Chapter 22: I cooked too much

Wen Yifan went to work as usual for the next three days.

Sang Yan seemed to be busy on something, he never came back after the gathering. But he abided by the rules set by them earlier. Wen Yifan would receive his WeChat message on time every night at 10 o’clock.

As time went by.

The number of words that he sent gradually decreased.

The first day.

Sang Yan: I’m not coming home tonight, lock the door.

The second day.

Sang Yan: Not coming home, lock the door.

The third day.

Sang Yan: Lock the door.


Wen Yifan’s attitude remained consistent.

She would reply ‘Alright.’ every time.

The next afternoon.

Wen Yifan went out for an interview session with Fu Zhuang and edited footage in the editing room.

Fu Zhuang had taken several days off because of some school affairs, so he went to work continuously for a week without having a day off. He laid on the table and sighed, “Geez, I’m having a tough time.”

Wen Yifan casually answered, “What’s tough?”

“Senior Qian gave me an earful yesterday.” Fu Zhuang sat up straight and vividly imitated Qian Weihua’s tone, “He said my work is a piece of sh*t! The suggestion he gave was harder than reediting the whole thing again!”

“Hmm?” Wen Yifan tilted her head, “Then you should ask him to edit it.”


“Then won’t I be making it easier for him?”

After two seconds of silence, Fu Zhuang continued to edit the footage obediently, “I think it’s better for me to work harder instead.”


Wen Yifan didn’t say much, she reread the manuscript that she just finished writing and sent it to the editor after proofreading it.

While waiting for the review of the manuscript, Fu Zhuang started a small talk with her again. He talked about the fire in Zhongnan Century City, “Oh ya, I wanted to ask you about something. The part where we interviewed your ex-classmate was edited in the news, am I right?”


“I found out yesterday that someone had edited a weird video montage and inserted that part in it.” Fu Zhuang felt it was hilarious and trembled in laughter, “It went viral. He was ranked among the Top Ten Inspiring People on a website.” 


“My prediction of him being miserable and cool was right, netizens are all saying that he is handsome, arrogant and miserable.” Fu Zhuang added, “Although we censored half of his face, he still looked attractive.”

Wen Yifan didn’t care about these, so she didn’t know about this, “Was it very influential?”

“Well, no it’s not, since it was censored. But it’s quite funny.”

“That’ll do.” The review of the manuscript just happened to be approved, Wen Yifan forwarded it to the dubbing host before getting up, “You can download the host’s dubbing yourself later, call me if you have any questions, I have to go back to write the draft.”

“Okay.” Fu Zhuang stopped playing around and dramatically said, “Being lonely! Is the only way for The Strong!”


Wen Yifan didn’t work overtime today, she went home after finishing with the draft. 

Wen Yifan habitually reached out to turn on the lights when she opened the door, but she suddenly found out that the lights were on. She paused  and subconsciously looked at the sofa but noticed the living room was still empty.

There were several shoe boxes at the entrance, which were neatly stacked one over the other. The shoes next to it seemed messy as if they were taken off randomly without being arranged.

Wen Yifan looked at the second bedroom.

She didn’t know if Sang Yan was in his room at that time or if came back and left.

Wen Yifan didn’t bother, she sat down on the sofa and poured a glass of water. She drank slowly and glanced around. She felt that something had changed in the house.

There seemed to be a lot of things.

There were several cans of milk powder of different brands under the coffee table, along with fruit cereals and cocoa chips. The door of the TV cabinet was left open and all kinds of snacks were stuffed in it, some of them were directly placed in front of the television.

There were several black boxes on the dining table, they were wrapped in plastic wrap and they looked like fruits.

Wen Yifan looked away.

She secretly thought to herself: This young master’s living standard really is high.

Wen Yifan was bored and she couldn’t help remembering what Fu Zhuang had said earlier.

Wen Yifan took out her phone and downloaded an application. She finished her drink and went to the kitchen.

Wen Yifan opened the application once it finished downloading. She saw the topic ‘Handsome, Arrogant, and Miserable.’ was ranked first. She clicked open the topic as she was washing her cup.

Sang Yan’s cold voice was instantly played from her mobile phone.

“I’m very happy. Hope you’re as happy as me.”

The volume of her mobile phone was a little too loud, it was deafening in this quiet space.

Wen Yifan was startled.

She immediately turned off the tap water and turned down the volume.

At the same time, there were footsteps behind her.

Wen Yifan turned around and saw Sang Yan was also in the kitchen.


Wen Yifan looked down and locked her mobile screen awkwardly.

She didn’t know if he heard the audio previously.

But Sang Yan acted like he didn’t see her.

He didn’t speak and didn’t look at her. He just opened the refrigerator in silence.

Wen Yifan also didn’t take the initiative to speak. She put her phone back in her pocket, and when she looked down, she suddenly noticed that the faucet that was leaking had been repaired, it was not leaking anymore.

Upon seeing this, Wen Yifan took a serious look at the kitchen.

The gas stove that always had a hard time lighting up was replaced with a new one, and there was an induction cooker and microwave beside it. There was even a juicer and an oven. Her heart dropped and her scalp became numb.

The only thought that popped up in her mind.

How much would all of these cost after sharing equally?

Wen Yifan hesitated, “Did you buy all of these?”

Sang Yan looked like he had just taken a bath. He was wearing casual light-coloured trousers and a random coat. He ignored her, took a bag of instant noodles from the top of the refrigerator and tore it apart.

He looked like he was going to cook his own dinner.

Wen Yifan felt that the picture of him cooking was weird. This man was a spoilt prince that was pampered all his life from her point of view.

He would only seek for delivery or take outs if nobody was cooking for him.

She didn’t know that he would take the initiative to enter the kitchen.

Wen Yifan continued, “If so, could you make a list for me and I will transfer the money to you?”

Sang Yan briefly responded and turned on the tap to fill the pot with water.

“……” The feeling that he didn’t want to be bothered with her was obvious. Wen Yifan was clueless about the current situation, she said, “Then I’ll go back to my room, you can send me a WeChat message once you have it all sorted out.”

There was still no response as expected.

Wen Yifan couldn’t tell whether it was normal or if he was in a bad mood at that moment. She stopped seeking attention and headed back to her room. She sat on her chair, turned on her phone and looked at the balance in her bank account.

She sighed.

Should I find a chance to talk to him?

We should discuss with each other before buying common goods in the future……

Wen Yifan suddenly remembered Sang Yan’s attitude.


It’s so difficult to communicate with him.

After a while.

Wen Yifan inexplicably felt that this situation was quite normal.

Sang Yan had emphasized that she should not try to befriend him. The reason why there was a conversation between them was only because he wanted to attract some business for his own bar.

But in the end.

He didn’t earn a penny, instead, he spent a thousand.

Wen Yifan wondered if he was upset because of this matter.

She struggled for a while before turning on the calculator to calculate the bills for that day. She wanted to pay for Zhong Siqiao and Xiang Lang, but it was not a small amount to her. 

Wen Yifan could only pay for herself.

But several days had passed.

It seemed a little awkward to transfer him money out of the blue.

Wen Yifan put down her phone, and waited for him to send her the list before transferring him the sum total.

But for the whole night.

There was no news from Sang Yan.

Wen Yifan discovered something in hindsight.

Sang Yan seemed to be giving her a cold shoulder, as if he was unaware of her existence. She would unintentionally make some noise occasionally, but he seemed to be unable to hear her, he didn’t even lift his eyelids.

Both of them were living in the same place but in seemingly different worlds. 

Wen Yifan wasn’t someone who liked to embarrass herself.

She didn’t speak anymore after saying a few words.

She just treated it as the unit-sharing life between two people without interfering with each other had officially started. 

The night of Chinese New Year’s Eve.

Wen Yifan received a call from Zhong Siqiao when she was collecting her clothes on the balcony. She held her clothes, placed the laundry pole aside and listened to Zhong Siqiao, “Are you working overtime tomorrow night?”

“Tomorrow night?” Wen Yifan, “I won’t if there’s no emergencies.”

“Are you coming back home tomorrow?”

“I’m not, I think.”

Zhong Siqiao invited her, “Do you want to come to my house and celebrate Chinese New Year together?”

Wen Yifan was honest, “I’m too lazy to go that far.”

“……” Zhong Siqiao said, “You’re having so many days off, why can’t you spare me a day!”

“You’re quite cruel……” Wen Yifan entered the living room and her voice paused.

She didn’t know when Sang Yan came out of his room, he was looking down and sitting on the sofa scrolling through his phone. He had changed his clothes, his expression was still cold, and he looked as if he was going to head out.

Wen Yifan looked away and went back to her room, while calmly continued talking to Zhong Siqiao, “Tell me about this when I really get to have many days off.”

Zhong Siqiao giggled, “Aren’t you having more days off than usual?”

Wen Yifan, “I just want to sleep for three days straight.”

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She went back to her room.

Zhong Siqiao suddenly asked, “By the way, will Sang Yan go home for Chinese New Year?”

“Of course.” Wen Yifan was puzzled because she thought the question was strange, “His home is here in this city and his relationship with his family isn’t bad. Why would he not return to his home during Chinese New Year?”

“Oh.” Zhong Siqiao said, “You’re right.”

Wen Yifan laid on her bed.

Zhong Siqiao asked again, “How do you get along with him?”

“We can’t consider ourselves getting along with each other,” Wen Yifan reconstructed her sentence, “We’re just two strangers that are living under the same roof, without any interactions. I’ve got a feeling that he is a ghost whenever I see him.”

“You’re exaggerating it!” Zhong Siqiao said, “Wasn’t he in a good mood during the gathering that day?”

Wen Yifan was stunned when she heard what she said.

Somehow, her mind suddenly flashed with Xiang Lang’s ‘Truth’ answer. She recovered from her thoughts soon after and smiled, “He was just like that during the gathering.”

After chatting for a while,  Wen Yifan heard the sound of the door closing from the entrance.

After hanging up.

Wen Yifan looked at her WeChat again and found that Sang Yan had sent her WeChat messages five minutes ago.

Sang Yan: I won’t be coming back before the eighth day of Chinese New Year, you can just lock the door.

Sang Yan: Please finish the food in the refrigerator.

Sang Yan: Thanks.

Wen Yifan blinked her eyes and replied “Okay.”.

Wen Yifan returned home at seven on Chinese New Year’s Eve.

Wen Yifan locked the door, and first took a bath. She took a small blanket to the living room after completing her bedtime routine. She laid on the sofa in the living room, and the Chinese New Year Festival had been airing for some time.

Zhong Siqiao kept on urging her and texting her on WeChat at the same time.

Wen Yifan replied: I turned on the TV too.

After looking through the messages, Wen Yifan replied to the blessing messages one by one. She hesitated when she saw Zhao Yuandong’s message and replied: I have to work overtime tonight, Happy Chinese New Year.

The windows were closed because it was still cold even when the air-conditioning was turned off.

There was no other sound in the room except the noise coming from the television. Wen Yifan covered herself in a blanket and stared at the cheering and laughing on the television. She was immune to the infectious cheerful emotions. If it wasn’t for the holidays, she wouldn’t even remember that today was Chinese New Year Eve.

She let out a long sigh and scrolled through Weibo absentmindedly. She wanted to go back to her own room soon after.

Wen Yifan actually was not interested in the Chinese New Year Festival.

*TV program

She always felt that it was just background music while families play and chat together on Chinese New Year’s Eve. It felt like a strange thing to watch by herself.

But Zhong Siqiao was still excited to discuss the program with her on WeChat.

Wen Yifan didn’t want to ruin her excitement, so she was thinking about getting something to eat.

At this time, the doorbell suddenly rang. Wen Yifan looked at the time and it was already close to nine o’clock.

She didn’t know who it was.

Wen Yifan felt strange and uneasy. She went to the entrance and peeped through the peephole.

Sang Yan was standing outside with his hands in his pockets in the bright corridor.

Only allowed on

She breathed a sigh of relief and opened the door, “Why are you back?”

Sang Yan glanced at her and surprisingly replied, “There are relatives at home so I have no place to sleep.”

“……” Wen Yifan nodded and stopped asking. She went back to her place on the sofa.

Sang Yan changed into his slippers and sat down on the other sofa.

Both of them were quiet, without saying a word.

On such festivals.

Wen Yifan was not used to the atmosphere with the presence of someone else. She subconsciously looked in his direction. 

After a while, Sang Yan started to move.

He got up and headed to the kitchen.

Wen Yifan looked at him when she noticed his movements.

She saw Sang Yan taking out a pack of dried noodles, a box of meatballs, and a box of vegetables from the refrigerator. Then, he also took a pack of frozen dumplings out from the freezer. He looked like he was going to make supper.

Wen Yifan didn’t quite believe that he could cook.

She secretly hoped that he wouldn’t use the gas stove.

The induction cooker was more than enough to cook such things.

Wen Yifan was afraid that he would burn down the kitchen.

After a few minutes.

Wen Yifan heard the sound of the gas stove lighting up in the kitchen.


She began to worry.

But she felt that it was inappropriate for her to go check him out when she thought about the way they were getting along. 

She was on pins and needles for a while.

She heard the water boiling in the kitchen.

At the same time, Sang Yan suddenly called her name.

“Wen Yifan.”

According to their current relationship, this person calling her name was even harder than reaching the sky.

Wen Yifan was even more certain that something had happened, she instantly got up and went to the kitchen.

“What’s wrong?”

She just entered the kitchen.

Wen Yifan noticed Sang Yan was still holding the pack of dried noodles in his hand, but it was already empty. His movements were stiff, he stared at the boiling water and it seemed like the whole packet of dried noodles had fallen into the pot.

It was like a still picture.

After a few seconds.

Sang Yan looked up and said with a straight face, “I cooked too much.”


Sang Yan looked down and threw the packet into the trash can next to him. He casually said.

“Help me to finish it?”

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