9th Story 12 End

9th Story 12 End 


Hearing this, Qi Yunyan was slightly taken aback. “Is it cold?” she asked subconsciously.

When they came here this time, for the convenience of movement, all of them wore few clothes. It might be a physical problem but Qi Yunyan felt that the temperature in the office building was normal, not too cold. The only problem is that the office building is a little too quiet.

Before they came here, they had anticipated the countermeasures after they were discovered several times, but they didn’t meet a single person along the way.

“But, it’s really cold…”

After hearing what she said, the others looked at each other in blank dismay. Qi Yunyan took a look at them and found that their condition was indeed not very good. Many people’s cheeks turned blue from the cold, their lips turned an unnatural purple color, several people even hugged their arms tightly and began to tremble. Perhaps the light in the room was too dim, everyone’s eyes were dark without any brilliance.

The dark eyes, combined with the bloodless faces, gave one an indescribably eerie feeling. Such a scene was so weird that Qi Yunyan froze in place for a while. To put it inappropriately, there seems to be an invisible space here, which completely separates her from the shivering people around her. Looking at the others, Qi Yunyan pursed his lips, but didn’t say anything strange about herself.

“It’s really cold… Let’s go in quickly,” she said, “Find Lin Xiaotang first, and settle the matter.” After speaking, she turned her face away, trying to make her look more natural.

“Then let’s go.”

The people around heard her words and didn’t doubt anything. They wrapped their clothes tightly, followed behind Qi Yunyan, and walked towards the next stairs together. Lin Xiaotang’s study is on the fifth floor, which is what Qi Yunyan had inquired about before they came over. In order not to startle the enemy, they did not choose to take the elevator, but went up from the stairwell.

When we first went up to the second floor, everyone’s reaction was pretty good. Although the coldness came inexplicably, their expressions were very natural, their limbs were not stiff when they moved, which made people feel that they were still alive.

But as they were gradually went up the floor, Qi Yunyan found that the condition of these people was getting worse. When they reached the third floor, the footsteps of the others slowed down significantly. Their bodies began to tremble together and the “click” sound of their teeth colliding could be clearly heard in the silent stairwell.

“Why is it getting colder and colder…” someone said in a hoarse voice. Qi Yunyan took a glance from the corner of her eye and found that when they breathed, white mist would come out from their mouths. The dense white mist was very clear in the darkness and in a trance, it gave her the illusion that she had come to the cold winter.

This is really very wrong, why is this happening?

After touching her warm palm and feeling the suitable temperature around her, Qi Yunyan panicked and felt a sense of retreat in vain. No… she can’t do this. Maybe Lin Xiaotang was playing tricks to prevent someone from sneaking in, or maybe…., after all zombies have supernatural powers.

It’s all here, for the sake of her future, she can’t back down easily! Thinking of this and thinking of all the grievances she has suffered these days, Qi Yunyan swallowed and suppressed the uneasiness in her heart. Taking a deep breath, she continued walking upstairs.

Da da da… Da da… Da da…

Amidst the slow footsteps of everyone, the fourth floor arrived. At this moment, a shrill scream suddenly came from behind Qi Yunyan!

“Ahh! There is a ghost!——”

What’s wrong?

After hearing the movement, Qi Yunyan turned her head quickly, only to see that the screaming person was leaning against the wall, his legs were trembling, he was almost paralyzed on the ground. His face was full of horror, his eyes were wide open and he looked straight ahead. And the place he was looking at, turned out to be behind her!

Noticing this, Qi Yunyan’s heart skipped a beat. Following this person’s line of sight, she turned around slowly and found that the people who were following behind her were all strange!

They were still in the posture of going upstairs, their arms were slightly raised, and their heels hadn’t landed on the ground. It seemed that they would walk to Qi Yunyan’s side in the next second. But they kept this action motionless as if someone had pressed the pause button.

Because of the close distance, Qi Yunyan could clearly see that their faces were covered with a thin layer of frost. There is no white mist in front of their mouths and noses, there is no ups and downs when the heart beats on their chests, and their skin and limbs look abnormally stiff. What’s even more frightening is that these frozen people all had a weird smile on their faces! Their expressions were so joyful, as if they had seen something extremely happy.

What is going on!?

When people are afraid because of the surge of adrenaline, it will be difficult to maintain reason and they will become easily angry and impulsive.

In the confusion, Qi Yunyan stretched out her hand and touched the face of the person closest to her, trying to figure out what happened.

——Then, her body trembled uncontrollably.

When her fingers touched the opponent’s cheek, an extremely cold breath followed the opponent’s skin and penetrated into Qi Yunyan’s fingertips. This bone-piercing coldness, like a cold-blooded poisonous snake, tightly twisted around her hand, almost causing her to lose all feeling in her fingers. Seeing this scene, and feeling her frozen fingers, an unprecedented absurd idea popped up in her mind in an instant—

these people might have been frozen to death!

As soon as this idea appeared, Qi Yunyan’s heart was immediately disturbed, and a look of horror finally appeared on her face.

Why? Why did they have an accident?

Why is it cold in here?!

No one knows that Qi Yunyan, who seems to be fearless, actually has one thing that she is very afraid of – the dead. To put it more carefully, it is corpse. Maybe it’s the psychological shadow left over from her previous life, even in the last life, Qi Yunyan will never forget the power of zombies and her weakness and her powerlessness as an ordinary person. The ten years of living in the last days had already caused her an incurable mental illness and the fear of zombies and death was also deeply burned into her genes, but she had always disguised herself very well.

Qi Yunyan’s personality is relatively calm. In the past few months, even in the face of more than a hundred zombies chasing and killing her, she has been able to maintain her rationality throughout the process. But since she entered this office building, everything that happened was too scary. When it was confirmed that her companion was dead, the tense nerves in her mind broke completely.

“don’t want!!!”

After letting out a shrill scream, Qi Yunyan took two steps back, turned around and fled upstairs. She ran very fast, stumbled and almost tried her best to get out of here!

No, she can’t stay here! She doesn’t stay with them! Qi Yunyan moved quickly. Before anyone could react, she hurriedly left the fourth floor and came to the fifth floor.

The fifth floor is where Lin Xiaotang’s study is located, it is also the highest floor of the building. There are no stairs to go up. After arriving at this floor, Qi Yunyan staggered into the corridor without hesitation. She leaned on the wall, panting heavily, until her heartbeat gradually calmed down then she walked slowly to Lin Xiaotang’s study according to the route in her memory.

She also didn’t know what else she could do to find Lin Xiaotang after losing her companion. But she has no other place to go, she dare not turn back, so she can only go to this position.

Compared with the four floors below, the fifth floor is deeper and quieter. A deadly silence enveloped it, swallowing all sounds. The former Qi Yunyan could still hear the subtle breathing of the people around her and could feel the rubbing sound of their clothes when they collided with each other. But after arriving here, all these slight movements disappeared completely. However, regarding this, Qi Yunyan felt extremely at ease.

Be quiet, just be quiet, as long as you can leave those who are wrong, you can say anything.

Wiping the sweat from her brow, she started to walk again. However, may be that she has recovered her strength, while walking, Qi Yunyan recalled all the things that happened just now, and suddenly noticed something was wrong. As the leader, she was always at the front of the line. If it hadn’t been for someone screaming from behind to remind her, she wouldn’t have turned her head to find out the fact that those people were frozen to death.

But why is he screaming?

When they found their companions standing still, their first reaction should be to go over to inquire and observe the situation, instead of calling out directly, right?

… And, if she remembers correctly, that person who screamed at the beginning seemed to be saying “ghost”?

Thinking of this, Qi Yunyan’s footsteps stopped. Those details that she ignored flooded up like a tide and a chill ran up her spine, making her tremble with fear and her heart beat crazily faster. At this moment, a chuckle came from behind her ear.

“I finally found you.”

Qi Yunyan stiffened her body, turned her head slightly, only to see a black figure standing quietly behind her, clinging tightly to her back. Then it held out a hand towards her. Accompanied by its movements, Qi Yunyan felt her legs start to tremble.

The surrounding air also suddenly became extremely cold, so cold that her eyes turned black, even the breath she swallowed and exhaled when she breathed turned into a cloud of white mist.

It’s really cold…

These five words were the only thoughts that came to Qi Yunyan’s mind before she passed out.

… After Qi Yunyan fell down, the lights in the originally dark corridor on the fifth floor suddenly turned on one by one. Immediately afterwards, a beautiful girl with black hair and black eyes opened the door. She walked out with light steps and came to the side of the unconscious Qi Yunyan. She stretched out her hand, pulled the jade bracelet off Qi Yunyan’s wrist and put it on her own wrist.

From the very beginning, when she sold the bracelet to Qi Yunyan for two million, she had been waiting for the day when she could get the bracelet back. No matter what Qi Yunyan wanted, she was sure she could do it. But now it seems that she no longer needs to pay Qi Yunyan.

After observing the bracelet for a few seconds and confirming that it was not a fake, Lin Xiaotang clapped her hands and summoned a few fifth-level zombies.

“Take them to the research institute and let Hua Mingxiu and the others take over.” She ordered lightly.

“Ho ho!”

Lin Xiaotang noticed Qi Yunyan and her group when they entered her office building. In other words, from the moment they entered her base and began to inquire about her, Lin Xiaotang had been observing them. She knew that in this world, there would definitely be people who disagreed with her or hated her. Just like Qi Yunyan and those members under her, they always have malicious intentions for various reasons, hoping that something will happen to her, so as to cause a war between zombies and humans.

However, she didn’t intend to reason with these people. It just so happened that her research institute had just extracted the zombie virus some time ago, and produced a “zombie potion” that can convert ordinary people into zombies without injury. Just considering the particularity of the zombie virus, the medicine has not yet undergone clinical trials. In order to turn the remaining ordinary people into zombies and complete the “evolution”, she needs to find some volunteers to test the medicine.

These people who threw themselves into the net naturally fell into Lin Xiaotang’s eyes. So, after using some ability to scare them and teach them a lesson, Lin Xiaotang froze them directly.

Unsurprisingly, they ended up being injected with the virus by those in the research institute and used as guinea pigs for research. In this way, they can also make a little contribution to the development of mankind.

Lin Xiaotang turned around while thinking and re-entered the study. The original owner’s grandmother’s bracelet was returned to the original owner and insignificant people like Qi Yunyan were no longer enough to attract her attention.

Next, she still has a lot of things to deal with, such as how to rebuild her home, how to arrange the zombies outside, she can’t waste time here.

… What happened in Lin Xiaotang’s office building that night was so silent that no one noticed. The disappearance of Qi Yunyan and others did not cause the slightest sensation in the outside world. That’s right, after all, the glorious Ark base in the past became a waste area a few months ago and was gradually forgotten by the outside world.

There are so many people in City B, who would care about these few ordinary strangers?

In the rapidly developing zombie base, everyone is working hard for the future of mankind. Over time, the existence of Qi Yunyan and the others became like small grains of sand, completely submerged by the rolling tide of the times.

One year later, after a large number of clinical trials, the Research Institute of City B finally launched a generation of zombie medicine to the outside world. Ordinary people who have taken the potion will transform into zombies overnight, and during this process, they will not be harmed, the pain will be greatly reduced. Moreover, compared with those naturally formed zombies, these potions can effectively shorten the evolution time of zombies.

Under normal circumstances, it takes about two years for a level 1 zombie to rise to level 5, but after taking the zombie potion, ordinary people only need half a year to evolve to level 5, gradually begin to have sanity and initially Restored the memories of being human. Of course, those who have completed evolution after passing the potion will have a certain gap with normal zombies in terms of ability. Some people who can’t even have supernatural powers after they become zombies, but their physical strength will become greater.

But even so, it is much better than being an ordinary person. In the third and fifth years after that, two and three generations of zombie potions came out in succession in City B. By the tenth year of the end of the world, most of the zombies had completely completed their evolution, returned to human form and gained very powerful abilities.

In order to distinguish, some scientists call this group of people “new humans”, and call the people before the end of the world “old humans”. Whether it is physical strength, longevity or even survivability, the new humans are much stronger than the old humans. It may be because the new humans have been by Lin Xiaotang’s side since they first evolved, being “slaved” by her. Therefore, even if they turned back into humans, they still listened to Lin Xiaotang very much.

The awe of Lin Xiaotang, the zombie king, has been deeply engraved in their minds and has become their instinct. So, even if the new humans have powerful enough superpowers they still be obedient under the laws and regulations promulgated by Lin Xiaotang. Compared with the old society, the security environment of the new society composed of more destructive new humans is much better.

As for the original Zombie King Huhu, he had given himself a name – Lin Xue’an a few years ago. Under the influence of Lin Xiaotang, he loves learning very much, often goes to the research institute and has a strong interest in biology. In order to satisfy his desire for research, the big black cat, Awu was brutally murdered by Lin Xue’an many times and was forcibly placed on the test bench.

When Lin Xiaotang came home, she could often see this person chasing and hiding, fighting everywhere.

Lin Xiaotang: “…”

She was a little surprised by his changes, but also a little helpless. After all, Lin Xue’an in the original plot is a cold and heartless militant who only thinks about leading zombies to attack the human base every day. But now, Lin Xue’an has turned into a madman of science.

“If possible, I really want to study myself.” He once said to Lin Xiaotang like this.

Ever since he knew that he had completed evolution since birth and became a new human being, Lin Xue’an had developed a strong interest in himself. Similarly, he was also very curious about Lin Xiaotang, because he could feel that Lin Xiaotang didn’t look like a zombie or a new human being.

“I am an old human being.” Facing Lin Xue’an’s question, Lin Xiaotang said very frankly. There’s nothing shameful about this, since he wants to know, then she’ll tell him.

“I see.”

Lin Xue’an grew up with zombies and hadn’t seen old humans much. He wasn’t surprised or amazed by this. Having been with Lin Xiaotang day and night for so long, he had already guessed about Lin Xiaotang’s physical condition and Lin Xiaotang’s reply now only confirmed his guess.

However, Lin Xue’an was not surprised anymore but after the news that “Lin Xiaotang is an old human” spread to the outside world, it caused a sensation in the entire human world. Countless people were shocked. They never expected that the powerful and mysterious zombie king in the past was not even a zombie!

“I must be dreaming…” Someone couldn’t help murmuring.

“It’s no wonder the spies told me that Lin Xiaotang is a vegetarian, she is not a zombie at all!”

Those high-level executives of the human base who had sent people to infiltrate the zombie base to inquire about Lin Xiaotang’s deeds showed amazement in addition to their astonishment.

However, what does it got to do wether Lin Xiaotang a zombie or not? Although they didn’t know what she used to control the zombies in the first place, but she contributed a lot to the development of the new human beings. She is a hero to all mankind. In this way, under the leadership of a group of people headed by Lin Xiaotang, the new humans rebuilt their homeland.

The national system has recovered, and all parts of the world have entered a stage of rapid development. As for why human beings suddenly evolved on their own, and what is the real sign of the zombie virus, this has always been an unsolved mystery in everyone’s mind. However, because their current capabilities are not enough, and many researchers have injected zombie medicine, the progress of this research has been very slow.

However, it didn’t take long for the mystery to be revealed. In the 25th year of the end of the world, a comet suddenly landed on the earth!

Before it broke through the atmosphere, it was torn into large and small “fragments” by the strong gravity of the earth, scattered and landed on the surface of the earth. Their impact brought a near-destructive blow to the ecosystem, instantly triggered a large-scale tsunami, and also disturbed the magnetic field inside the earth!

Earthquakes occur, landslides and ground fissures, floods and volcanoes erupt frequently… All kinds of natural disasters erupted together, destroying nearly 60% of human homes. In this earth-shaking disaster, many fragile old humans died on the spot. Even some new humans with poorer survivability couldn’t resist for too long.

Only the new human beings who are strong enough and have a certain self-healing ability barely survived in this earth-shattering disaster. It turns out that this is the real “end of the world”.

And when the end of the world comes this time, what attracts the most attention is not the frequent natural and man-made disasters, but a single person—

Lin Xiaotang.

In the sky, the clouds rolled crazily, and the light was brilliant. Under such a dazzling scene, a slender girl stood quietly in midair, looking up at the sky. Facing the menacing comet, she waved her hand and with one person’s strength, she blocked most of the comet fragments and forcibly blocked them from the atmosphere! Her movements were so light, and the scenes she created were so vast and magnificent, that after many years, they still remain clearly in the minds of hundreds of millions of people.

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