an enemy out of Epsilon.

As for the tech he created, it could be seen that Epsilon’s technological and magical progress was stronger and much more advanced than theirs.

This usually meant that the individual or organization had better offensive and defensive capabilities. This was yet another reminder that at the moment, the Werfurs could not fight Epsilon successfully if the need emerged.

Rabial let out a cold breath as he read the report from headquarters. He was even given a raise just because he proposed Epsilon to be the Leader Advisor of the Underbroom Research Center. The Werfur race headquarters congratulated him for his very good idea in forming a connection with Epsilon and in turn, gave Rabial the position of ‘Council Leader of Anderium Base’.

Adding the charge of the Underbroom Research Center, Rabial now was second only to the leader of the base. He had control of the Research Center as well as control of the council members and their armies.

All this, just because he had given authority to Epsilon.

He still could not believe that just one man was capable of besting and scaring the headquarters like this. Headquarters had knowledge and information that Rabial and other Werfur beings did not.

Before Rabial gave them information about Dimensional Wave Reader, they were still confident that if it came down to a fight against Epsilon, they would manage. But after he sent the information about the gadget and what it was capable of, the Werfur headquarters directly ordered all leaders, including Rabial, that irrespective of the exigency, they should not engage Epsilon in any battle or dispute.

The members that initially had a problem against Epsilon had no support from the headquarters; talks of revenge or payback were even more farfetched.

Werfur headquarters was signaling with this act that if any among them were foolish enough to challenge Epsilon, they were no longer one of the Werfurs and the race would neither assist them in their pursuit nor avenge them in their demise.

Looking at the big picture, Rabial understood that Dimensional Wave Reader was a piece of technology and magical gadget that was too hard to create for beings at their level. Also, its significance and difficulty level was too much for them as a race.

Any individual and organization that was capable of creating this piece of gadget had the power to destroy them without any problem at all.

At this time, Rabial could not help but appreciate the irony of the situation. He muttered to himself.

“The once weak human I saved from the Undeads now wields enough power to destroy the whole Werfur race.”

The man who created such unreconciled feelings among the Werfurs, at this time, had finished reading his two newly purchased books and had already spent One Void Stone, about One Million Ether Stones to buy three materials from the Void Market.

Given the large size of the transaction, the Void Dealer himself showed up for completing the transaction.

The three things Epsilon bought were ‘Ironmoon Metal’, ‘V3-Space Motor’ and tonnes of ‘Blacksteel and Enchanted Titanium’. These three ingredients were needed for the basic drone project. Other things such as the tech that was needed in the drones would be handled by Epsilon himself.

It was not that there were no drones in the Void Market or even spaceships. Epsilon, however, wanted to custom create and he did not want to use other’s drones.

There were two reasons for his decision. The first was that he would be wasting away resources and funds when he could create the drones himself. The second was that he would be giving up the time when he could do and experience things himself, which would help him in a more hands-on understanding of tech and knowledge.

It was not that he had much to occupy himself with right now anyway. It was hence most prudent for him to build things himself.

There were nearly five steps he needed to take to manufacture a drone prototype.

  1. Shape of the Drone
  2. Offensive Power of the Drone
  3. Energy Transmutation (Translating Electrical Energy for to use of the Drone)
  4. Defensive Power
  5. Intelligence of the Drone (AI and information-collection abilities)
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