6th Story 8

Sixth Story 8

Although Zhou Zhao used to have many shortcomings such as being suspicious and conceited, to be honest, he has a good temper. At least because of his early experience, he usually doesn’t kill people at will.

But now, his personality has changed drastically. Through the incident in Nightmare Town, he turned the entire palace upside down, disposing of a large number of palace maids and eunuchs, and throwing a large number of officials into prison, tortured by words and deeds.

In the face of this situation, Shen Xinyu didn’t dare to move at all, she just hid in the East Palace and used Mu Ling’s mirror to observe Zhou Zhao’s every move, and immediately reacted when she discovered that Zhou Zhao might be venting her anger on herself or the crown prince. .

And the reaction she has to do is nothing else, just show weakness and show weakness again.

Zhou Zhao has now begun to suspect everyone around him. As long as they are a threat to him, he will not let go. Naturally, they must curl up into a ball and hide all their teeth and claws.

Fortunately, the crown prince was already dying of illness. Zhou Zhao had also seen the prince dying with his own eyes because he condoned it and with guilt did not want to face the crown prince. Donggong was not able to stay out of the situation completely – Zhou Zhao found someone to search Donggong several times, and he didn’t even spare the bed where the prince was lying.

The searcher sent by Zhou Zhao finally left. The Crown Princess and Shen Xinyu breathed a sigh of relief together. The Crown Prince, who was lying on the bed pretending to be dizzy, also opened his eyes: “Mother, how is the outside now?”

“What else can I say ? Isn’t it just a mess, and the blood flowed into rivers?” Shen Xinyu said, Zhou Zhao is a bit sensible, so far he has not issued a killing ban on the courtiers, but many palace people have been killed: “But don’t worry, Although your royal father has arrested many courtiers, the fire has not yet burned them.”

The prince closed his eyes and opened them after a while: “Queen mother, royal father is like this, what should we do?”

” You don’t have to worry about this, you just need to take good care of your body.” Shen Xinyu said, but she couldn’t help clenching her fists – although the prince was rescued, the whole person has collapsed, and the remaining lifespan is less than ten years…

“Empress mother, you know, my body is no longer good enough, when the time comes…” The prince hesitated.

“What are you anxious about, the eldest grandson of mine your child will be old by then.” Shen Xinyu laughed, it is not uncommon for all dynasties to wear open crotch pants and ascend the throne, her grandson is not too young.

The prince thought of his son, and his expression became firm – at this time, no matter how indecisive he was, thinking about letting those half-brothers ascend the throne, I am afraid that in the end, he would only harm his own children.

Seeing her son’s expression, Shen Xinyu was completely relieved: “It’s so chaotic outside now, Huang’er, you are just recovering from your injury. After you recover from your injury, you can go outside to clean up the mess.”

Although the East Palace was messed up because of searched, it was not very difficult . It was almost back to normal. All the palace maids and eunuchs performed their own duties. They didn’t look at each other and didn’t say a word, because they were afraid that they would also be arrested. This undoubtedly saved Shen Xinyu a lot of trouble, and also allowed the prince to recuperate in peace.

At this time, Zhou Zhao’s interrogation of the Qin family finally came to an end.

Although Qin Zhener insisted that she had never done anything in Nightmare Town, a palace maid beside Qin Zhener recruited, saying that Mammy Li who Qin Zhener brought into the palace once found her and asked her to help make a few dolls. The doll, but the doll was taken away after it was finished. She didn’t know if it was used as a nightmare.

Judging from what this palace maid recruited, she should have made dolls that were placed with the queen, not the two dolls that Zhou Zhao wanted to investigate the most, but even that was enough.

From Zhou Zhao’s point of view, the current situation is that Qin Zhen’er had killed herself, and then, in order to get rid of the crime, she deliberately brought it up in front of him, and then had someone make a doll for nightmare and put it in the queen’s place to put the blame on the queen. .

Zhou Zhao had always thought Concubine Precious was cute and kind, but now he felt that Concubine Precious was simply terrible—there was such a vicious woman hiding beside him!

Even the story that Qin Zhener told before, Zhou Zhao tasted another taste after thinking about it again – feeling that Qin Zhener regarded herself as the daughter of the rich businessman!

Prime Minister Qin is so powerful that she actually thinks that this emperor is a child?

Zhou Zhao thought more and more under his uneasy mood, and he hated Qin Zhener’s family more and more.

Before, Zhou Zhao cared about the relationship between father and son. He didn’t punish the third prince who had always admired him and worshipped him. He just banned him, but now he feels that he is too cheap for this son.

Thinking that only to make room for the third prince, that Qin Zhener would hate herself, Zhou Zhao couldn’t help but burn with anger. He hated the third prince even more than the prince before.

The third prince was also thrown into the prison by Zhou Zhao.

When Shen Xinyu heard the news, she felt happy, but then she couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

Is this the royal father-son relationship? At the beginning, Zhou Zhao was so kind to the third prince, holding the third prince everywhere, but now he angrily denounced the third prince for being unfaithful and unfilial, and sent the third prince to prison…

With such a release, even if the third prince is released in the future, it will be gone. Is it possible to be enthroned?

After Zhou Zhao put the third prince into the prison, he became even more aggressive. First, he executed the nine clans of the Qin family. The blood of the Qin family, men, women and children seemed to stain the Meridian Gate. …

In the end, only Qin Zhener and the third prince and the fourth prince survived, but their life was not easy. Under Zhou Zhao’s suggestion, although the two princes were only slightly punished, the precious concubine really suffered. A lot of suffering…

Shen Xinyu would go to see Qin Zhener from time to time at the beginning, and seeing Qin Zhener being severely tortured, she still had the pleasure of finally being relieved, but as time went on, she never again dare to see the appearance of the precious concubine.

It’s really too bad…

Qin Zhener used to be a noble concubine before, anyway, for such a woman, the interrogators would give her various criminal laws, and they would pick fingers and so on. As a result, because of Zhou Zhao’s suggestion, in the end, almost all the criminal laws have been tried on her, and many of them are extremely insulting.

Ordinary women would probably collapse and commit suicide if they tried one, but Qin Zhener tried it over and over. Although Shen Xinyu still hated her, she didn’t want to see her tragic situation again.

Speaking of which, although Qin Zhener refused to admit it at first, she later recruited everything, even the wrong things she did a long time ago, including the matter of killing the sixth prince.

The sixth prince was already frail and sickly. Qin Zhener didn’t want to attack him at first, but the sixth prince looked very much like Zhou Zhao. After he recovered and always appeared by Zhou Zhao’s side, Zhou Zhao fell in love with him.

At the same time, because the prince and the sixth prince are brothers, the prince also inadvertently made Zhou Zhao have some good feelings… Concubine Precious knew that if she attacked the prince, she would most likely shoot herself in the foot and kill her. The sixth prince wanted to let Shen Xinyu and the prince be in chaos because of the death of the sixth prince.

If Shen Xinyu attacked her because of the death of the sixth prince, then she would be able to grab Shen Xinyu’s braid!

She thought very well, but Shen Xinyu was extremely calm. She didn’t go crazy because of the death of the sixth prince, but instead used it to win Zhou Zhao’s sympathy, so she had to create an accident by herself…

These Qin Zhener tricks except for the person in charge of the interrogation, Zhou Zhao was the first to know about the incident. After seeing this, he couldn’t tell what he was feeling.

His wife and concubine were at odds. He knew a little bit before, but he didn’t expect it to be so serious… But it is undeniable that these things made him feel more guilty towards Shen Xinyu.

Shen Xinyu didn’t do anything wrong, but she was repeatedly bullied by the poisonous woman, and there were all kinds of conflicts between the crown prince and the third prince and the fourth prince…

Looking back now, Zhou Zhao also suddenly realized that what seemed to be wrong was always the same. The third prince and the fourth prince instead of the prince…

Zhou Zhao felt guilty, but the guilt only lasted for a short time, and he began to worry about his being in Nightmare Town again. In the prison, let people find those master immortals with mana…

In fact, because Shen Xinyu has been huddled in the East Palace these days, unable to walk an inch, and not going for a “walk” in the garden, Mu Ling has never had the chance to attack Zhou Zhao again. Zhou Zhao’s body has actually completely recovered, but he is probably was too suspicious he always felt pain in my body, and even faint several times. Making him feels that his symptoms were getting worse and worse.

The Imperial Physician couldn’t find anything more at this moment, and he couldn’t say that Zhou Zhao just thought too much, so he could only tell Zhou Zhao that he was suppressed by nightmares, so Zhou Zhao’s “sickness” became more and more…

He no longer in the court because he was in pain here and there, he also stopped dealing with government affairs and let political affairs from all over the world pile up in the imperial study without being taking care. What he does every day now is just to check the trial situation of the case…

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Because recruiting others will be able to meet the crime to a certain extent, those imprisoned ministers will inevitably bite each other and pull their enemies into the water, so more and more people are arrested…

The entire court is in chaos the ministers complained about Zhou Zhao but they were helpless. Who made Zhou Zhao the emperor?

Before she knew it, half a month had passed since the day she found the dolls. On this day, Zhou Zhao found Shen Xinyu and said that she had found a real person (priest) who could solve the two dolls.

In addition to dealing with those people related to the Qin family, Zhou Zhao has not forgotten to send more and more people to find a “master” who can solve the things in Nightmare Town these days. (Immortal Taoist priest)

After Zhou Zhao met the Taoist priest once, he felt that the Taoist priest was a true immortal, and he believed in him. He was told after exorcist these two dolls, Zhou Zhao can return to normal.

Shen Xinyu saw all this in the mirror, and couldn’t help frowning.

She knows very well that now is a good time to kill Zhou Zhao. Zhou Zhao is almost insane now. If he kills him at this time, no matter if it is a minister or other princes, they will not bother about the cause of Zhou Zhao’s death. At this time, if you are enthroned, and the world will be amnesty, you will be able to buy countless people’s hearts without doing anything.

She even made up her mind to visit Zhou Zhao more these days, and then take care of Zhou Zhao herself after Mu Ling knocked Zhou Zhao unconscious, and give Zhou Zhao some medicine by the way… But now Zhou Zhao has found such a Taoist priest.

“It’s the best time to do it when the Taoist priest destroyed the doll.” Mu Ling said a fact.

“Will an innocent person be implicated?” Shen Xinyu hesitated. Recently she watches so many people die, she was somewhat tormented in her heart, and even tossed and turned, and now… After Mu Ling said, she couldn’t help but wonder if she would be punished like Qin Zhener if she did something wrong.

She has already killed a lot of people because of her fight with Qin Zhener, so she can’t still implicate innocent people.

“Then just wait, wait until the Taoist leaves before starting.” Mu Ling said, she didn’t want to implicate innocent people, she would bring it up, and she also wanted to discuss this matter with Shen Xinyu in advance.

After the two reached a consensus, they went to Zhou Zhao’s place the next day.

Zhou Zhao trusted this real person very much. At this time, someone had set up a high platform for sacrifice. The platform was built with giant wood and bamboo, about three feet high, and there were bamboo steps to go up.

Shen Xinyu was in poor health and seldom set foot in dangerous places. At this moment, she was a little afraid of this small and steep bamboo staircase with only a simple railing, but Zhou Zhao had already been helped up, so she could only follow.

That’s all because the real person said that the woman has yin qi in her body, and the eunuch’s lack of yang qi does not allow these two types of people to go up, so that no one can help her.

“Let’s go.” Finally, Mu Ling stood beside Shen Xinyu and helped her slowly walk down the narrow stairs to the high platform.

Around the high platform stood several of Zhou Zhao’s confidants and guards. There was a fire burning in a big cauldron in the middle of the high platform, and beside it sat a Taoist priest with kind eyes and kind eyes, about sixty or seventy years old, with half-white hair.

The Taoist priest’s face looked extremely kind, as if your heart would calm down as long as you saw him, so that Shen Xinyu, who was sitting on such a simple and high platform, could also feel at ease, “Xian Dao Guisheng, immeasurable people, the poor Dao has seen it before. I have seen Your Majesty, I have seen the Empress.”

“The real person doesn’t need to be too polite.” Zhou Zhao immediately said, “It’s soo late, the real person should hurry up and remove those two evils!”

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Zhou Zhao was eager for the Taoist priest to remove the two nightmares . The town doll was removed in order to relax his mind, and the Taoist priest did not push back, just opened the box containing the doll, and then let Zhou Zhao and Shen Xinyu sit on the side alone and read the scriptures.

He read the scriptures for a while, but just when Shen Xinyu felt that she had been washed, she suddenly opened her eyes: “No!”

Zhou Zhaozheng was expecting to solve the matter immediately, and was naturally surprised to hear this. , then asked: “Really, what’s wrong?”

“The two dolls are not ordinary Nightmare Town dolls, but another sorcery, which draws out the anger from one of them and sends it to the other. The needles continued to flow out from the place where the needles were pierced on the man’s doll, and all of it flowed into the woman’s doll.” The Taoist said suddenly, with an upright face that could not help but convince.

But when Shen Xinyu heard this, her eyes widened suddenly. What the Taoist said meant that she was absorbing Zhou Zhao’s anger?

Shen Xinyu had always thought that this master was a real master, and she only got involved in this matter to prevent Zhou Zhao from killing innocent people, but she did not expect such a thing to happen…

He said that the precious concubine can’t really be anything, the original is waiting here!

This so-called master can really bear it. He was able to not reveal anything when he was chatting with Zhou Zhao before, but probably because of this, he was able to win Zhou Zhao’s trust even more, right?

At this moment, Shen Xinyu suddenly and clearly felt the feeling that Precious Concubine felt at a loss after seeing the dolls found under her bed. No, she was much better than Precious Concubine.

“Zhenzhen, you are the person of the precious concubine?” Shen Xinyu said directly: “The imperial physicians said that Your Majesty’s body is fine, but I was at the end of the shot because of the poisoning. The two dolls were made by Precious Concubine, could it be that she would still help me?” Precious Concubine was beaten so badly that in the end it was obvious that she didn’t do everything she did, such as those two dolls.

Shen Xinyu calmly asked the real person, then looked at Zhou Zhao and cried, “Your Majesty, it’s not enough for the concubine to be wronged once or twice, so you have to come three or four times? Suspected like this, he is willing to prove his innocence with death, and only ask the emperor to treat his concubine’s daughter and grandson well in the future!”

After Shen Xinyu finished speaking, she rushed towards the high platform, but was stopped by the surrounding guards.

The real person didn’t have a trace of anxiety, and said indifferently: “The maiden doesn’t have to look for life and death. There is a reason why the poor Taoist would say this. The poor Taoist can restore the emperor’s health now, and then the maiden will reveal her true self.”

Zhou Zhao I learned a lot of the past of Shen Xinyu and the precious concubine these days. I didn’t believe the Taoist priest’s words at first, but seeing the Taoist priest’s determination, he couldn’t help but doubt Shen Xinyu. He gave Shen Xinyu a vicious look, and then panicked again. He glanced at the Taoist priest: “Please do it with a real person!”

The Taoist priest glanced at Zhou Zhao, and while reciting the scriptures, he threw the male doll into the fire: “As long as this doll is burned, Your Majesty hex will surely be destroyed for a day and be healthier than a day.”

Zhou Zhao’s eyes seemed to be able to shoot bright light, he looked at the doll in the fire eagerly, and then suddenly fell forward – Zhou Zhao, who had fainted without warning for some time ago suddenly fainted again without warning.

The Taoist priest saw this scene, the gentle expression on his face could no longer be maintained, and there was a little horror in his eyes.

“What are you doing with me, this Taoist priest is going to kill the emperor!” Shen Xinyu immediately said: “You know that this puppet is closely related to His Majesty’s life, but you rashly throw it into the fire, you are murdering the saint after all! You want to slander me!”

The Taoist priest gave Shen Xinyu a complicated look, and finally sat down, without resisting, they just grabbed his hands without a fight, but there was a wry smile on the corner of his mouth. Although he knew that everything had cause and effect, what he wanted to pursue should be inaction, but after seeing his relatives die, he couldn’t stabilize his heart, and then… the success was close to failure.

When the prime minister wanted to become one person below ten thousand people, he should have persuaded them, instead of letting them do things that hurt heaven and reason, and then… be punished.

Shen Xinyu couldn’t hold it any longer, she fell on the railing of the high platform and took a deep breath. After she glanced down the high platform inadvertently, she was even more dizzy, but fortunately it was all right now.

This is her life after the catastrophe, right?

Zhou Zhao fainted, and the queen Shen Xinyu became the biggest person in the palace, and she immediately arrested the Taoist priest who “murdered” Zhou Zhao, and found a lot of imperial doctors to see Zhou Zhao.

Zhou Zhao had fainted several times before, but he woke up very quickly, but this time he never woke up. Later, when there were signs of waking up, he would faint again soon, but no one could say why. The identity of the Taoist priest was also found out.

He was indeed a famous Taoist priest, but the lay family name was Qin.

After Zhou Zhao was in a coma for two days and two nights, countless ministers asked to see Shen Xinyu and wanted to discuss a charter with Shen Xinyu.

Zhou Zhao has been awake all the time, and the position of prime minister is vacant.

“This Qin family is really abominable, and you can’t tell your Majesty, but now you can’t stand up, and you have found someone to murder your Majesty!” Shen Xinyu said to the courtiers almost indignantly.

The ministers below did not dare to speak, and now they did not dare to say even a single word about the matter of Nightmare Town, for fear that the fire would burn to themselves in the end.

Shen Xinyu didn’t need them to say anything. She even liked the state where these courtiers were trembling and didn’t want to pursue any further investigations. When she turned her gaze to a certain corner, someone immediately stood up and asked how to deal with political affairs in the future. .

“Bengong is just a woman. I really don’t know how to make up my mind. I don’t know what the rules were in the past?” Shen Xinyu said immediately.

“The emperor is seriously ill, and the prince should supervise the country.” Another person from the prince’s line that Shen Xinyu had contacted long ago said, and then the courtiers fell silent.

Although there was no news from the palace, nor the news of the prince’s death, anyone who was well-informed would know that most of the prince could no longer live, and only hung himself with ginseng.

Since the prince is already dying, how can we talk about supervising the country?

But if the crown prince is not allowed to supervise the country… The second prince’s mother has a low status and a stuttering disorder, and is not enough to take on a big responsibility, the third prince has already been imprisoned, the fourth prince is lame, and the fifth prince and the seventh prince are still young… “

Prince? Although the poison in the prince has been resolved, his body is still weak…” Shen Xinyu said.

The prince’s poison has been detoxified, but he is only weak? The ministers present were all pleasantly surprised. Now all the members of the third prince’s lineage have been thrown into prison, and the rest are either close to the prince or neutral.

Although Zhou Zhao has been in power for 20 years, he has not made any major mistakes, but he is not a wise monarch. On the contrary, they have witnessed the excellence of the crown prince…

After numerous ministers’ requests, Shen Xinyu finally decided that the crown prince would supervise the country. The next day, the crown prince, who was sober and ready to act despite being weak, received the minister.

That night, Shen Xinyu took care of Zhou Zhao with her mammy.

Zhou Zhao woke up in the middle of the night.

Zhou Zhao, who suddenly woke up, first looked around in panic. After finding out that he was in his own bedroom, he breathed a sigh of relief. Then he looked at Shen Xinyu and frowned slightly: “Why is the queen here?”

“Your Majesty, you fainted on the high platform, concubine is here to take care of you.” Shen Xinyu said.

Zhou Zhao also remembered what happened on the high platform at this time: “Yes, I fainted… How could I faint?” Shouldn’t he recover with the help of the master? How can I faint?

“The real person’s surname is Qin, and he is the cousin of Prime Minister Qin. His brother’s family has been executed by Your Majesty before.” Shen Xinyu said, while using a comb to comb Zhou Zhao’s messy hair.

“What!” Zhou Zhao almost jumped up.

“He tried to murder His Majesty, but this time, His Majesty was in a coma for three days and three nights.” Shen Xinyu said again, “Three days?” Zhou Zhao was startled, “That person actually wanted to kill me, and I will definitely smash his body into ten thousand pieces. “

Your Majesty, rest assured, the concubine has already taken him into custody, and he will be executed in a few days,” Shen Xinyu took the warm ginseng soup next to her and handed it to Zhou Zhao, “Your Majesty, drink some water to moisten your throat first.”

Zhou Zhao took the ginseng soup from Shen Xinyu’s hand, drank it, and suddenly sensed something was wrong: “What about the people? Why only we two alone?”

“I want to kill Your Majesty, but of course I can’t let too many people.” Shen Xinyu smiled, the smile was calm and warm, exactly the same as the smile she used to comfort Zhou Zhao in Zhao Wang’s mansion many years ago.

Zhou Zhao had long forgotten the sweetness of the two, but was taken aback by Shen Xinyu’s words: “What did you say?”

“I said I was going to kill Your Majesty, so I sent everyone away. Now everyone knows that His Majesty was suppressed by Nightmare, even if His Majesty died at this time, people would only think that His Majesty was suppressed by Nightmare.” Shen Xinyu smiled slightly.

“Don’t mess around, someone…” Zhou Zhao opened his mouth, suddenly felt a pain in his throat, and then his voice became hoarse, and he couldn’t speak loudly at all.

Not only that, but several places on his body hurt so much that he couldn’t move.

“Your Majesty’s palace is so big, and now there is no one here, it is alright if His Majesty shouts, anyway, others can’t hear it, but the concubine doesn’t want her ears to suffer, so she can only aggrieve Your Majesty,” Shen Xinyu Said, “And Your Majesty, you are a man after all, and you have great strength. For the sake of safety, I can’t let Your Majesty keep your strength.”

“What… did you do to me?” Zhou Zhao looked at Shen Xinyu in panic and said. Every word of he voice seemed to be squeezed out of his throat. It was so painful to say and hard to hear.

“It’s just a few needles for your majesty… majesty, you condone Concubine Zhen to kill my little Liu, and then harm the prince, the concubine will always make you pay a price.”

Zhou Zhao looked at Shen Xinyu, as if he never knows this person, he can’t speak easily now, but he still insists: “You… I die… The prince will not end well…”

“The emperor can rest assured, the prince’s poison has been resolved. Now that he has started to monitor the country, he will definitely be fine.” Shen Xinyu’s face was full of relief.

Zhou Zhao’s eyes widened suddenly, and he wanted to say something, but he couldn’t.

“Your Majesty, my concubine also wants to live a good life with you, but you are so chilling that your wife and concubines are expecting you to die early…” Shen Xinyu said softly, “You can go in peace.”

Zhou The bowl of ginseng soup that Zhao drank before contained the exact same poison as the one the prince was poisoned with.

The prince was poisoned by a knife smeared with poison before being poisoned, because someone helped him suck out the poisonous blood. A quarter of an hour later, Shen Xinyu suddenly burst into tears, but the old lady beside her pulled out an old eunuch from the door. The old eunuch glanced at Zhou Zhao and screamed, “The emperor is dead!”

The eunuch always knew what best for him, especially when his grandson, who was adopted from his younger brother, was held in Shen Xinyu’s hands.

On April 13, the twentieth year of the Showa era, Zhou Zhao, the Emperor of the Showa era, died at the age of fifty and reigned for twenty years. After the collapse of the emperor, the prince succeeded to the throne. The country was called Yuanhe, which was the emperor of Yuanhe. It also ushered in the prosperous era of Yuanhe, which has always been talked about by history books.

However, the emergence of Yuanhe’s prosperous age is not due to the frail and sickly Emperor Yuanhe, but is closely related to Shen Xinyu, the mother of Emperor Yuanhe and the Queen Mother of Xiaocheng.

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