9th Story 9

9th Story 9

Dai Chen’an stayed where he was, unable to regain his senses for a while.

In his impression, his brother has always been a very dull person with a dark face, so he left with his mother and he had a good life.

In the middle of the night, he would occasionally think of this person and his mother, and couldn’t help feeling guilty, but after that, he would tell himself that it was his mother and brother’s decision to leave the Dai family…

Obviously his father just let them go to the country, and they disappeared outside because they didn’t want to. He didn’t know if they were alive or dead. It had nothing to do with him anyway. Even if he begged for mercy at the beginning, he might not be able to make his father change his mind

… , Dai Chenan threw his brother behind his head again.

He thought he would never see his brother again in his life, and sometimes thought that was fine—if his brother was here, his grandparents wouldn’t subsidize him.

Dai Chen’an also thought about his brother’s fate. In his opinion, someone like his brother’s at that age disappeared outside, the lucky ones were sold to wealthy people as servants, the unlucky ones will almost starved to death on the street… no matter what. He thought the mother and son are afraid will never have the chance to meet him again. If they really meet, he can give his brother some money.

He has pity and sympathy for his brother, but…

Now, his brother is the champion of the new division, favored by the emperor, and the prince’s companion, but he is just a playboy kneeling at his feet, even the women he likes are trying to get his brother’s attention…

Dai Chen’an felt a strong sense of jealousy in his heart, but then his joy rose again.

He used to focus on pleasing Wen Qianyu, thinking that as long as he behaved well, Wen Qianyu could treat him well, but it turned out that he was wrong. After all, he wasn’t born to Wen Qianyu. No matter how nice Wen Qianyu was to him, it wouldn’t be much better as own child. He could has Dai Ye as his backer, but Dad cared more about his half-brother.

He had no way to change all this before, nor did he have the perseverance to change it all, but now it is different, Liu Ping is his brother!

The champion of the new division, the prince’s companion is his brother!

Dai Chenan couldn’t help but call out on the spot, until he raised his head and met Liu Ping’s indifferent eyes.

Shaking subconsciously, Dai Chenan suddenly remembered the beating he had just received, and at the same time felt pain everywhere.

He closed his mouth and didn’t dare to speak again, and then he felt Dai Ye grab his ear.

At this moment, Dai Ye only felt that his face had been thrown away by his son. He pulled his son’s ear and pulled him aside, then resigned and dragged his son out of the garden, and said angrily, “What you outside is it not enough to be embarrassed, you’ve even thrown it to the imperial front!” As he said, Dai Ye slapped Dai Chen’an on the face.

The emperor’s health is not very good. He tried his best to please the prince’s family, but his son even spared no effort to pull his hind legs!

Thinking of this, Dai Ye got angry and slapped him again.

Dai Chen’an’s temperament is known to Dai Ye. His son can’t bear grievances. As long as he does a little bit, he will feel wronged, and then runs to his parents to cry, because his parents always feel that they have lost money. They raised this child and they will help this stinky boy…

Dai Ye was ready for Dai Chen’an to lose his temper, or to run away alone, but he didn’t expect that Dai Chen’an would stand there in a daze no reaction.

“You dare to do something to Liu Ping, do you want to die!” Dai Ye slapped him again, but his breath was a little smoother.

Three slaps slapped on one side of the face, and Dai Chen’an’s face suddenly swelled up. At the same time, the word “Liu Ping” brought him back to his senses: “Father, Liu Ping is my brother.”

“What nonsense are you talking about? !” Dai Ye glared at his son: “After we go back this time, I will send you back to hometown, and I can’t let you do evil again!” He will sends this guy to the countryside, and then brought a gift to apologize to Liu Ping with his attitude lowered. It should still be able to restore some of the prince’s family’s impression of himself.

“Dad, Liu Ping is really my brother, he is Dai Chenping, I know the scar on his hand, and his face, Dad, don’t you think it looks familiar?”

Dai Ye really didn’t think Liu Ping’s face before. but now I have been reminded by Dai Chen’an… If Liu Ping looks dark and ugly, doesn’t it look like his original partner Shi Qing?

Liu Ping looks like Shi Qing since he was a child.

Dai Ye looked around, pulled Dai Chen’an and sat in the carriage. He lifted the curtain of the carriage and asked in a low voice, “What you said is true?”

“It must be true, otherwise why would he help me just now?” Dai Chen’an said, if someone wanted to beat him and was caught by him, he would never make that person feel better, but since it Liu Ping he will let him go.

“Your brother is obviously extremely stupid…” Dai Ye frowned when he thought of the eldest son who was returned by the teacher back then.

Dai Chen’an also knew about that incident. At that time, he felt that if others thought his brother was stupid, he could pay more attention to himself, so he didn’t say anything, but now he wants to clarify for his brother: “Dad, my brother is not stupid at all. When I was a child, there was a traveller in the village. He recited that herbal song. My brother would memorize it after listening to it a few times. He would still do a lot of work as an apprentice.”

Dai Ye didn’t know there was such a thing at all, and he knew that he might have been arbitrary at the beginning, so he couldn’t help but regret it, and said, “I’m going to investigate this matter, you can’t tell others, and don’t let your mother knows.” The mother he was talking about was naturally Wen Qianyu, whether it was true or not, since Dai Ye planned to investigate, she couldn’t let Wen Qianyu know.

Having been told such a thing by her own son, Dai Ye was a little out of his mind after returning home that day. Fortunately, Wen Qianyu also had something in her heart, and she only thought that Dai Ye was displeased by the emperor’s reprimand before, so she didn’t go into it, just. With a snort, “Sure enough, it’s your good son. You’ve lost face to the imperial court!”

“Does that niece of yours have any face?” Dai Ye said immediately. Dai Chenan had seen the scene of Wen Shuyun being rejected, and told him about it.

When Wen Qianyu heard Dai Ye talking about this, her face instantly became extremely ugly. Her niece was so beautiful, but Liu Ping was indifferent, he was really an idiot! Or……This Liu Ping is not only unmarried at such an old age, but also has no one to wait on his side……Could it be something wrong?

Both the husband and wife were in a bad mood, and they eventually quarreled and broke up.

At this time, Liu Ping had also returned to the Liu family.

Mr. Liu, Mrs. Liu was getting old and went to bed early, but Shi Qing had been waiting at the door. When she saw Liu Ping coming back, she asked the maid to serve the soup, “Ping’er, how are you today? “

Mother, I’m fine, but there is one thing…” Liu Ping lowered his voice when he saw that there was no one else in the hall, “I saw father and younger brother today, younger brother… He seems to recognize me.”

Shi Qing was stunned for a moment, then said: “It’s fine, we’ll just don’t recognize them.”

If Liu Ping hadn’t adopted Mr. Liu, even if there is no problem with the household registration of the mother and son, Dai Ye could killed them and said they belonged to him as he can claim them and in the case of the inferior concubine it may not be easy for them to justify, but now Liu Ping is Mr. Liu’s grandson.

Before Mr. Liu succeeded Liu Ping, he had already obtained Liu Ping’s household registration elsewhere, and he had no problems with Liu Ping’s origins. Now, he is cling to the Liu family.

“Mother, my son knows, I just hope you can be careful, mother.” Liu Ping reminded that he thought Dai Chen’an would not let it go.

“Mother must be careful.” Shi Qing said. When she just escaped, she knew that Dai Ye had found her, and she would definitely be very scared, but now that she has gained knowledge, she is no longer afraid at all.

Liu Ping also knew that his mother had changed now, smiled slightly and didn’t speak again, drank the soup brought by the maid and retired.

After Liu Ping left, Shi Qing returned to her room: “God, Dai Ye knows my existence.”

“What does it matter?” Mu Ling said.

“Yeah…” Shi Qing smiled, completely relieved.

Shi Qing fell asleep quickly, and Mu Ling who shared the same body with her also fell asleep quickly.

After she turned into a ghost, she couldn’t touch anything and she could not go anywhere. At first, when she was trapped in Shi Qing’s body, she felt very uncomfortable, but now she got used to it and she felt that her heart was in peace and quiet down…

Shi Qing has been very careful since Liu Ping reminded her, she didn’t encounter Dai Ye or encountered any trouble in the following days.

On the 28th of this month, Shi Qing got up early to pack up, since she planned to go with Mrs. Liu to the Mingshan Temple in the suburbs of Beijing to offer incense.

Mingshan Temple is the largest temple in the suburbs of Beijing. Most of the female relatives of big families in the capital choose to go there for incense, and then stroll around Mingshan by the way.

Mrs. Liu always felt that Zibuyu was strange and confused, and she didn’t believe in gods and Buddhas very much, but she liked the scenery of Mingshan, so she often went to Mingshan for outings.

Mrs. Liu used to go with Mr. Liu, but not long ago Mr. Liu had a cold and needed to be supported. This trip to Mingshan had long been promised and could not be refused, so she asked one of Mr. Liu’s disciples to go with them. After arriving at Mingshan Temple, we will separate.

Mrs. Liu got into the carriage, Shi Qing sat next to her, and the two looked at each other, a little nervous.

They went to Mingshan Temple this time to meet the future mother of Liu Ping’s wife.

The girl had been taken over by Mrs. Liu to temporarily live in the Liu family before, and they were very familiar with her, but they had only met the girl’s mother a few times and said a few words, not to mention that the girl’s grandparents had passed away in the past two years, and their family Shou filial piety is even stranger.

Whether it was Mrs. Liu or Shi Qing, it was the first time that they saw their in-laws, so naturally they felt a little uncomfortable.

For the convenience of pilgrims in Mingshan Temple, the carriage can go all the way to the entrance of the temple on the mountainside. When they got here, Mrs. Liu and Shi Qing got out of the car together and went to the box that had been reserved.

Shi Qing and Mrs. Liu had always been nervous, but when they entered the box and saw the little girl with her head bowed, and the little girl’s mother who had nowhere to put her hands and feet, the nervousness disappeared instantly.

The two sides looked at each other and smiled, and the atmosphere suddenly became natural.

The girl’s surname is Tao, which is the same as Mrs. Liu. She has a good family background and looks good, and she is very talented. She used to be more than enough to match Liu Ping, but Liu Ping recently won the first title, her family background is a bit weak, and she has to keep filial piety but after a long delay, I was worried that the Liu family would go back on their words. Now that Shi Qing and Mrs. Liu looked as usual, they gradually let go their uneasiness.

Shi Qing had always liked this girl, and now she was naturally not to dissatisfied. She quickly took off a jade bracelet from her hand and gave it to the other party. Shi Qing used to have no permanent property, but in the past few years, since she has published a lot of books under the pseudonym Qingping Sanren, she has made a lot of money… But this bracelet was not bought by herself, but given by Liu Ping.

Tao girl blushed and accepted.

“That’s how it should be. Although Qing’er is my niece, she is actually Ping’er’s mother, so you should get along well.” Mrs. Liu made it clear.

The Tao family has known this for a long time, and now seeing that Mrs. Liu and Shi Qing get along very well, there is no doubt about it.

The four of them ate fast food in the temple, and they talked together again, Madam Liu said to the matter: “Qing’er, go outside and see if Pengyun has eaten, he is a big man, and I don’t know if he is used to the light meal in the temple.”

Pengyun is one of Mr. Liu’s disciples who came to protect Mrs. Liu today. His surname is Chen, and the word is Pengyun.

When Shi Qing was led by a maid to find him, he was in the bamboo forest behind Mingshan Temple.

The bamboos here are not those sturdy moso bamboos. Each one is only the thickness of a finger. The bamboo poles are green and green, even green and black, and they are flawless. It is said to be a good product for Xiao or flute.

Shi Qing now has a good literary talent and a good hand in writing, but in the end she became a monk halfway through, since she didn’t know the rhythm, so she didn’t understand these things. It’s just that she has a different rhythm, but Chen Pengyun is obviously very good at it. When she approached, Chen Pengyun was playing the zhen.

The sound of the zheng was very nice, but Shi Qing couldn’t hear what kind of tune it was, but she felt it was very pleasant. When the sound of the zheng stopped, it was a pity.

“Qingping Sanren, Pengyun is polite.” Shi Qing was about to go up to say hello, when Chen Pengyun suddenly stood up and bowed, the corners of his eyes and brows were still full of smiles.

If Shi Qing was just a little confused before, but now she sees the situation and understands it – Mrs. Liu probably didn’t ask her to see if Chen Pengyun was eating well, but let him and Chen Pengyun come in contact.

After Shi Qing left Dai’s house, at first she was worried that Dai Ye would find her like a frightened bird, so she always hid in the Dai’s house and did not go out at all. Naturally, I never thought about it, but Mrs. Liu had tried with her a few times, and she felt that it would be good if she found a company—the husband and wife would not be lonely if they were together until they were old.

Shi Qing is somewhat envious of the relationship between Mr. Liu and Mrs. Liu, but she has reached the age of being a grandmother, and she has never thought about it…

Mrs. Liu is open-minded, of course she will not force her, but she provides her with this opportunity to get in touch with Chen Pengyun.

Chen Pengyun is a disciple of Mr. Liu, born into a family, and his official position is not low. He is not inferior to Dai Ye in all aspects. He married a wife before. After his wife died of illness five years ago, although the children have grown up, there are still many people are scrambling to marry their daughter to him as a successor…

Such a man can’t be a “widow” is at Shi Qing’s age, but Chen Pengyun sincerely expressed his admiration to Shi Qing I want to marry Shi Qing as a successor.

Shi Qing never thought that she would be asked to marry such an excellent man one day, and I have to say that she was a little happy. But after thinking about it, she still rejected Chen Pengyun.

In the Liu family, she takes care of the aging Mr. and Mrs. Liu every day, writes articles, and then watches her son in the future get married and have children. The life is simple and happy, but if she is to married Chen Pengyun…

The Chen family is a big family, although Chen Pengyun said he didn’t live with his brother, but he had to socialize, not to mention that the wife in front of Chen Pengyun had already given birth to him two children and a daughter, and although Chen Pengyun was not a womanizer, after his wife died, he still took a concubine. .

Liu Ping is about to get married. She will follows Liu Ping. As long as she doesn’t make trouble for herself, she can enjoy the old lady’s blessing.

Shi Qing has been alone for a long time, and she is used to it. No matter how good Chen Pengyun is, she doesn’t want to give up her comfortable life now.

Shi Qing refused, Chen Pengyun was not surprised, but it was a pity – he really liked Qingping Sanren.

At first, he read Ping Sanren’s articles clearly, and didn’t feel much, but after reading more, he clearly felt the progress of this person, and he felt more and more like a confidant.

It’s just that at that time, he also felt that Qingping Sanren was different from him. For example, Qingping Sanren was too sympathetic and cherishing jade. Not only did he portray the female characters in the text very well, but he also always had a pity for them… At that time Chen Pengyun thought that Qingping Sanren would probably have many confidantes.

It was not until Mr. Liu saw the manuscript of the Qingping Sanren that Chen Pengyun knew that Shi Qing was the Qingping Sanren, and also knew that the extremely famous “Flower Withering” once written by the Qingping Sanren was actually written by Shi Qing based on her own experience.

“Flower Withering” is written in a small town. A family who sells tofu for a living has raised a daughter who is beautiful gentle. This daughter is engaged to a scholar in the town whose parents have died. To support the family, she worked hard but when this scholar won to be a jinshi he only sent back a letter of divorce…

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The ending of this book was not so good. The beautiful tofu Xi Shi finally withered like a flower, but it also made countless people pity the tofu seller Xi Shi and felt that the scholar was treacherous…

Chen Pengyun really liked Shi Qing. He had thought about it before coming. As long as Shi Qing was willing to be with him, he would definitely treat Shi Qing well, but Shi Qing was not willing.

Although he was rejected, Chen Pengyun still sent Shi Qing away very gracefully, and did not leave until Shi Qing approached the wing where Mrs. Liu and others were.

Shi Qing slowed down and was about to go back to the wing, when a person suddenly appeared next to her: “Shi Qing!”

“Who is your Excellency? Who are you looking for?” Shi Qing looked at the other side lightly. After not seeing for many years, Dai Ye is still personable, but she no longer feels that this person is superior.

“Shi Qing, stop pretending, I recognize you!” Dai Ye saw a maid behind Shi Qing and suggested, “Let’s go over there and talk!”

When Dai Ye said this, he was already pressurizing and angry. Since he knew from Dai Chen’an that Liu Ping might be Dai Chenping, he went to check on Liu Ping, and he found out that the age and so on were all correct, and the face became more and more familiar. More importantly, the Liu family also lived with a niece of Mrs. Liu’s family, who was called Mrs. Qing!

Mrs. Qing, Liu Ping… These two should be Shi Qing and Dai Chenping!

Dai Ye was secretly happy in his heart. He didn’t dare to startle the snake, so he followed when he learned that Shi Qing and Mrs. Liu would go to the Mingshan Temple to offer incense.

He has been paying attention to Shi Qing. The scene when Shi Qing went to see Chen Pengyun was clear. Although he didn’t hear what the two were talking about because they were far away, the intimacy of the lonely man and widow was enough to make him angry–Shi Qing is not abiding by the way of women!

Although Dai Ye was angry, his reason was still there, so he came out after Chen Pengyun left, and asked to speak to Shi Qing alone-according to his idea, Shi Qing was timid, and when she was frightened, she should be able to listen to him, he will be able to talk to Shi Qing as if she still belongs to him or something.

Thinking of this, Dai Ye’s eyes fell on Shi Qing’s face again.

Shi Qing used to be Dai Ye’s wife anyway. Dai Ye always remembered what this woman looked like. She was not very good-looking, and she had acne on her face, which made her look oily. He often asked her to wash her face and her skin is still dark and thick…

However, Shi Qing, who hated him so much at the beginning, is now white and her skin is smooth. She is obviously is much older than Wen Qianyu, but her eyes have fewer wrinkles compare to Wen Qianyu.

The village woman in the past now looks like a noble lady! Even if it is not very beautiful, it is attractive.

Dai Ye couldn’t help shaking his head.

If Mu Ling knew what Dai Ye was thinking, she would definitely tell Dai Ye that some people with oily skin would not get wrinkles easily! Of course, this also has something to do with her nursing care of Shi Qing. Shi Qing’s facial features can’t be changed, and it is impossible to become a great beauty, but her skin can be improved.

Shi Qing ignored Dai Ye at all, as if she didn’t know each other.

Although Shi Qing has changed a lot, Dai Ye still doesn’t take this woman seriously, now he is reaching out to grab Shi Qing’s hand.

“Bold madman! You actually molested my wife!” The maid behind Shi Qing stopped Dai Ye with a cry, and Shi Qing also ran a few steps to the wing.

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At this time, the maid had already grabbed Dai Ye’s ear and screamed, “Someone! Help!”

The girl screamed a few times, and the servants who were guarding not far away rushed over, and even Chen Pengyun, who had left, came back because of the movement here.

Those servants didn’t know Dai Ye, so they immediately caught Dai Ye and even beat him in the face.

Dai Ye never thought that he would encounter such a thing couldn’t recover, but at this time another group of people came. It was Wen Qianyu and her sister-in-law, niece Wen Qianyu and her sister-in-law in-laws who she “meet by chance”. Who would have thought that she would see her husband being beaten? Immediately came out to stop: “Hurry up! Xiang Gong, are you all right?”

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