Ch 006. The most poisonous woman’s heart

Mu Ling’s sudden outburst made the Princess Pingyang startled, and looked at Mu Ling suspiciously – her mother-in-law has always been merciful, how could she suddenly do such a heavy hand on a strange woman now?

Not only did the Princess Pingyang have doubts in their hearts, but other people also had doubts in their hearts, and for a moment, Mu Ling wanted to hide nothing – her enemies were all here now, and she didn’t want to live for a long time. As long as she rushes over and poisons the Pingyang County Lord…but she can’t do it. The reason why she has endured for so many years is because she worried that she will implicated her family but now, she still does not want to implicate others.

It’s okay for her to die, so what will happen to those who are loyal to her? Her milk brother who opened a pharmacy in the city to help her collect medicinal materials, her dowry maids who had already become biological children and now live in the Zhuangzi she secretly bought, and those servants who are still staying in the Wei family. , she can’t ignore them. In fact, she didn’t fully trust these people, so she didn’t even make it clear to them that she wanted to take revenge on the Wei family, but even so, she couldn’t get them involved in doing things for her, and gave it to her when she was struggling. The people she supports – if others know about her murder, the people around her will probably be killed. She killed several men in Wei’s and if it is revealed, I am afraid the court will share the same hatred, right?

Seeing Liu Shi being beaten, Mu Ling suddenly burst into tears: “That goddamn bastard…”

“Mother?” Pingyang County Master asked inexplicably.

“Man’er, you don’t know, this person is the woman who caused me to give birth prematurely and injured my body back then. That bastard said he killed the people, but she was raised outside!” Mu Ling said directly.

The Princess of Pingyang was full of disbelief. She used to dare to ignore her mother-in-law and beat and scold her husband, but she was always afraid of her father-in-law, so she never thought that her father-in-law would raise people outside. Could it be that the child here is not Wei Jingyao’s, but the illegitimate child of her father-in-law?

Mu Ling wiped away her tears again. Although she paid attention to maintenance, losing her relatives again and again made her a little too old. At this moment, an old lady was crying in public, looking really pitiful.

“Mother…” Pingyang County Lord whispered.

“Man, the people here might be raised by that bastard, or else where would such a big family come from?” The current situation must be kept a secret. “Why don’t you bring people back first, and I’ll handle the affairs here.” At this time other people came out one after another, she waved her hand immediately: “Grab all those people, and gag!”

At this time, the princess of Pingyang also saw the situation in that house. She was provoked by the nun and saw a child like Wei Jingyao, so she thought that this was the place where Wei Jingyao’s golden house hides her beauty, but now look at the men and women here. There are a lot of people, old and young, and which children are still crying, I feel that I guessed wrong before.

Even if Wei Jingyao wanted to raise illegitimate children, he wouldn’t be able to raise so many… Could it be that she really blamed Wei Jingyao?

“County Lord, let’s go back first!” The nurse beside the Pingyang County Lord immediately persuaded. Wei Jingyao just died, and the Pingyang County Lord was beating and killing others outside… Even if the Pingyang County Lord’s reputation has been very bad, she can’t allowed it to get worse and worse.

The Princess Pingyang hesitated for a while, but finally nodded: “Mother, then I’ll go back first.” The

Princess Pingyang walked back with someone, and when she got to the door, she ordered a guard beside her: “You stay here and report back to me when the matter is understood.”

“Yes, county master.” The guard immediately stopped in place.

Mu Ling could guess what the Pingyang County Lord left people here to watch. She didn’t care about it, but only had the Liu family who stayed at home tied up.

Qingping Lane was bought by Wei Yuankai for Liu’s residence. Later, Liu’s eldest brother’s family also lived there. Liu’s eldest brother had passed away, but he left behind two sons, both of whom were in their forties. They have raised five sons and seven daughters in total, and among the grandchildren of the Liu family, the eldest two are already married.

It was already evening, and the Liu family was at home with a large number of people, but these people couldn’t beat the Wei family’s guards, so the people that Mu Ling brought bundled them all up and gagged their mouths. , Liu Shi has also been beaten with blood all over his face, and is looking at Mu Ling angrily.

“You wait outside, I want to talk to her alone.” Mu Ling directed someone to bring Liu Shi into the main room of the mansion.

“Old Madam, this woman has a fierce look on her face, if she suddenly goes mad…” Although Mrs. Liu was tied up, the people serving Mu Ling were still worried. Madam Wei was already quite old. …

“Open the door on the line.” Mu Ling said.

Mu Ling insisted that the others would not persuade her, but just stared at her from the outside, Mu Ling didn’t care about it, and walked to Liu Shi, who was still in the middle of the main room, and squatted down: “Fortunately you didn’t. He died just like your brother… Speaking of which, he died so early that it was really cheap for him.”

“Wow!” Liu Shi looked at Mu Ling angrily.

“I know what you’re trying to say, but you think I’ve hurt you so badly? If you were an auntie in the Wei family, you would have nothing to do, but are you not greedy enough!… Look, now you have to take care of yourself. ?” Mu Ling smiled and said, “At least you can raise your own son, maybe Wei Jingyao can take you out of the house to enjoy a good fortune and marry a daughter-in-law to serve you, and then you will have grandchildren. Even myself is going to die.”

“Woooo…” Liu Shi ‘s eyes widened, his face full of disbelief.

“You haven’t received the news of Wei Jingyao’s death, have you? I killed Wei Ting, of course I won’t let him go.” Mu Ling’s voice was very soft, but Liu Shi’s whole body trembled.

“Don’t worry, you will be dead soon, I don’t know if you can catch up with your son and grandson on the Naihe Bridge, or if those people outside can catch up with you… Look, how kind-hearted I am, When I send you to the West, I don’t forget to bring all of your Liu family along for you.” Mu Lingdao, the hairpin in his hand stabbed into Liu’s neck, then pulled it out, then pulled it in, pulled it out, and tucked it in again…

After hearing these words from her, Mrs. Liu certainly wouldn’t let her live, but those people outside… She killed an old woman who had a relationship with Wei Yuankai in the capital and no one would be held accountable. She is capable, but she has other ways to teach people outside.

Although Mu Ling had let people beat Liu Shi before, those servants did not dare to casually kill people outside. Therefore, although Liu Shi had already seen blood, her injuries were not serious, so after Mu Ling went down a few times, she struggled violently, and the spurting blood stained the white cloth shoes that Mu Ling wore because of her husband’s death. Looking at this scene, Mu Ling laughed instead. That smile was reflected in Liu Shi’s eyes, which could hardly be focused, making her full of fear and regret at the last moment of her life. She was jealous of Mu Ling, so she killed the child in Mu Ling’s belly. When she was kicked out of the Wei family, she didn’t reflect on it. Instead, she felt that Mu Ling’s family had the power and power to rob her husband and children. Her elder brother killed Mu Ling’s younger brother. After Mu Ling was gone, Wei Yuankai still refused to see her, and even hated her brother. In the past few years, Mu Ling has stayed in the Buddhist hall almost all day, and her son has also begun to show his prominence, but this is the case, she still can’t enter the Wei family… Although she has never been able to get what she wants, she has always been looking down on Mu Ling, what if this woman married Wei Yuankai? She didn’t even have a son, in the end she could only watch the scenery of her son while chanting Buddha? In her eyes, Mu Ling was an incompetent woman, but she never thought that this woman could be so ruthless. Liu’s eyes were dead, and the involuntary twitching of her body disappeared, and she stared straight at the door of the lobby – although she was cruel to others, the juniors of the Liu family outside who she watched grew up were all people she cared about. and now naturally they will die not at ease.

Mu Ling stood up slowly, the sudden dizziness made her almost unable to stand, but she still stood still, and then walked out, and at this time, those who were frightened by her behavior finally greet her. One of the maids was trembling: “Old … old lady.”

“Untie the rope on this man’s hand. She is the concubine of the Wei family who eloped with others. Today, she committed suicide in fear of sin, you know?” Mu Ling Dao.

“I know.” The servants all said, but there was more or less fear in Mu Ling’s eyes.

Mu Ling didn’t care, and added: “I still have her household registration in my house, so I can have someone take it and send it to the government along with the body.” Liu is the concubine of the Wei family, but she lives alone outside. It should be soaked in the pig cage, Mu Ling sentenced her and no one else could say anything.

Hearing Mu Ling’s words, all the people who followed were relieved, but the people in the Liu family were even more frightened.

Those children don’t know the relationship between Liu’s and the Wei family, but the older ones know a little bit. They used to be proud of it, but now they are afraid of death, especially the two of Liu’s eldest brother started to hate Liu Shi.

Back then, it was the Liu family who cried and cried at home all day long, that made their father hate General Wei’s wife, and finally did something so stupid that they lost their future. Now this woman has harmed them again…

“These people are the family members of the concubine who escaped, and they bought the yard by stealing the property of Wei’s house. Sent these children to the village outside the city, and the adults turned them over to the government and asked the government to check their details. “When she said that, Mu Ling glanced at Wei Jingyao’s servant who was following her. This servant is a smart man. At this time, he will let his family sue. The Liu family has also done other things that are hurtful to the world. Will contact those people to go together.

“Yes, old lady.” The servants said respectfully.

Mu Ling’s eyes were on the two sons of Liu’s eldest brother. The identity of Wei Jingyao and the two were definitely clear. They didn’t know that Wei Jingyao was dead before. They were worried about causing trouble for Wei Jingyao, but Wei Jingyao ignored them. She didn’t say a word, and she couldn’t keep it after she was sent to the government: “Then the escaped concubine probably told you a lot about the Wei family, right? If you dare to shout outside, don’t blame me for being ruthless. Children are playings in the countryside. There are too many cases of drowning in the pond.” Those children, who happened to be the bargaining chips she held the few people in front of her, presumably won’t talk nonsense, and even if they talk nonsense, others will definitely not believe it.

Even if someone believed her, she didn’t care, anyway, there was no evidence to prove that she killed Wei Jingyao, and she didn’t want to live anymore.

After sending all the people who had been sent to the government to the government, Mu Ling explained a few words to the people around him, asking them to send the Wei family’s children and a few female relatives to the ravine, and then returned to the Wei family in a sedan chair.

There is only one Princess Pingyang left… This matter is very simple, after all, she didn’t want the life of the Princess Pingyang, she just wanted to make her life worse than death.

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