Second Story 8

8. Cultivation Immortals.

What? Lin Xiaotang killed the Demon Lord Duan Yan! ?

How is this possible? How can it be? ?

The moment he heard the news, the air in the entire Taiqingzong hall suddenly became extremely stiff.

The Sect Master of Taiqing Sect was so terrified that he almost lost his sword, stood up and asked repeatedly: “What did you say? Are you sure it is the Demon Lord Chicheng? Is it really her?”

If it is true, then they are too Didn’t Qingzong offend a future devil? !

“I’m sure, it’s her, the Demon Lord Chicheng who took office a month ago!”

Facing the suzerain’s doubts, the disciple who reported the news said with great determination: “This matter has been spread all over the demon world, and many demons who are escaping from the world and cultivating. Great Master Xiu has been heading to the main city of the Demon Realm one after another, there is nothing wrong with that!”

There is a very crucial point that the disciple didn’t say, so who would be stupid enough to spread such rumors?

You must know that the Demon Lord, or Duan Yan who took office as the Demon Lord, is not a good-tempered character.

In the face of such a shocking event, everyone fell into a death-like silence.

And the elder Bai, who had just proposed to let the Demon Lord and Lin Xiaotang fight against each other, was even more pale and sweaty, and fell to the ground uncontrollably.

It was over, he thought desperately, whether it was Taiqingzong or their family, they were all over.

A Demon Lord and a Demon Lord Devil are two completely different concepts!

Even if Lin Xiaotang became the demon master before, as long as she would pose a threat to the Taiqing Sect, then the Taiqing Sect could send the Taishang elders and several Mahayana worship elders to kill her forcibly.

At most, the demon world will be a little dissatisfied with this, but there will be no demons willing to avenge Lin Xiaotang, after all, she has only been in office for a month.

But now, Lin Xiaotang actually killed the devil!

She killed a vital figure in the entire Demon World!

Even if Lin Xiaotang is too senior or too young, there is no way for him to become a Demon Lord.

But from now on, she can no longer be just an ordinary demon master.

The powerful and powerful people in the demon world will definitely focus on cultivating her, and even treat her with the attitude towards the next demon king.

If their Taiqing Sect took action against Lin Xiaotang, it would almost be equivalent to angering the entire Demon World!

“No, this matter must be dealt with as soon as possible.”

After being silent for a long time, the elder Taishang sighed heavily and said, “Anyway, prepare an apology as soon as possible, apologize to her, and explain the difficulties of the sect and do everything possible. I can get her understanding.”

Tough measures can no longer be taken, and the most important thing at the moment is to eliminate the contradiction between the two parties.

This is the compromise that their Taiqing Sect must make for the future of the entire sect.

Faced with such a result, the Sect Master of the Taiqing Sect lowered his head and replied, “Okay.”

At the same time, he and some of the elders looked at the gaffe elder without leaving any traces.

Although in the eyes of most people, the sect gave up Lin Xiaotang, it was only because she fell into the abyss of magic fog and could hardly survive, so the sect had no choice but to give up.

But some things are simply hidden from the eyes of a few people.

Bai Lian’er, who had been staying in the sect and not working, suddenly made a noise and wanted to go out with Lin Xiaotang for inspection.

Then, Lin Xiaotang fell into the abyss of magic fog.

That’s okay, it can be explained by coincidence.

But after Lin Xiaotang’s accident, Bai Lian’er quickly got the Xuanyue Secret Realm quota that should belong to Lin Xiaotang, and became the biggest beneficiary of this incident.

Considering that Lin Xiaotang fell into the abyss of the magic fog, and was almost helpless, most people who knew it chose to hide this matter.

Even Lin Xiaotang’s master, Elder Lin, acquiesced to this result after receiving some magic pills.

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After all, Bai Lian’er’s father is the elder of the Taiqing Sect, and the mother is the elder of the Immortal Vast Palace. She herself has good qualifications and a bright future.

Why deal with Bai Lian’er for Lin Xiaotang, who was born in the mortal world and would soon die in the abyss?

As a result, no one expected that Lin Xiaotang, who was destined to die, could one day stand at such a height.

Do you regret it?

But regretting it now is useless.

This is the bitter fruit of their own hands.

Even if there was someone who stood for Lin Xiaotang at the beginning, and someone who proposed to bring her back, the current situation would not be like this.

However, in order to keep the reputation of their Taiqing Sect unaffected, and to maintain the dignity of their three major sects, it is best to hide the truth of this matter, so let’s hide it.

Lin Xiaotang did not understand the shock and turmoil in the cultivation world.

After she left the mysterious realm of Xuanyue, she passed through Duan Yan’s manpower, entered the main city of Demon Realm, and met Duan Yan himself.

After that, without hesitation, she immediately covered Duan Yan’s room with her own energy, completely isolating him from the outside world!

Since coming to the Immortal Cultivation World and seeing the cultivation techniques of the Taoists and Demon Cultivators here, Lin Xiaotang has been deliberately studying the cultivation techniques of these Immortal Cultivators.

For her, whether it is spiritual power, demonic energy, or her own terrifying energy, they are all energy that can be used by humans, but the types are different.

In the past, Lin Xiaotang would only use those abilities to scare people, or to create a space similar to a horror escape game. At other times, most of the energy in her body was just stored in her body.

And now, after learning and reference, she also understands how to use the energy in her body to fight the kind of battle that immortal cultivators are good at.

Duan Yan himself was suspicious and uncertain, and he didn’t like having dark guards around him, so most of the guards stayed outside the room.

In this way, it is convenient for Lin Xiaotang to start.

Maybe he didn’t expect that Lin Xiaotang would be so rebellious, attacking him as soon as they met, Duan Yan was caught in Lin Xiaotang’s space before he could do anything.

In this, Duan Yan’s magic weapon is almost invalid, and even his cultivation will be suppressed.

With his newly learned swordsmanship, Lin Xiaotang finally succeeded in beating him into serious injuries after spending nearly an hour.

At the same time, Duan Xiao, who had been restored to her human form by her, appeared and came to Duan Yan.

Without much nonsense, and without asking Duan Yan if he regretted it, Duan Xiao decisively pierced through Duan Yan’s dantian with a sword.

This scene, he has dreamed countless times, even if it is the action of stabbing, he has simulated it countless times in his mind, and there is no mistake.

Just like that, Duan Yan died.

In the original plot, the devil who was keen to provoke the relationship between Duan Xiao and Duan Ming, so as to appreciate the two sons killing each other, simply died here.

Looking at Duan Yan’s body, Duan Xiao was stunned for a while, then suddenly laughed.

Laughing and laughing, his tears fell again.

It was obvious that Duan Xiao belonged to the winner’s side, but the young man at this time looked particularly embarrassed.

Lin Xiaotang looked at Duan Xiao who was crying and laughing, and stood aside silently, without disturbing him to vent his emotions.

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She knew that he had a hard time in the past, and she knew that it would take a certain amount of time to digest the great revenge.

But when Duan Xiao gradually calmed down, he turned around and said to Lin Xiaotang very seriously: “Let me become a cat again, I will never run again.”

Although it is not clear why Lin Xiaotang knew about him and Duan Yan However, he was very grateful that Lin Xiaotang could help him avenge this revenge.

Not to mention becoming a cat, even if he becomes a dog, a mouse, or a bug, he is willing to do so.

Lin Xiaotang: “…”

Lin Xiaotang: “No, you don’t have to follow me in the future.”

She doesn’t have any special hobbies, she has to turn people into cats and keep them as pets.

Moreover, now that Duan Yan is dead, Duan Xiao’s tragic ending in the future is almost completely rewritten.

In this way, Lin Xiaotang, who has completed the task, naturally has no need to continue to stay with him.

As long as Duan Xiao doesn’t make any fuss in the later stage, or seeks his own death, with Duan Xiao’s ability and intelligence in the original book, his future will not be much worse.

He didn’t seem to expect that Lin Xiaotang would let him go so easily, and Duan Xiao was stunned in place.

Originally, Duan Xiao’s appearance was on the pretty side, but now he has red eyes and looks like he has been abandoned.

Lin Xiaotang didn’t know what he was thinking.

Looking at Duan Yan’s body, she calmly retracted the space and called in the guards who were waiting outside.

After that, she didn’t have any intention of running away.

The devil world is different from the outside world. If a mortal emperor dies, or a certain sect master in the immortal world dies, other people will definitely try their best to avenge him.

But in the demon world, the strong are respected. Lin Xiaotang killed Duan Yan, not only would she not be punished, but she might even be respected by others.

Even if Mo Xiu had a good relationship with Duan Yan, in the face of this matter, they would only think that Duan Yan’s skills were inferior to others.

Besides, Duan Yan, who is ruthless and cruel, is almost impossible to have friends.

However, although there is no punishment, it is troublesome, and there will be a lot in the future. After all, she killed the monarch of the entire demon world.

Considering the various things to be solved in the future, Lin Xiaotang thought about it and simply stayed here.

Anyway, those things can’t be solved for a while, so let’s just live in the main city for a month.

Presumably at the cusp of such a storm, no other magic cultivator would dare to think about her Akagi.

It’s just, for some unknown reason, when Lin Xiaotang was dealing with government affairs, she always felt as if she had forgotten something.

She forgot what was going on?

… However, thinking about it from another angle, it shouldn’t be a big deal to be forgotten by her so quickly.

When you think about it, can’t you solve it again?

Thinking about it this way, Lin Xiaotang put this matter aside and re-invested in a new round of affairs.

Soon, Lin Xiaotang’s killing of Duan Yan spread throughout the entire Demon Realm and caused quite a stir.

How powerful is it to be able to easily kill the Demon Lord in the heavily guarded Demon World’s main city and in the base camp of the Demon Cultivators? !

Many people looked at the magic cultivators who rushed to the main city of the devil world, and they all vaguely realized that the devil world was about to change.

On the other side, in the mysterious realm of Xuanyue, looking at the very familiar lonely village in front of him, Bai Lian’er, who was tortured by fear, showed an extremely collapsed look.

Why? Why is it all over again? !

After she was killed by those paper figures, shouldn’t she be eliminated directly and sent out?

What’s going on in this trial, why did she still be keep inside? !

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