9th Story 11Extra I – Dai Family

9th Story 11 Extra I – Dai Family

Wen Qianyu didn’t even know how she left the Liu family, but she felt that she had lost all her face – she was actually teased by those people for coming to the banquet!

Of course, what makes her even more uncomfortable is that Dai Chenping and Shi Qing are living so well now!

She is just a village woman but now she is so beautiful, but she herself has to leave in despair… Wen Qianyu gritted her teeth and pulled the handkerchief on her hand, and the embroidered silk handkerchief was quickly torn out by several holes. .

As soon as she got home, Wen Qianyu saw Dai Ye who was pacing the house restlessly.

“Where have you been?” Dai Ye frowned and looked at Wen Qianyu.

“I’m went to Liu’s house.” Wen Qianyu looked straight at Dai Ye.

“You don’t have any posts, what are you doing at Liu’s house?” Dai Ye was a little puzzled, and was a little unhappy after hearing the word “Liu’s house”.

Dai Chenping is about to get married, and he didn’t even give him a post! He just didn’t pay attention to him! For a while, Dai Ye wanted to visit his unfilial son!

Of course, this is just a thought. Dai Chenping’s current surname is Liu, and he is the prince’s confidant. If he really ran out and said that this person was his son, it would only make people think that he wanted to cling on Liu’s and others would not believe him at all. Even if someone believe him…

Although generally no one cares about the affairs of the officials’ backyard, this does not mean that those things can be said… Anyone who takes his wife as a concubine can save a hundred sticks and a black shawl!

He insisted on recognizing Liu Ping’s not to mention what would happen to Liu Ping, he himself must be the first unlucky one.

Of course, Liu Ping couldn’t please him either. Liu Ping was his son, but he didn’t respect him. It was absolutely unfilial and his career could definitely over.

Dai Ye would never do such a thing that would hurt both sides, and in the end he could only admit it. Anyway, Liu Ping must be afraid that others will know their relationship, so it is impossible to do anything to him.

What’s more, his current official position is far higher than Liu Ping.

Wen Qianyu didn’t speak when she heard Dai Ye’s question, and still stared at Dai Ye. The maid beside her also took out all the servants around her.

Dai Ye faintly felt that something was wrong.

“Dai Ye, Dai Chenan ran to Liu’s house and said that Liu Ping was his brother. What do you think about this?” Wen Qianyu looked at Dai Ye and sneered.

“This bastard!” Dai Ye’s face changed, this is not something that can be said openly! Even him, all he wanted was to recognize each other in private, and then point out the benefits.

“Dai Ye, Liu Ping is Dai Chenping, am I right? You’re hiding this from me! I just said how could you go to Mingshan Temple and flirt with a woman, so you wanted to win Shi Qing back! Dai Ye, are you worthy of me? ” Wen Qianyu said angrily, her husband was thinking about that old and ugly village woman!

Dai Ye is keen on power, and his former bottom life made him eager to climb up, but in order to gain enough power, he could sacrifice a lot of things, such as women’s relative.

Compared with Shi Qing, Wen Qianyu was young and beautiful enough. After having Wen Qianyu, Dai Ye felt that he had absolutely no need to provoke other women or make Wen Qianyu unhappy. Because of this, he has been very fond of Wen Qianyu over the years, let alone taking a concubine, he doesn’t even have a servant girl beside him!

Wen Qianyu was so favored by Dai Ye, so naturally she dare to talk back to her husband like other women. In fact, not only did she talk back, she even grabbed a vase next to her and smashed it on the ground.

The glaze color of this vase is excellent. Dai Ye spent a lot of money in exchange for it. Seeing the bottle shattered and thinking that his money was gone, he couldn’t help feeling distressed.

Although he is rich now, Dai Ye’s heart is different from those children of aristocratic families who regard money as dung.

“Did you despise me because your former son? Dai Ye, explain it to me clearly!” Wen Qianyu asked with a cold face.

“Explain, what other explanation do you want? If it wasn’t for you, a jealous woman who couldn’t tolerate their mother and son, how could there be so many troubles now?” Dai Ye’s face suddenly turned very ugly. Shi Qing mother and son was drove away, he now has a son of a champion, it should be a good story!

Wen Qianyu also knew that what she did was unkind, but she didn’t want to recognize it: “Shi Qing make me lost my child and stole my jewelry. If I don’t beat her to death, would I’ll take it as everything is fine!”

“You know for yourself whether you have a child or not.” Dai Ye said coldly, if Wen Qianyu really had a miscarriage, would she be able to conceive a child so quickly, and would she be able to let Shi Qing go so easily? Although he didn’t say anything, he was always clear in his heart.

Wen Qianyu’s face was not very good, Dai Ye glanced at her and left.

Wen Qianyu sat in the room thinking about the scene she saw at Liu’s house and then thinking about Dai Ye’s indifference and reprimanding her, she became more and more sad and couldn’t help crying.

Wen Qianyu’s youngest daughter is only three or four years old. She carefully stepped over the threshold to Wen Qianyu’s bedside, looked at Wen Qianyu curiously, and whispered, “Mother?”

When Wen Qianyu saw her little daughter, she knew it was her Mammy asked her to persuade her. Wen Qianyu hold her daughter and she cried even more sadly.

The little girl didn’t know why her mother was crying. When she saw her mother crying, she cried together with her mother at a loss, and then fell asleep after a while. Wen Qianyu put the child by her side and choked up again in the middle of the night before finally falling asleep.

Before going to sleep, she also wanted to understand some things. What would Shi Qing be like now? If she even have a husband’s family but his son did not recognize him?

Liu Ping gets the Sacred Heart and now he is just in a twenties – a hairy boy with a much lower official position than Dai Ye, what should she care about?

It’s a pity that it wasn’t the third prince who became the crown prince in the end, otherwise a petty official like Liu Ping would have been easily be crushed to death by her father.

After a good night’s sleep, Wen Qianyu’s spirit was much better. She asked her servants to bring goat milk to wash her face, she felt that Shi Qing was far inferior to her.

She is just a widow who lives in the Liu family, and she knows she won’t have a good life!

Wen Qianyu’s heart was completely at ease, but at this time, someone came to report from outside and said that Dai Ye has came back from court.

“Why did the master come back so soon?” Wen Qianyu asked in confusion. After retreating from the court today, Dai Ye went to the Ministry of Housing.

“I heard that master received the imperial edict.” The boy at the doorman who came to report the news said.

“Outside?” Wen Qianyu was delighted. When officials in the capital faced local officials, they always had a sense of superiority. Being an official in the capital does have great benefits. After all, being close to the emperor makes it easy to get familiar and easy for promotion.

But this does not mean that it is not good to go out. There are too many officials in Beijing, and it is not easy to make money. If you want to have money and power, it is better to go out.

At the beginning, Wen Qianyu’s father planned to let Dai Ye to be transferred from his job place in the past two years, and he was even trying to find a way for Dai Ye. Unfortunately, after the third prince had an accident, the matter was not resolved.

As soon as Dai Ye returned home, he saw Wen Qianyu come up with a smile on her face and asked, “Master, where are you going to transferred?” Seeing that there are still servants nearby, he just endured it.

Jiaozhou, he is going to Jiaozhou! In that kind of remote and rural place, there are still uncivilized barbarian villages around… Is he going to be an official? Or is he going to suffer!

Some people who went to Jiaozhou to serve as officials before were accidentally bitten by snakes, worms, rats and ants, or died of miasma. The transferred official usually bribe the official in capital and then finally jumped out of the fire pit, no matter what, it is not a good place.

It was impossible for Dai Ye to resign, so he could only bite the bullet, but his anger grew more and more, and he had nowhere to vent.

Resisting the anger, Dai Ye called Wen Qianyu back to the room and explain.

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“Jiaozhou!” Wen Qianyu was also turn stupid when she learned that Dai Ye was going to Jiaozhou. The south has not been very peaceful, and war would start at any moment, so it would be too dangerous to go to Jiaozhou at this time! “Did that Liu Ping did this? He actually wants to send you to Jiaozhou!”

Wen Qianyu hated Liu Ping silently but at this time, she directly shout her feeling. At the same time, Dai Ye try to held back but a slap finally landed on her face.

“What are you dragging Liu Ping in this situation! If it wasn’t for the fact that the head of your family made things all day long and made His Majesty bored with the Wen family, how could I have encountered such a thing?” He also wanted to warn him, so he sent someone a message to him, saying that Miss Wen San should be calm in the future.

After inquiring about it, he found out that the Wen family wanted to send the third Miss Wen to the Crown Prince’s backyard, he was obviously implicated by the third Miss Wen!

Wen Qianyu has been married to Dai Ye for years and Dai Ye has always coaxed her, follow her and never touched her finger. She was completely stunned when she was suddenly beaten by him. She grabbed Dai Ye’s face and shout, “You actually hit me!”

Wen Qianyu suddenly attacked and scratch Dai Ye several times, but he is a man, so he quickly subdued Wen Qianyu: “I am being warmed by you guys. The family is in trouble, you’d better be calm, pack up your things and take office with me!”

Dai Ye will be able to stop Shi Qing after he became prosperous, but he also knew that it was impossible to stop Wen Qianyu at this time, so he flip his sleeves and leave.

Seeing that Dai Ye had left, Wen Qianyu immediately found someone to ask what happened to Dai Ye’s release, and her question became clear.

Dai Ye must go to Jiaozhou.

Dai Ye must to go to Jiaozhou, but Wen Qianyu doesn’t want to go. Not to mention that Jiaozhou is a poor place. After she goes, she may not be able to do anything and will be afraid all day long. She said that her son…

In the capital, it is convenient for her son to study or participate in the imperial examinations, but he can pay to the state…what is there in that place? What can her son learn? If Dai Ye stayed a few more years, would her son still be able to take the imperial examination?

Wen Qianyu refused to follow Dai Ye to take office in Jiaozhou.

Not to mention that the Wen family is doing well now, the Dai family’s servants were all brought by Wen Qianyu from her parents’ family back then, so Dai Ye naturally couldn’t do anything about Wen Qianyu.

Wen Qianyu refused to go, and Dai Ye also reluctant to let Dai’s father and mother to suffer from this crime. He just wanted to take Dai Chen’an there so that he could teach Dai Chen’an well.

However, when Dai Chenan saw Wen Qianyu’s attitude, he already knew that Jiaozhou was not a good place, so how could he be willing to go? He immediately went to beg Dai’s father and Dai’s mother, saying that he wanted to stay and study hard for the champion.

Wen Qianyu despises Dai’s father and Dai’s mother these two countrymen, and she never let her own children to touch their hands. Therefore, Dai’s father and mother’s favorite child has always been Dai Chen’an. They also turned their guilt due to disappearence of Dai Chenping and Shi Qing and turn into favor and gave them all to Dai Chen’an. Now that Dai Chen’an is reluctant to go, they naturally don’t think it’s wrong.

“If your own wife doesn’t want to go, what do you want Chen An to go? Chen An is not too young and should have married a wife long ago. Rather then you take him there, why don’t yo u find him a wife in the state? ” Dai’s said.

Dai Ye thought about it carefully, he didn’t know anything about the back house, if Dai Chen’an went, it would be difficult to get a daughter-in-law. In the end, he could only stop thinking about teaching Dai Chen’an, and then instructed Wen Qianyu to chose a suitable daughter-in-law for Dai Chen’an: “Find someone who is more powerful, regardless of family but with better dowry. When he becomes a relative and has a wife in charge, he should be able to take care of himself.”

Wen Qianyu agreed on the surface but she didn’t think so in her heart. Although she reconciled with Dai Ye, she still remembered the slap from Dai Ye before, and felt that Liu Ping was humiliating herself by rejecting her niece, and she was even more angry. She couldn’t send her hair to Dai Ye, but it was okay to send her hair to Dai Chen’an.

Dai Ye took office alone with a few servants, and then Dai Chen’an’s various treatments in the Dai family took a turn for the worse.

Wen Qianyu first gave Dai Ye a large amount of travel expenses on the pretext that the family had no money, so she reduced Dai Chen’an’s monthly bill, and did not allow Dai Chen’an to pay on the account, and then cut down various household expenses, including Dai’s parents. Money was also given less.

Previously, Wen Qianyu thought about killing Dai Chenan. Although she didn’t give Dai Chenan too much money, it still made Dai Chenan well-off. In addition, Dai Chenan could get money from her grandfather and grandmother, so he would never be short of money.

But now that Wen Qianyu change her attitude, he suddenly had no money to spend. His grandparent’s monthly money that used to given to him also was cut short, and he couldn’t come up as lavish as before.

Dai Chen’an made a few troubles at home, but was pressed down by Wen Qianyu he couldn’t get up and say anything. He was even beaten by Wen Qianyu on the grounds of disrespecting his mother.

When Dai Ye was there, Wen Qianyu wouldn’t treat Dai Chen’an like that in front of Dai Ye but now that Dai Ye is gone, she doesn’t has anyone to be afraid of, even if Dai Ye asks….Yes

At the beginning, Wen Qianyu used this method to deal with Shi Qing and Dai Chenping, and now she is using the same method on Dai Chen’an.

At the same time, she didn’t forget to tell Dai Chen’an about his marriage.

“Your father asked me to choose a good dowry for you. I think this girl from the Wang family is very suitable.” Wen Qianyu said with a smile when Dai Chenan was called.

Dai Chen’an has been tormented by Wen Qianyu these days, but there is nothing he can do. Now he can only look at Wen Qianyu on guard: “Which Wang family?”

“It’s the royal merchant Wang family that deals in silk and satin.” Wen Qianyu said with a smile.

Dai Chen’an’s expression changed suddenly.

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Dai Chen’an has always been a playboy, and he has met many playboys. They wander around the capital all day long, looking around to find out which girl looks good and which house has a handsome new wife. Among the women they talked about, there was this lady from the Wang family.

Wang’s girl’s mother died early, and her father married Xu Xian, probably because Xu Xian treated her and her younger brother harshly and in order to protect her younger brother, her temperament became more and more fierce, and she was often tit for tat with her stepmother then it spread farther.

She has a bad reputation and is not particularly beautiful, so she was delayed and unable to marry.

Of course, if that’s the case, Dai Chen’an probably wouldn’t be so repulsive. After all, it is said that this girl’s mother’s dowry is all in her hands, and it’s not a loss to marry, but when he used to hang out with others on the street, there was a conflict with this Miss Wang…

At that time, they happened to have no money on their hands, and they happened to see the fourteen-year-old young master of the Wang family. Knowing that the Wang family was rich, they did not dare to offend them, so they gathered around and asked the young master of the Wang family to gave them some money to spend, but I didn’t expect to bump into Miss Wang.

Miss Wang is a formidable person, and understands that although the Wang family dare not offend these playboy fathers, these playboys also dare not tell the family about they did outside so she scolded them and took her younger brother away.

Since then, they hated this Miss Wang, and they even have arranged some prank for her behind the scenes. In the mouths of their playful children, the slightly freckled Miss Wang has become an ugly girl with a big face and pockmarks. They are called sesame seeds, which means that Miss Wang looks like sesame seeds. .

They even arranged some romantic affairs for Miss Wang, saying that Miss Wang once fell in love with a poor scholar and wanted to commit herself to marrying, but she scared the scholar away.

Miss Wang shouted that she had a dowry, and the scholar said that no matter how much dowry you have, I can’t bear this honor, and I don’t eat biscuits!

A similar arrangement made Miss Wang a joke in their circle. Dai Chenan felt that if he really married this Miss Wang, he would lose all his face!

Moreover, this Miss Wang is older than him!

“I don’t want to marry!” Dai Chenan said immediately.

“The words of your parents’ life as matchmaker, you can’t tolerate their words!” Wen Qianyu said happily.

“You’re not my mother!” Dai Chen’an said angrily, he hated Wen Qianyu very much now.

Wen Qianyu didn’t care either. Dai Chen’an used to be going to her side all the time, she still felt disgusting! The son of a village woman, why call her mother?

“if I’m not your mother who is your mother?” Wen Qianyu smiled sarcastically.

Dai Chenan suddenly thought of Shi Qing.

He still had some impressions of what happened before the age of seven. In his memory, no matter what his mother and brother had, as long as they wanted to give to him, even if they didn’t have it, they would do their best to give him what he wanted.

Dai Chen’an raised the thought of letting Wen Qianyu to make a way to his mother.

Over the years, Wen Qianyu had almost never raised Dai Chen’an, and even wished that he would not study, so Dai Chen’an didn’t know anything about the twists and turns or has any interests.

He had previously raised the ridiculous idea of letting Liu Ping help him become his Di son again, wanting to inherit the family business, but now, his idea is even deeper.

It’s just that he was indoctrinated by his father from a young age that the Wen family has a great career and that he can’t offend Wen Qianyu, so he didn’t dare to do anything.

The people who played with him were all the same, even shy sons, no one persuaded him. Everyone laughed and seemed to be the same enemy, which made him hate Wen Qianyu even more.

Dai Chen’an didn’t like that Miss Wang very much, but Wen Qianyu make up her mind to make that Miss Wang, Dai Chen’an’s wife.

This not only disgust Dai Chen’an, but also find someone to control Dai Chen’an and let him not to cause trouble and stop asking for money from her. It can be said to kill two birds with one stone. Even telling Dai Ye, she chose the most suitable one for Dai Chen’an wholeheartedly!

As for Miss Wang, she might be very powerful… so what? She is a mother-in-law, so what can Miss Wang do to her? Let’s just say that Miss Wang’s stepmother, Miss Wang has fought hard for so many years, but it’s just to make her reputation stinky.

Thinking of this, Wen Qianyu went to the Wang family to propose marriage.

Miss Wang’s father has always been very worried about his eldest daughter’s marriage, lest the daughter will end up be left over and won’t be able to marry. He can’t marry Miss Wang to someone who is too unbearable or his hair will turn white in a hurry. Dai’s family propose marriage? Is there any reason to disagree?

Dai Chen’an thought that if he didn’t want to, this could not be done. Seeing the matchmaker passing back and forth, he was dumbfounded and could only ask for Dai’s father and mother heip.

Dai’s father and mother felt sorry for their grandson, and disliked Miss Wang’s birth and reputation, so they went to Wen Qianyu immediately and firmly disagreed.

“This is a good marriage, why don’t my parents agree? Well, why don’t we write to ask the master’s intention and let the master decide?” Wen Qianyu smiled.

“Yes, you should ask.” Dai’s mother said immediately, she wondered, her son should not agree to let his grandson marry such an ugly woman with such a wealth of but having such a bad reputation.

Dai’s mother thought so, but she forgot that she had asked Dai Ye to marry a country woman he didn’t like for Shi Qing’s family business.

When Wen Qianyu’s letter was delivered to Dai Ye, Dai Ye not only didn’t think that the woman Wen Qianyu chose for Dai Chen’an was not good, but felt that Wen Qianyu was sincere for Dai Chen’an’s good, that is why she chose such a suitable one for Dai Chen’an.

He no longer expects Dai Chen’an to enter the official career. In this case, a daughter of a royal merchant with a generous dowry is undoubtedly the best choice. As for the other… What does it matter if it is ugly? Are there not many beautiful girls around Dai Chen’an?

After receiving Dai Ye’s reply, Dai Chen’an was almost in despair. Thinking that he might be ridiculed by his companions after going out, he was even more ashamed and angry.

Fortunately, something happened at this time, which slowed down his marriage – the current saint has passed away, and during the period of national filial piety, he naturally cannot get married.

Dai Chen’an breathed a sigh of relief, and was planning to find a way to spoil the marriage, and was determined not to marry that ugly girl from the Wang family, when something happened suddenly.

In order to cater to the new emperor, and because the Wen family had done a lot in the past, suddenly many people began to play the various accusations of the Wen family in the courtroom.

In the past, the Wen family, who had been favored for a while because of the presence of Concubine Wen, could not resist these accusations.

Although the Wen family is also an aristocratic family, it is not really a big family. After the sudden development, many problems have naturally arisen. At least there are many people in the clan who rely on themselves to the Wen family. The class is relatively light, and some people even have murder cases. Not only that, but there are people from Wen Family who sold the ginseng to iron tools to other countries and committed treason.

Some things that no one will take care of when they don’t check, but once someone checks, there is no room for turning over.

These accusations of the Wen family are enough to snatch and wipe out the family!

Wen Qianyu couldn’t eat or sleep but Dai Chen’an was happy every day – the Wen family deserved it! The Wen family will no longer be able to control him in the future!

Dai Chen’an was happy, and privately told her playmates about the fact that the Wen family was bullying others and forced her mother to make way to Wen Qianyu.

The people who played with Dai Chen’an didn’t show much sincerity to him at all, and they were all playboys who were doing nothing and not learning all day long , if he goes to sue, it must be a great achievement.

After that, he laughed again.

Dai Chen’an was a little moved but the Wen family hadn’t completely collapsed, and he didn’t dare to do anything until the Wen family was indicted. He took off the black gauze hats of the Wen family and fined them.

Although the new emperor has opened the door, the punishment is still very heavy. The Wen family has no one in the court, and has been fined with a lot of money. He can only leave the capital and return to his hometown to slowly revive the family…

Seeing that Wen Qianyu went to her parents’ house, and even sold the shop and farmland to raise a lot of money for her parents’ family, Dai Chen’an was both happy and distressed.

Happy now that Wen Qianyu is out of luck, and I feel sorry for the money that Wen Qianyu gave away – those are now all from their Dai family!

As soon as he gritted his teeth, Dai Chenan went to the yamen, suing Wen Qianyu for occupying her father’s wife, and made her mother a concubine, and drove her and her eldest brother away.

Fortunately, Dai Chen’an was still a little brainy, and was warned by Dai Ye before, so Liu Ping Shiqing was not involved. In the court, an official in official uniform suddenly asked, “So, you sued your father Dai Ye for taking his wife as a concubine, and then forced her to leave or abandon his wife?”


“Among the three endless periods of time, marriage is cheap and then expensive, and when you marry, you have nothing to go back to. These two are taken up, Mr. Dai…” The official’s face was schadenfreude, and suddenly asked: “Dai Chen’an, you know the rules and regulations. ?”

“Regulations?” Dai Chen’an has always followed an old scholar to study without speaking, and he has been fishing for three days and drying the net for two days. Now that he has forgotten everything after the Three Character Classic, how would he know the laws? On the contrary, he can say a lot of those fragrant words, and even recite the content inside.

“According to the law, it is a serious crime for a son to accuse his father of unfilial piety. If the accusation is false, that is, the father does not have the crime that the son accuses, and the son should be hanged; You must be punished with a cane of 100 and three years in prison.” The official laughed.

This dynasty ruled the country with filial piety, and paid attention to keeping relatives and relatives secret, telling his wife to his husband, and his son to his father, all of which were always punished severely. If Dai Ye did not demote his wife as a concubine, Dai Chen’an would be hanged. If found guilty, Dai Chenan will also be punished with a cane and three years in prison.

Dai Chen’an was stunned for a moment, and hurriedly said, “I’m going to sue Wen Qianyu, not my father!” Not to mention the heavy punishments, it’s not good for him if his father has an accident!

But, could the Wen family still force Dai Ye to worship? This official knew for a long time that the new emperor did not like Dai Ye, so how could he justify Dai Ye?

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