7th Story 1

7th Story 1

Escape Game 01

After confirming that Lin Yiyi can manage the country properly, Lin Xiaotang left the previous world.

She believed that the Dayuan Dynasty would become more and more brilliant under the guidance of Lin Yiyi.

As for the rise and fall of the dynasty in the future, that is the inevitable trend of the progress of human society, and it has nothing to do with her.

Thinking of her daughter Lin Yiyi who has been with her for 20 years, Lin Xiaotang still has some reluctance in her heart.

But she was very open.

Birth, old age, sickness and death, love and parting are bittersweet, this is an inevitable part of human life.

She felt very satisfied to have such a wonderful company experience.

“Go to the next world,” she said to the system.

【it is good. 】The system said.

However, after finishing speaking, the system asked hesitantly: [Host, there is a very difficult and dangerous special mission here, but it is very suitable for you, do you want to take it? 】

Perfect for her special mission?

Hearing this, Lin Xiaotang asked curiously, “What’s the difference between a special mission and a normal mission?”

[Ordinary missions require you to use other identities to approach the mission objects and save them,] the system said, [but the special task is that you use the identity and body of the task object to replace them and fulfill their wishes. 】

It’s that so.

Lin Xiaotang nodded and said, “Yes.”

After staying in the world of ordinary people for a long time, it was time for her to find some excitement.

【OK. 】

“What is my mission?”

【Replace the villain Shen Xiaoqiao, help her rewrite her destiny and fulfill her wish. ]

When Lin Xiaotang opened his eyes again, she found herself in a classroom of a certain high school.

The surrounding desks were slightly scattered, and many textbooks and information books were piled up in a pile, and the familiar and unfamiliar atmosphere of students suddenly came oncoming.


She is here again.

Lin Xiaotang looked up at the clock, and the time showed 9:30 pm, which happened to be the time for self-study in this high school next night.

It was already dark outside, and the other students in the classroom also left in a hurry with their schoolbags on their backs.

When she came over, the original owner did not pack up, but sat on her seat and secretly looked at a flyer.

The background color of the flyer is oppressive darkness, with a blood-red eye slowly opening in the center of the paper.

On the top of the flyer, there is a line of pale fonts –

Ling Wei Tan is recruiting new people.

Wei Tan Club (Ghost and Strange Club)…

Seeing these words, Lin Xiaotang was slightly startled.

“Qiao Xiao, what are you still doing here?”

While Lin Xiaotang was thinking, a strange female voice suddenly appeared behind her.

Lin Xiaotang looked back and saw a girl wearing the same school uniform as her standing behind her.

The girl came over, pushed Lin Xiaotang, and complained, “Let’s go, Xiaoxiao, we still have to go to the club.”

“The club?”

Lin Xiaotang asked slowly.

“Yeah,” the girl waved the flyer in her hand and shouted excitedly, “The school’s ghost talk club, interviews and recruiting people are only available at night. Didn’t we agree to go there?”

So, they are going to join this ghost talk club?

Lin Xiaotang stared at her for a while, then suddenly laughed and said, “Okay.”

Her voice was calm, without the slightest flinch or timidity, but with a hint of imperceptible interest.

After realizing that Lin Xiaotang’s reaction was a little different from before, the girl gave her a surprise look.

But soon, her attention returned to the club: “Then don’t delay, let’s go quickly.”

The interview for new recruits of the Ghost and Strange Club will start at 10 pm. If it is late, there will bound to be a long queue.

Lin Xiaotang nodded.

According to the original owner’s memory, she simply cleaned up and went out with the girl.

However, when she reached the stairs, Lin Xiaotang suddenly opened her mouth and said, “You go first, I’ll go to the toilet.”

“Okay,” the girl said, “but hurry up and don’t slip away quietly.”

Lin Xiaotang: “Okay.”

After hearing Lin Xiaotang’s reply, the girl was relieved.

Holding the flyer, she ran down the stairs with a bang.

And Lin Xiaotang stood there until the girl’s figure disappeared, then turned and left.

Of course she didn’t go to the toilet, the words just now were just an excuse for her.

The place she wanted to go was the interview location on this quirky talk club flyer.

It’s just that the way she used to be a little bit special.

Because her mission world turned out to be a horror escape game world.

– Yes, horror escape game.

It’s no wonder that the system would say that this task is very suitable for Lin Xiaotang. This time, she is back to her “hometown”.

However, it is different from the escape games she had “served” before. Compared with fear, the main god of escape games in this world prefers killing and killing, and has a rather domineering personality.

As long as you are selected by it, after becoming a player, every once in a while, you are forced into the game.

What’s even more terrifying is that if you die in the game, then you will be violently killed on the spot in reality.

Fortunately, crises are often accompanied by huge gains, and escape games are no exception.

Once a player has cleared the game seven times and successfully survived, then the main god of the game will fulfill any of his/her wishes.

Thinking of this, Lin Xiaotang’s eyes moved slightly.

On the one hand, it is the threat of death at any time, and on the other one hand, it is rich enough to be crazy.

Under the combined influence of the two, the original owner will gradually lose the bottom line and become a “villain”.

The plot of this world is actually quite simple. To summarize, the hero and heroine accidentally entered the horror escape game because of an accident and became players.

In the face of various crises in the game, the two worked together to help each other, escaped various conspiracies and tricks, and finally cleared the game seven times together.

After leaving the horror game, they also took this opportunity to make a wish to the Lord God and fulfilled their wishes.

As for the original owner, Shen Xiaoqiao, her experience was much more complicated.

She herself is an ordinary high school student who was framed and accidentally entered the horror escape game.

But unlike ordinary people, Shen Xiaoqiao quickly calmed down after the initial panic.

With extraordinary courage and intelligence, she successfully cleared the first game.

In the next few games, she cleverly used her weak and pitiful appearance to mislead most of the other players and let them become her own “guinea pigs” to test the rules of the game, in order to obtain enough information. .

Calm, smart, rational, cruel…

Compared with the ill-named villains that Lin Xiaotang had saved before, Shen Xiaoqiao, who was only 16 years old, could be regarded as a very standard villain.

It stands to reason that a calm and high-IQ person like Shen Xiaoqiao should easily survive seven games and end this nightmare.

But unfortunately, in the seventh game, she met the hero and heroine.

Shen Xiaoqiao and the heroine used to be newcomers who spent their first game together.

The heroine was very impressed with this unusually intelligent high school girl.

After re-encountering, the heroine has been vigilant and deliberately guarded against Shen Xiaoqiao’s inducement.

As for Shen Xiaoqiao herself, she is quite against the heroine, she will destroy her chances and arrangements.

The two were tit for tat against each other, like water and fire.

In the end, when she was only one step away from hope, Shen Xiaoqiao made a mistake and was turned against by the hero and heroine, and completely died in the game.

Lin Xiaotang: “…”

Facing this plot, she didn’t know what to say.

If it weren’t for the bad luck, what Shen Xiaoqiao took would basically be the protagonist’s script.

She even had some doubts that the system wanted to save Shen Xiaoqiao, not because she was miserable, but because the innocent players who were trapped by her were so miserable…

Considering the difficulty of this task, it needed to clear seven escape games, and Shen Xiaoqiao’s character is destined to be difficult for the hosts to approach her and prevent her from using and hurting others.

Therefore, the system classified Shen Xiaoqiao as a “special rescue object”.

During the mission, Shen Xiaoqiao’s body is controlled by the hosts, and after the mission is over, she returns to her body.

As a reward for the special task, Shen Xiaoqiao promised that she would give the chance to make a wish to the host who completed the task.

“You should already know what I’ve done.”

In the main god space, the thin, weak and beautiful girl looked calm: “I am such a person, and there is nothing to defend, if you have any questions, just ask directly. Just ask.”

Because the mission is special, before entering the mission world, the host will have an opportunity to communicate with the mission object to obtain mission information.

“What is your wish?” Lin Xiaotang asked.

Shen Xiaoqiao was silent for a while, and said, “Survived.”

“I want to survive,” she said, “I just want to be an ordinary person.”

If she hadn’t entered the horror escape game, she would not have hurt so many people at all.

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With her intelligence, she will have a pretty good future.

Afterwards, Lin Xiaotang recalled this exchange scene, she still feel a little emotional.

Shen Xiaoqiao deserves to be the villain who can turn other players around in the original plot.

In just a few words, she was able to subtly transform her image from an indifferent person to a pitiful person who was forced to be controlled by an escape game.

If it were someone else, maybe she would really have pity on Shen Xiaoqiao, and selectively ignore the blood on her hands.

However, since Lin Xiaotang has taken over the task, she will work hard to complete it.

What kind of person the task object is, it has nothing to do with her.

As for the reward for this “wish”, Lin Xiaotang didn’t care too much.

After reaching her level, she no longer has anything missing, nor does she have any unfulfilled wishes.

Therefore, compared to clearing the escape game seven times in a regular manner, after going through untold hardships in exchange for a chance to make a wish, Lin Xiaotang chose to use a different method in this game to completely help the original owner get rid of this game.

While thinking about it, Lin Xiaotang shuttled around the campus.

Her pace was fast, and it didn’t take long before she arrived at the door of the activity classroom of the Ghost and Strange Society.

When she replaced the original owner, the original owner, Shen Xiaoqiao, had already entered the first game.

This school is the scene in the game. The girl just now is a game NPC.

And what the girl said about the ghost talk club, unsurprisingly, should be the location of the main plot of this game.

Because the source of Lin Xiaotang’s energy also came from escape games, therefore, due to the principle of mutual restraint, the energy in Lin Xiaotang’s body was severely suppressed in the game.

In other words, now she is just an ordinary person with more strength and better skills.

But even so, Lin Xiaotang couldn’t find it difficult.

Before 10 o’clock, other NPCs and players hadn’t rushed over, Lin Xiaotang walked over quickly and opened the door of the Weitan Club!

Then, she strode in unceremoniously.

“It’s not yet ten o’clock, outsiders can’t enter the Weitan Club.”

After Lin Xiaotang walked in, she heard a cold, hoarse voice behind her.

She turned around and saw a black-robed man with a red and white demon mask quietly appearing behind her.

The man’s face was covered by the mask, and Lin Xiaotang could only see his eyes and pale and thin chin.

His eyes were wide open, his pupils were red, and his eyes were broken. With the evil ghost mask on his face, it gave people an indescribable feeling.

Looking at Lin Xiaotang, his voice did not fluctuate in any emotion: “You violated the rules of Weitan Club.”

“Oh,” Lin Xiaotang said lightly, “so what?”

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It seems that he has never seen such an arrogant and rebellious player, Wei Tan Club’s president Wei Wei startled.

In the next second, Lin Xiaotang stretched out her hand without hesitation grab the president’s neck with a slap in the face.


Under this sudden attack, the president didn’t even have time to react, he rolled his eyes and fell down slowly.

Without any hesitation, Lin Xiaotang quickly squatted down and took off the black robe and the mask on his face.

Then, she put these things on herself.

When the bell rang at 10 o’clock, Lin Xiaotang, who had put on new equipment, opened the door of the club classroom.

Outside the door, there were ten people standing.

Except for a few students who were obviously NPCs, among the remaining people, there were well-mannered adults, social youths with yellow hair, and an elegant and quiet woman.

Looking at them, Lin Xiaotang slightly raised the corner of his mouth.

“Welcome to the interview for the Weird and Strange Club,” she said. “I’m the president of Wei Tan Club, Lin Xiaotang.”

It’s boring to pass the game in a regular manner and survive under the rules of the system.

Since she wants to play games, then she has to play a big one.

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