Second Story (7)

Second Story 7.

Tan Chunjuan’s words made Yao Tianhao stunned, but Widow Zhang’s eyes flashed with joy. She had long known that this Tan Chunjuan was stupid and couldn’t even control her husband’s money, but she really didn’t expect this person to be like this stupid: “Brother Yao, it’s all my fault, I’d better go home with the child.”

Yao Tianhao of course would not agree: “What’s the matter, that house is no longer livable!”

“Get out of here!” Tan Chunjuan grabbed the knife next to her and slashed it on the cutting board.

Yao Tianhao was taken aback by Tan Chunjuan’s appearance, and he was ashamed to stay here any longer. He turned and left the kitchen. Widow Zhang followed quickly. Tan Chunjuan took a deep breath, added some water to the pot, boiled the pot into porridge, and then I added two more eggs and salt.

She ate the porridge with her two children in the kitchen, and the remaining three eggs were cooked, so she walked back with the two children.

Yao Tianhao was probably frightened by her, and finally did not move the two children’s rooms, but he and Widow Zhang were cleaning the wood room and the utility room. Tan Chunjuan first asked the two children to go back to the room first, and then went to the warehouse brought back the food that she had put there.

“Sister Tan, I’m really sorry today. Don’t worry, we brought food here, and it will definitely not be like this in the future.” Seeing Tan Chunjuan moving the food into the room, Widow Zhang’s eyes flashed with contempt— Isn’t it just a bag of food? As if she could steal…

“You are older than me, so don’t call me eldest sister! Also, I didn’t expect you, a woman who doesn’t do anything, to have her own food.” Tan Chunjuan gave Widow Zhang a sarcastic look, Then went back to his room.

Tan Chunjuan and the two children ate all three boiled eggs one by one. This time, Tan Chunjuan unexpectedly didn’t want to save at all.

Just now, we quarreled in front of the children and mentioned divorce. Tan Chunjuan thought that the two children would be afraid to fall asleep, but she didn’t expect them to fall asleep soon, but she didn’t feel sleepy at all.

“You really think about reconciliation.” Mu Ling played with a golden needle, and she suddenly realized the benefits of the golden needle.

“Yao Tianhao just likes to lose his family to outsiders, okay? I don’t want to be his family anymore.” Tan Chunjuan said, she was really tired.

Today, she was so happy to have a good life, but Yao Tianhao gave her a blow. There is a widow Zhang at the moment. Will there be more widows of Li and Wang in the future? Will there still be a place for her and the child?

Don’t think she can’t see it, that Widow Zhang is here for Yao Tianhao, and Yao Tianhao may not know this.

“Good idea,” Mu Ling smiled, “what are you going to do next?”

“If Widow Zhang is still around tomorrow, I will reconcile with him, and I will take care of the two children,” Tan Chunjuan said, thinking of something again, “When the time comes, I’ll build a wall in the yard and divide the house into two halves for each of us… He should be willing.” After all, Da Mao Er Mao is Yao Tianhao’s child, and Yao Tianhao will not be too heartless.

“We can discuss this matter.” Mu Ling said, Tan Chunjuan really and after leaving, it is best to plan first, there are two children… Mu Ling is most concerned about the two children, naturally Consider their future way out.

She is literate, and she can also settle accounts. If she teaches Tan Chunjuan and then asks Tan Chunjuan to teach Da Mao, then Da Mao will be able to work as an accountant for others after he learns it. As for Er Mao, it is also good to learn some needlework.

Tan Chunjuan and Mu Ling talked, and the more she talked, the brighter her eyes became. For the first time, she realized that if she really got divorced, she might have a better life.

When Tan Chunjuan was fantasizing about a better life after leaving, Yao Tianhao was drinking with Dong Yuanxiang. Dong Yuanxiang was Yao Tianhao’s best friend. This time Yao Tianhao couldn’t hold it anymore, so he told Dong Yuanxiang everything about his family.

Dong Yuanxiang always knew about Yao Tianhao’s sponsorship of Widow Zhang’s family, and always felt that Yao Tianhao was loyal enough, but Tan Chunjuan was not very good in his eyes: “How can sister-in-law do this? There is no pity!”

“She may be jealous. “Yao Tianhao said.

“Because of jealousy, you can watch others go to a dilapidated house, starve and freeze? What’s more, eldest brother, you and Widow Zhang are nothing at all.” Dong Yuanxiang frowned: “She just wants to drive Widow Zhang out now, not in the future. If you know what else to do, you can’t listen to her, eldest brother.”

Yao Tianhao felt that Dong Yuanxiang’s words were a little wrong, but he really couldn’t drive Widow Zhang’s family out. The family’s orphans and widowed mothers, he has the ability to help them. To drive them out?

Yao Tianhao didn’t go home and slept at Dong Yuanxiang’s house this night. When he came home the next day, he found that Widow Zhang had already cooked food: “Brother Yao, are you back? I made some food, let’s eat together.”

Widow Zhang fried a lot of thin scallion pancakes, and fried a few eggs, plus soft boiled porridge and a few pickles. It looked very rich. Yao Tianhao had not eaten such a delicious thing at home for a long time. Now, he sat down and took a piece of cake to chew on.

Widow Zhang gave each of the three children a piece of cake, sat beside them drinking porridge and looked at Yao Tianhao tenderly, her mother-in-law was also greeting Yao Tianhao to eat: “Tianhao, if it weren’t for you, we would freeze to death, Thanks to you for helping us, come and eat eggs.”

Yao Tianhao’s originally annoyed mood disappeared, and there was a smile on his face.

When Tan Chunjuan came out, what she saw was Widow Zhang, who regarded herself as the hostess, and Yao Tianhao, who was complacent.

Widow Zhang didn’t leave last night, and I’m afraid she won’t leave in the future…

“Yao Tianhao, follow me to the Yamen for divorce.” Tan Chunjuan said immediately.

“What nonsense are you talking about!” Yao Tianhao threw his chopsticks on the table.

“Xiao Tan, don’t get excited, if it hurts the discord between your husband and wife, I’ll be guilty… We’ll move out right away.” Widow Zhang’s mother-in-law said immediately.

“I told you yesterday that if you want her to stay, I will leave you!” Tan Chunjuan said.

If there was no one around, Yao Tianhao might still say a few soft words, but now looking at Widow Zhang and a few children next to him, Yao Tianhao couldn’t hold back his face at all: “Okay! If you want to leave, just leave!”

Tan Chunjuan hearing Yao Tianhao’s words, she suddenly felt relieved. Sure enough, in the eyes of this man, she and the child were not as good as him.

“You won’t take children anyway, and the two children follow me.” Tan Chunjuan said again.

“As you like.” Yao Tianhao said angrily.

As soon as Yao Tianhao finished speaking, Tan Chunjuan felt the strength of the two children holding her hand a little stronger. She thought they were unwilling, but she looked down and found that they were actually looking at Widow Zhang’s three. Children, it turned out that Widow Zhang’s eldest son was spitting at them while eating eggs and scallion pancakes.

Tan Chunjuan didn’t bother to linger any longer, she turned around and walked out: “Follow me to the yamen!”

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