6th Story 11 End

11. False and True Daughter End


Hearing this, Ye Sasa’s heart skipped a beat, and the whole person suddenly woke up.

Yes, in such a desolate place, apart from her and Liu Pang, the two fleeing people, how could there be anyone else.

What is the sound of coughing from outside the temple? !

Under the great fear, Ye Sasha held her breath and didn’t even dare to open her eyes.

She was stiff and lay motionless on the ground, trying to make it look like she was asleep.

I don’t know if it was a psychological effect, but Ye Sasa suddenly realized that the temperature in this temple was frighteningly low.

It was obviously summer recently, and the weather was disturbingly hot, but the air in the temple was getting colder and colder.

Even when she breathed, the breath in her nose was icy cold.

This gloomy breath followed her respiratory tract and penetrated into her body, making her bones stand upright, and cold sweat soaked her clothes unknowingly.

Fortunately, after the cough disappeared, there was no other movement outside the temple.

The surroundings were quiet, except for the sound of the two of them breathing a little too quickly.

As time passed, Ye Sasa’s originally tense nerves gradually relaxed.

Her mind became active, and she even had doubts about the previous cough.

What the hell… is Liu Pang talking nonsense?

And the coughing sound, maybe it was made by some small animals, let them hear it wrong.

Ye Sasa thought so in her heart, but for a while, she didn’t dare to show it.

She waited patiently for a long time, until the air became warm again, and it was still quiet outside the temple, and there was no movement.

The longer he waited, the more the fear in Ye Sasha’s heart disappeared.

In the end, she even had a trace of resentment towards Liu Pang.

She was so sleepy but Liu Pang didn’t let her get a good night’s sleep.

If he hadn’t talked a bit more, wouldn’t she have dared to fall asleep by now?

If it weren’t for him, she would have to be huddled in a dilapidated temple! ?

Feeling aggrieved, Ye Sasa couldn’t help opening her eyes.

She glanced at the man lying beside her.

Like her, Liu Pang also closed his eyes and lay there motionless.

Seeing him like this, Ye Sasa was upset.

Without thinking, she stretched out her hand and pushed him.

“Liu Pang, don’t pretend to me,” she lowered her voice, her tone slightly angry, “what are you playing, lie to me about ghosts, is it interesting?”

The most ridiculous thing is that she still believed Words of this idiot!

Now that I think about it, Ye Sasa can’t wait to give herself a slap in the face.

After listening to Ye Sasa’s words, Liu Pang didn’t say anything.

He was still lying there, pretending to be dead, and he didn’t respond when pushed.

Ye Sasa was so angry when she saw Liu Pang like this.

She stretched out her hand and pushed the other person several times: “What are you pretending to be for me?”

For some unknown reason, after being pushed by Ye Sasa so many times, Liu Pang still didn’t respond.

He seemed to be unconscious, at the mercy of others, without fighting back.

This time, Ye Sasa finally found something wrong.

What happened to Liu Pang?

Shouldn’t something have happened to him? ?

Thinking of this, Ye Sasa swallowed her saliva, her heart beating faster and faster.

She stood up and asked cautiously, “Hello? Liu Pang? You wake up, hello?”


At this moment, a slightly trembling voice suddenly came from behind Ye SaSa.

It’s Liu Pang.

“Who, who are you talking to?” His voice was mixed with extreme fear, and she almost cried when she heard the tone, “I’ve been sleeping here…”

After listening to his words, Ye Sasa’s whole body froze. Stiff, an unprecedented chill surged up.

Liu Pang’s voice was not close to her, so it was very likely that Liu Pang did not sleep with her.

Who is this person in front of her?

Her thoughts were messy, and her body couldn’t stop shaking.

After a long while, she asked in a hoarse voice: “…Liu Pang, have you spoken to me before?”

“Speak? No,” Liu Pang said hesitantly after hearing her question, “I have…. I was sleeping and was woken up by you just now…”

So the person who said “There are ghosts here” wasn’t Liu Pang?

Ye Sasha was crying and laughing, for a while, she didn’t know how to react.


The hoarse old man’s cough sounded again.

Only this time, the voice no longer came from outside the temple, but from “Liu Pang” beside Ye Sasa.

Hearing this voice when he was awake, Ye Sasha trembled.

She subconsciously wanted to stay away from “Liu Pang”, but in front of the huge fear, her limbs were stiff and she couldn’t move.

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What made her even more terrified was that the old man’s cough was a little too familiar, and she seemed to have heard it somewhere.

Moreover, she seems to have heard it many times…

While she was thinking like this, Ye Sasa suddenly found that her head was a little dizzy.

A strange burning sensation came from her limbs, and her throat was itchy, making her want to cough twice.

What’s going on here?

Ye Sasha shook his head, only to feel the headache getting stronger and stronger.

As time passed, in addition to fever and headache, Ye Sasha’s face and skin became itchy.

The itching was so intense that Ye Sasha stretched out her hand uncontrollably and touched her face.

Then, she felt large and small pustules.

After realizing this, Ye Sasa’s eyes widened in horror.

Wait, headache, fever, cough, and long cells… Isn’t this a symptom that only those who have the disease have! ?

It was also at this time that Ye Sasha suddenly remembered why the old man’s cough sounded familiar to her.

——Because a few months ago, when she and Liu Pang’s subordinates, together with several elderly people who were sick with the disease and had lost the ability to resist, spread the plague, that where she heard such a cough.

It had been half a month since the news of Ye Sasa and Liu Pang’s death reached Lin Xiaotang’s ears.

The people who arrested them took a lot of effort to find their bodies in the barren mountains.

The only surprising thing was that when the bodies were found, officials found dense pustules and ulcers on their cheeks and wrists.

At first glance, it looks like they has an epidemic.

Because they were not sure what the situation was, the local officials thought for a long time and decided to report the matter to His Majesty.

After listening to the minister’s report, Lin Xiaotang nodded calmly and said, “I see.”

Is it Ye Sasa and Liu Pang?

The death of these two people was originally due to her hand, to give an explanation to those innocent people who died in the epidemic.

Her eyes turned to the memorial on the case desk: “Continue to talk about the Huainan side.”


So, the deaths of Ye Sasa and Liu Pang were revealed lightly.

Time passed quickly, and in a blink of an eye, another ten years had passed.

Before she knew it, Lin Yiyi, who used to brandish a red ying long gun beside Lin Xiaotang, was already in her thirties and was clamoring to go to the battlefield.

The lively and lovely girl in the past has gradually grown into a mature and stable woman under the ruthless years.

But she still looked at Lin Xiaotang with a strong feeling of adoration in her eyes.

In the past few years, perhaps because of the ungrateful Ye Sasa for comparison, or because of curiosity about his own daughter and sister, the Ye family began to approach and please Lin Yiyi intentionally.

In order to make Lin Yiyi call her “mother”, the elderly mother Ye even supported her body and sewed two suits for Lin Yiyi herself.

However, no matter how hard they tried, Lin Yiyi’s attitude towards them was still cold and distant.

Every time Lin Xiaotang thinks of this, he finds it very interesting.

In the last life, Lin Yiyi was the one who had always been courteous and courteous to the Ye family.

However, her dedication and hard work were not recognized by the Ye family.

Who would have thought that in this life, the relationship and status of Lin Yiyi and the Ye family would be completely reversed.

Karma, reincarnation is unhappy.

In fact, in this life, under the protection of Lin Xiaotang, the Ye family never hurt Lin Yiyi very much.

If they insist, they can be considered to be deceived by Ye Sasha, and they belong to the victims.

However, Lin Xiaotang didn’t bother to care so much.

As long as you are alive, you can live happily. Since Lin Yiyi doesn’t want to recognize them, Lin Xiaotang will support her choice.

But now, looking at the daughter beside her, Lin Xiaotang was silent for a long time, and suddenly asked, “Are you afraid?”

Unlike her, Lin Yiyi does not have the aura of a “holy maiden”, nor does she have hundreds of years of reincarnation experience like her.

She is just an ordinary person and a woman. Once she shoulders the throne of the emperor, she is destined to embark on an extremely difficult road.

In particular, her mother is Lin Xiaotang, who has outstanding achievements.

After listening to Lin Xiaotang’s words, Lin Yiyi slowly shook her head: “I’m not afraid.”

Her face no longer had the confident and flamboyant smile she used to have, but her eyes were extremely firm: “Although Zhuyu is in front, but who can be sure, the one at the back must be Mu Ling?”

Her ability is indeed far inferior to that of her Mother.

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But even so, she believes that with her efforts, Dae-won will surely become more prosperous.

“Okay.” After hearing her daughter’s reply, Lin Xiaotang smiled.

She stretched out her hand and gently patted Lin Yiyi’s head as she did a long time ago.

“I believe in you.”

——One month later, on the day of his fiftieth birthday, Emperor Lin Xiaotang announced her abdication, and her daughter Lin Yiyi took her place and became the second emperor of the Dayuan Dynasty.

Three years later, the Supreme Emperor Lin Xiaotang died, and the whole country mourned.

On the day the Emperor Taishang passed away, countless people in the country all had the same dream.

In the dream, the goddess Tanghua flew to the heaven surrounded by fairy mist with the saintess.

“The Holy Maiden has perfected her merits, and she has risen to immortality.” After waking up from the dream, an old man was overjoyed and muttered.

Under such a cognition, the unease and sadness in everyone’s heart were instantly reduced a lot.

In the distant capital, a woman dressed in a new dragon robe sat on the high dragon chair.

Since then, a generation of legend has finally come to an end.

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