Chapter 0 (spoiler warning)

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CLASSIFICATION/RANK OF STRENGTH (from weakest to strongest)

***Mana Core Method*** (mainstream method)

Tutorial / Trainee Ranks (before becoming champion)

1. Gaseous State

2. Liquid State

3. Solid State / Solidification

4. Crystallization

Actual Ranks (after becoming champion)

1. Novice

2. Intermediate

3. Expert

4. Master

5. International Master (kingdom level)

6. Grandmaster

7. Saint

8. Legendary

9. Mystic (Demi-God / Half-Step God)

?. Mythical (Unofficial Rank)

10. World Class (Godhood) – this rank has 4 subclasses




-overlord gods / primordial gods

??. Zenith (???) 


***Heart Circle Method***

1st-8th Circle

9th Circle (Demi-God)

10th Circle (Godhood) 

Only allowed on


***Adventurer Guild Ranks***

Note : guild ranks doesn’t necessarily determine your strength, more details could be found in later parts of the story where the MC joins the guild.

1. Stone

2. Bronze

3. Iron

4. Gold, required to be at least 4th Circle or Master-Rank

5. Diamond

6. Platinum, required to be at least 5th Circle or International Master-Rank

7. Mythril

8. Orichalcum, required to be at least 6th Circle or Grandmaster-Rank

9. Adamantium

10. Fantarium, required to be at least 7th Circle or Saint-Rank

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