First Story 8 (End)

Su Zihua and Fang Pengyun reconciled, and the moment Su Zihua got the book from the clerk, Su Zihua cried with joy, then couldn’t support it anymore, immediately fainted.

Next, Su Zihua raised her body in the Su family.

The doctor in Linjiang County is not that good, but there is nothing wrong with the prescription she prescribed to Su Zihua. Mu Ling didn’t make any changes, but in addition to the decoction, she told Su Zi’s painting to take some medicated food.

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Medicine tonic is not as good as food tonic. The main reason for Su Zihua is that the body is too weak. In this case, it is not good for her to take medicine and not eat anything.

The more effective medicinal diets are more or less tasteful, and most people don’t like to eat them. But Su Zihua were hungry for a long time, so that now as long as it is food, she likes to eat, and even wants to eat when dhe is full. She stopped, she might be able to vomit herself after eating.

The little confinement by Su Zihua sat for a full month. During this month, the Su family regarded her as compliant because of guilt. Su Zishu, who had been helping Fang Pengyun before, after Fang Pengyun’s “true face” was revealed. He felt even more guilty for her sister, and gave a lot of things to Su Zihua, all of which Su Zihua liked before she got married.

When Su Zihua was a little girl, she liked some delicate gadgets, or copybooks, but now her preferences are completely different, so she is not happy to receive these things, Su Zishu only felt that she is still angry,

“Second brother, if you want to give me something, it’s better to give me money directly.” Su Zihua finally said.

“How can this be? Hua’er, when are you covered with copper?” Su Zishu disapproved with all his face, he gave gifts to his own mind, how could he give vulgar things like silver?

Su Zihua knew that her second brother had been studying, and it would be the case for non-popular objects, but the previous second brother’s actions still made her a little bit chilly, and she became cold now: “What about the smell of copper? What are these things? Can I eat or wear? When I was about to die of starvation, I even took a few bites and it cut my mouth.”

These literati play things, people who like them are willing to spend a lot of money, but when you put them in front of people who don’t like them, they may not want to sell a copper plate! Of course, this is also because Linjiang County is a small place, and there are no treasures in the things that Su Zishu brought to her, and some of them are directly the works of the students of the academy.

Su Zishu’s face was white at the moment.

“Second brother, if you really want to make up for it, please change all of these into silver. If you can’t change the silver, I will give it to you.” Su Zihua get the presents received these days and some arty in her dowry. All the things were taken out, and although the Su family treated her very well, she knew that she could not rely on the Su family forever, she still had to have some money by her side.

Su Zishu took those things and walked with his head down. He used to want to get ahead by reading, but now thinking about his sister and Fang Pengyun, he always feels that he can’t go on like that anymore.

Su Zishu sold everything he could sell, but unfortunately some of the things he likes to buy, he couldn’t sell it for takeaway…This made him even more embarrassed, and finally borrowed money from Su Ziqi to fill it in, and then delivered it toSu Zihua.

Hundreds of taels of silver were put together by Su Zihua and her dowry. When she was happy about the increasing amount of money, Su Ziqi and Su’s father both gave her a sum of money.

Su Zihua has re-booked her belongings. She is now completely able to buy a large piece of land, and then as a landlord’s wife, she will find a few people to serve her and live her life comfortably. It’s just that she obviously can’t really do this…

“Zihua, your health is getting better, what are your plans for the future?” Su Mu carefully looked at Su Zihua, although Su Zihua looked very good these days but she still didn’t dare to stimulate her daughter.

“Mother, just say what you have.” Su Zi drew.

“Mother wants to ask you if you want to find someone else,” said Su’s mother, and quickly explained, “Hua’er, mother doesn’t dislike you, but you don’t have a child now. What will you do when you grow old? No one will give you incensed when you’re dead…” Probably because she thought she had said it, Su’s mother appeared bewildered again.

Su Zihua looked at her mother calmly, and now this situation was already in her expectation. When she no longer complains about herself, and is no longer trapped by love, many things can be seen more clearly.

It is impossible for her to stay in Su’s house for a lifetime. It will only be rejected. After all, even if her parents and brothers are willing to let her stay, her two sister-in-laws will not want to keep raising her. So she must plan early.

At the beginning, she thought about living alone, and even thought about leaving here with money, but that was not safe. She was alone in a place where she was unfamiliar with her life, and if she was robbed of her wealth, no one would help. she.

She is not the heroine in the script, after all, she is just a weak woman who can’t even beat a woman like Li.

There is a widow in the alley where Fang’s residence lives alone. Every midnight, some poppi who has no money to marry a wife knocks on her door. She doesn’t want to fall there by herself, and hires someone… who knows that someone she hires will do wouldn’t it turn around to make money and kill?

These days, Su Zihua thought about all her ways out, and she didn’t know if she thought too much, and finally found out that unless she married or became a monk, the other things were not appropriate.

Once a monk, safety is not guaranteed. If you want to live a peaceful life, you can only marry in this society, but this time, she must keep her eyes open.

“Mother, I know, you can help me see it.” Su Zihua smiled slightly.

Su’s mother left soon, and Mu Ling looked at Su Zihua: “You can hire a son-in-law and let him listen to you everywhere.” There are many men who cannot marry a wife these days, and these men may even be because of their family. There are so many brothers, and in the end there is no real estate and house, and being a son-in-law is better than selling himself as a slave. When Mu Ling lived in the country village, a tenant in her village died. The tenant’s wife could not support three children, so she said she would recruit a man. At the time, she was still thinking about how there might be a man. willing? Unexpectedly, it didn’t take long for a man to change her husband’s surname and live in her house.

Powerful people pay attention to etiquette and rules everywhere, but for people who can’t even fill their stomachs, these are empty words.

“Who can guarantee that he will always listen to me, if he beats me like Li’s…” Su Zihua immediately rejected it.

“That’s true.” Mu Ling reacted immediately,

Su Zihua has a lot of money, who knows if it will provoke people with ulterior motives?

“Moreover, I won’t be able to get pregnant in the future. I’m not worry about adopting a child. Sometimes, the poorer I am, the more I can take risks. I think it’s a good idea to find a man with a good family background and a good reputation. , Their children are getting older and don’t have to worry about them. Once they die, I will become an old lady immediately. Even if those children look down on me, they must treat me respectfully. I don’t know if anyone can do to me.” Su Zihua calmly planned her future.

Only then did Mu Ling realize that she hadn’t talked to Su Zihua about how she could still be pregnant: “Although you hurt your body before, but after two years of raising your body, you should still be pregnant.”

Su Zihua was taken aback, but quickly said: “It doesn’t matter whether I can have children or not. I am like this. It would be good to be able to make continuations for people.” If it were three years ago, she would be worthy of any son in Linjiang County. , But after marrying Fang Pengyun once, she no longer has the ability to choose.

“You don’t have to look down on yourself… Do you want to learn maintenance from me?” Su Zihua sober made Mu Ling try to teach her more.

“Yes.” Su Zihua said immediately. Now, she also wants to understand that Fang Pengyun no longer protects her afterwards, and it is mostly related to her having no time to take care of herself due to housework and various trivial matters. A shaggy woman, where can Fang Pengyun feel pity?

She was married at the age of sixteen, and now she is only nineteen. Taking good care of herself will definitely not be too bad.

After Su’s mother took a look at Su Zihua, Su’s father also said a few words about Su Zihua, and promised Su Zihua that she would find a good person for Su Zihua this time.

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Su Zihua didn’t comment on this, but just started asking the maid around to buy some common medicinal herbs for stewing soup, because she asked people to buy common medicines to nourish women. No one in the Su family felt wrong, Su’s mother sees it. She used the money to buy medicines herself, and secretly gave her a lot of them.

Some people think that some rare things can only be supplemented, but it is not necessarily true. The most important thing for supplementing the body is to persist.

Red dates, white fungus, Ejiao, sesame seeds… Su Zihua changed the way to eat these every day, stretched her arms and legs on the bed at night to do some exercises, and then used a few recipes provided by Mu Ling to spread her face… She didn’t usually do anything, After taking care of myself for half a year, my appearance was as good as before marriage, and the hands that had become abnormally rough were slowly brought back. Unfortunately, the joints were still thicker than before.

“It’s good to be young, you recover quickly.” Mu Ling smiled and looked at Su Zihua. Although the voice has not continued to appear, she always feels a little uneasy, but watching Su Zihua change more and more. She was still happy-she had let a woman avoid falling into a miserable situation.

“Thank you.” Su Zihua said sincerely. Without Mu Ling, she would definitely not have the current life. Maybe she was working on Fang Pengyun’s cousin right now.

“Don’t tell me this, just behave well tomorrow.” Mu Ling smiled.

Although Su’s father and Su’s mother made up their minds to let Su Zihua remarry, they never said anything outside before. It is still seeing Su Zihua getting better and better, and Su’s father proposed to let Su’s mother. Take her out for a walk.

“I will.” Su Zihua. It was time for her to face all kinds of rumors outside.

Su Zihua always felt that he could not stand the strange look of outsiders, but finally found that he was unexpectedly not angry because of these.

Following her mother, she met many people who sympathized with her and were kind to her, and some people ridiculed her weirdly, and even deliberately asked her about Fang Pengyun and Li’s situation.

She didn’t talk too much. When others targeted herself, she immediately lowered her head and jealous, which made those who mock her be condemned. Gradually, someone began to care about her marriage.

As Su Zihua thought, those who were interested in her basically wanted to continue the string. If Su’s mother hadn’t let her out to her daughter not to be a concubine, I am afraid that most of them still want to accept her as a concubine.

However, even if the strings were continued, the candidates given by those people were very poor. One of them was even a famous Poppi rogue in Linjiang County, and his first wife was said to have been killed by him.

Changing to the previous Su Zihua, facing this situation, she might feel insulted and crying to death, but now she faces all this calmly, and can reject the unsuitable man her parents find for herself.

Su Zihua had been looking for a whole year. At this time, her body had been fully raised and her body had been fully developed. Compared with the group of unmarried young girls, she had a mature charm.

At this moment, a family surnamed Wang, who had been doing business with the Su family, came to beg to for their youngest son, but it was not a continuation – their youngest son was born with a disability on one leg, so he has no marriageable.

Their youngest son likes to study and marries a wife who can communicate, but in his situation, even ordinary girls will despise him, let alone those literate girls, so he is this Duo, it was 25 or 26 and still not married, the family arranged for him two little girls, but also because they looked wrong when facing him, he drove away.

A gloomy man with a disability and a young son who cannot inherit the family business is naturally unflattering. His parents thought about it, and finally fell in love with Su Zihua.

Mrs. Wang herself was born ordinary, and she did not regard the chastity of women as seriously as those of the big families. She thought that Su Zihua had suffered, and she would definitely not dislike her son, and the usual character of Su Zihua was a bit weak. He didn’t oppress his son, so he took someone to the house to ask for a kiss.

Su Zihua told her parents to let her see Young Master Wang, so Father Su kept saying in front of the Wang family that it was for the sake of Young Master Wang that they should meet.

The autumn breeze was refreshing, and when the sweet-scented osmanthus was scented ten miles away, Su Zihua saw the man on crutches in a temple near Linjiang County. He was a little timid, quite and probably a little sensitive, but he was not a bad person, more important. Yes, the surprise in his eyes is very obvious.

In fact, Su Zihua are always afraid that someone will harm her subconsciously, but she doesn’t need to be too afraid of a man with only one leg. She stepped forward and said a few words to this person. After Mu Ling said that this person is not bad, she agreed. This marriage.

She has changed, she is no longer what she used to be, and now she will no longer treat herself badly, and has also learned to use some means to make her life better.

In September of this year, Su Zihua remarried very low-key.

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