9th Story 12 Extra II – Dai Family II

9th Story 12 Extra II – Dai Family II

Dai Ye’s son sued Dai Ye for demoting his wife as a concubine, which caused an uproar in the capital – almost everyone was making fun of Dai Ye for raising a stupid son.

Dai Ye took his wife as a concubine, and even drove away his original spouse. The older generation of officials in the capital basically knew that Dai Ye was already in his thirties when he was admitted to the top spot but they didn’t no whether he is married or not?

The reason why no one went to sue Dai Ye was because it was generally impossible to sue Dai Ye for this kind of housework, and everyone was a man. The capital can’t do anything, they’re really not as good as Miss Wen’s.

What’s more, Dai Ye was in a very good at life before, and he was the son-in-law of the Wen family. Who would want to make a trouble rather then getting along with him?

Even the people on the throne have changed now. When everyone tried their best to collect the evidence of Wen’s family to please the new emperor, no one remembered this. Perhaps due to this they would not go to sue, maybe they will be falsely accused in turn.

As a result… Dai Ye’s own son went to sue him!

Everyone who heard the news couldn’t help laughing and couldn’t wait to share it with others.

Anyway, now that the Wen family has collapsed, and Dai Ye is still in Jiaozhou, and there is no future in him, they can laugh as much as they want.

“Master Liu, you don’t know something.. right? You’re really going to laugh!” A colleague of Liu Ping found Liu Ping who was looking at the case file.

Liu Ping is the confidant of the new emperor, but he has just stepped into the officialdom, and his official position is not high but he is completely different from the officials around him who are preparing to retire in this position. He is very diligent every day, and even does a lot of extra work which is not within his official position.

If he didn’t nod, seeing him like this, the officials around him would probably laugh at him for being stupid or think that he was too good at acting too well. However, his status is not ordinary. Everyone knows that he will definitely rise to prominence in the future, so they just praise him for his hard work and progress .

Liu Ping was marking a book next to him, and when he heard the words of his colleague, he immediately put down the pen in his hand: “What’s wrong?”

“Haha, Master Liu should know about Dai Ye, right? Before he left the capital, he came to look for you a few times.” The colleague asked with a smile.

“Naturally know, what’s wrong with Mr. Dai?” Liu Ping’s heart skipped a beat. What happened to Dai Ye?

“Lord Dai son went to the yamen to sue him, and accused him of demoting his wife as a concubine, haha!” The colleague laughed again: “I don’t know how this lord Dai taught his son, even if he really demoted his wife as a concubine, the son is no longer willing to hold grudges in his heart I think that is why he did this. But it stands to reason that when someone else stab his father, he also has to fight for his own father, but his son is better. Does he think his life is too comfortable?”

The man said a few words, seeing that Liu Ping’s reaction was different from what he thought, he just thought that what he said later was inappropriate, and said hurriedly: “Even if the father is at fault, the son can’t hold grudges.”

“Master Zhang said very well, I think Master Dai would have suffered the consequences because he didn’t teach his son well.” Liu Ping pulled the corners of his mouth.

“It’s very, very, very, very wrong, the son does not teach the father’s fault, I heard that when Mr. Dai’s son knew the crime of sueing his father in the law, he was so scared that he pee his pants in the court!” Liu Ping’s colleague saw that the always serious Liu Ping had a rare interest in gossip, so he told the incident in court today from beginning to end, as if he had seen it with his own eyes.

The more Liu Ping listened, the more he felt in his heart.

When this person talked about this, he must have polished it, but the specific situation is probably the same.

Dai Chen’an, how could you do such a stupid thing?

Liu Ping always knew that Dai Chen’an was illiterate, but he never thought that he would be so ignorant. Even if he didn’t understand the laws and regulations, he should have known that the whole family will be prosperous or incompetent if…

Dai Ye and Wen Qianyu , did they never teach Dai Chenan not even the most basic things?

Throughout the ages, many people have tried their best to spread the name of their filial piety in order to raise their filial piety or gain the attention of the higher-ranking people. If there are no parents, they have to carve a parent out of wood to serve. Dai Chenan is so good, he even went to sue his father!

Even if Liu Ping didn’t like Dai Chenan, he still wanted to beat Dai Chenan again if he had the chance, but Dai Chenan was his younger brother and he didn’t want to let Dai Chenan to have an accident.

Right now, if Dai Chen’an regret and did not want to sue, there is only one dead end, so he can only continue sue, but once Dai Ye is accused and punished, with Dai Ye’s character, he and his mother will definitely be involved.

No, you don’t have to wait for Dai Ye, Dai Chen’an may be able to pull them out!

Liu Ping knew nothing about his younger brother, so he was shocked. After being shocked, he quickly began to think of ways to deal with it.

The colleague who was gossiping with Liu Ping had already left, Liu Ping sighed inwardly again, Dai Chenan should just be a dummy all the time, why did he make such a mess?

Liu Ping put down his pen, and the people around him started chatting.

Liu Ping rarely chats with people. When these people saw that he was willing to chat, they naturally started talking to him, and at the same time complimented him without a trace, praising Liu Ping’s well-written words and so on.

Some people know that Liu Ping has always admired Wutao Master and Qingping Sanren, and they also praised them.

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Many articles about Wutao Master and Qingping Sanren have been circulated and highly respected, but the identity of these two people has always been a mystery, probably because of this, people are more keen to talk about them.

When encountering such things before, Liu Ping usually doesn’t talk much. After all, he knew who Qingping Sanhe and Wutao Master are, and his mother and Mrs. Liu just wanted to write articles and didn’t want to be famous.

But this time, he didn’t do it like he used to, instead he showed a meaningful smile.

Liu Ping’s smile can make people see that there is a problem at a glance. Someone asked: “Does it mean that Mr. Liu knows the identities of these two people?”

After someone asked this, others combined Liu Ping’s identity and looked at him again Liu Ping’s smile also had this thought: “Could it be that one of them is Mr. Liu?”

“That’s not true,” Liu Ping said with some hesitation, “but let me tell you, these two are my family members.” Apart from Mr. Liu, Liu Ping’s family is only Mrs. Liu and Mrs. Qing. Hearing Liu Ping’s acknowledgment everyone present was a little surprised, and finally someone said: “A talented women!” There was someone who hadn’t recovered their minds just now. “Could it be that Wutao Master and Qingping Sanren are Mrs. Liu and Mrs. Qing?”

Liu Ping smiled slightly: “When my grandmother and Mrs. Qing were sorting out their respective works, they felt that it would be a pity to put them on the shelf, so they asked someone to print them into a book. Her maiden name is Tao, and Mrs. Qing is the Qing of Qingping.” The servants of the Liu family were used to calling Shi Qing “Mrs. Qing” and never changed the name, but now Liu Ping said it was “Mrs. Qing”.

Wutao Master’s poems are sincere and gentle but Qingping Sanren’s articles are even more delicate. Some people have said before that these two may be women, but they feel that women should not be able to write such poems, so there has been no conclusion. Unexpectedly, I learned such a truth from Liu Ping’s mouth now!

Mr. Liu is highly respected, and Liu Ping has a bright future. Of course, no one would say anything to ruin the fun at this time, so everyone praised Mrs. Liu and Mrs. Qing for being knowledgeable and talented.

At the same time, the news spread as quickly as Dai Chenan sued his father.

Although some people threw away the poems of Wutao masters or the articles of Qingping Sanren but after learning the news, they started to disdain to read this thing that came out from the hands of women. Even so it cannot be denied that those who know this matter have already circulated within the capital or perhaps all over the world.

Of course, those who are truly both virtuous and talented will not think that articles written by women are so bad, but in the future… I am afraid that Wutao Master and Qingping Sanren will never be as highly regarded as before.

Liu Ping also knew this. After he returned to Liu’s house, he knelt in front of Mrs. Liu: “Grandmother, grandson is at fault.”

“What’s wrong?” Mrs. Liu asked in confusion.

Liu Ping didn’t hide it, and he told what had happened.

Shi Qing was entangled by Dai Ye. After they knew that Dai Ye recognized Shi Qing’s identity, they discussed what to do after the accident. They decided at the time that if something really happened, Shi Qing would consider herself Qingping.

Dai Ye’s former partner was just a village girl, so how could it be a Qingping Sanren? As long as this matter is said, it will naturally make the Dai family speechless, but in that case, the articles written by Wutao Lay and Qingping Sanren may not be as popular as before.

“This is something that has been discussed a long time ago, what’s wrong with you?” Mrs. Liu smiled and helped Liu Ping up: “I’m not young, and I don’t write articles anymore, so I don’t care about it at all, I just did it as a pass the time. It’s good to be good.” Sooner or later, she would say that she was Wutao Master, but now it’s just a little too early.

“Thank you grandmother.” Liu Ping kowtowed.

“I’m afraid it’s not safe for you to tell this matter alone. I’ll take your mother into the palace later to see the queen mother.” Madam Liu said again.

The current empress dowager is the queen of the first emperor. She has no children in her life. Although she raised the fourth prince by her side before, she did not help the fourth prince to fight for the throne. Her position as the queen mother is very secure, and she does not fight or grab, she is completely not annoying person at all.

“Thank you grandmother.” Liu Ping said.

“It’s all a family.” Mrs. Liu smiled and quickly brought Shi Qing into the palace.

Many people like the story of Qingping Sanren. The Empress Dowager today once said that she likes articles about Qingping Sanren. After Mrs. Liu went to see the Queen Mother, she smiled and said that she was here to “please sin”. She knew the identity of Qingping Sanren for a long time. But did not tell the queen mother.

Then, Mrs. Liu and Shi Qing accompanied the Queen Mother for a while, and asked Shi Qing to write an article to the Queen Mother on the spot.

In this way, more people know that Shi Qing is a Qingping Sanren.

When Liu Ping and Shi Qing were trying to deal with this incident, Wen Qianyu also knew about Dai Chen’an, and she was about to get annoyed: “He…he…”

Wen Qianyu almost couldn’t get up in one breath, and wanted to cut him. It would be better if Dai Chen’an died – how could this idiot do such a stupid thing?

They are a family, Dai Ye or she is unlucky, can Dai Chenan still be able to stand up?

“This bastard!” Wen Qianyu now regrets that she didn’t kill Shi Qing’s mother and son earlier.

“An’er was put in jail? What’s going on?” At this moment, Dai’s father and mother came.

Dai’s father and mother were much fatter than when they entered Beijing. After they came in, Dai’s mother glared at Wen Qianyu: “Did you do something? Otherwise, why would An’er be locked up?”

Dai’s mother was the first to start. She was repelled by Wen Qianyu, but later Dai Ye kept saying good things about Wen Qianyu. In addition, her good life was brought by Wen Qianyu, so she became gentler towards Wen Qianyu. However, one was a lady and the other was a country woman, there is something incompatible between the two.

The way the two of them got along before was that Mother Dai didn’t care about Wen Qianyu’s affairs at all. What about Wen Qianyu? On the surface, she cares about Dai’s mother, but actually she doesn’t care at all.

For a long time, although Dai’s mother didn’t say anything because she actually didn’t like her daughter-in-law who was so high up and couldn’t say a word to her so she started to be more opinionated to Wen Qianyu.

It’s a pity that although she has an opinion, she doesn’t dare to say anything in front of Wen Qianyu. Even if Wen Qianyu told her most beloved grandson a dominatrix, she could only endure it until the Wen family fell.

Since the accident at Wen’s family, Dai’s father and mother, like Dai Chen’an, felt that the mountain that had been pressing on their head had finally been moved away, and they were no longer afraid of Wen Qianyu.

Dai’s mother was talking to her old man a few days ago that she would let Wen Qianyu serve her to eat in the future, so that she would be addicted to an old official lady, and as a result… her precious grandson went to prison!

Mrs. Dai didn’t understand things like laws and regulations. She only listened to people casually and didn’t know what happened, but she felt that it was definitely Wen Qianyu’s fault, and she put her plan after the fall of the Wen family but her noisy grandson is in jail!

Wen Qianyu was questioned, and her face suddenly turned cold: “What did I do, I should ask what your grandson did, the Dai family will be out of luck!”

“What did An’er do?”

“He went to the yamen sueing his father for demoting his wife as a concubine.” Wen Qianyu sneered: “Doesn’t he even understand the law? He actually did such a stupid thing!”

“What is the law? What wrong?” Mother Dai asked in confusion.

Wen Qianyu was originally full of anger, but when she heard Dai’s mother’s words, she felt as if someone had poured a bucket of cold water on her head, and her head to her feet were suddenly cold.

She never let anyone teach Dai Chen’an anything, and even deliberately asked the people around Dai Chen’an to lead him on a crooked road. In the end, Dai Chen’an only knew a few words. He really didn’t learn much, and of course he didn’t learn the rules.

Children from other families have to be taught things like how to contribute to the family since childhood. She thought that Dai Chen’an was useless anyway so she had never taught anything.

If Dai Chen’an knew the punishment for “the son suing the father”, he would definitely not do it, but Dai Chen’an didn’t know, because no one told him!

Wen Qianyu gritted her teeth and regretted it more than ever. If she had known that such a day would come, she would not have allowed Dai Chenan to wander around all day and be ignorant and arrogant.

But Wen Qianyu regretted was useless.

The yamen first put Dai Chen’an in prison, and then sent someone south to look for Dai Ye, to interrogate Dai Ye. At this time, she, as a woman, would not be able to intervene at all.

Others are scolding Dai Chen’an for being too stupid, and Dai Chen’an regrets it more than ever – he never thought that he was just trying to beat Wen Qianyu but he was unlucky.

Although Dai Chenan has never been pampered since he was a child, he has never been hungry. Now sitting in prison, he feels that his life is impossible.

Before the jailer came to share the food, he actually only gave him a dark steamed bun and a bowl of cabbage soup with only a few traces of old leaves.

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It’s okay to have few things, these two foods look very dirty… Where can Dai Chen’an eat? Without touching the last bite, it was given to the man in the cell next to him.

Then, he started to be hungry, starving to death.

His father was a second-rank official, why didn’t he even have any preferential treatment in prison? Dai Chen’an couldn’t help shouting, but because he shouted so loudly, he didn’t even have any vegetable soup the next day, they only gave him a black steamed bun…

“You shout really loudly, your voice is really strong, I’m afraid you’re not thirsty at all, so I’ll give the soup to someone else.” The jailer laughed and gave the prisoner behind him an extra spoonful of soup.

The prisoner suddenly smiled.

“My father is Dai Ye, he is a second-rank officer, please let me go!” Dai Chenan shouted.

“Your father was indeed a second-rank officer before, but didn’t you sue your father? Maybe he will come to accompany you in the future.” The jailer continue to laughed.

Dai Chenan stared blankly at the jailer, and suddenly shouted, “Liu Ping, last year’s new champion Liu Ping is my brother, he is my brother!”

Dai Chenan was horrified when he heard about the punishment for his son’s accusation of his father, and did not dare to repeat it and he couldn’t take it anymore in prison now, and he couldn’t wait to find someone to save him.

His father can’t be trusted, he still has a brother! Liu Ping is the emperor’s confidant, he must be able to save himself, right?

The jailer didn’t believe Dai Chen’an’s words at all. He didn’t take it seriously at all.

“Hey, come here, I have something to tell you.” Someone in the cell next door to Dai Chen’an shouted.

“What’s the matter?” Dai Chen’an walked over, then stretched out a hand from the next door, grabbed the steamed buns in his hand, and then those people shared it and made fun of Dai Chen’an: “You fool!”

Dai Chen’an was already hungry, that the steamed bun he wanted to eat, and now he is naturally unhappy that he was robbed, but looking at the dirty and disheveled people in the next cell, he didn’t even want to approach.

When Liu Ping knows that he is here, he will definitely come to save him out, Just chanting to his self…. hungry… just be hungry first.

Watching the people in the next cell chewing black steamed buns, Dai Chenan suddenly wanted to eat steamed buns. He had never liked to eat this kind of stuff before.

After a few days, Dai Chen’an was brought to court for interrogation again, and he couldn’t wait to talk about Liu Ping’s as his brother again, but this time, no one believed it – now everyone knows that Liu Ping’s mother was Qingping Sanren a talented woman who has been studying with Mrs. Liu… How could such a woman be the original match that Dai Ye abandoned?

If Dai Ye’s first wife is so powerful, how could Dai Ye abandon her first wife to marry Wen Qianyu? Isn’t this a joke?

After Dai Chen’an was interrogated this time, he was put in prison again, and then no one paid any attention to him – it would be a long time before Dai Ye could return to Beijing.

When Dai Chenan was first in prison, he was very scared when he saw mice and cockroaches. He couldn’t eat the food prepared by the jailer, but then he became very hungry, not to mention it was just black-spotted steamed buns, he even wanted to eat the mice. .

However, most of the time, he had to prevent mice from gnawing at him.

There was no one to serve in the prison, and he didn’t know how to take care of himself. After a while, he became as unkempt as the people he spurned at first. The only thing he was better than those people was that he could live in a single cell, you don’t have to work and you won’t be beaten by the jailers—yes, everyone else in the cell has to go out to work, and no one cares if they get hurt while working.

Liu Ping has been paying attention to Dai Chen’an’s affairs, and he has not forgotten to tell Shi Qing.

Although Dai Chen’an spoke coldly to her at the beginning and told Shi Qing not to come to him, Shi Qing felt so chilling but again Dai Chen’an crawled out of her stomach, and Shi Qing couldn’t turn a blind eye to him after this accident.

But the current situation does not allow her to do anything.

“How’s it going recently?” Shi Qing looked at Liu Ping.

“It is said that he has adapted. He has not been tortured, so there should be nothing wrong.” Liu Ping said, he has been sleeping poorly these days because of Dai Chen’an’s affairs, and now there is a circle of dark shadows.

It is precisely because of this that Shi Qing dare not show too much concern for Dai Chen’an, so as not to make it difficult for her eldest son.

Thinking of what the Mu Ling had said before, Shi Qing suddenly had the urge to write again.

Just when Qingping Sanren became more and more famous, Dai Ye returned to Beijing.

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