Ch 001. The most poisonous woman’s heart

General Zhenwei’s mansion is not the most prominent in the capital, but no one dares to neglect it. After all, the Wei family has experienced ups and downs after following the founding emperor to conquer the country.

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The Wei family is like a pine tree firmly rooted in the capital, a mountain that can shake at any time. With the passage of time, although it has experienced many setbacks, it has grown more and more deeply rooted and leafy.

The head of the Wei family of this generation is also a man of great talent and strategy. He followed his father to the battlefield at the age of fifteen, and made great achievements in the battles between the Great Chu and the Rong. Not to mention the importance of today’s sage, he also controls one-third of the military power of Da Chu, and he can be called a high-ranking high-ranking person for a lifetime.

But no matter how beautiful people are, there are times when they grow old.

The fifty-eight-year-old General Wei has a crooked nose and slanted eyes. He can’t even speak clearly while lying on the bed. He no longer has the handsome appearance of *Xianyi and angry horses*. (Army General)

“The way you look now is really pleasing.” Sitting beside General Wei’s bed was a kind-hearted woman, but there was no kindness in her voice, and this person was General Wei’s wife. Mrs. Wei Mu Ling.

Mu Ling was four years younger than the old general Wei, but she looked much older than the seriously ill old general Wei. Her face was covered with silver threads and wrinkles. She was holding a string of Buddha beads in her hand and smelled of sandalwood all over her body. At first glance, he looks like a person who has been worshipping Buddha for a long time, but he looks at Old General Wei with an extremely resentful look, and the hatred in his eyes seems to be overflowing.

“Uh! Ah!” Old General Wei stared at his wife, as if he wanted to reprimand, but couldn’t say anything.

“You can’t speak anymore, so don’t waste your time and listen to what I have to say.” Mrs. Wei took a handkerchief from the side and stuffed it into General Wei’s mouth. Her tone was calm, but it made people feel unreasonable. A bit cold.

Old General Wei, who could no longer move, stared at his wife with round eyes. Before, Mrs. Wei would shrink to the side when he glared at him, but now she turned a blind eye.

Where do I start? Let’s start when I marry you,” Mrs. Wei said in a very light voice, “I was twenty-eight when I married you, I was naive. The hijab husband’s heroic appearance made my heart warm, thinking that this is my husband, the person I want to live my whole life… At that time, I was ashamed and happy, full of expectations for my future, but I didn’t know myself. In fact, I have stepped into hell.”

General Wei’s face was full of anger, but he wanted to speak but couldn’t, so he could only continue to express his anger with his eyes.

“You think I’m talking nonsense, right? No, I’m not talking nonsense at all. The thing I regret most in my life is listening to my parents and marrying you. If I had known today, I’d rather cut my hair and be a nun than marry you!” Mrs Wei’s voice was extremely cold.

Old General Wei’s saliva overflowed from the corner of his mouth, his face full of disbelief.

“You don’t believe it?” Mrs. Wei laughed: “Who brought back a concubine who was also pregnant when I was pregnant? Who killed my child and made it difficult for me to conceive? Who shot with an arrow killed my brother? Who killed my niece and granddaughter? It’s you, it’s your Wei family! Wei Yuankai, I will make you pay your debts with blood, I will make you people die!”

Wei Laofu voice was very low, but the madness in it still made Old General Wei hear clearly, and his face turned pale, but after that, he still looked at his wife angrily, A strange sound of “ho ho” came out of his throat.

“I know what you want to say, do you think that you have given me the position of being the wife of the family, and you have done your best to be righteous? Do you think I am also a family member of Wei? Hehe, I, Mu Ling, would rather have no one to be worshipped and fall into the eighteenth hell after death. I will definitely destroy you!”

Madam Wei tore off the bead in her hand, and she slowly remembered the past.

Her name is Mu Ling. She is the eldest daughter of the Mu family. Her parents dote on her younger brother and love her. It can be said that she grew up in a honey pot. When she was sixteen years old, she got a good marriage.

The father-in-law only cares about the war. Although the mother-in-law is not kind, she is not bad. Although Mu Ling’s life after marriage was a little lonely because her husband often went out to fight, and she was picked on by her mother-in-law about not being pregnant, it was not bad. At the age of teen, she finally became pregnant.

She only found out she was pregnant after her husband went to the frontier again, and then she was taken to the temple by her mother-in-law who had been looking forward to the child. She lived a very comfortable life. It is even more joyful to go home for the New Year.

But her husband brought back a woman, a woman who was four months pregnant. It turned out that her husband took a subordinate daughter as a concubine in the frontier two years ago. Now that the concubine was pregnant, he brought her back to the house.

Powerful men in the capital basically have concubines and tongfangs. Although she is uncomfortable, she can only accept it, and then she can only watch her husband greet the woman. Who would have thought that he would accept that in the frontier. A woman who has been married to her husband cannot accept it.

That woman’s father was a small official in Guanbian. People in the small capital probably had never heard of that official’s name, but in a small part of the border, no matter how small the official was, they are local emperor and would naturally attracted woman’s to become Earth Princess. After this local princess followed Wei Yuankai, because Wei Yuankai was the only woman in the frontier, she lived a happy life and was even called “Mrs.”.

What did she want in the frontier, but when she arrived in the capital, she became a concubine who had to obey the rules everywhere, how could she be reconciled? Unwilling, she simply gave Mu Ling medicine.

Thinking of what happened back then, a trace of pain flashed in Mu Ling’s eyes. She had been pregnant for more than seven months and finally gave birth to the next boy early, and the bleeding was almost fatal. When she was rescued with great difficulty, she just happened to see that the child she gave birth to desperately lost her breath.

Her child died and she could no longer be a mother, but the woman was saved because she was pregnant. After giving birth to a boy, Wei Yuankai secretly sent her away to save her life.

She didn’t know that the woman was not dead at the time, and her parents-in-law believed that they had made the woman pay for her life. She even kept the woman’s child in her own name under the persuasion of her husband and mother-in-law, just because she felt that the child was innocent. I want to have a child who can provide me with incense and candles when I die.

She resigned, although she was somewhat reluctant to let the child grow up well, who would have thought that when the child was ten years old, her husband shot her brother to death with an arrow.

Her younger brother, Wencai, was outstanding. He was ranked second in the examination at a young age and became an official in the court. He was also appreciated by the late emperor and had the opportunity to accompany the current sage who was still the prince at the time. Unfortunately, one time he followed the prince to relief disasters and was caught by the refugees who started the riots. .

The prince’s travel is secret. Those refugees don’t know the identity of the prince. They just thought that they had arrested a group of rich businessmen, and they called for Wei Yuankai to replace them with food. Wei Yuankai agreed and prepared the food, but the person in Wei Yuankai’s army who went to contact the refugees broke her brother’s identity and said that her brother was Wei Yuankai’s wife and brother.

Those refugees were naturally treasured. They pressed her brother to the front of the battle, and tortured her brother to force Wei Yuankai to withdraw his troops and cut off his arm.

Wei Yuankai shot her brother to death with one arrow, launched an attack, and rescued the current sage who was still the prince during the chaos.

Afterwards, both the emperor and the Wei family compensated the Mu family, but so what? Her parents only had her brother and one son. When her brother died, her parents died one after another in a hurry. In the end, the second house, which was not compatible with her father, became the home.

She was heartbroken and heartbroken during that time, but Wei Yuankai was high-spirited, and blamed her for being a married girl who shouldn’t be crying all day long.

She didn’t know the truth of her brother’s death at first. Although she didn’t understand why only her brother died, she never blamed the Wei family until a close friend of the Mu family who was arrested with her brother told her that at the time In this situation, she accidentally learned the name of the person who revealed her brother’s identity.

The person who let the refugees know her younger brother’s identity was not the elder brother of Wei Yuankai’s concubine?

Since then, she can’t help but think, if she hadn’t married Wei Yuankai, would she not have to watch her parents and brother die? She has hated Wei Yuankai ever since, but her niece, the only bloodline left behind by her brother, made her temporarily suppress her hatred.

With her help, her sister-in-law and her niece survived with difficulty in the Mu family.

Her niece was a little too timid and cowardly because of her father’s death and the oppression of the second room of the Mu family. Her sister-in-law was not worried about marrying her daughter into someone else’s home, so she thought of the child raised in her name. The cousin has long been secretly promised.

The child she raised was named Wei Jingyao. Although he didn’t have the ability of his father, he was very outstanding. She saw that her niece and sister-in-law liked this child, and thought that if this child married her own niece, she would also If she can have a grandson who is related to her by blood, she naturally agrees, so her niece becomes her daughter-in-law.

If the days continued like this, no matter how much resentment she had originally, it would slowly subside, but the matter did not end like this.

The Princess of Pingyang took a fancy to her “son”.

Mu Ling slowly talked about those years, and his eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of blood.

Her niece died of “difficult childbirth”, leaving her only one granddaughter, and Wei Jingyao married the Pingyang County Lord in a blink of an eye.

She placed a lot of people around her niece, but those people were taken away by Wei Yuankai, because this man who pursued fame and fortune all his life was not satisfied that his son married a wife who was not helpful to the Wei family. He knew that His son has no ability, he just wants to have a prominent daughter-in-law.

At that moment, Mu Ling could not wait to set the Mu family on fire, but her niece left her a granddaughter.

She was a girl with a slow response and not a smart brain, but she was raised by her, her only relative, and her last salvation. For this child, even though she hated the Wei family to the core, she would not Endured not to be stained with any blood, afraid that the final retribution would be on his granddaughter.

Mrs. Wei did not step out of the door, she concentrated on worshipping the Buddha, the only thing she cared about was her eldest granddaughter, but this fourteen-year-old child died of illness a month ago.

She kept the child under wraps, but she did not expect that when the family held a flower party, the grandson of the Wei family from Pingyang County would push her child into the cold lotus pond in front of everyone because he felt ashamed of this sister.

Although the servants quickly rescued the child, the wind and cold were raging and eventually killed the child who had been in poor health…

“Since my Qiu’er is dead, you should all give her your life! “Looking at Old General Wei lying on the bed, Mu Ling raised the corner of his mouth.

“My baby sleeps, sleeps, my baby sleeps…” humming a song to coax Wei Qiu to sleep, Mu Ling’s hand slowly stirred in the water basin beside him.

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