Second Story 8

8. Second Story

Although Yao Tianhao couldn’t bear the face and agreed to divorce in front of Widow Zhang, he regretted it as soon as he left the house: “Tan Chunjuan, have you had enough trouble? Go home with me!”

“Where are we going? Let’s go to divorce!”

” Chunjuan, you don’t behave like this, how will you live if you’re divorce? You have to take two children with you… Don’t worry, I will find someone to repair the house of Widow Zhang’s house in a few days. They move out.” Yao Tianhao assured.

“It’s a wonder if they still move out! When the old and the young have something wrong, they will always stick to it.” Tan Chunjuan said, she has lived for so many years, what method has she not seen? In fact, she had seen all kinds of things before, and then she felt that Yao Tianhao was not bad, at least Yao Tianhao would not beat his wife and children.

“How can you think of people so badly?” Yao Tianhao stared at Tan Chunjuan, why didn’t he understand how the innocent and lovely girl had become like this?

“That’s why you big fool thinks the world is full of good people!” Tan Chunjuan took the two children and continued to walk forward.

“Go back with me!” Yao Tianhao came up and pulled Tan Chunjuan’s hand again. Tan Chunjuan was his wife and Da Mao and Er Mao was his child. He would not let these people leave.

“Damn you, you have brought Widow Zhang to the house, and you still don’t want to divorce. You still want two women to serve you? Yao Tianhao, let me tell you, there is no way!” Tan Chunjuan suddenly said loudly, citing the surrounding neighbors to came out to watch the fun.

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Yao Tianhao’s face turned red and purple, looking at Tan Chunjuan angrily, but Tan Chunjuan immediately said: “You go to the yamen with me!” After saying this, she lowered her voice again: “Otherwise, I will definitely make trouble, Do you want me to show you off on the street to show off your filth with Widow Zhang? Everyone will know by then, you helped her because you liked her.”

Tan Chunjuan is definitely one of the people who knows Yao Tianhao best. Sure enough, as soon as she said this, Yao Tianhao didn’t dare to stop her, and instead followed her to the yamen.

Men basically think that Tan Chunjuan is okay to cause trouble, and some even think that Yao Tianhao is just too good-tempered to let Tan Chunjuan climb on his head. This kind of woman just beats her and she will be obedient. Those women are different. Many people treat Tan Chunjuan and they are all sympathetic. Of course, those women who have not been pulling things out from the Yao family will also say that Tan Chunjuan is not easy to get along with.

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But no matter what others said, Tan Chunjuan still pulled Yao Tianhao to the entrance of the yamen and said that she wanted to divorce.

The yamen’s master was startled by Tan Chunjuan, and when he heard about the matter of Widow Zhang, he immediately scolded Yao Tianhao: “Tianhao, why are you so confused?” Yao Tianhao’s grandfather used to be the master of the county government, and he was quite respectful in the county. , Yao Tianhao and his father also became yamen for this reason, and now this master, who was taken care of by Yao Tianhao’s grandfather, is usually very close to Yao Tianhao.

It was precisely because of this closeness that he would scold Yao Tianhao and tell Yao Tianhao not to do such silly things of not wanting his own mother-in-law for the sake of other people’s mother-in-law.

Yao Tianhao respected this master, and immediately said: “Widow Zhang and I are all right, but Widow Zhang’s house was broken and came to my house to borrow it. It was this woman who insisted on making trouble.”

“Are they your relative? What are they going to do in your home?” The master said again, they are a small place, very few concubines, and he has been a wife all his life, so he really doesn’t understand Yao Tianhao’s behavior of protecting that widow Zhang. You know, he didn’t have a good impression of that Widow Zhang.

When Widow Zhang was just a new widow, he had asked his mother-in-law to introduce a man to Widow Zhang, so that Widow Zhang, who had lost her husband, could rely on her. As a result, Widow Zhang neither agreed to remarry nor go to work. Just relying on Yao Tianhao’s money to live…

“Master, it’s useless for you to tell him this, he recruited Widow Zhang to the family, and now that woman is in charge of the family! I really can’t stand it anymore, He doesn’t know how to take care of the child, so they will follow me and I will help him take care of the child, as long as half of the Yao family’s house is given to me to live in.” Tan Chunjuan said.

At first, when the master heard that Tan Chunjuan wanted to reconcile, he thought that Tan Chunjuan wanted to marry someone else, but now that he heard Tan Chunjuan say that, he felt a good impression.

“Yao Tianhao, do you agree or not?” The master didn’t persuade him anymore, and asked Yao Tianhao, Tan Chunjuan and the child lived in Yao’s house after leaving, and the two could still reconcile, so it was useless to persuade them now.

“I…” Yao Tianhao didn’t want to reconcile at all, but Tan Chunjuan was determined…

“Big brother!” Dong Yuanxiang’s voice came from outside. After Yao Tianhao heard it, he immediately said, “I’ll think about it first.”

Yao Tianhao went out to find Dong Yuanxiang Now, Tan Chunjuan couldn’t help crying.

“Girl, why are you going to get divorced?” The master couldn’t help saying.

“Master, I can’t live anymore. He treats people outside better than me. I work hard every day, and my two children still can’t get enough to eat… Look at these two children, I won’t get along anymore. I don’t know what it will be like to be trampled by him and the woman who lives in the house now… That widow Zhang came to our house and used our rice to cook, and she could do it without leaving a bit for me and my children.” Tan Chunjuan never complained outside before, and felt that it would be shameful to shout about her own affairs. This was an idea that Yao Tianhao had instilled in her before. Now, she will no longer listen to Yao Tianhao’s words.

That master knew about Yao Tianhao’s virtues, thinking that Tan Chunjuan and would still be willing to help Yao Tianhao take care of the children, he immediately said: “It’s okay to divorce, I’ll discuss it with him later, as long as you don’t marry, let him leave in the future. He will give you some money every month.”

“Thank you, Master.” Tan Chunjuan said gratefully, she didn’t want to marry again, she just wanted to be clear with Yao Tianhao, lest Yao Tianhao still want to use her things as favors. The master was thinking of helping Tan Chunjuan, but Yao Tianhao was discussing this with Dong Yuanxiang outside.

Dong Yuanxiang was brought to the yamen by Widow Zhang. After Yao Tianhao and Tan Chunjuan went out, Widow Zhang went to Dong Yuanxiang and asked Dong Yuanxiang to “persuade” Yao Tianhao – he remembered that Dong Yuanxiang didn’t like Tan Chunjuan very much.

“Yuanxiang, what do you think I should do now? She must divorce.” Yao Tianhao said everything just now.

“Brother, don’t you want to reconcile?” Dong Yuanxiang asked.

“Of course I don’t want to reconcile.”

“Then… eldest brother, I will help you bring people back.” Dong Yuanxiang immediately said that he did not like Tan Chunjuan, but Yao Tianhao would not stop him no matter what he wanted to do.

“Brother Yao, I’ll take my mother-in-law and move out right away, so Sister Tan will definitely stop making trouble.” Widow Zhang was shocked when she heard the two men’s words, and said quickly, “Don’t worry, we won’t be affected even if we freeze to death. Your husband and wife are at odds.”

“How can this be done?” Yao Tianhao said immediately: “Don’t worry, I won’t let you live on the streets.”

“On the streets? Big brother, I have a solution!” Dong Yuanxiang suddenly said: “Big brother, Tan Chunjuan dares to talk about reconciliation now, isn’t it because you can’t ignore her? Otherwise, she wouldn’t want half of the Yao family’s house. It’s better if you don’t give anything, she will definitely not dare to reconcile, she can’t bring her with her the two children are living on the streets! Speaking of which, I don’t think she wants to reconcile at all, she wants to ask for something from you.”

Widow Zhang was stunned, not knowing whether she should be happy or uncomfortable, she didn’t want Yao Tianhao to take over the house Half of it was given to Tan Chunjuan. The Yao family’s house was made of blue bricks and was very valuable! But what if Tan Chunjuan refuses to leave after Yao Tianhao said so? Wait, Tan Chunjuan has no means and has a bad temper. Even if she refuses to reconcile, she will be able to deal with it in the future. She doesn’t have to be afraid…

Widow Zhang has many thoughts rolling in her heart, but Yao Tianhao has already gone back happily, feeling that she has learned from her brother There’s a good idea coming.

“Xiao Yao, you’re back, I’ve thought about it, you can do this first, you give Chunjuan half of the house to live in, and give her a sling of money in the next month…”

“No way!” Yao Tianhao said immediately, feeling more and more Dong Yuanxiang was right – Tan Chunjuan probably didn’t really want to reconcile, but wanted more things: “You can reconcile, I won’t give you the house and money!”

“What?” Tan Chunjuan was taken aback.

“Either you don’t reconcile, or you can take your child away and don’t come back,” Yao Tianhao said. “You want to use divorce to force me to give you money. That’s impossible.”

Tan Chunjuan looked at Yao Tianhao and suddenly realized that she seemed to be never knew this person.

The master was also stunned, Yao Tianhao is not stupid, right? If he really still wants his wife and children, shouldn’t he agree to it at this time and then repent? Tan Chunjuan is illiterate, so he can get a fake divorce document at that time, and the two of them can still live together? As for the monthly money, isn’t that what it should have been given? As soon as he got his monthly salary, his wife took it and saved it. Usually, he had to rely on the people below him to honor him when he drank a little wine! Not to mention the house, won’t the Yao family’s house be given to Da Mao in the future?

The master had already produced a reconciliation document before, and it was written very simply, that is, “Yao Tianhao and Tan Chunjuan are reconciling here today, and it will be irrelevant for men and women to marry in the future”, plus the following date, He did it at will, but in fact, he still had the intention of matching, but Yao Tianhao took the paper and signed it at this time, and pressed his handprint: “Tan Chunjuan, if you really want to leave, you will sign it, but let me tell you, I won’t give you money!”

Yao Tianhao was sure that Tan Chunjuan would not sign, even if Tan Chunjuan did sign, he would not give Tan Chunjuan a penny, nor would he give Tan Chunjuan a place to live, he would still be a yamen… Then Tan Chunjuan will bring it with him It is impossible for the two children to remarry, and they must come back and beg themselves.

When Tan Chunjuan is taught a lesson outside, she will be as obedient as before.

Yao Tianhao thought so, and looked at Tan Chunjuan with some pride. Tan Chunjuan glanced at him, and suddenly pressed his handprint on it without hesitation, and then walked out with a big hair.

She walked quickly and quickly, and after realizing that Er Mao couldn’t keep up, she hugged Er Mao, but completely ignored Yao Tianhao and more and more people watching the fun.

She walked all the way to Butcher Gao’s meat stall, and suddenly said to the butcher Gao with a fierce face: “Butcher Gao, do you want me to be your wife? The two children will follow me too!”

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