6th Story 12 Extra

12. False and True Daughter : Extra

Time is a torrent that cannot be controlled. In a blink of an eye, times have changed, and a thousand years have passed.

The glorious feudal monarchy in the past has long since disappeared in the trend of history, but the things that happened in the old times can still arouse heated discussions among the masses.

Recently, due to the newly discovered Mausoleum of the Dayuan Emperor, many exchange platforms have set off a wave of discussions on the history of Dayuan.

And one day, in an anonymous forum, a post suddenly appeared——

[Subject: Have you read the latest archaeological news? Anyone want to discuss the Empress? ]

1l (the landlord): As the title says, the landlord is the little girl of the Empress.

The one who wants to discuss is the Yuansheng Empress, but her nickname “Tanghua Empress” seems to be more popular.

Maybe it’s because she relied on Tanghua Sect when she revolted?

2l: I also like the Empress.

There should be no girl in this world who hates the queen, right?

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5l: Like +1.

However, having said that, I’m really curious about the situation of Tanghua Sect…

I read some wild history saying that Tanghua Goddess’s development of believers relies on dreams? This is too fantastical, isn’t it?

If these rumors are just the emperor’s means of building momentum, that’s fine, but historically, the description of this sect is vague

… It should feel real.

Otherwise, there is really no way to explain why Empress Tanghua quietly developed hundreds of thousands of followers in three years without being discovered.

9l: I also think it’s real, but it should be some kind of psychological method, right? Like hypnosis or something.

I read some popular science saying before that there is a term in psychology called “mass hysteria”, which is probably the method used by Empress Tanghua?

12l: I also think what Brother 9 said is right, otherwise there is really no way to explain it clearly.

But to be honest, in more than a thousand years, Empress Tanghua can be proficient in applying psychological science, which is amazing!

15l: Besides, Tanghua Sect, such a useful knife, after she took office, she said she was disbanded, so it is okay to have such courage.

Although from the perspective of national development, the existence of Tanghua Sect does more harm than good, it is not an easy thing to voluntarily give up the rights in hand…

17l: Are everyone talking about the Empress? My new article “Crossing Through the Ages of Love”, if you like it, you can save it~ The heroine is the queen~ There is also a lingering love story~

19l: Upstairs? ? ?

23l: Did you go wrong on the 17th floor?

Also, is the heroine in your article the Empress Tanghua…?

25l: Brother 13, yes, it’s the Empress Tanghua, what’s wrong~

When I was in history class today, I heard the teacher talk about her, and I felt that she was too cool, so I wanted to write a book with her as the protagonist~

24l: What, what? ! Tanghua Empress?

30l: …a lingering love story?

No, you can’t come out with an empress, there are so many in the future, why do you want to write Empress Tanghua?

45l: Huh? Why not?

Is that Empress Tanghua really that powerful? Your attitude is too strange~

49l: What’s the situation with the “~” on the third floor above?

51l: Well, junior high school student, do you want to read more…

57l (landlord): Seeing the question on the 45th floor, as a student of the history department, let me answer your doubts and tell you how awesome Empress Tanghua is.

Yuansheng Empress, also known as Tanghua Empress, was the founder of Dayuan Dynasty.

The Dayuan Dynasty has lasted for more than 300 years in history, of which one hundred years is called the “Great Yuan Dynasty”, which is the most glorious chapter in the history of our Tian Dynasty

What is even more interesting is that, with the exception of Empress Yuan Sheng, most of the emperors who succeeded later are women.

Thanks to their efforts, the overseas trade market expanded, the territory expanded, and some Western countries even called Dayuan “the kingdom of gods.”

During this period, various academic schools competed for glory, and a hundred schools of thought contended, which was passed down from generation to generation. He acquired a lot of profound knowledge and made great contributions to the scientific research of later generations.

For example, fire guns and cement were invented and implemented during the period of Empress Tanghua. At that time, some scholars even put forward the initial concept of steam engine.

At the same time, because many emperors were women, the status of women in the feudal era was greatly improved, and many families sent women to study in schools to train women.

This also laid the foundation for the emergence of famous female officials such as Xu Suya and Wang Yu in later generations.

If I remember correctly, the first signs of constitutional monarchy were born at that time.

The specific content, you can look at Baidu, the above will be very detailed.

It’s not that it’s not good to fall in love, it’s just that for a person like the Empress, looking for a partner or something seems to be delaying her.

Not to mention, she herself has no such thoughts at all. She has been in office for 20 years, and she has not even a face.

If it weren’t for her painstaking efforts, if it weren’t for her various feats, the history of mankind would definitely go back a hundred years.

If you write her intentions like this casually, anyone who reads it will get angry.

59l: Worship the historical boss upstairs.

But seriously, I don’t think the 45th floor can understand what you are introducing.

So, let me be straightforward.

Little sister on the 17th and 45th floors, let me ask you, do you know “Goddess Fu”? Do you know “Winter with a Pregnant Empress”? Do you know “Wing Tang”? Do you know “Qinyuanchun·East Look”?

I’m sorry, but that’s all you need to memorize in high school. (Smile.jpg) In addition, you can see her achievements by searching for the queen’s name “Lin Xiaotang” on Baidu.com.

Remember to pay more attention, after all, this is also what you will be memorized in high school. (smile.jpg)

58l: Hahahahaha I can’t do it anymore, brother 59 is too scary.

62l: It felt like I was back in high school for a moment. (Cigarette Lighting in vicissitudes.jpg)

87l: I’m really speechless, I’m just asking casually, is this how you guys are?

And what kind of empress, just because she is the emperor, can’t she have a sincere love? Can’t find someone to rely on?

There are so many time-travel articles on the Internet, so many female protagonists and Qin X Huang, and Han Emperor X in love, don’t many people see it ~

I want to see, she was already an old woman when she became emperor, right? Maybe she still looks ugly, so it’s no wonder she doesn’t dare to find a man~

95l: There are so many pitfalls in these words that I didn’t know where to start for a while.

All kinds of disputes on the Internet, archaeologists have not paid much attention to it for the time being.

All their time and energy are currently devoted to this newly discovered mausoleum.

Based on the size and decoration of the tomb, experts have confirmed that it was the tomb of an ancient emperor.

And, unsurprisingly, it should belong to the Yuanwu Empress Lin Yiyi of the Dayuan Dynasty.

After confirming the news, all the archaeologists were excited.

This is the Yuan Dynasty!

The Yuan Dynasty, in the history of the Celestial Dynasty, was a rather splendid, yet quite mysterious dynasty.

It originated from a sect called “Tanghua Sect”, but this sect disappeared without a trace after the Emperor Yuan Sheng took the throne.

It has the most brilliant status and influence, and also left a considerable amount of cultural crystallization.

Many cement roads, water conservancy projects, underground water facilities, etc., still play a role.

It is a pity that there is too little information in the current history of the Yuansheng Empress who founded the Dayuan Dynasty.

There are also quite a few stories, which are all connected with the fictional god “Tanghua Goddess”. It is difficult to distinguish the true from the false.

Therefore, both the research institute and the country have attached great importance to this excavation work.

Led by a professional team, historians and archaeologists carefully dug down.

After a while, they entered the mausoleum and found the coffin of the Empress and her grave goods.

Surprisingly, when Empress Yuanwu was buried, she carried a lot of books and documents, as well as some utensils of great historical value.

These major discoveries will allow modern people to approach this mysterious dynasty that has been covered with a veil, and to have a deeper understanding of its history and culture.

“Ah, teacher, come here fast!”

After the coffin of Empress Yuanwu was opened, a scholar couldn’t help but exclaimed.

What’s wrong?

Hearing his words, his teacher hurried over.

They took a closer look and saw that there was a notebook and a picture scroll beside the body of Empress Yuanwu!

“A portrait that can be placed by the Empress Yuanwu…” An old scholar was excited and muttered to himself, “Is it possible, who is it?”

The old scholar didn’t say the name of the one directly, but everyone present knew it –

except for the Holy Empress, who else could make him so excited?

After all, if they had to say it, the scholars who were present were almost all fans of the Empress Yuan.

Without the slightest hesitation, the antiquities experts hurriedly installed these items with special equipment and brought them back to the laboratory.

After several days of careful restoration, the contents of the notes and scrolls were finally exposed to everyone after a thousand years.

“Empress Tanghua is so good-looking,” a historian exclaimed, “even in modern times, this is a rare beauty.”

Beautiful and powerful, it can be said that this is worthy of the famous “Sacred Tanghua” in history. female”?

However, they valued the buried history of the Dayuan Dynasty more than the face of the empress.

After carefully keeping the scroll in the laboratory, they turned their heads and translated Lin Yiyi’s notes.

Then, everyone was stunned.

There is no other reason, Lin Yiyi’s handwritten notes gave them a shocking thunder at the beginning of the scene

—— [Mother said, I am already sixteen years old, and I will be an adult in two years. She hoped that I could write a notebook to record my own experiences and feelings, so that I can reminisce when I get old, and I can also provide it for future generations to study. ] [I thought about it for a while, and it seemed like a good idea, so I did it. 】

【However, I don’t think people in the future can guess that I’m actually not my mother’s biological daughter. ]

Historians: “…”

Historians: ? ? ?

No, this secret is just revealed! ?

It seems that Empress Yuanwu was also a kind person when she was young…

The scholars suppressed their shocked hearts and looked down slowly.

Next, Lin Yiyi didn’t elaborate on her grievances and disputes with the Ye family, or her background.

She just started from the beginning, introduced how she and Lin Xiaotang were forced to leave their hometown, and then talked about how Lin Xiaotang, with her beautiful and weak appearance, “fished for law enforcement” and deceived those who covet beauty, Someone with bad intentions approached her, and she was turned back to rob her.

Lin Yiyi described this experience in detail and expressed high praise for this wonderful childhood memory.

[Mother said that when walking outside, the people who should not be despised the most are not those burly men, but women and children. I think she is right. 】

【When I grew up, I often recalled this carefree day, I thought, this may be the rivers and lakes. 】

Everyone: “…”

No, I think your understanding of the rivers and lakes seems to have some problems…

How exactly did Empress Tanghua educate children, Empress Yuanwu is obviously being raised crooked like this! ?

Thinking of the deeds of the Yuanwu Empress, the scholars were in a trance.

They only know that after Empress Yuanwu succeeded, because she was keen on war, she had driven away the Huns three times, launched aggression overseas, and greatly expanded the territory.

Who would have thought that the steadfast and persevering female emperor of Yuanwu in history would be so lively and interesting in private?

Fortunately, apart from being a little funny at the beginning, Lin Yiyi’s notes were relatively normal after that.

But when she got older, her tone became more and more calm, and she lost her previous escape.

Through these contents, scholars have come to realize the existence of the Dayuan Dynasty at close range, and also understand what kind of character Lin Xiaotang, the empress of Yuan Sheng, is like.

Under Lin Yiyi’s vivid description, they even had the illusion of being in Dayuan.

And the harmonious relationship between Lin Yiyi and Lin Xiaotang’s mother and daughter also moved many people.

This kind of feeling is revealed between the lines, because as long as Lin Xiaotang is mentioned, Lin Yiyi’s tone will change from serious to smart and warm.

“Although Empress Yuanwu is not the biological daughter of Empress Yuansheng, Empress Yuansheng should love her very much,” someone sighed, “Even if she is an emperor, in front of her mother, she will always be a child.”

These later scholars can also indirectly look at the one-dimensional saintess from the perspective of children through her words.

After translating Lin Yiyi’s handwritten notes, everyone was very satisfied.

Their only regret is that even after investigating the documents and books in the tomb of the Empress Yuanwu, and knowing the various deeds of the Empress Yuanwu, they still have no way of confirming where the tomb of the Empress Yuanwu was built.

“It seems that the location of the tomb of the Empress of the Yuan Dynasty is an unsolved question after all,” a historian sighed and said, “It’s no wonder that she is called the most mysterious emperor in history.”

The daughter does not know, how can these descendants search for the tomb of the Yuansheng Empress in the future?

“However, it’s good,” another historian said. “It’s a good thing to not be disturbed by the world.”

Anyway, they got enough information, didn’t they?

They gave up the investigation and sorted out the notes of Yuanwu Empress Lin Yiyi.

In the notes, I wrote a lot of things related to her mother, the Empress Yuansheng, and also mentioned some eunuchs, palace maids, and the Ye family.

The historians focused on the content about Lin Xiaotang, and they hurriedly glanced at the content about the Ye family, the eunuch’s palace maid, and didn’t pay much attention.

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After thousands of years, those insignificant people, no matter how noble their status was at the time, are no longer worthy of their study now.

Not to mention, most of the people here have not even left a name.

Only a very small number of outstanding people can stand out in the torrent of history and be remembered by future generations.

This may be the cruel, but charming place of history.

After confirming that the research results are correct, the researchers sorted them out a little and uploaded them to the National Sky Library.

This time, things related to the Dayuan Dynasty once again caused an uproar.

Among them, the restored portrait of Lin Xiaotang, the Empress of the Yuan Dynasty, has been uploaded on the Internet.

While the world was amazed, in a certain forum, a post that had been dusty for a long time was once again supported.

177l: Floor 87, does your face hurt?

194l: Empress Tanghua is ugly?

I’m sorry, I’m also willing to look so ugly, I don’t insist on being exactly the same, a four-point is enough. (funny.jpg)

225l: I heard that the husband-in-law’s articles on the male channel are starting to gain the popularity of Empress Tanghua.

278l: …The one upstairs, you said, is it “The Son-in-law of the Eternal Emperor”? The text that traveled through the past to be a man for a female emperor?

314l: If nothing else, Kazuo Qiangu is actually quite good-looking… I even saw it as a woman.

Maybe it’s because Empress Tanghua’s lethality is too great, I think I can too! (clenched fist.jpg)

322l: Hahahahahaha, originally I only read Xiaoyan, but suddenly I am interested in my son-in-law!

447l: Well, hello, I’m on the 45th and 87th floors…

I have nothing to say, sorry, my face hurts.

But to be honest, Empress Tanghua is really beautiful.

I originally checked Baidu for her beauty, but the more I looked at her, the more I liked her.

How can there be such a good person in this world!

From now on, I’m already the queen’s licking dog!

451l: Watching the large real incense scene.

469l: When I saw the 447th floor, I was not surprised at all. Why did the ancients believe so much in Tanghua Sect? (Laughing and crying.jpg)

Some people are destined to be famous forever.

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