First Story 9 (Extra)

Extra: Ten Years Later

In April, the world was full of flowers, and the peach blossoms in the mountain temple began to bloom. In April of this year, Wang Hongbao took his wife Su Zihua to the mountains near Linjiang County to see the peach blossoms.

The eldest daughter of the two was eight years old, and the servant picked the wicker and weaved the braid hat. Because the braid was wider at the beginning, she wrapped the willow branches on the net to make the circle thicker. It’s just right on the head.

After making the ring, she also found three wickers as long as herself and began to braid long braids, and then put them behind the hat, pretending that she had long hair mopping the floor. Of course, she did not forget to insert it on the hat. A few peach blossoms.

A little girl was tossing like this, but some parents would have to reprimand her, Wang Hongbao didn’t care, and smiled and took a twig to make a bracelet for Su Zihua.

Su Zihua kept the bracelet on her hand, gave her husband a shy and timid smile, and held Wang Hongbao’s hand under the cover of her sleeves, and kissed Wang Hongbao’s earlobe while her daughter was not paying attention. Wang Hongbao was excited right now, and took another piece of willow branch to Su Zihua for something else, which caused her daughter to complain – that willow branch was made by her!

On the other hand, Wang Hongbao’s nearly five-year-old son took his own snack under a tree to feed the ants.

The three-character scripture thousand-character essays were chanted by Su Zihua from time to time in front of his son. In the past two years, the child not good at memorizing and occasionally said a few words vaguely, but now his memorization is getting clearer and clearer, holding a brush I can also draw one, two and three, but I can’t write four.

Su Zihua is not in a hurry. She does not require her son to be successful, as long as it is safe and sound, not to mention that her son may not be able to be successful-there are many people who praise her son’s cleverness!

A little bit of time passed, when the two children were yelling and hungry, Su Zihua asked the maid who followed to take out the various foods in the food box and put them on the spread blanket for the two children to hold and eat. It’s not convenient for Wang Hongbao to sit on a chair to eat, so she just gave it to Wang Hongbao.

She has been married for ten years, and the days have passed and become more and more beautiful, and all of this is Mu Ling’s credit, but that person disappeared after she gave birth to her daughter, and she didn’t know where she went.

She sighed inwardly, but Su Zihua hands didn’t stopped. After giving her Xianggong enough to eat, she took another steamed bun for herself, broke it and put it in a piece of sauced meat to eat, but from time to time Looking back at Wang Hongbao, she always looked at Wang Hongbao affectionately.

In fact, at the beginning, Wang Hongbao was not as good as he is now.

He had a disability and was inevitably sensitive. When the two got married, he never let Su Zihua look at his legs. Although he liked the appearance of Su Zihua, he also minded Fang Pengyun’s existence and even lost his temper because of it.

He always talked with yin and yang, and couldn’t help but want to satirize Su Zihua. Fortunately, Su Zihua slowly softened him under Mu Ling’s suggestion.

In the same situation, it depends on people whether you can live a good life or not. Others may not be able to tolerate Wang Hongbao’s sensitivity at the beginning, but Su Zihua eat well at Wang’s house, and Wang Hongbao will not beat her, and is impatient. She also beat her own leg, and she didn’t take some words of this man seriously.

What Li did was a thousand times more serious than what he did.

As for the things that he had been married before… Wang Hongbao always felt that he was not better than Pengyun, and was always worried that Su Zihua did not like him. Therefore, not long after they got married, they had a bad tone and questioned when they felt that Su Zihua ignored him. Does Su Zihua think of Fang Pengyun even he dislikes himself?

Su Zihua was stunned at that time, lest she would end up miserably again. After all, few men can bear their own women and have other men, but Mu Ling made her pretend to be pitiful and afraid, so she shrunk into a horrible group. After shaking, Wang Hongbao was frightened and quickly comforted her.

After she did this a few more times, Wang Hongbao didn’t mind Fang Pengyun at all, and even under her guidance, he felt that he had saved her, so he was so happy.

If it weren’t for Wang Hongbao’s complaints about Su Zihua and felt that Su Zihua are really pitiful, and he wants to protect Su Zihua, I’m afraid he wouldn’t open his heart slowly, and even more and more to his own legs in front of Su Zihua. The more calm.

Waiting for Su Zihua to become pregnant a year after being married, and deliberately magnified her pregnancy reaction, after coquettishly complaining to Wang Hongbao, Wang Hongbao pityed Su Zihua even more, and at the same time regarded his wife and daughter as his own responsibility, and he was willing to do it for his wife. The woman went out to buy land and shop.

Most of the Wang family’s properties were given to the young master of the Wang family, but the young master of the Wang family with disabilities also took a lot, many of which were given by the young master of Wang family out of sympathy for his younger brother. Sooner or later, the money was left to eat the mountains, but when Wang Hongbao bought the land shop, their family would no longer have to worry about their livelihoods, anyway, their expenses would not have been much.

Over the past ten years, Wang Hongbao’s temperament has become more peaceful, and his days with Su Zihua have passed the better.

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Over the years, there are many people who want to hook up with Wang Hongbao. Mrs. Wang, who valued Su Zihua for Wang Hongbao as a wife, has sent a beautiful girl. However, Wang Hongbao is a little bit ignorant, and Su Zihua asking pitifully if he doesn’t want her, he is even less interested in other women.

After using various methods to make Wang Hongbao obey her, Su Zihua also expressed emotion. If she was the one who married Fang Pengyun, her life would not be worse…

Of course, compared to Fang Pengyun, she is still more I am willing to ask people like Wang Hongbao then Fang Pengyun, no matter how she coaxes them, the other party will not follow her words like Wang Hongbao, and they are willing to spend so much time on her and their children…a family of four played in the mountains for two hours before walking slowly down the mountain, Wang Hongbao walked very slowly with a cane, but he did not forget to remind Su Zihua to see the road.

After Wang Hongbao and his brother separated, they no longer need to raise horses.

Instead of raising horses that cost a lot of money to take care of, they raised a donkey that can be used as a part-timer. Several people got on the donkey cart and walked slowly into the city.

The son in Su Zihua’s arms opened the curtain, and Su Zihua didn’t stop him, so he asked him to look at the scenery outside, but didn’t know that he had become the scenery in the eyes of others.

Fang Pengyun looked at the donkey cart that slowly passed by, and he was a little dazed.

“Whose wife is that, she looks so handsome!” A farmer beside Fang Pengyun couldn’t help but said.

Fang Pengyun opened his mouth and was speechless. It was supposed to be his wife…

Ten years later, he couldn’t enter the official career again. He moved to the countryside to live a hard life, but he and his wife were beautiful. She is even more beautiful than before…

Why did he not want this wife? Fang Pengyun was a little at a loss.

“Fang’s, hurry up.” Someone greeted.

Fang Pengyun lowered his head and walked forward carrying a basket of eggs. He suddenly hated Li in his heart, but then he sighed again. Had it not been for his mother, he would have starved to death…

The rumors in Linjiang County could not be suppressed at all. Almost everywhere people were talking about him and his mother, and his mother had quarreled with those people for him. But it only made the rumors intensified, and in the end even his fame was taken away.

They didn’t make a living in Linjiang County, so they could only sell their houses to the countryside to seek refuge with relatives. However, because of those rumors, their houses were sold at an extremely cheap price.

They took refuge in the home of the cousin who wanted to be his concubine. When they first went there, the unbeautiful cousin was extremely courteous to him, but after a short while, the rumors spread, so the family of relatives who were very fond of them and the attitude of those village names toward them immediately changed, leaving only contempt.

At that time, Fang Pengyun hated the Su family to death, and once thought of using a knife to kill all those who ruined his life in the Su family, but he soon understood that he could not do it.

He knows nothing except reading.

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He was seriously ill and thought he would die at one time, but he did not die. His mother came to the ruined temple in the village to let him live by playing tricks. Then he got food and gave him the money from selling the house. He was treated and pulled him back from the entrance of the Yan Luo Temple.

In the past ten years, they have been living in that village. As time goes by, others no longer talk about him and his mother, but still no one wants to marry him, even if they have reduced the conditions to even a widow.

Think about it, too, he has no house, no land, no farm work, and a scandal. Who would want to marry him?

He had already admitted his fate, but he couldn’t let go of his hatred for the Su Family… but he didn’t expect to see Su Zihua one day. Seeing such Su Zihua, he suddenly realized that he couldn’t hate it.

Su Zihua after leaving him, She had a very good life, and this undoubtedly proves how much he failed in the first place.

The child in Su Zihua’s arms is very similar to her. She should have given birth to her, but it has nothing to do with him… Fang Pengyun suddenly couldn’t help thinking, if the child that Su Zihua was pregnant with did not have a miscarriage, it would have grown on his chest?

Fang Pengyun remembered a lot of Su Zihua with the same appearance. He thought he had forgotten the affection that he and Su Zihua just as the swan geese at the beginning, but at this time, he discovered that Su Zihua were written to him in small letters with hairpins. In fact, he has never forgotten each other’s poems.

But Su Zihua are no longer his.

Fang Pengyun’s heart suddenly rose up with hatred, but when he thought of Su Zihua’s appearance when he wanted to reconcile, he finally sighed.

What he actually knew was that he was sorry for Su Zihua.

After selling the eggs, Fang Pengyun went to the drugstore to buy medicine, and then hurried back.

Li used to be in excellent health, but in order to survive these years, he has really suffered a lot. He was seriously ill a few days ago. These days, the whole person is in a daze. Apart from scolding Su Zihua, he apologizes to him. Fang Pengyun occasionally complained about his mother, but after all, he couldn’t just watch his mother die. Only then would he sell everything the family could sell, and then buy the medicine back.

It was already dark when Fang Pengyun finally returned to the village with the medicine, and as soon as he arrived at his door, he saw the relative who had wanted to make his daughter a concubine squatting in front of his house and smoking a cigarette.

“Uncle Li, why are you here?” Fang Pengyun asked tiredly.

“Pengyun… I am waiting for you here. Your mother didn’t want to drag you down, so she jumped into the river today.” The relative said casually.

The medicine packet in Fang Pengyun’s hand fell to the ground.

Li’s death, Fang Pengyun’s life is still going on, and the so-called life is nothing more than living.

When one winter, when he was lying on the bed alone and hungry and thirsty, but couldn’t get up because of illness, he suddenly remembered the painting of Su Zi, where no one delivered a bowl of rice back then.

If he hadn’t indulged his mother to hurt his wife, what would happen now?

In a daze, Fang Pengyun seemed to see that he had been named on the gold list, and Su Zihua was taking their children to greet him happily.

He became an official and became very rich. He could even make Su Zihua sit in the most gorgeous carriage instead of donkey carts. Although his mother still didn’t like Su Zihua, because of his existence, it was nothing more than lip service. It’s just picking and prickling … It’s too cold, and people in the village don’t go out very much. After many days, someone discovered that Fang Pengyun was dead, and the frozen expression on his face was a satisfied smile.

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