Second Story (9)

9. Cultivation Immortals

*****Warning ⚠️***** talk about suicidal

After discovering Bai Lian’er in the trial, Lin Xiaotang didn’t send her out of the trial because she thought of the original owner’s death. Instead, she locked her in it, ready to come back to her when she came back.

As a result, after leaving the Xuanyue Secret Realm, because too many things happened, troubles came one after another, so Lin Xiaotang simply forgot about this person…

Later, when Bai Lian’er was rescued from the trial , it’s been three days.

Because of the difference in the flow of time, three days in the outside world, in the trial, is almost equal to one month.

And this whole month, Bai Lian’er spent in a state of extreme panic.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she would always appear outside that lonely village.

The exact same picture, the same dusk, and the numb and weird nursery rhyme behind it.

At first, Bai Lian’er was extremely pleasantly surprised after discovering that this trial was actually the same as her life and could be repeated again.

She believed that with the amazing customs clearance the previous few times, as long as she worked hard enough, she could pass the trial.

But after the second, third, or even more than a dozen, hundreds of times, this kind of surprise gradually turned into pain and despair.

Countless tragic deaths in lonely villages, countless resurrections, endless fear and darkness…

Bai Lian’er finally realized that this kind of rebirth was no longer a perfect opportunity, but a never-ending experience for her. torture.

She tried to crack this test, but her ability and courage never reached that standard.

She also tried to commit suicide constantly, but no matter how many times she committed suicide, what she faced after waking up was always that lonely village.

The dark and gloomy sky pressed on top of her head, as if it was an invisible cage, locking her into it.

Gradually, Bai Lian’er even thought that these countless rebirths were also a test for her.

But she gave up, she didn’t want to rob Song Mingyue, and she didn’t want any great powers to inherit, she just wanted to go out, she just wanted to go out!

At the end, Bai Lian’er’s mother ran over thousands of miles and rescued Bai Lian’er from the trial according to the secret method of blood, but Bai Lian’er’s mental state had serious problems.

It doesn’t matter if her behavior becomes crazy, but she still has a strong tendency to self-mutilate.

The suicide again and again has made Bai Lian’er a habit.

As long as something went wrong, she thought of “doing it again”.

And in the world of immortality with an ancient background, there is no doctor who can treat psychological trauma.

Bai Lian’er’s parents had no choice but to take her back and take care of her in the cave.

Looking at such a daughter, neither father nor mother dared to tell her about Lin Xiaotang.

If Bai Lian’er is stimulated again, what should I do if something goes wrong.

On the other hand, because of Lin Xiaotang’s existence, both the Taiqing Sect and the Immortal Vast Palace began to reduce the rights of each elder intentionally or unintentionally.

They all realized that if they continued to allow this kind of bullying of weak disciples to occur within the sect, it would only lead to the decline of the sect.

Among them, Bai’s father and Bai’s mother were the focus of the sect.

If they didn’t rely on their own identity, they insisted on obtaining Lin Xiaotang’s secret realm quota for Bai Lian’er, and they would not have caused a strong enemy for Taiqing Sect.

…Although Lin Xiaotang couldn’t remember Taiqingzong at all, she didn’t mean to retaliate against them at all.

Faced with such a self-inflicted bitter fruit, the white father and white mother had no choice but to swallow it with difficulty.

However, when it was revealed that Lin Xiaotang brought twenty demon cultivators into the mysterious realm of Xuanyue, the father and mother couldn’t sit still.

How can she bully us so far!” Holding her daughter, Mother Bai’s tears couldn’t stop falling, “She wants revenge, she can come to me and you, why did she bully our daughter and torture her like this !”

Looking at his numb daughter and crying wife, Elder Bai couldn’t help feeling distressed.

“Then Lin Xiaotang is just a snake and a scorpion,” he sighed and said resentfully, “I don’t know what cruel magic cultivation method she used to achieve her current cultivation level, and she is not afraid of being punished!

” In his eyes, this Lin Xiaotang will definitely be a cruel devil who will destroy the world in the future.

These are the right path, they should quickly eradicate this curse before she grows up!

It’s a pity that the Sect Master and the others didn’t realize this, and they had to bow their heads to the woman and please her.

This simply loses the character of their immortal cultivators!

Bai Lian’er couldn’t feel the sadness in Bai’s father and mother’s heart.

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At this time, she only felt wronged, aggrieved for Lin Xiaotang’s revenge.

After learning that the trial was probably under the hands of Lin Xiaotang, and after learning that Lin Xiaotang actually killed the Demon Lord, Bai Lian’er was in an unbelievable state.

What? Is it possible for Lin Xiaotang to become the future devil?

Then shouldn’t Lin Xiaotang take revenge on her? She should be grateful to herself!

From Bai Lian’er’s point of view, Lin Xiaotang was only an unknown cultivator in the sect before, at most a cultivator with more cultivation than ordinary people.

However, after Lin Xiaotang fell into the abyss of magic fog, she was reborn and became a peerless genius that is rare in a thousand years!

The change in her can be so great, isn’t it all because she pushed her back in the first place that made her enlightened?

Although I didn’t have good intentions at the time, it was the truth.

To have such a position and to achieve such an achievement, Lin Xiaotang doesn’t even want to thank her, and even harm her? ?

What Bai Lian’er thought, she couldn’t figure it out.

She wanted to accuse Lin Xiaotang, but when she thought about her experience in the trial, she felt trembling all over, and she couldn’t help but panic.

After learning about Lin Xiaotang’s various achievements in the demon world, this fear became more and more intense, making her speech incoherent.

Could it be that even if you reborn in this life, you will always be bullied and humiliated?

Perhaps it was the countless “rebirths” in the trials that caused Bai Lian’er to have a shadow in her heart. Now she has completely lost the arrogance of the reborn person at the beginning.

She began to doubt the meaning of her rebirth, and even hated God.

Now the only one who can support Bai Lian’er is Song Mingyue.

She must wait until Song Mingyue enters the sect, and she must smash the outer disciple of Song Mingyue to death!

With a distorted mentality, Bai Lian’er put all her hatred and resentment on Song Mingyue’s former love rival.

Even in the last life, Duan Ming, whom she admired so much, was completely forgotten by her.

Only when she thought that Song Mingyue would have a bad life, and only when she knew that she was not alone in this misery, would she feel a moment of relief.

However, Bai Lian’er waited, waited, waited until Taiqingzong recruited disciples again, and waited until the disciples of Taiqingzong were all received, she still did not wait for Song Mingyue.

It turned out that Song Mingyue in this life did not consider coming to Taiqingzong at all.

Although Taiqingzong himself kept it a secret, unfortunately, Lin Xiaotang, the victim, still had a mouth.

When Lin Xiaotang found out that the Xuanyue Secret Realm was closed and remembered Bai Lian’er, she casually told the story of the original owner’s murder in the face of the elders who asked her why she wanted to enter the Xuanyue Secret Realm.

The matter of the trial is her own secret and cannot be said.

Now, the whole world of immortals knows that Taiqingzong killed a peerless genius for the sake of an elder’s daughter.

Only allowed on

And that peerless genius, who is now the candidate for the next Demon Lord, will soon become their biggest enemy in the cultivation world.

How can this not make the world ridiculed?

The Taiqing Sect, which was talked about by everyone, could hardly find anyone willing to enter their sect in this recruitment.

The only ones who can fool in are those mortals in the mortal world who don’t know much about the situation in the cultivating world.

Some elders predict that this situation may continue for many years.

At least, as long as Lin Xiaotang is still in the demon world, there will always be someone mentioning this old incident.

That is to say, the mortals who are most despised by those in the Taiqing Sect will become the foundation of their sect’s future.

In the face of this situation, even the Supreme Elders have nothing to do.

And the originally very smart heroine Song Mingyue will naturally not be stupid to come to this kind of sect.

She still has to work hard to cultivate and pursue the Dao.

It would be a pity if she did not die in the thunder tribulation, but died in the internal battle of the disciples in the sect.

In this way, Bai Lian’er waited for a long time, but she did not wait for her lifelong enemy, Song Mingyue.

In the end, the disheartened Bai Lian’er found a secret place to kill herself on a quiet night while her father and mother were away.

Maybe in her heart, if her life can be repeated for the first time, it can also be repeated for the second time.

However, if she could do it all over again, she would never care about Song Mingyue and Duan Ming again, and she didn’t want to harm anyone anymore.

On the other hand, after dealing with the demon cultivators in the demon world, Lin Xiaotang can finally return to his Chicheng.

After a series of discussions, those great experts still believed that Lin Xiaotang’s appearance in the demon world was too short, and she was a Taoist cultivator before, and she had killed a lot of demon cultivators. They were worried about her position.

In particular, some sharp-eyed demon cultivators can recognize it at a glance. Lin Xiaotang’s cultivation is actually neither Tao nor demon.

However, no matter whether she is a Dao or a Demon, as long as she can pass their test, she still has the qualifications to become a Demon Lord.

After all, she was the one who killed the previous Demon Lord Duan Yan.

Faced with this result, Lin Xiaotang was quite satisfied.

Her goal is to become the biggest villain, and what kind of villain can have the identity of a demon king?

As for the fact that he couldn’t become a Demon Lord right away, Lin Xiaotang had no objection.

Originally, she did not intend to take over the position of the Demon Lord until she had cultivated enough confidants.

In this case, all kinds of things in the demon world will be handled by her alone.

It’s too much trouble, she doesn’t bother to care about it so much.

After finishing those things in the main city of Demon Realm, she went back to Chicheng without any burden.

Next, she has to continue planning and find a way to draw more terrifying energy for herself.

The only thing that surprised her was that when she went back to Chicheng, Duan Xiao actually said that he wanted to go back with her.

“My father is dead, and other demon cultivators can’t tolerate me at all,” he said, “I don’t have a home anymore, can I follow you to Chicheng?”

For Duan Xiao, the most important thing in his life is The happy time is the childhood before the age of five and the time in Akagi.

Even though he was still a cat at that time, the love of the palace maids for him, and Lin Xiaotang’s “focus” on him, were things he had never had before.

After getting his revenge, what Duan Xiao faced was not excitement, but endless emptiness.

He didn’t know what to do, and he didn’t know what to do next.

He actually wanted to find his brother Duan Ming before and tell Duan Ming about it.

But after seeing Lin Xiaotang, for some reason, he suddenly changed his mind.

After not seeing each other for more than ten years, Duan Ming and him have long since lost any relationship, and he has absolutely no need to find each other.

In particular, he is still an unpopular demon cultivator.

And now, he wanted to follow Lin Xiaotang.

Although he didn’t know why he did it, he just wanted to follow.

Looking at Duan Xiao, who was a little nervous, Lin Xiaotang’s attitude was very casual: “If you want to come, come.”

It’s good that the target of the task can follow him.

At least, she can watch him and prevent him from going astray.

Moreover, Lin Xiaotang felt that Duan Xiao was also considered a talent. As long as he was trained well, he could handle all the affairs of the demon world in the future.

When he leaves this world, the demon world can continue to run well.

If someone said anything to her, the demon cultivators are doing a lot of evil, and the demon cultivators are all bad people. As a person with a sense of morality, she should take care of all these people, etc. Lin Xiaotang would be completely lazy.

Lin Xiaotang was not a virgin Mary, and for her, this world was just a mission world.

She can only guarantee that after she becomes a Demon Lord, she will always restrict her subordinate demons and make them behave as much as possible, so as not to cause too much friction between the immortal world and the demon world, so as to avoid the kind of battle between fairy and demons in the plot. condition.

However, this kind of thing still has to wait for her to take office.

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