9th Story 10 End

9th Story 10 End

Wen Qianyu and the others were dressed in a very extravagant manner. She went up to stop the servants only then Dai Ye finally escaped. He didn’t expect that he would meet Wen Qianyu when he was beaten. He didn’t know whether he was ashamed or angry, his face was flushed, and the bruises on his cheeks made his face extremely bright.

Wen Qianyu didn’t care so much. She and Dai Ye have been married for many years and have a very good relationship. At this time, she was naturally very worried about Dai Ye’s situation and kept asking if Dai Ye was okay.

“I’m fine.” Dai Ye didn’t want to tell Wen Qianyu about Shi Qing.

“You have hurt your face, how can you say it’s okay? What will you do tomorrow?” Wen Qianyu was angry, especially when she saw that it was only a few servants who beat people, and even more angry: “Which family are you from? How dare you beat the court officials in public!”

Wen Qianyu looked at Shi Qing angrily, and when Shi Qing met her eyes, she realized that Wen Qianyu really didn’t know herself at all.

Also, she was a village woman back then, and even the maid next to Wen Qianyu in the Dai family could bully her at will, how could Wen Qianyu still pay attention to her appearance?

Shi Qing was always afraid of Wen Qianyu back then. Dai Ye told her at the beginning that Wen Qianyu was the daughter of a high-ranking official, and it was entirely up to Wen Qianyu that the Dai family could achieve success, so she didn’t dare to offend Wen Qianyu at all and dare not say a word.

Not to mention Wen Qianyu, she is even afraid of those well-dressed maids, she feels that those people are far more powerful than herself, and if she offends these people, they will give less food, and in the end the suffering will be her’s.

But now, she is no longer afraid of this person. Looking at Wen Qianyu at this time, she doesn’t feel anything at all. She just wants to make a clean line with these people and never see each other again.

“Which family do you belong to? What are you going to do about this?” Wen Qianyu asked with a frown. She was born in the capital and grew up in the capital. She knew all the noble ladies in the capital, but the woman in front of her, she had never met before. She is naturally very confident and domineering.

“Okay, let’s go back!” Dai Ye took Wen Qianyu’s hand.

Wen Qianyu was a little puzzled when she saw Mrs. Liu walking out of the room. She knew Mrs. Liu, so she immediately restrained her expression, but she didn’t wait for her to go up to see Mrs. Liu when Mrs. Liu said, “What is this? What is going on?”

“Old Madam, a disciple came to tease my wife just now!” Shi Qing is not a clever person, but the maid that Mrs Liu chose for her is a eloquent one. She said it right away, and she was very vividly telling and pointing at Dai Ye, she said, “Old lady, Mr. Chen brought my wife back. We were about to enter the door when this man came out and wanted to do something to my wife!”

“Mrs it’s all Pengyun’s fault. .” Hearing the news, Chen Pengyun rushed back and said quickly, if he hadn’t stopped at the gate of the yard here, and had come in to take a look, this kind of thing would not have happened.

Being an official in the same dynasty, Chen Pengyun knew Dai Ye. He even got some advice from Mr. Liu and knew Shi Qing’s identity. At this moment, seeing Dai Ye he really thinks is not pleasing to the eye, of course, what makes him the most disdain is still Dai Ye’s character.

If the wife of the rotten chaff it’s enough for Dai Ye to abandon the chaff, but now he still has the face to come to the door. I’m afraid it’s been like this since ancient times, and the man has lost all face.

Wen Qianyu didn’t believe what that maid said at all—Dai Ye didn’t even have a maid after marrying her, so how could she molest a middle-aged woman who was not pretty at all?

It’s just that Mrs. Liu is by her side, so she has to pay attention to her words: “Mrs. Liu, my husband is also a respectable person, so why would he flirt with others at will, is there any misunderstanding?”

Wen Qianyu was all for Dai Ye, but Dai Ye was worried Wen Qianyu knew Shi Qing’s identity he just wanted to leave quickly: “It’s just a little misunderstanding, let’s go back.”

Wen Qianyu gave Dai Ye a dissatisfied look, and then look at Mrs. Liu.

“How could it be a misunderstanding, otherwise what would he do in this yard ?” the girl said again.

The wing of this courtyard is arranged by Mingshan Temple to live for the female relatives who come to the temple to offer incense. Although men also enter the courtyard, they will never stay, and they will not come over for no reason. In fact, most men are the same as Chen Pengyun. Just sent to the outside of the yard, there will be no further steps in.

When the maid didn’t say anything, Wen Qianyu didn’t think much about it. As soon as the maid said it, she also became suspicious of Dai Ye-Dai Ye never believed in ghosts and gods, so why did he suddenly come to this temple?

“Lord Dai, don’t do such rude things again.” Mrs Liu suddenly reprimanded. Mrs. Liu is very old and her seniority is also high and not a ruthless person but now she reprimands Dai Ye, ruthlessly: “Mr. Dai doesn’t want fame, others still want fame.”

Dai Ye’s face turned even redder at the same time, he felt a chill in his heart. Mrs. Liu would talk to him like this. I am afraid she knew Shi Qing’s identity and was also warning him…

“Old lady, I’m sorry.” Dai Ye apologized and hurriedly resigned, then pulled Wen Qianyu.

Wen Qianyu was a little dissatisfied, but she didn’t disobey Dai Ye in front of outsiders, she told her sister-in-law and niece, and left with Dai Ye.

After the two to reach the mountainside and get into the carriage, Wen Qianyu immediately asked, “Dai Ye, what are you doing here? It’s the female guest’s room!” Did Dai Ye meet someone privately? Could it be that all the obedience to her in the past was pretentious?

Wen Qianyu was in a hurry and wanted to pounce on Dai Ye and take a bite.

Dai Ye didn’t want to offend Wen Qianyu. Shi Qing was just a village woman back then. Offending her would not have any effect on him, but Wen Qianyu was different.

Even if the Wen family is weak, it is still a big family, not something a poor boy like him can match!

“I made an appointment with someone to meet here, but I didn’t expect to be deceived by someone!” Dai Ye said.

“Really?” Wen Qianyu didn’t believe it at all.

However, Dai Ye refused to say anything anymore, only insisted that he had been deceived, and that the matter of molesting others was nothing. Dai Yebecame anxious, and changed the subject: “What are you doing here? What is the reason?”

“I brought Yun’er here.” Wen Qianyu said.

“Yun’er has no hope.”

The Wen family knew that they wanted to marry Wen Shuyun to Liu Ping. Wen Shuyun did have a good appearance, but Liu Ping… Maybe Liu Ping hated the Wen family, so how could she marry a girl from the Wen family?

Dai Ye felt that the Wen family was a little anxious now, whether it was Liu Ping or the prince. If this goes on, the prince might get annoyed… But now he is in the mess, and Wen Qianyu is like this again, he wants to persuade her but he has nowhere to start.

And after knowing the current situation of Liu Ping and Shi Qing, he didn’t think much about persuading them.

“What are you talking about! What do you mean by saying this to me if you don’t make it clear what you came here for?” Wen Qianyu glared at her husband.

The two quarreled all the way, and finally broke up unhappily. Of course, the so-called quarrel was nothing but just Wen Qianyu’s unilateral ranting, and Dai Ye just silent didn’t say a word.

Wen Qianyu asked all the way and didn’t find anything. As soon as she got home, she found her own mother and discussed the matter. In the end, the two agreed that Dai Ye might be someone outside.

“Ma’am, we must keep an eye on the master in the future!” said the maid next to Dai Ye.

“Mommy, go and arrange the staff.” Wen Qianyu said, Dai Ye has been very good to her over the years. Although there is still a son in front of her and she has become the envy of many people.

“Ma’am, this old slave has something to report.” The mother said again.

“What’s the matter?” Wen Qianyu asked in confusion.

“Madam, there is something wrong with the young master these days. The servant who was servings him said that now a days he was in a very good mood.”

In the past, Dai Chen’an’s sudden good mood was not something to be concerned about, but now the situation is not quite right.

After Dai Chen’an caused trouble at the Qionglin Banquet before, according to Dai Ye’s past behavior, he should have taught Dai Chen’an a good lesson, but this time he didn’t. He just banned Dai Chen’an from going out.

This in itself is a bit of a pity. If Wen Qianyu wasn’t busy with her family’s affairs, she would have checked it long ago, and now Dai Chen’an, who has been grounded, is still very happy…

Wen Qianyu also instructed the servant to cht one more person, Dai Chen’an.

It’s just that although Dai Chen’an is not up to his expectations, he can work hard to get a good reputation, but after so many years, under Wen Qianyu precautions, he now feels that Liu Ping is his chance to turn over, maybe he could still defeat Wen Qianyu and change his identity from a concubine to a direct son. He started to be more careful, so that the little servant didn’t ask anything at all.

No breakthrough was found from Dai Chen’an and Dai Ye. Wen Qianyu was irritated, but she heard another thing – Liu Ping was already engaged, and it was Mrs. Liu’s niece.

Not only are they engaged, Liu Ping will be married in another month!

To be able to arrange such a tight schedule, the two families must have already discussed it! Wen Qianyu felt like she was being tricked.

When something like this happened, Wen Qianyu was in a very, very bad mood, but Dai Ye didn’t know how to understand her at all…Wen Qianyu felt more and more that Dai Ye had a problem, but she couldn’t find out what the problem was, she only knew Dai Ye has been paying close attention to Liu Ping recently.

Is there something wrong with that Liu Ping?

Dai Ye was also in a bad mood. Since he came back from Mingshan Temple, he was a little stunned for a while, and he didn’t believe that Shi Qing dared to pretend that he didn’t know him.

It’s just that Shi Qing didn’t recognize him, but he still recognized Shi Qing or his son. Therefore, although he was warned by Mrs. Liu, he still trying to find a way to get close to Liu Ping, but the result was not good. Liu Ping, like Shi Qing, did not seems to know him at all.

“Master Liu, walk slowly.” On this day, Dai Ye stopped Liu Ping again.

“What’s the matter with Mr. Dai?” Liu Ping asked.

“I heard that Lord Liu is about to get married?” Dai Ye asked.

“It’s true.” When he mentioned the matter of getting married, Liu Ping had a rare smile when facing Dai Ye.

“Master Liu seems to be extremely happy?” Dai Ye looked around and found that there was no one around, and finally said: “Dai Chenping, you are getting married, and you don’t even know your biological father?”

“Master Dai, the lower official has already said many times, you have recognized the wrong person!” Liu Ping said. If he recognized Dai Ye, he would have lost all his achievements, how could he do such a stupid thing?

“My own son, can’t I still recognize him?” Dai Ye sneered, but he didn’t expect that as soon as he raised his head, he met Liu Ping’s sarcastic smile, and he was speechless. This was the first time he saw Liu Ping. Liu Ping really didn’t recognize him!

However, he has now determined that Liu Ping is his son. According to the rumors circulated in the Liu family, Liu Ping is a side branch of the Liu family. After he lost his father, he was brought by his mother to find Mr. Liu. I heard that Mr. Liu only met Liu Ping once and said, “This son has great talents”, and then took in their mother and son, taught Liu Ping personally, and later adopted Liu Ping.

When Liu Ping arrived at Liu’s house, wasn’t it the day when the people he sent lost Shi Qing’s mother and son? Mr. Liu has never targeted him, and it is impossible for him to adopt a person like Dai Chenping who is not related to the Liu family in order to deal with him – a small person… Then, his son is really smart and talented!

Thinking of the praising words regarding Liu Ping’s, Dai Ye became more and more sure of his own. Even those things from the past he has come up with an explanation.

Liu Ping was far less lively than Dai Chen’an at the beginning, probably because he was dissatisfied with his behavior of demoting his wife to a concubine. Later, he didn’t learn anything from the teacher, and it was also to protest, and Shi Qing could think of leaving Dai’s house, maybe he suggested it!

To have lost such an outstanding son… Dai Ye naturally regrets it. If he knew this, he would never allow Wen Qianyu to do things to Shi Qing’s mother and son – Shi Qing is just a village woman, so she is easier to be fooled. As long as he talks well, he can make her obedient. Liu Ping was still young at that time. If he taught him well, he could also add a help to the court. If Liu Ping grew up by his side, even if he didn’t want to recognize Wen Qianyu as his mother, their father and son would be both prosperous and detrimental.

He is Liu Ping’s father and he should listen to him. On the other hand, he is worried that Liu Ping will hold a grudge against hims because he swept their mother and son out of the house…

This kind of feeling makes Dai Ye can’t wait to befriend with Liu Ping.

However, Liu Ping had no intention of befriending him at all – after walking a few steps and turning a corner, Liu Ping went straight to the prince.

“Yong He, that Lord Dai has come to see you again? What’s the matter?” The prince asked in confusion, not knowing Liu Ping’s identity.

Liu Ping smiled: “The third young lady of the Wen family is now staring at the second Liang Di’s seats in your palace, His Royal Highness.”

“That woman…” The prince’s brows furrowed tightly. There was a hint of disdain. Concubine Wen was stirring up trouble in the harem back then, but his father emperor still doted on her very much… If it weren’t for the other princes who took action together later, I’m afraid it would be his third brother sitting on the throne of the crown prince now!

That being the case, how could he still like the women of the Wen family?

Liu Ping smiled and stopped talking. He grew up with the prince and had a deep relationship, so he thought about whether he should confess his life experience, but he finally gave up. The prince is like a tiger. Maybe today the prince is still on his side and shares his enemies with him. Dai Ye is abominable. In the future, he will feel that he is indifferent to his father and may not be loyal…

Liu Ping followed Mr. Liu, heard the stories of many courtiers, and understood many things.

“That Lord Dai is really annoying.” The prince said again, remembering Dai Ye again – because of Dai Chen’an’s attempt to beat someone at the Qionglin Banquet, he already had an opinion on Dai Ye. .

Liu Ping has been following the prince naturally, he knew the prince’s thoughts, but he didn’t say anything. If Dai Ye was disliked by the prince, he would arrange an idle job or simply go out to a remote place in a poor mountain, so he wouldn’t have to worry about being entangled. Now Dai Chen’an…

I have to say that Liu Ping’s feelings towards this younger brother are extremely complicated. On the one hand, he resents the ruthlessness of this younger brother, and he refuses to help him no matter what he asks. On the other hand, after all, this is another brother with the mother.

But soon, he let it go again.

Dai Chen’an’s life was actually not bad. Although he was nurtured by Wen Qianyu, he had lived a comfortable life for more than ten years. This younger brother has been playing comfortably for more than ten years but he would get up every day before dawn.

Dai Ye knew the identities of him and his mother, and would not treat him badly in the future, at most……

Soon, it was Liu Ping’s marriage.

Mr. Liu has a wide range of contacts, and coupled with his willingness to make face for Liu Ping, the wedding banquet was held very grandly, and even the chefs of the two largest restaurants in the capital were invited.

Before the wedding banquet, there were also rumors that His Royal Highness would also attend.

When the ministers in the DPRK heard the news, except for those who were no worse than Mr. Liu tried their best to participate in this wedding banquet.

The crown prince is the youngest son of the emperor. Before being named as crown prince, he had never appeared in the court, and he never had any contact with the courtiers. I heard that he liked those tricks but the courtiers didn’t know him at all. Until he has already become a crown prince he doesn’t even get close to others except Liu Ping, so that it why it is difficult for them to walk around. Now if they can get the marriage through Liu Ping…

“Yong He, you’re right, as long as you get the favor of your father, you can have everything, and as long as you have an orthodox identity, those courtiers will naturally flock here.” The 19 year-old prince said to Liu Ping with a smile, He once almost took a detour, and wanted to win over the courtiers to compete with his brothers, but Liu Ping persuaded him not to.

“I don’t dare to be a servant. I just wanted to show off the articles written by Mrs. Qing to His Highness.” Liu Ping laughed. He didn’t persuade him outright at first. He just showed the prince some of her articles after he figured it out. .

“Yong He’s mother is really a talented woman, but unfortunately she has a bad fate. Now that he can’t match your mother and son, Yong He.” The prince sighed and suddenly asked, “How does Yong He feel about Jiaozhou? That Dai Ye is too annoying. I really want to throw him away.”

Dai Ye swayed around Liu Ping all day long. At first, he wanted him to marry that third Miss Wen to Liu Ping. Later, she failed to marry Liu Ping, she wanted to put it to him… I think it was recently when he met the third Miss Wen by chance someone comes to recommended this third Miss Wen to him, the crown prince was agitated for a while.

Although Concubine Wen and his third brother were reprimanded by his father, father still protected them. He couldn’t move the Wen family, so he might as well take Dai Ye to the knife.

Jiaozhou is really a bit far… “Jiaozhou is a good place. If you manage it well, you can achieve good political achievements.” Although it is the southernmost, the folk customs are completely different from here, and it is extremely difficult to manage, but when it comes to doing practical things for people, it is also a place where achievements can be made.

Liu Ping had heard his mother talk about some fantastic ideas, read some travel notes, and always wanted to go there… Of course, he wanted to go but others would not want to go.

Hearing Liu Ping say that Jiaozhou is a good place, the prince laughed.

In a blink of an eye, it was the day when Liu Ping got married.

Mr. and Mrs. Liu is too old to work hard, and everything is on Shi Qing. Shi Qing is too busy to touch the ground, but she always has a smile on her face, but she is also a little lost in her heart – her current identity is not Liu Ping’s mother, so she can’t accept the newcomer’s worship openly…

But soon, Shi Qing didn’t care about it these are just nominal things. According to the Mu Ling, people in some places don’t kneel before them. Why should she care about others?

After thinking about it, Shi Qing was in a better mood, but Wen Qianyu was in a very bad mood.

The big families in the capital are basically related, the Wen family and the Liu family are also related, but Dai Ye has nothing to do with the Liu family. There is no reason for Wen Qianyu to attend Liu Ping’s wedding, and she does not plan to go.

But there was a sudden movement on Dai Chen’an’s side…

Knowing that Dai Chen’an ran out regardless of the foot restraint order, Wen Qianyu secretly followed him out. As a result, she found that Dai Chen’an had come all the way to Liu’s house.

There were many guests in the Liu family, and it was very lively. There were many people at the door and the servants of the bearers and grooms who help the attendees, and Dai Chenan was being stopped by the two of them.

Sitting in the sedan chair, Wen Qianyu saw this scene from a distance, and instructed the people around her, “Go and see what’s going on there.” She originally wanted to seize Dai Chen’an or Dai Ye’s handle, but she didn’t has an opportunity. Thinking that such a thing would happen in the end…

“Mrs Hui, Master An got into a fight with someone at the door. He said that Liu Ping was his brother and wanted to go in, but he didn’t have a post. Those little servants stop him from getting close.” The servant quickly spoke back and forth.

Today is the big day for the Liu family, and I don’t want anyone to make trouble, so I found someone to stop those who looked malicious. Dai Chen’an, the person who wanted to beat Liu Ping at the Qionglin Banquet, was naturally stopped. Therefore, Dai Chenan couldn’t even get close to the gate of Liu’s house.

Wen Qianyu knew this very well, but she was very puzzled about Dai Chen’an saying that Liu Ping was his brother. This Dai Chen’an had many friends, and there were many who called him brothers, but Liu Ping had nothing to do with him. How could he have the face to say that Liu Ping was his brother?

Wen Qianyu was a little puzzled when she suddenly had a flash of inspiration and remembered one thing.

Dai Chen’an has a brother…

Wen Qianyu stayed at the gate of Liu’s house for a while in despair, and when she saw a lady she knew who never turned away from others was coming, she walked over with a smile and talked to the other party. They walked together intimately, and then rubbed each other’s post into Liu’s house.

In the past, Wen Qianyu had always despised such behavior, but now she is so eager to know the truth that she can’t even care about the dissatisfied and contemptuous eyes of the person who rubbed off on her post.

Afraid of being recognized, Wen Qianyu kept sitting in the corner, and let the girl close to her block her a little, and then kept staring at the place where the new couple would be doing for the next worship.

When visiting the hall, Mrs and Mr. Liu sat at the top. Mrs. Liu came quickly to consider others, and even pulled Shi Qing to stand beside her.

Shi Qing stood behind Mrs. Liu’s chair, watching Liu Ping and the bride bow down in her direction, tears welling up in her eyes for a while.

Wen Qianyu, who was sitting not far away, felt cold all over when she saw this scene.

She had never noticed Shi Qing’s appearance, so she didn’t recognize Shi Qing at Mingshan Temple before, until now she saw Shi Qing and Liu Ping standing together, thinking about Dai Ye’s molesting Shi Qing and paying attention to Liu Ping. And Dai Chenan said that Liu Ping was his brother, suddenly she understood everything, and she feels that she was humiliated and angry.


Shi Qing is just a village girl, shouldn’t she live on the street and die in depression after being driven away by her? Why would she teach a champion?

She has always taught her son carefully, and her son has not shown any talent, and he still wants to play all day! Shi Qing, how can you be so lucky?

At the beginning, Shi Qing had a bad life, and Wen Qianyu felt that Shi Qing had complied with her, but now that she found that Shi Qing had a good life, she felt that she almost couldn’t get up in one breath.

No wonder Liu Ping turned a blind eye to her niece, no wonder Dai Ye suddenly went to Mingshan Temple, no wonder the prince kept turning a blind eye to the Wen family’s favors, it was all because of this slut!

Knowing this, she should have killed this bitch in the first place!

Wen Qian was so ruthless that she didn’t pay attention to the situation around her, and naturally she didn’t find a woman who had a bad relationship with her coming to her side.

“Yo, isn’t this Mrs. Dai? I remember that the Dai family and the Liu family are not related. Why did Mrs. Dai come here? Didn’t she sneak in with someone else’s post?” Everyone around was startled.

Wen Qianyu’s face was burning with pain, she glanced at Shi Qing on the stage again, and walked away in despair.

There was a little disturbance here, and everyone around was talking about Dai Shilang’s wife, but it didn’t have any effect on the two newcomers and Shi Qing.

Shi Qing watched her son get married with relief, and felt that her life was worth it. Then, she heard the voice of a fairy: “I’m leaving.”

Shi Qing’s tears suddenly fell.

“On a big day, you can’t cry.” Mrs. Liu handed a handkerchief to Shi Qing’s hand, and said with a smile, she only thought that Shi Qing cry due to joy.

Wiping her tears with a handkerchief, Shi Qing smiled and said, “I’m really happy.” The fairy told her that when she regain her happiness, the fairy would be able to leave.

She had been very happy before, but still the immortals could not leave. She always felt very sorry – how wonderful the sky is, but the immortals can only be trapped in her body…

Now, she is finally happy, and the immortals could also “go back”…

A big smile appeared on Shi Qing’s face, and Liu Ping laughed when he saw this scene.

He and his mother finally don’t have to tremble every day, lest the Dai family find out and that they have to go back to those days of walking on thin ice. In the future, he will be filial to his mother, Mrs and Mrs. Liu, and treat his wife well. , don’t let this woman get hurt.

Liu Ping held his wife’s hand, and when he found that the hand was shaking slightly, he shook it soothingly, and under the his big palm, Miss Tao’s face blushed fiercely.

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