In the last apocalyptic world, Lin Xiaotang used some energy to protect the new humans on the earth. After ensuring that they could continue, she stepped through the void, turned and left.

She already knew the real reason for the end of the world. After that, there was no need for her to stay any longer.

However, Lin Xiaotang was quite shocked by such a result. Before entering this world, the content of the original plot provided to her by the system only lasted until the 20th year of the end of the world and it ended. Because during this year, with the support of the hero and heroine, Hua Mingxiu developed the legendary zombie vaccine. But the zombie vaccine made by Hua Mingxiu is not so much a cure, but a biochemical weapon. Because its greatest use is not to keep humans infected with the zombie virus alive, but to kill zombies.

Yes, kill zombies.

At the end of the plot, the hostess and heroine sent their hands to sprinkle the vaccine all over the world, completely wiping out all the zombies. If you don’t know the essence of the zombie virus, this ending can really be regarded as a happy ending. Zombies have been eradicated, human safety has been guaranteed and they can live without worry.

However, in the 25th year of the end of the world, there will be a disaster of a comet hitting the earth.In this way, wouldn’t the efforts of the hero and heroine make human beings completely disappear from the earth?

The heroine chosen by the world consciousness for itself actually destroyed the carrier of the world consciousness?

This reversal was so dramatic that Lin Xiaotang stayed in the system space for several minutes before she recovered.

However, despite being astonished, such an interesting situation made Lin Xiaotang even more interested. She was already tired of seeing the unchanging mode of social operation. What she wanted was precisely such a rich, wonderful and unpredictable experience.

“Go directly to the next world.” After a while, Lin Xiaotang said.

【it is good. 】The system said.

“What is my mission?”

[Find the villain Wang Xiaomei, help her out of the predicament and fulfill her wish. 】

As the system’s voice fell, a complex memory swept towards Lin Xiaotang accompanied by a whirlwind. And when she opened her eyes again, a woman’s mournful cry came from her ear. What caught her eyes was a dark room.

… In this way, after an unknown number of years, Lin Xiaotang has been traveling between different worlds. Receive tasks, complete tasks and during this period, meet many different people and experience many different things. Ordinary modern world, wonderful fantasy repair, sprinting magic western fantasy world, even the wonderful female world or the ABO interstellar world with six genders…

all novel or not novel places , there are traces of her footsteps. During such a long journey, she has been a smashing star, and has also become a virtuous king for a countless times. But at the same time, she has been an ordinary courier brother and an unknown teacher. She has experienced many worlds and hundreds of lives one by one. Go through thousands of sails, all kinds of tastes, but that’s all.

Maybe it was because she had experienced enough things, slowly, Lin Xiaotang’s pace eased down. She thought, maybe she should stay for a while and take a good rest. It was also at this time that the villain rescue system approached her.

[Host, our main god is recruiting a new system recently, do you want to try it? 】The system asked excitedly.

“New system?” Hearing this, Lin Xiaotang was slightly taken aback: “You mean, let me do the system?”

[Yes,] the system said, [Many systems are transformed from the host, your grades are so good, seniority is very old, there must be no problem! 】

【It’s also very easy to build a system, just like me, go to various worlds to find a host that suits your taste, bind with the other party, arrange work for the other party. Playing in the world, you can also go with the host to assist the other party to complete the task. 】

“Is that so.” After hearing what the system said, Lin Xiaotang was thinking carefully.

From host to system? Hearing what the system said, it seems quite interesting. Anyway, she is also very nostalgic for those colorful worlds, it is not bad to experience it with a different identity and perspective.

“Okay, I’ll give it a try.”

Just like that, Lin Xiaotang’s journey resumed. In other words, her footsteps never stopped. But what happened to her afterward is another story.

(End of the full text)


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