9th Story 8

9th Story 8

He was ordered to enter the official crown, and he returned to Xuanbi to look at Tianyan. The cloud is covered with a five-color talisman flag, and there are thousands of officials wearing rings. This is the grand occasion of the Qionglin Banquet after the imperial examination.

The Qionglin Banquet is hosted by the current sage, and all the Jinshi scholars will participate, as well many officials from the DPRK and China, even bring their female relatives to the banquet.

Although there are probably only a small number of those who have passed the jinshi examination who have not yet married, other young talents in the court will also be present today… I don’t know when the Qionglin Banquet became a grand event.

Many of the younger generation of the aristocratic family are better than those jinshi, and many of them don’t even need to take the scientific examination at all. Of course, in the words of the champion Liu Ping, apart from those royal relatives, there are few who can compare to him.

Wen Qianyu followed her sister-in-law and talked to her niece: “Yun’er, when you see Liu Zhuangyuan, you have to behave well.”

“Auntie!” Blushing red, it does look like a charm.

Wen Qianyu looked at her niece’s appearance with a hint of satisfaction in her eyes, but it was also a pity – if it hadn’t been for the marriage of the prince, her niece might have become the prince’s concubine…

“With Yun’er’s appearance, Liu Yonghe will definitely fall in love with you.” Wen Qianyu said again.

“Auntie, if you say it again, I won’t stick to you anymore.” Wen Shuyun said.

Wen Qianyu pursed her lips and smiled, and said no more.

Dai Ye’s career started entirely from the Wen family, but now that the Wen family is weak, Dai Ye is not affected much, so at this moment, Wen Qianyu is more beautiful than her sister-in-law. After sitting down, there are still others. Many people came to talk.

Wen Qianyu replied with a smile, glimpsed from a distance that there was no one around the third prince, and suddenly felt that it wasn’t a bad thing that she didn’t marry the third prince – the third prince had many women after marrying him Yun’er……

Although the male and female guests of the Qionglin Banquet are separated, they are not far apart, and everyone can walk around. Take a look at it – although this dynasty is not as open as the previous dynasty, it is still possible.

Dai Chen’an sat in the bottom corner of the male guest, frequently looking in the direction of the female guest, a little out of his mind.

“Dai Chen’an, what are you thinking about? Do you miss any lady?” A young man sitting next to Dai Chen’an leaned into Dai Chen’an’s ear and asked.

“Is your sister here today?” Dai Chenan asked immediately.

“My sister? Are you talking about my third sister?” The man asked in surprise. The person sitting next to Dai Chen’an was a son of the Wen family because Dai Chenan followed Wen Dashao since childhood, and over time, the two became acquainted with each other.

After Wen Dashao went to Guozijian to study in recent years, they became inseparable friends. They went to Huajie Liuxiang together, and their reputation was almost ruined.

Of course, they don’t know this, they just think that their life of fighting cocks and walking dogs couldn’t be more dashing.

“Of course!” Dai Chenan said immediately, since he had met Wen Shuyun several times by accident, he had been obsessed with her.

“It doesn’t matter if you want to marry my sister, you better not think about my third sister,” said the Wen Dashao.

“Why?” Dai Chen’an asked.

“You’re just a concubine, do you still want to marry the daughter of the Wen family?” Wen Dashao looked at Dai Chen’an in surprise, as if Dai Chen’an’s idea was outrageous.

“I’m different!” Dai Chen’an said. In fact, he is the authentic son. Isn’t that why Wen Qianyu is so kind to him? But recently, Wen Qianyu has been getting worse and worse towards him…

“Why are you different? Let’s stop thinking about it. Let me tell you, my third sister is going to marry the champion of the new division.”

“The champion of the new division?” Dai Chen’an was a little dazed. He had been studying for so many years, and he had just passed the boy’s student test. He didn’t even say that he was admitted to the scholar. And the champion of the new division…

I heard that the champion of the new division was found by Mr. Liu, who didn’t know where he came from. The side branch of the Liu family, who used to live a very poor life, only soared into the sky after being adopted by Mr. Liu… How could his luck be so good!

Dai Chen’an couldn’t help feeling jealous, and at this time, the current sage was asking the scholars to write poems.

Liu Ping thought for a moment, and soon wrote a poem on the paper. The emperor sitting above saw it and smiled gently: “Yong He, your poem is ready? Let me see it.”

When Liu Ping was crowned, Mr. Liu gave him a word – Yonghe. Hearing the emperor’s words, he immediately wrote his poem to the eunuch who came over and asked the eunuch to present it to the imperial court.

“Good words! Good poetry!” The emperor couldn’t help but praise Liu Ping’s work after he saw Liu Ping’s work: “Aiqing is young, his handwriting is already unique, and his poetry skills are even more outstanding, it is really rare!”

After that, he also let people who are close to him appreciate it together, and then let them circulate it.

Liu Ping has always been low-key before. Although he was named the champion before, many people didn’t take him seriously. At least the second place was not convinced. The second place was very knowledgeable and famous since he was a child but he only got a second place…

The two princes sitting next to the emperor, plus the prime minister, didn’t think Liu Ping really had that talent, thinking that the emperor appointed Liu Ping as the champion, just because Liu Ping was the companion of the seventh prince.

The emperor finally established the seventh prince who had no background as the crown prince, and naturally he had to train some people for the seventh prince.

However, when they saw Liu Ping’s poems, they were no longer dissatisfied with the fact that Liu Ping was awarded the top spot – Liu Ping’s words were drawn from the strengths of many families, and he had his own style, which made people unforgettable, and his poems were unforgettable.

Originally, the second place was jealous of Liu Ping’s, but at this time he was convinced.

Liu Ping is neither arrogant nor impetuous, this show his grandfather taught him well, but the more he is like this, the more respected he is.

Liu Ping responded with a smile to everyone who spoke to him, feeling a little complicated.

He once felt that his father was high above him, but he did not expect that one day, he would become the champion… He could have this day thanks to Mr. Liu’s teaching.

Mr. Liu taught him a lot of knowledge, the principles of being a human being, and how to get along with others. Without Mr. Liu, he would probably only be a man facing the loess and turning his back to the sky.

Of course, what he is most grateful for is his mother. If it weren’t for his mother, he would not have had the opportunity to worship Mr. Liu.

“Yonghe is really good at writing! There’s an old saying, there must be my teacher in a three-way trip. I want to worship Yonghe as my teacher.” Dai Ye also came to Liu Ping with the crowd and said with a smile.

Dai Ye has been an official for many years, and his official position is much higher than that of Liu Ping. He is not disrespectful to Liu Ping, but is very enthusiastic. If you want to be a good official, you must get the Sacred Heart, he is far inferior to Liu Ping in this regard. When the current sage is on the throne, he may still remember him as the former champion, but when the new emperor ascends the throne, who will remember him – Dai Ye?

Dai Ye can’t wait to make friends with Liu Ping. It is best to get Mr. Liu’s guidance…

When Liu Ping heard Dai Ye’s words, his face smiled: “Mr. Dai has won the prize.”

“Where is it?” Dai Ye smiled After chatting with Liu Ping, he also invited Liu Ping to Huo Mu to drink tea together in the future.

Dai Ye is only in the age of no confusion. He is well maintained. He doesn’t have a big belly like some officials. He looks very personable. He chats with Liu Ping very much and even invites Liu Ping to drink tea. People think there is something wrong, except Liu Ping.

Liu Ping never thought that he would chat with his father like this one day, and be complimented by his father without a trace.

Over the years, he has practiced to be extremely smooth. When talking to Dai Ye, he was not rude and not rude at all, but he did not agree and seems a little bit alienate..

After Dai Ye talked with Liu Ping, he was even more impressed with Liu Ping.

Generally, young people who are successful will be a little arrogant, but Liu Ping has no arrogance at all. Look at this young talent who is said to have been enlightened because his family was poor when he was eight or nine years old. Then he turned to look at his son, Dai Ye felt very uncomfortable.

His youngest son is only ten years old, so there is nothing to be exacting, but Dai Chenan…

“Look at you, you are so old that you haven’t even been admitted to a scholar, and you have accomplished nothing. What does it look like!” Dai Ye looked at him dissatisfiedly! I wish I didn’t have this son, lest others often talk to him about Dai Chen’an in a meaningful way.

Dai Chen’an lowered his head and became more and more unconvinced. He just couldn’t learn, so what could he do?

After all, it was a banquet, so Dai Ye didn’t say much, and left after explaining a few more words.

Speaking of which, although Dai Ye was dissatisfied with Dai Chen’an and felt that there was nothing in Dai Chen’an’s body, but Dai Chen’an was the first son he recognized, and he still cared about Dai Chen’an very much. Thinking of Dai Chen’an’s current age, he even met him specially. Several of his subordinates mentioned a few words about the marriage of their sons and daughters, implying that they want to betrothed to their childs.

He only has such a son of the right age. If these subordinates are willing, they will naturally bring their daughter to Wen Qianyu, and then they will be able to see each other.

It’s a pity that Dai Chen’an is really ineffective, otherwise he can find a more suitable in-law for him.

Dai Ye felt that the daughters of his subordinates had wronged Dai Chen’an, but he didn’t know that his subordinates were actually very unhappy.

Dai Chen’an is only a concubine, and he is still a concubine with no ability at all. There are also a bunch of beautiful girls “serving” around him. Marrying their daughter to such a person, isn’t this a grudge against their daughter?

In fact, if the Dai family has a big business, it would be good if Dai Chen’an can get a share of the property in the future, but the key point is that everyone knows that the Dai family’s current family business is basically Wen Qianyu’s dowry, and it will be given to her own sons and daughters in the future…. If Dai Chen’an is good enough, maybe he can get something or make a name for himself. What can he have in the future when he is like this? I’m afraid it will be difficult to support a family!

Several of Dai Ye’s subordinates looked at each other and smiled bitterly, but at this time, Dai Chenan left the place where he was sitting…

After Liu Ping chatted with the people, he asked the waiter to take him out to Gonggong, and after returning to the garden he didn’t rush to his seat, but walked slowly by the pond.

At this moment, a seventeen- or eighteen-year-old girl appeared in front of him. The girl was extremely beautiful, and her figure was already open. She was supporting the tree trunk and frowning, looking very amorous.

“This son, can you help me find my maid? I accidentally sprained my foot.” Wen Shuyun supported the tree and glanced at Liu Ping embarrassedly.

If a girl asks for help like this, ordinary young masters will probably agree immediately, and then ask the woman about the dress of the maid she is looking for, in this way, it is natural to catch up. If the maid is not found, the young master can still ask for help. A helping hand… The woman’s face turned red when she thought of this, but Liu Ping just frowned and glanced at her, and then called out a maid who hurriedly passed by on a path not far away: “There is someone over there. A girl has sprained her foot, go and have a look!”

It is the job of these maids to serve good guests, and the maid immediately walked towards Wen Shuyun’s place after hearing Liu Ping’s words, but Liu Ping did not look back. He left with disgust in his eyes.

The woman just now looked too much like Wen Qianyu. If he guessed correctly, she might be the third young lady from the Wen family.

Back then, when the Wen family used the third prince to have great popularity in the court, the emperor was already dissatisfied. If not for this, the emperor would not have pointed the third prince to something else when he knew that the Wen family wanted to marry Wen Qianyu to the third prince. This is considered to be the emperor’s beating of the Wen family, but the Wen family has no idea, and it is still very arrogant in public after that…

In the past few years, the emperor has really suppressed the Wen family, and the result is that, the Wen family still does not know how to repent…

Although Liu Ping has not yet married, Mr. Liu and Mrs. Liu have long been optimistic about the right girl for him. It was a girl from Mrs. Liu’s family. The girl is doing filial piety now, so she didn’t say anything about it.

Mrs. Liu had brought the girl to the Liu family to live for half a year before. She got along with his mother very well, and he also liked it very much… Liu Ping’s face showed a gentle look, but there was a sudden strong wind on the left side. attacked him.

Someone attacked!

A lot of modern knowledge made Mu Ling know that it is not enough for a person to be knowledgeable, but also to have a good body. She will naturally not forget this when raising her children.

It is unrealistic to make Liu Ping a master. After all, Liu Ping doesn’t have that much time, and those martial arts generals with amazing martial arts are all trained through a thousand trials and tribulations… But even if Liu Ping is not required to practice the same skills as generals but to take some time every day to exercise and learn a few tricks against the enemy.

After Liu Ping’s body was recuperated, Shi Qing asked Liu Ping to get up early every morning and run around the yard for a few laps. Later, Liu Ping became the seventh prince’s companion, and he practiced riding and archery with the seventh prince every day.

Liu Ping’s riding and archery skills are not good, not even comparable to the Seventh Prince who is two years younger than him, but still he has learned it.

Feeling that someone was attacking him now, Liu Ping ducked sideways, and then kicked the opponent.

“Ouch!” The man didn’t seem to hide at all, and was kicked by Liu Ping. At the same time, Liu Ping saw the man’s appearance clearly through the lights hanging around the yard.

Dai Ye Dai’s concubine son, Dai Chen’an.

There are many playboys in the capital, and Liu Ping also doesn’t know many, even though he doesn’t know anyone, but he definitely knows Dai Chen’an. He even pays great attention to this person. Who made this person his own younger brother?

Seeing that Dai Chenan obviously has a lot of resources to use, but wastes time all day, Liu Ping really doesn’t know how he should react… Vaguely, he is actually a little happy.

He and his mother treated Dai Chen’an with all their hearts and souls. But later when they came under Wen Qianyu’s hands, they did not ask Dai Chen’an to treat Wen Qianyu for them. As a result, seeing their own mother and brother suffer, Dai Chen’an did not say a word. Fu…

Liu Ping subconsciously kicked him again.

This is his younger brother. If he is bullied, he will rush to protect him. If he is greedy, he will work hard to pick the only red dates left on the top of the tree. He’s not a great kung fu, but he’s actually quite good at hitting people, which he learned when he was a child in the countryside. At that time, he didn’t have a father at home, so he began to take on the responsibility of a man of the house very early…

He chose the places where he could hurt people without hurting them. Dai Chen’an’s could only shout “Ow Ow” in pain.

There are people coming and going in this garden today. Of course, no one knows what is going on here. In fact, someone came over soon, and even the emperor who came here was a rare person who wanted to stroll in the garden.

Seeing someone approaching, Liu Ping immediately put his hand away, he stood under a tree, with a tall body and a very innocent expression, and then immediately knelt down towards the emperor: “Your Majesty, someone moved against the minister just now, and the minister resisted. In my defense I seems to have injured someone.”

Liu Zhuangyuan’s body is thin, it really doesn’t look like he can hurt someone… The people present were a little skeptical when they heard this.

Dai Chen’an was already frightened at this time. He wanted to secretly teach Liu Ping, who wanted to take away his Wen Shuyun but he didn’t want to alarm the emperor… That’s the emperor! However, Dai Chenan who used to spent all day trying to escape punishment, and he already developed some skills, such as sophistry.

He knelt on the ground like Liu Ping and kept kowtowing: “Your Majesty, I was wronged! I definitely didn’t hit anyone, but he suddenly came up to hit me!”

Dai Chenan was only fourteen or fifteen years old when he was attracted by the servants beside him. He sleeps all day, and now the whole person is full of dejected breath, with deep bags under the eyes, a look of excessive indulgence, it is really difficult for people to have a good impression, and the emperor dislikes him a little.

“Are you saying that my champion came to beat you suddenly for no reason?” The emperor frowned and looked at the chief eunuch beside him: “Who is this?”

After seeing Dai Chen’an just now, the chief eunuch had already signaled others to check on Dai Chen’an. His identity has already been ascertained at this time: “Back to the emperor, this is the concubine of Dai Shilang’s family.”

“Dai Ye?” The emperor hesitated.

“The emperor atones for his sins, the ministers and children have no way…” Someone went to look for Dai Ye after seeing Dai Chen’an’s appearance just now, but Dai Ye hurriedly arrived and immediately knelt out.

The emperor frowned and looked at Dai Ye, which made Dai Ye tremble again.

“What is this all about?” the emperor asked in dissatisfaction.

“Your Majesty, Young Master Dai wanted to say hello to me, but I was treated as a villain.” Still Liu Ping said that although he didn’t like Dai Chen’an, he didn’t want to destroy Dai Chen’an, so he gave Dai Chen’an a bad one down the steps.

“Your Majesty, that’s it, I thought Lord Liu was my friend and wanted to say hello to him!” Dai Chenan immediately climbed down the steps.

Liu Ping is the champion today, and he still wears flowers on his head. It is easy to admit that he is wrong. Therefore, the first reaction of the people present after hearing Dai Chen’an’s words was that this person was lying.

Judging from the current appearance, I am afraid that this playboy saw that the champion was placed on the order, and he felt jealous, so he wanted to go up and attack, but he was beaten by the weak master. This playboy is really useless.

“You can’t even beat a weak scholar, you still have the face to say it!” The emperor saw that Liu Ping had nothing to do with him, he didn’t bother to care anymore, and waved his hand directly: “Take the person away, the son is not the godfather. Don’t bring him out to be ashamed.”

After speaking, he let Liu Ping down, and ignored Dai Chen’an.

Today is a good day. The emperor just didn’t treat Dai Chen’an, but his words are enough to make Dai Chen’an’s future look gloomy, and even Dai Ye will be greatly affected.

Dai Chen’an was not stupid, but thenhe noticed that something was wrong. Thinking that Liu Ping had said something for him just now, he subconsciously wanted to ask Liu Ping, and felt that as long as he apologized, it would be difficult for others to blame him: “Master Liu , I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean it…”

Dai Chen’an said while holding Liu Ping’s robe corner, and then he was suddenly stunned – with the help of the nearby lantern that was moved because of the arrival of the emperor, he could see clearly Liu Ping’s hand, who was standing beside him now.

There is a scar on the back of Liu Ping’s hand, Dai Chenan knows it. He was very naughty when he was a child once, he provoked the dog of the landlord’s house. The dog kept chasing him. He was worried that he would be bitten by the dog and cried out in fright….

He was seven years old when his mother took his brother away. He remembered most things, and he also had an impression of his brother and mother. When he didn’t think about Liu Ping or Dai Chenping, he was completely forgotten Liu Ping is my elder brother, but now I think about it, I feel that Liu Ping is like my elder brother everywhere.

Liu Ping turned out to be his brother!

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