6th Story 7

Sixth Story 7

At first, Shen Xinyu never thought of using the Nightmare Town technique to deal with the precious concubine. After all, this Nightmare Town technique is very involved. Once it is discovered it become a big trouble, it must involve a lot of people. When she first started, she just wanted Zhou Zhao to suspect a precious concubine because of a strange illness, and then she will reveal to Zhou Zhao that the prime minister was covering the sky with his hands in the court, which would naturally make Zhou Zhao who suspected himself “poisoned” and suppress the precious concubine line. It’s not difficult to do this. After all, Zhou Zhao is a suspicious person. After she and the crown prince are eliminated, Zhou Zhao will definitely dislike the third prince and the precious concubine. He has seen his brothers go crazy for the throne. Zhou Zhao, who attached great importance to the throne.

However, in order to throw dirty water on her, Concubine Precious came up with such a sinister method as witchcraft. If something was found in her Changchun Palace, even if she had a hundred mouths, she would not be able to defend herself. And she couldn’t stop those who might hide things in her bedroom. After all, the precious concubine had a lot of hands, and even if she had Mu Ling’s mirror, she couldn’t monitor everyone. So she can only use this method. Looking at the two dolls she made by herself, Shen Xinyu covered her chest again: “Your Majesty…”

After the death of the sixth emperor, Shen Xinyu often felt flustered and uncomfortable, and because of this, she couldn’t sleep well. Everyone knows it. At first, the imperial doctor said that it was because of overthinking and sadness later it was found out that it was because of poisoning.

Zhou Zhao didn’t hear Shen Xinyu’s words at all, he just stared at the two dolls, only felt that Han’s hair was standing upright, and he subconsciously took a step back, and then trembled and asked, “The birth date on this doll…”

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The old eunuch didn’t dare to say Zhou Zhao’s birthday at all, but just held the two dolls in front of Zhou Zhao’s eyes, so that Zhou Zhao could see the two dolls clearly. Zhou Zhao saw the place where the needle was inserted into the boy, and he immediately remembered the sudden pain he had felt before—the location of his pain was exactly the same as the place where the needle was inserted into the doll! Could it be that when they came, this precious concubine was doing something to “him” and then just shoved it under the bed in a hurry?

Neither he nor the queen had to salute the precious concubine, so the precious concubine thought that no one else could see it? Zhou Zhao looked at the girl again, Shen Xinyu is the queen, and will live a thousand years, so he has never forgotten Shen Xinyu’s birthday, isn’t it’s right in front of him? Precious Concubine is killing them! The crown prince is no longer saved. If they die isn’t there the most precious concubine in this palace? The more Zhou Zhao thought about it, the more horrified he felt, and the eyes looking at Precious Concubine became more and more cold, as if he wanted to eat Precious Concubine.

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Precious Concubine’s face was pale after seeing the two dolls. She was just about to use the Nightmare Town technique to completely beat the queen down, but unexpectedly, she was found with this thing under her bed… Who is it? Precious Concubine recalled carefully, and she suspected a few confidants, but they rejected them one by one. Her confidants were both prosperous and detrimental to her, and they would never harm her: “Your Majesty, the concubine has been wronged! I didn’t do it, someone must have framed it!”

“You’ve been reprimand to thinking about and not going out from this side hall, and the other people can’t get in at all and someone cleans here every day, who can frame you?” Zhou Zhao’s two eyes are red.

“Why did the Empress suddenly kneel to me just now? Was it just to point out what was under my bed?” Precious Concubine looked directly at the Empress. She is a very sober person, so naturally she caught the doubt for the first time.

Shen Xinyu always looked scared. She almost couldn’t react when she heard the precious concubine’s words. After a pause, she looked at Zhou Zhao: “Your Majesty, your concubine… concubine…” Shen Xinyu took a few breaths , finally came over: “The concubine is far away from the precious concubine’s bed, how can I put things under the precious concubine’s bed? It is even more impossible to put things in advance. The precious concubine’s room was wiped clean and spotless. Can’t find two dolls? And who can help the concubine to do such a thing under the nose of the precious concubine?”

Zhou Zhao also believed in Shen Xinyu. He saw Shen Xinyu’s every move just now. It was impossible for Shen Xinyu to frame the precious concubine. As for the past… Shen Xinyu was able to let the maid bury a baby doll in the mud in the precious concubine’s palace. Put a hex doll in the corner under the precious concubine’s bed… This is absolutely impossible! Zhou Zhao thought so and was even more disgusted and annoyed with Precious Concubine, almost wished to strangle Precious Concubine to death on the spot.

Precious Concubine knelt on the ground, racking her brains to solve this matter, and when Zhou Zhao was already thinking about how to kill Precious Concubine, someone suddenly came to report: “Your Majesty, this slave has found something from Nightmare Town in Changchun Palace. It ‘s done!”

Zhou Zhao’s face suddenly became extremely ugly, and he immediately asked, “What is the stuff of Nightmare Town? Where did you find it?”

The person who was talking back and forth was also an eunuch, who was also Zhou Zhao’s confidant. I reported the situation: “Your Majesty, the slaves searched the Changchun Palace, and finally found this Nightmare Town thing under a small locust tree behind the Changchun Palace.” The needle’s doll also has his birth date on it…

“Your Majesty, you sent someone to search Changchun Palace?” Shen Xinyu looked at Zhou Zhao in disbelief, then clutched her heart and gritted her teeth: “Your Majesty, do you think your concubine will be a nightmare witch? You? Even if your concubine hates others for using this kind of method, the most important thing is definitely Qin Zhener this slut!”

Qin Zhener was the real name of Precious Concubine. Zhou Zhao did have a moment just now when he felt that both Shen Xinyu and Precious Concubine had harmed him, but now that he thought about it again, he became suspicious. It is buried in the garden, which is more credible at a glance.

More importantly… before Zhou Zhao could answer, someone came again: “Your Majesty, we found the same thing in the study of Changchun Palace!”

“Your Majesty! This is because some people worry that there is only one thing that can harm you, they have to put a few more in order to feel at ease! This concubine now lives in the East Palace, unless they are stupid, they will keep all these things in the Changchun Palace!” Shen Xinyu gritted her teeth.

Shen Xinyu has been living in the East Palace these days. Except for occasionally strolling in the garden and basking in the sun according to the imperial doctor’s instructions, she hardly stays at her own palace. When people searched the Changchun Palace, Zhou Zhao thought that if she really wanted to be witches these things should be placed in the East Palace, but now he doesn’t has a relationship with the East Palace, so he didn’t do anything to the East Palace, but let people search the Changchun Palace. In the end, I really found it…

If there was no cry from Shen Xinyu before, and two dolls were not found from the precious concubine, Zhou Zhao saw the two dolls with his birthday written on them. , I am afraid that he will deal with Shen Xinyu without listening to Shen Xinyu’s explanation, but now…

“Qin Zhener, you are really daring! The Empress didn’t say anything, but you even framed the Queen!” Qin Zhener was kicked in the chest. He also thought that since Qin Zhener would tell him about this nightmare town technique, then this should not be Qin Zhener’s hand, but…it turns out that Qin Zhener is calling a thief to catch a thief! Before he had an accident on Qin Zhener’s bed, it must have been Qin Zhener’s hand, but she was embarrassed to say that she would not be on her bed if she really wanted to do it… I guess it was because everyone thought so, that he would be on her own bed. Let’s do it?

“Your Majesty, there are really no concubines!” Qin Zhen’er was kicked crawled back and cried. She would have fainted when faced with something she couldn’t solve before, arousing Zhou Zhao’s sympathy, but now she knew she couldn’t faint, or she might be convicted immediately. It’s just that what should happen to Shen Xinyu, why did it happen to her?

“Your Majesty, it is the concubine that is really wronged. This is because someone killed the two children of the concubine, and they have to kill the concubine and the daughters of the concubine’s family to make way for her!” Shen Xinyu also said, Nightmare Zhenzhi is a bad technique will implicate the whole family, and her two daughters will not be able to please.

“Don’t worry, Empress, I will definitely give you justice! Come on, put all the people around Precious Concubine and Precious Concubine into the Heavenly Prison to have a good trial!” Zhou Zhaodao, he still wanted to order something else, but I don’t know why did the male doll in the old eunuch’s hand suddenly fall to the ground? He looked over in surprise, and then lost consciousness again.

Seeing this, Qin Zhener wanted to delay for a while, but Shen Xinyu immediately looked at the person beside her: “Didn’t you hear what the emperor told you before? Take the precious concubine away!”

Zhou Zhao would be dizzy this time since Mu Ling moved her hands and feet. Mu Ling first pulled the boy doll held by the eunuch to the ground with a very fine gold needle, and then gave Zhou Zhao a needle… So, Zhou Zhao fainted. This will undoubtedly make Zhou Zhao hate Qin Zhener even more, and it can also give people a feeling that Zhou Zhao is not in good health now, which is convenient for Shen Xinyu to do the next thing.

Zhou Zhao was surrounded by people, and Qin Zhener was quickly taken down, because this time Zhou Zhao’s fainting seemed to be related to the doll, and the doll was carefully placed in a bright yellow satin in the box. Zhou Zhao woke up not long after, just like before, the imperial doctor couldn’t see the problem at all, he just felt that his health was not serious. Zhou Zhao was used to such an answer, and now it became more and more certain that Qin Zhener used the Nightmare Suppression technique on himself for such a thing to happen, and she hated Qin Zhener even more.

However, Shen Xinyu said: “Your Majesty, since you are all right, your concubine will retire first!”

Zhou Zhao and Shen Xinyu were in the nightmare town at the moment, feeling that she and Shen Xinyu shared the same illness, and hurriedly said: “Why do you rush to leave? Let’s wait for the matter to be investigated first! And how to deal with this Nightmare Town thing should also be read with details.” If this thing falls, he will faint, and keeping it is definitely a scourge!

“Your Majesty, this concubine will die soon, and I don’t care about the many illnesses, but Your Majesty must be careful. Prime Minister Qin is covering the sky with his hands in the court. It is better for Your Majesty to be careful.”

She pushed the Prime Minister Qin. When Zhou Zhao was still the king of Zhao, Prime Minister Qin already had a very high status in the court. At that time, he didn’t want to look at Zhou Zhao, but he flattered Zhou Zhao after Zhou Zhao ascended the throne. Shen Xinyu doesn’t look down on Prime Minister Qin at all, but Zhou Zhao enjoys Prime Minister Qin’s flattery very much… In the past, Zhou Zhao was very disgusted by people who spoke ill of Prime Minister Qin, and he didn’t like dealing with political affairs. Prime Minister Qin, not to mention Qin Zhener always blowing the pillow wind for him when he was a child. But now, he took these words in his heart, and felt that Prime Minister Qin’s previous actions were wrong. It seems that there are indeed many people from Prime Minister Qin in the court? At that time, he felt that Prime Minister Qin was his own, so he classified those people as his own. Now… if he died, would those people immediately let the third prince ascend to the throne? Zhou Zhaoneng wanted to see the prince as a thorn in his side because the prince threatened his own status but now he can naturally see the third prince as a thorn in his side because the third prince threatened him…

Shen Xinyu knew that Zhou Zhao had taken her own words into consideration, and she would have to resign, walking out, she didn’t take a few steps before she heard Mu Ling’s voice: “Be careful!”

At the same time, Shen Xinyu also saw the fourth prince running over. There are many people serving here, and it is absolutely impossible for the fourth prince to really hurt herself right now. In this case… Shen Xinyu didn’t dodge, but just fell on a palace maid next to her when the fourth prince stretched out his hand to push her.

“You evil woman, what have you done? You actually let the emperor father put the concubine mother in jail?”

They couldn’t think of any way by themselves, so they simply informed the fourth prince and asked the fourth prince to make trouble. You must know that many times before the fourth prince is very powerful, and it is often possible to solve the problem by making trouble. The power of the fourth prince is really not small. After he pushed Shen Xinyu to the end, he wanted to hit Shen Xinyu. Fortunately, he was stopped by the people around him, but even so, he was still cursing, and the whole person looked very violent. Speaking of which, the princes of this dynasty are supposed to be taught by the great Confucians in various ways of governing the country at the age of five or six, and then they will invite various masters to learn all the six arts of the gentleman, but there are exceptions.

For example, Zhou Zhao, his biological mother’s status was low, the previous emperor didn’t like him, and his brothers were making a lot of trouble at that time, he just learned a little and was sent out of the palace. Take this fourth prince, for example… the fourth prince was very cute when he was a child, and the precious concubine also loved him very much, but as he got older, his problems became more and more, for example, he couldn’t sit still at all, such as being grumpy and the like.

He had also been taught by the great Confucianism, but in a few days, the great Confucianism was gone, and only got a stubborn evaluation. He also had high hopes, but he just likes to play… As time goes by, Zhou Zhao dislikes this son more and more, and Concubine Precious begins to dislike him until he falls off the horse. After he was lame, whether it was Zhou Zhao or Qin Zhen’er, he was completely being indulgent. Of course, this would not make the fourth prince’s temper better. In fact, it made the fourth prince’s temper worse…

Zhou Zhao used to I always felt that the fourth prince was very pitiful, but now I just feel that this child is simply lawless. It is estimated that it is Qin Zhener’s poisonous woman who can raise such a child who disrespects his parents, right?

“Since the fourth prince’s heart is all about his concubine, then send the fourth prince to his concubine for company!” Zhou Zhao said coldly. The fourth prince was still unconvinced, but the people who knew that the emperor was in a very bad mood had already covered the mouth of the fourth prince knowingly and took the fourth prince away. The fourth prince left, but Zhou Zhao was still a little angry, and he soon began to continue what he had to do before he fell into a coma, and found someone to arrest Prime Minister Qin’s family. Although Prime Minister Qin has a lot of power in the court, he is only a prime minister after all. In this era when the king wants his ministers to die, no matter how powerful he is, as long as he doesn’t plan to rebel and doesn’t prepare anything in advance, then Zhou Zhao only needs to say a word. If so, he can be arrested, and Prime Minister Qin, of course he has no plans to rebel, he just wants to be the emperor’s grandfather…

Prime Minister Qin’s entire family was thrown into prison. Not only that, Zhou Zhao also cleaned up Prime Minister Qin’s family in the courthouse, and the third prince was also imprisoned by him…

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