6th Story Extra I

Sixth Story: Extra 1

Zhou Chen’s body has been ruined by poison. He fell ill after he was forced to complete the enthronement and amnesty the world and arranged all the duties of the officials. He could no longer go to court and could only deal with it in bed government affairs.

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Shen Xinyu and the queen took care of him very carefully, but it was still not enough. Zhou Chen must not work hard if he wanted to live for a long time.

As the emperor, how can he not work hard?

There is no shortage of emperors in history who favored a certain powerful minister and then let that powerful minister take full charge of government affairs, but because the prime minister of Qin once controlled the government, although Zhou Chen had many people in his hands, none of them could hold up the entire court.

And Zhou Chen is also worried, worried that after he really trains a powerful minister, that powerful minister will bully his wife and children in turn, so that his son cannot be in power.

The body has just recovered, and Zhou Chen will continue to deal with various affairs in the court.

No matter how the queen persuaded Zhou Chen, she could only turn to Shen Xinyu for help. Shen Xinyu had no choice but to think about it, and finally came up with a solution—she and the queen help Zhou Chen handle affairs.

The current prime minister is Zhou Chen’s person. Every day, he is asked to organize the government affairs and send them to the palace. After that, Shen Xinyu and the queen open the memorial together, and then read the matter to Zhou Chen, and follow Zhou Chen’s instructions. The next approval and finally let the prime minister go to deal with it.

But this is not a long-term thing, because it will make them unable to listen to the opinions of the courtiers. After commenting on letting some people deal with this matter, these people have doubts and can only ask questions. A lot of time wasted.

“Empress mother, why don’t you listen to the government with the curtain down.” Zhou Chen finally said.

In the previous dynasty, Emperor Hui had rubella and couldn’t go to the court to govern. It was the queen mother who was in charge, and there were more of them going forward. The evaluation of these women in the history books was not good, but Zhou Chen once objectively discussed the matter with his grandfather. , but felt that there were several queen mothers whose wrists were not inferior to men at all.

Now, he also finds that his mother is very sensitive to politics. His queen often doesn’t understand anything even when he has explained it clearly but his mother can understand everything and even propose a good opinions more than he thought.

Faintly, Zhou Chen has a sense of frustration that he has been learning for many years, and even a housewife can’t be compare to.

If he is a small-minded person, he must be jealous, but fortunately he is not, even because he has died once, some of his thoughts are even more indifferent.

The enjoyment of rights is an empty talk for him now. Now he only wants his family to survive and the throne to be left to his son.

His mother had always been the person he trusted the most, and there was such a miraculous person beside his mother…

“Empress mother, you can.” Zhou Chen said, “Besides, there are people to help you.”

Zhou Chen’s words were heard in the Queen’s ears, she just thought that Zhou Chen would let someone help Shen Xinyu, but Shen Xinyu knew that Zhou Chen was referring to Mu Ling— – In order to reassure Zhou Chen, Shen Xinyu informed Zhou Chen of Mu Ling’s existence after obtaining Mu Ling’s consent.

Before Shen Xinyu was able to handle political affairs with ease, it really depended on Mu Ling. You must know that although Mu Ling has never been an emperor, she has learned a lot from Guo Lianyun and others, and she has read a lot of books. , so that you can always make some useful suggestions.

When Zhou Chen went to the court again, he informed the courtiers that the queen mother would be behind the curtain in the future.

“Let the curtain fall? This can’t be done!” Shen Xinyu said almost immediately, before she got married, she just recognized and only read a few words. She haven’t read any books. After becoming the queen, although I learned even memorized a lot of books in order to better educate the sixth prince, she did not even think about it.

The news that the Empress Dowager was going to listen to the government under the curtain caused a great uproar in the courtroom.

At first, whether it was Zhou Chen or Shen Xinyu, they thought that the violent opposition would be those of Prime Minister Qin who were released because of the amnesty, but the truth is just the opposite – in the end, most of the people who violently opposed in the court were Zhou Chen’s former people.

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In fact, if you think about it carefully, this is also very normal. Prime Minister Qin’s henchmen have basically been beheaded. Those courtiers who were released by Zhou Chen, when Zhou Chen has already ascended the throne, naturally cannot offend Zhou Chen. They almost lost their lives and didn’t dare to offend Zhou Chen. Moreover, they have turned to the Prime Minister Qin to prove that they were not the kind of people who insisted on orthodoxy. In this case, they would naturally not object to the Queen Mother’s ruling.

On the contrary, it was people from Zhou Chen’s family… These people were all people who insisted on orthodoxy. At first, they thought that Zhou Chen was the eldest son and should succeed Zhou Chen, so they supported Zhou Chen so now they exceptionally rejected the idea of curtains down.

There were a lot of people who asked Zhou Chen to change his mind and Zhou Chen was almost overwhelmed, but even so, he still insisted on his own ideas but unfortunately, the courtiers took the method of refusing to cooperate when Shen Xinyu was in power .

Shen Xinyu was an obscure queen before, and her mother’s family was in decline and she had no military power. How could the courtiers listen to her? If she wants to get through this situation, she has to be relentless in killing her.

Shen Xinyu flipped through the history book, her face was really not very good-looking.

Speaking of which, if Concubine Precious was in her position, things would be simpler. After all, Concubine Precious was powerful and ruthless.

“What should I do?” After the doubts, Shen Xinyu couldn’t help asking Mu Ling, hoping that Mu Ling could give her an idea.

“I can’t stay by your side forever, you have to think about it yourself.” Mu Ling of course has a way, but she will have to leave sooner or later. How Shen Xinyu will live in the future depends on herself.

Shen Xinyu was pacing back and forth in the room, a little worried. As for handling political affairs, because of Zhou Chen’s teaching and Mu Ling’s guidance, she still has no problem, not to mention that even if she encounters something she doesn’t understand, she can ask others.

But now that the courtiers are resisting… But she can’t back down, she doesn’t want her son to be short-lived!

“Mu Ling, can you do me a favor?” Shen Xinyu looked at Mu Ling.

“What’s up?” Mu Ling asked.

“When I go to court tomorrow, you will record the information on the most vehemently opposed courtiers in the mirror.” Shen Xinyu said.

“Do you want to find their handle?” Mu Ling asked with a smile, this is indeed a good method.

“Yes or no.” Shen Xinyu said, the handle is not so easy to find, and even if she finds it with a telescopic mirror, she may not be able to show evidence to deal with those ministers…

This is her son’s country, for her son she is more willing to deal with this matter in a relatively calm way, such as… intimidation.

The next day, the ministers in the court were still not cooperating with Shen Xinyu. Shen Xinyu took out a paper for discussion, and they would only say “please the queen mother to cut it down”. Shen Xinyu was not annoyed and directly asked the prime minister to deal with this thing down.

“Mother, I’m embarrassed for you.” Zhou Chen looked at Shen Xinyu apologetically, and at the same time pinched his leg that he couldn’t stand up angrily – because he was so useless, he let his mother worry about him before. Not to mention, now I have to let myself deal with such a thing…

“It’s okay, mother will handle it.” Shen Xinyu said, because of her repeated blows and poisoning, although her body is much better than Zhou Chen, she is also a little weak, but she sat up straight for a while, but his body had the same momentum as before.

“Emperor Grandmother!” The little prince Zhou Zheng ran in from the outside, plunged into Shen Xinyu’s arms, and smashed Shen Xinyu’s aura.

“My dear Zhenger, are you happy to go to school today?” Shen Xinyu immediately smiled when she saw this child. The youngest son and the eldest grandson, the lifeblood of the old lady, after the death of the sixth prince, Shen Xinyu loves her eldest grandson the most.

“Happy!” Zhou Zheng stood up straight, and told Shen Xinyu what he had learned in words that were leaking because of his lost teeth.

Touching the child’s head, Shen Xinyu’s eyes were full of tenderness: “Although the prince is still young, he has to teach some things. Find two eunuchs who can read, and copy some memorials for him to read. You don’t need to force him to read them. Don’t ask him to learn anything, ask him to get acquainted sooner.”

She would give the child ten years to let him grow up and then hand over the world to him.

After sending the prince away, Shen Xinyu used Mu Ling’s mirror to take turns looking at the lives of the courtiers.

The prime minister appointed by Zhou Chen was the first person she paid attention to.

The prime minister didn’t seem to reject her to follow the curtain, but he never stopped others to object…

The current prime minister of the Zhou Dynasty is surnamed Zhao, and the prime minister Zhao had taught Zhou Chen before.

Prime Minister Zhao is nearly fifty years old, a thin middle-aged man, with a white beard fluttering in the air, but when he returned home today, his face was not good-looking.

When Prime Minister Zhao’s wife saw Prime Minister Zhao, she immediately went up to meet him, and at the same time asked a little puzzled: “The Prime Minister doesn’t look very happy, what’s wrong?”

“What else could it be? Isn’t it because of that woman? .” Prime Minister Zhao lowered his voice.

“Is the Prime Minister talking about the Queen Mother?” Prime Minister Zhao’s wife couldn’t help asking.

“Of course it’s her, but she’s just a woman who wants to go to court…”

“She really shouldn’t, a woman should be with a husband and a child at home.” Prime Minister Zhao’s wife said following Prime Minister Zhao.

Prime Minister Zhao just mentioned a few words, worrying that the partition wall has ears and has not spoken, but other people are not as vigilant as him, and even complained in front of many colleagues, although Shen Xinyu is somewhat restrained because she is the queen mother, but the words to Shen Xinyu dissatisfaction is not hidden in the slightest.

The most intense of them is a Master Zhang.

“Master Zhang, don’t be so excited. Your Majesty is not in good health. This is also a helpless move.”

“Even if Your Majesty is not in good health, you can find a few auxiliary ministers to help you handle government affairs. How can you let the Queen Mother fall behind the curtain?” Master Zhang snorted coldly.

“Isn’t Mr. Zhang a good candidate for the auxiliary minister?” Someone asked.

“Don’t talk about others, I think Master Zhang can be an assistant minister.” Another person said.

This is in a broad environment, and everyone will not say it too badly, but occasionally some ministers who have close personal acquaintances get together in private, so they are not so polite, and inevitably many bad words are used to refer to them. Shen Xinyu even thought that this was the omen of calamity.

All kinds of remarks gathered in front of Shen Xinyu. Shen Xinyu clutched her chest and was really annoyed. However, now is not the time for her to be angry…

Taking a deep breath, Shen Xinyu observed these people while taking their Some remarks were recorded and written down into pieces of paper.

She was busy for four or five hours, wrote dozens of notes and by the way, she discovered the unknown side of some ministers, and even discovered the corruption and lawlessness of some ministers.

Not to mention other things, this mirror is absolutely very convenient to observe courtiers and see who is useful and which is not. Of course, the more important thing for her now is to learn to see people and understand more things in combination with this mirror.

If she really pinned all her hopes on Mu Ling and Mu Ling’s mirror, if she lost Mu Ling in the future, wouldn’t she be blind and deaf without eyes and ears?

“I didn’t expect that Mr. Liao, who has a good reputation and a righteous face, would accept so many bribes. It’s really unbelievable.” Putting down the mirror, Shen Xinyu rubbed her forehead.

“It’s really nothing.” Mu Lingdao, many powerful families hide their filth, but it’s not much cleaner than this palace.

Shen Xinyu naturally knew this, she put away all the notes in her hand, soaked her feet, drank another bowl of ginseng soup, and once again told herself not to be angry, she went to bed early.

The next day, it was time to go to court again countless ministers filed in. Seeing the queen mother behind the curtain above, there were more or less disapproving expressions on their faces.

Shen Xinyu was not surprised by this at all.

At this time, Mr. Zhang, who had a lot of opinions on Shen Xinyu, first said that he had something to report here, but the emperor had to decide.

“Master Zhang knows that His Majesty is not in good health, and he has to trouble His Majesty with everything. What’s his motive?” Shen Xinyu’s voice came from behind the curtain: “Or, Master Zhang wants to be the Assistant Minister?

” Wanting to refute, Shen Xinyu said again: “The Ai family has prepared some things to distribute to several ministers.”

Shen Xinyu had selected fifteen of the most suitable ones from the things she had collected yesterday and put them in a bag made of paper and also wrote the name and title of the minister on the bag, and now let the eunuch around him distribute it.

Those ministers were holding the palm-sized paper bags in their hands, and their faces were puzzled, but Shen Xinyu smiled and said, “Everyone, please take a look first, after reading it, you can throw it into the fire.”

After saying this, Shen Xinyu looked around again. “Go, bring a brazier up.”

The brazier was quickly brought up, and the ministers who received the paper bag opened the paper bag and took out the note inside, but the more they looked at it, the more ugly their faces became.

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