6th Story 6

Sixth Story 6

“Niangniang, you asked me to stare at the Changchun Palace. Sure enough, some people are sneaking around, but just don’t know what they are doing.” Shen Xinyu’s confidant is surnamed Gu, and now this Gu is reporting to Shen Xinyu about the place in Shen Xinyu’s bedroom edge situation.

“I see.” Shen Xinyu nodded, and at the same time couldn’t help sneering, what else could those sneaky people do other than put witchcraft in her Changchun Palace? Her original plan was to make her, even though she didn’t believe in ghosts and gods very much before, she had enough reverence for ghosts and gods, and would never joke about her own life, but Precious Concubine cursed and swore to do it with ease, so she was not afraid at all…

“What are you going to do?” ?” Mu Ling looked at Shen Xinyu, in the current situation, Shen Xinyu can’t turn over if she is not careful, you must know that Zhou Zhao’s situation is indeed like being suppressed by nightmare.

Shen Xinyu’s mother family has no ability or money. Although she has gathered a lot of people in the palace, she is not as precious as a concubine who has the prime minister’s full support in some aspects. How many people have been bought, and how many items of Nightmare Town have been released – with the care of the precious concubine, it is impossible to only release one.

“Take the way of the person to treat the person’s body.” Shen Xinyu said, she asked Mammy Gu to bring a sewing basket, and soon made two dolls with ordinary materials and real hair, even according to Mu Ling’s instructions. The strokes gave them a strange smile, and then without hesitation, they wrote the eight characters of their own and the emperor’s birthday.

In fact, there should have been another birthday character for the crown prince, but Shen Xinyu was reluctant to use her own son to do such a thing.

When Mammy Gu first saw Shen Xinyu doing this, her hands were shaking all the time, and she tried to convince Shen Xinyu not to put her birth date on it, but Shen Xinyu was very calm: “Mammy, in the current situation, as long as the precious concubine has the power, there is only one dead end, if that’s the case, what should I be afraid of?”

Shen Xinyu is really not afraid of anything now, as long as her children are safe, her children will not be safe if she keeps her precious concubine and Zhou Zhao.

“Don’t worry, it’s just a doll, how can it really kill a human nightmare.” Mu Ling smiled, she didn’t know if there were really gods in this world, but she had never seen anyone other than herself – a ghost.

Shen Xinyu was planning to let the maid from the Precious Concubine she bought put these two dolls in the Precious Concubine’s place, but Mu Ling said, “Put them in my pocket.

” There is a pocket for stuff, and I put two dolls in it at once.

Mu Ling can organize the things in this pocket, but after taking them out, she will never be able to touch them again due to her special physical condition, but this does not prevent her from throwing this thing somewhere.

What’s more, these two dolls are very light, and she can pierce them with gold needles and place them wherever she wants.

Shen Xinyu was ready, and then went to observe the situation of the precious concubine, but found that the precious concubine did not move at all.

Also, Concubine Precious just said something to Zhou Zhao. If she rashly mentions anything to Zhou Zhao, it will inevitably be known that she has a wicked heart and framed the blame.

The Precious Concubine calmly closed the door and thought about it, but after Zhou Zhao fainted a few times, an imperial physician suggested to Zhou Zhao that he might have acquired the Nightmare Suppression Technique.

At this time, Zhou Zhao couldn’t find out what was going on with him. He already believed that he had obtained the Nightmare Suppression Technique, and his suspicions about Shen Xinyu became more and more. This made him ignore the Queen and Prince for several days. They didn’t even ask people to check the Queen’s poisoning, but instead asked people to check whether there was anything from Nightmare Town in this palace.

It was at this time that Shen Xinyu’s time had come.

Mu Ling’s pocket was not big, half of it was filled with all kinds of jewelry and gold, and the other half was used to hold things that she found useful. There was a large medicine box and a cosmetic bag only the size of a palm.

Many of the items in the cosmetic bag were trial sizes, and the amount was very small. She put it in after seeing that there was still some space in the pocket. She didn’t expect to use it for Shen Xinyu. She couldn’t become a great beauty, even if she became a great beauty, Zhou Zhao wouldn’t look at her more, but after knowing that Shen Xinyu planned not to eat or drink to make herself a little haggard, she suddenly thought of this.

Shen Xinyu was originally poisoned, and later she ate something that counteracted each other to stimulate the medicinal properties of the poison… The thing that counteracts the poison is not an antidote, it is usually another poisonous drug, and when two poisons are in Shen Xinyu’s hands If it erupted together in the body, it would undoubtedly hurt Shen Xinyu’s body.

Shen Xinyu’s life is already at the end of her power, and she can take good care of her by taking a good rest and drinking medicine.

Because of this, Mu Ling prevented Shen Xinyu from using self-abuse to make herself haggard, and chose to wear makeup instead.

She didn’t rub the foundation or anything on Shen Xinyu’s face, but asked Shen Xinyu to put some eyebrow powder on her face to make her look like she had a few small dark spots on her face. Deepen it, and then apply a little on the lips…

Suddenly, a woman with an extremely ugly face appeared in front of him.

“Empress mother, how did you become like this?” The prince has not come to the East Palace these past few days, but the prince’s condition is much better. Seeing Shen Xinyu, who has put on makeup, is leaning on the thick pillow and drinking medicine. The prince asked in surprise, he wanted to stand up, but he couldn’t sit up now.

“The queen mother is fine. I came to see you this time because I wanted to tell you something.” Shen Xinyu said, and once again asked the Crown Princess to leave with the servants of the East Palace.

Shen Xinyu avoided talking to the prince, and the princess felt a little uncomfortable, but thinking that Shen Xinyu saved Tiaozi like this before, she didn’t care at all, and quickly drove everyone away.

After the crown princess left, Shen Xinyu told the crown prince everything that happened these days, never concealed anything, even the existence of Mu Ling, and her plans: “Prince, now we want to survive, The only thing I can do is let others die.”

“Mother!” The prince exclaimed in shock. He was taught since childhood that he should be a loyal and filial person, with the ruler as the minister and the father as the son, and Zhou Zhao was not only his king but also his dad. His father, how could he do something so treacherous?

“You can fulfill your loyalty and filial piety, but have you ever thought about others? When your younger brother died, he was about the same age as your child. Now it’s your child’s turn. You are willing to watch him die. And your wife, she is all for you, do you really plan to let her die with you? Your elder sister has a gentle personality, the precious concubine has been powerful in the past two years, the prime minister has drawn her uncle, her life is extremely difficult, your second sister’s only son fell from a horse and died, and she washed her face with tears every day… And I, the precious concubine poisoned me, if it wasn’t for my life, I’d have given her my place a long time ago… All this is what you want to see to arrived?” Shen Xinyu said.

It was only in the past two years that she discovered that Zhou Chen was not decisive enough.

It is clear that Zhou Zhao has no father-son relationship with Zhou Chen, but Zhou Chen still thinks about Zhou Zhao, Zhou Zhao is pressing Zhou Chen step by step, and Zhou Chen only knows to give in…

Of course, she can’t blame anything, because in before her little six death, like Zhou Chen, she tolerated some of Zhou Zhao’s actions.

Zhou Chen’s expression is very complicated now. He feels that he can’t disobey his father, but he has to admit that he doesn’t want to die, let alone the death of his relatives.

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Before, he faintly felt that he was dead, already in the boundless darkness, and it was the cries that pulled him back – he knew that he could not die.

“Also, is your royal father worthy of being your royal father?” Shen Xinyu smiled sarcastically.

Zhou Zhao didn’t even want to investigate the death of the sixth prince. This time the prince had an accident…

“Empress mother, Erchen…” The prince opened his mouth, and the whole person looked haggard: “Empress mother, Erchen knew…” He had to make a choice, and he chose what was right for him, even if it was unfaithful.

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Or… in fact, he almost died of poisoning this time, so he has already paid Zhou Zhao’s life, right?

He is a prince, and a gentleman does not stand under a dangerous wall. It is reasonable to say that he never needs to go to disaster relief in person, especially when there is a plague there, but his father as the emperor want him to go.

It’s okay for him to go, but at least he should arrange enough people to follow him. However, when he went to disaster relief this time, his father refused to let anyone go with him…

Because there were very few people with him, he for the sake of safety, the itinerary has been kept secret, but it turned out to be like this, and some refugees came to the door.

Not only that, the skills of those refugees don’t look like real refugees – there is no real refugee who can’t even get enough to eat to ambush a team where everyone is riding. Incurable toxins? If it wasn’t for his subordinates desperately trying to save him, he would have died at that time.

However, as far as he knew, his father never meant to investigate.

I think it is also, those people dare to do it so obvious, isn’t it because they understand that his father the emperor will not care of it?

His father, the emperor, didn’t want him to live for a long time, because he felt that he was threatening his father’s throne as he grew up.

This was the first time Zhou Chen realized this clearly, but he could only smile bitterly in the end. In fact, he should have figured it out a long time ago.

“Prince, you stay here, mother is going.” Shen Xinyu stood up immediately knowing that the crown prince understood. She would say this to the prince, but she didn’t want her children to hold her back when she was fighting outside.

And there are some things that she can’t hide from others and her own son, so she just doesn’t hide it. It’s better to make it clear at the beginning than to be suddenly discovered later.

When Shen Xinyu went, Zhou Zhao was losing his temper at the imperial physicians in his bedroom.

He has been ill for several days, but the imperial doctor can’t find out anything, which makes him seem to have returned to when he was still the king of Zhao, and even his own life cannot be guaranteed…

He is already an emperor, How can you still be so powerless?

Zhou Zhao was extremely angry, but he was helpless. Then he began to doubt everything around him, and even let people secretly search Changchun Palace.

If the Queen really did it, he would not forgive any of the Queen’s family!

Hearing Shen Xinyu coming at this time, Zhou Zhao frowned immediately, and after coming over for a while, let someone find Shen Xinyu.

Shen Xinyu, who appeared in front of Zhou Zhao, looked extremely haggard. If Zhou Zhao saw Shen Xinyu like this before, he would have felt a little guilty, but now…he inevitably remembered the nightmare technique that Precious Concubine said.

Generally, if you want to kill others, you will also be hurt a little bit. Will the queen want to kill herself because she can’t deal with the prince? By the way, there is also the sixth prince…

The sixth prince is indeed dead. At the beginning, Shen Xinyu looked like she wanted to fight with others… The more Zhou Zhao thought about it, the more he felt that this was the case, and when he looked at Shen Xinyu, he became more and more wary. Disgust: “What are you doing here?”

Zhou Zhao’s attitude changed again. Shen Xinyu is not surprised. This is the man due to the changes of his status, it has been repeatedly enlarged…

“Your Majesty, the concubine has something to ask for.” Shen Xinyu said.

“What’s the matter?” Zhou Zhao asked.

“Chen’s concubine’s health has been getting worse and worse these days, and Chen’er is even more… Chen’er feels that she is about to be unable to support herself, I just ask the emperor to see that Chen’er’s child will be treated for the sake of the concubine’s and yours. Take more care of the two daughters of the concubine and their children.” Shen Xinyu cried while lying on the ground.

“Could I still treat them badly?” Zhou Zhao scolded dissatisfiedly, his voice was very loud, Shen Xinyu’s distrust made him a little unhappy, and he couldn’t help but doubt Shen Xinyu even more.

“Your Majesty is their father and grandfather, so naturally he won’t treat them badly, but… the Lu family, who is married to the eldest daughter of the concubine, is having a difficult time every day because the prime minister visits the house frequently, and she is even detained and unable to come. Please give me peace in the palace, the only son of the concubine’s youngest daughter is only seven years old, and it can be designed to kill, now that the concubine and Chen’er are dead, I don’t know what will happen to them!” Shen Xinyu gritted her teeth. Now, really either you die or I die!

Zhou Zhao knew that Shen Xinyu was telling the truth, although he had ignored it before.

“Your Majesty, my concubine doesn’t ask for anything else, I just ask you to protect them a little bit, don’t let them lose their lives, if you don’t protect them, they will really only have a dead end.” Shen Xinyu cried bitterly.

Zhou Zhao has been pondering about Shen Xinyu’s nightmare town these days, and the more he thinks, the more reasonable it becomes, but now hearing Shen Xinyu’s words, he is not sure. As Shen Xinyu said, her daughter and grandson still have to rely on herself, so how could she be stunned by herself? If something really happened to her…

With Shen Xinyu’s distrust of the precious concubine, she would definitely not rest assured that her children would fall into the hands of the precious concubine.

Zhou Zhao thought about it carefully, and suspected that he was going to the Precious Concubine again. After all, in the current situation, if something happened to him, the Precious Concubine would get a bargain.

“Your Majesty, the concubine has always hated the precious concubine, and she hated her for pushing the concubine to a dead end, but now the concubine really has nowhere to go, and the concubine will give her everything, only that she can keep one of Chen’er’s children. To survive, don’t kill everything like Xiao Liu did.” Shen Xinyu said again.

“What nonsense! You said that Xiao Liu’s death has nothing to do with the precious concubine!” Zhou Zhao reprimanded again, but it was not as severe as before.

“The emperor thinks that the concubine is nonsense, so just pretend that the concubine is nonsense. The concubine came to the emperor this time, and also wanted to ask the emperor to help the concubine a favor, and let the concubine go to see the precious concubine, and give her the advice. My apologies.” Shen Xinyu said, with despair mixed with bitterness on her face: “Even if the children and grandchildren of the concubine become commoners, the concubine will admit it. I only want them to live, and I am willing to kowtow to her and confess my guilt.”

Shen Xinyu She didn’t mention the Nightmare Town technique, but what she said made Zhou Zhao no longer doubt her.

The precious concubine has no reason to die by herself, and the queen has no reason to die by herself, so what happened to herself?

Zhou Zhao couldn’t figure it out for a while, but Shen Xinyu said again: “I beg Your Majesty to do it.”

“The Queen can go if she wants, don’t tell me.” Zhou Zhao waved his hand a little impatiently.

“Without His Majesty’s presence, I’m afraid I won’t even be able to enter the door. Who doesn’t know that in this palace, the words of the precious concubine are more useful than the words of my empress?” Shen Xinyu smiled bitterly, then looked at Zhou Zhao again, frowning slightly: ” Why is Your Majesty’s face so bad? Could it be that your health is still not good? Isn’t your Majesty with the Imperial Physician?”

The Imperial Physician said it was alright, but that was because those people couldn’t find out anything! Zhou Zhao was very irritable, and immediately said: “My health is not good, the Queen should be very happy?”

“Even if your majesty hates the concubine, you don’t need to say this, the concubine can’t wait for your majesty to live a long life, so I can protect the concubine childrens.” Shen Xinyu smiled bitterly.

Zhou Zhao became more and more suspicious of Precious Concubine, “The emperor should accompany his concubine to Precious Concubine’s place. Precious Concubine was asked by His Majesty to think behind closed doors, and His Majesty should release her.” Shen Xinyu said, her face full of melancholy: “After all, she is the mother of the third prince.”

Zhou Zhao agreed.

Hearing Zhou Zhao’s agreement, Shen Xinyu was instantly overjoyed, knowing that she had originally planned to tell Zhou Zhao that Precious Concubine would not be able to eat these days if Zhou Zhao always disagreed.

The reason why she asked Zhou Zhao to go to Precious Concubine at this time was, on the one hand, to frame Precious Concubine, and on the other hand, because Precious Concubine had already instructed that Zhou Zhao “discover” her in Changchun Palace at noon today so as to find the puppet used as Nightmare Town.

It was almost noon, and Concubine Precious wanted her to be doomed, so she naturally had to prepare in advance.

Shen Xinyu got into Zhou Zhao’s car, and the queen could sit with Zhou Zhao in this car. Since she got in, she has been looking at the mirror held by Mu Ling next to her. Of course, it seems to others that she is in a daze.

Precious Concubine often tells people some secret things. When she first discovered this, Shen Xinyu wanted to take Zhou Zhao to see it, so that Zhou Zhao could see the true face of Precious Concubine, but it was difficult.

Precious Concubine has many eyes and ears, she and Zhou Zhao can’t hide Precious Concubine’s movement at all, and Zhou Zhao is unlikely to be willing to eavesdrop on Precious Concubine with her, so it is impossible for her to do so.

“I will hide these two dolls under her bed at that time, you can act as you see fit.” Mu Ling observed the room where the precious concubine had been thinking behind closed doors, then said.

Shen Xinyu didn’t speak, but her eyes softened, while Zhou Zhao sat beside him gloomily.

It is impossible for Zhou Zhao not to be gloomy, not to mention that he has a strange disease, but also finds that he is useless! If his place can’t be restored, won’t he be no different from a eunuch in the future? If someone else knew about this…

The constant strange disease and the fear of the consequences of the Nightmare Town technique these days would almost make Zhou Zhao unable to bear it.

Zhou Zhao felt unwell all over, and suddenly felt pain like needles in several places while he was awake, and he jumped up almost subconsciously.

“Your Majesty, are you okay?” Shen Xinyu asked worriedly.

Zhou Zhao stared at Shen Xinyu a few times, and found that the pain was no longer there, and then said, “I’m fine.” He said so, but his hands inevitably trembled, and he was even more embarrassed to the person who dared to kill himself. I hate it.

Zhou Zhao and Shen Xinyu soon came to the residence of Precious Concubine, and at the same time, Precious Concubine was ready to welcome her.

“My concubine has seen Your Majesty and the Empress.” Seeing Shen Xinyu, the precious concubine immediately asked her hello, and also noticed the change in Zhou Zhao’s expression.

She knew Zhou Zhao very well, and when she saw this scene, she naturally knew that Zhou Zhao was afraid of being persuaded by Shen Xinyu again – this man is like this, and he is especially prone to partiality.

Zhou Zhao was stunned for a moment, and then said, “Be flat.”

Precious Concubine stood up straight and looked at Zhou Zhao, Shen Xinyu glanced at Precious Concubine, but suddenly fell to her knees: “Sister Guifei, I have something to ask for.”

“Sister, what are you doing?” In the eyes of Precious Concubine flashing doubts, she hurriedly went up to help Shen Xinyu. The two were pulling, when Shen Xinyu suddenly asked, “What is that under the bed?” Can there be anything? Could it be that Shen Xinyu moved something?

But this is not right. It is easy for Shen Xinyu to do things in her palace, but it is absolutely impossible to do things under her bed. She has been thinking behind closed doors these days, and the only people who have entered the room are only a few confidants!

“Your Majesty, there seems to be something under the bed!” Shen Xinyu covered her chest and looked at Zhou Zhao with fear.

Zhou Zhao was stunned for a moment, and immediately asked the old eunuch beside him to step forward: “Go and see what it is.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” The old eunuch replied with difficulty, lay down and looked at the bottom of the bed, and then the whole person froze and he trembled, the more he trembled… In the end, he cried out in a weeping voice: “Your Majesty, the technique of Nightmare Town! it’s the technique of Nightmare Town!” Speaking of which, as the old eunuch watched he almost fainted, but he still didn’t really faint.

The doll under the bed was taken out by the old eunuch shaking his hand. The two dolls, one male and one female, had hair made of human hair and looked very strange with a grin. Among them, the male doll was covered with needles, and the other female The doll only had a needle inserted in its chest.

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