Arc 12 Chapter 293: Full moon ceremony

Over the next three days, the small group of demigods were each thoroughly inspected both physically and mentally by several holy shamen under Klyn, before they were ushered into the meeting room one by one to be interrogated by the Grand elders and the chiefs.

There were always several dozen soldiers, mainly werewolves and orcs standing guard around the demigods at all times.

Heavily armored orcs with large shields stood in front of the Grand-elders and chiefs to block any attacks that might be sent towards them.

In this way, they were able to get a deeper understanding of who the demigods were and what they were actually like, in order to gather enough information to decide on the matter before the full moon arrived.

While the Grand-elders were interrogating the demigods Akira was keeping company with Mileena, Silvy, and Wyt.

“Why do you have to do this!?” asked a pouting Mileena.

“I have to do it in order to keep Kodria safe. If Kodria is safe it means you and the children are safe!” said Akira while he held Silvy and gave her one of the handmade cloth dolls that Azura and Maya had made out of scrap cloth. Upon grabbing onto it with her small hands she brought it to her mouth where she began to slobber and gnaw on a third of the large head of the doll.

“But you’ll have to bite them…”

“Don’t worry it is only to activate the skill there is no other meaning behind it!”

“But still…”

“Do you want me to bite you tonight?” asked Akira.

“Stop! Don’t say stuff like that in front of the children!” said a blushing Mileena.


The three days had passed by leisurely for Akira while he had waited for the grand elder’s decision.

Akira had just entered the large meeting room where the grand-elders were waiting along with Sister Teresa.

“Good you’re here,” said grand elder Heigir. “We have thought long and hard and have had many fierce discussions between ourselves on this matter. Although everyone on this council despises the demigods for all they have done in the past, both to our clans and the many demon races that have been wiped out… we have come to an agreement that if we can receive the help of demigods that are not hostile and as long as you can keep them from going rouge… we accept their offer to help.”

The entire council of grand-elders and chiefs all had solemn or stony expressions on their faces as they looked at Sister Teresa who was the representative for the small group of demigods.

“I thank you for your consideration. I can assure you that I and my close followers will not cause trouble for you. We only wish to help those in need,” said sister Teresa.

“Although we have agreed to accept you as allies. There has been a long feud between the demon race and demigods. So it would be troublesome for you to stay in Kodria’s main city which might cause several fights or attacks on you and your followers. So, after this ceremony you may stay at Bent-Gii or any other future settlement that we settle as they are largely made up of disciplined soldiers and will be more pleasant for you to interact with,” said grand elder Àaron.

“Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.”

“In a few hours the moon will be at its highest, that is when we will begin the… ceremony. Prepare yourself and make sure your followers understand what is going on. They are being brought over to the courtyard as we speak,” said grand elder Seoc.

“I will,” said Sister Teresa with a bow.


The full moon floated high in the sky lighting up the courtyard with its silvery light allowing the large gathering of people to see without the need for the burning torches and lanterns on the walls.

The grand elders and chiefs stood safely on top of the castle looking down at the platform that had been erected in the courtyard. The courtyard was jam-packed with castle guards and city guards all keeping a sharp watch on the demigods that were gathered behind the platform.

Akira exited the castle’s main doors along with Fluffball trailing behind him. Mileena had decided not to come watch the ceremony and instead would be staying with Wyt and Silvy.

The guards all parted to clear a path for Akira allowing him to walk up onto the stage unhindered.

Akira stood on the stage for a few seconds just looking at the moon high above him, soaking in the cool evening air and the silvery light. Fluffball sat down next to him enjoying the attention he was receiving while staying next to Akira.

Without any words spoken he transformed in front of everyone. A black misty light covered his entire body blocking their view as an intense killing aura burst out from his body and several odd sounds came from inside the dark mist which only lasted for a second or so before fading to only a thin mist that covered his body revealing the large muscular furred Akira with his eyes glinting with killing intent and his claws and teeth shining in the silver moonlight as he grinned.

Several of the low-level demigods were shaking in fear from the strong killing aura that was washing over them. A few fell to their butts while one created a new puddle on the ground.

With a clawed hand, Akira reached out and pointed to Sister Teresa and then motioned for her to step up onto the stage.

With a calm face and demeanor, she walked up next to frightening Akira. She wore a white cloak over her equally white armored robes and said no words and only moved her hair to one side revealing her neck which had baby-smooth skin.

Akira grabbed a hold of both her shoulders to keep her steady before… biting deep into her silky smooth neck.

Fresh blood spurted out from the puncture wounds on her neck as Akira wasted no time and activated the [Minor Lycanthropy] skill while still biting into Sister Teresa’s neck.

Akira instantly felt a tug on his consciousness and his energy as the light black mist that covered his body slowly moved from around him and began to completely cover Sister Teresa and enter into the neck wounds where his teeth were deeply embedded.

The low-level demigods that were watching it all were shaking even harder as they saw Akira viciously bite into sister Teresa. They were now on edge, wounding what they had gotten themselves into, and were now unsure if this was the best thing to do after seeing the bloody bite.

When sister Teresa was completely blocked from view, encased in a black misty cocoon, Akira on instinct, backed away and watched closely to see what would happen.

The black mist slowly swirled around her for a minute before silvery moonlight started to be sucked into it, before long the black mist slowly changed into a glowing gray mist that pulsed along with Sister Teresa’s heartbeat.

Inside the gray mist, several loud pained grunts could be heard as odd popping, tearing, and cracking sounds echoed out over the silent courtyard and bounced back off the stone walls.

The grand-elders and chiefs along with the guards all watched in excited amazement. This was a major historical event happening in front of them!

The demigods on the other hand were watching in horror as their heads began to fill up with thoughts of the painful experience that they would be going through soon.

After ten minutes passed the grunts and noises died out and…

“Awoooo!” as a silky smooth howl escaped the pulsing gray mist which gave one bright flash of light before bursting out away from sister Teresa to reveal a slim furred female werewolf with light gray fur that was almost nearing white.

The gray fur slowly disappeared as sister Teresa reverted back to her human form. Her face was full of sweat as she panted trying to catch her breath and recover from the exhausting experience.

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Conversion successfully completed!

Teresa has become a [Minor Lycan] subordinate underneath your command.

Akira grabbed sister Teresa’s arm to help keep her standing as he escorted her off the stage.

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“With this, I will be creating a guild for all who have accepted the transformation,” said Sister Teresa said before she hobbled over to Rondie who hurriedly began to inspect her while also asking several dozen questions.

The demigods all gathered around her and listened to her answers trying to learn all they could to prepare themselves. The nearby shamen under Klyn were also listening closely and were writing down notes furiously.

Since there was a limited time for the ceremony Akira could not let them mingle for too long.

“Next!” growled Akira, interrupting their questions.

The demigods all looked at each other for several seconds, no one offering to go next until one of the youngest-looking and lowest-leveled males of the group stepped forward with a determined expression. [Beater, Lvl 39]

He walked up onto the stage his hands balled into fists and held at his side as he stood straight and defiantly stared at the moon while exposing his neck.

Akira nodded at his determination and stepped forward and again the process once again repeated itself with Akira feeling a small tug at his consciousness and the black mist covering and entering Beater’s body.

When ten minutes passed once again…

“Awoooo!” a firm howl rang out from inside the gray mist before bursting out to reveal a buff werewolf with dark gray fur that was almost nearing black.

Akira helped the exhausted and stumbling man off the stage and only had to wait a few seconds before the next person stepped up onto the stage.

In this way, each of the demigods that had gathered near the stage underwent the painful transformation all gaining werewolf transformations with fur ranging from a light gray like sister Teresa to a dark gray like Beater and also in between.

They all joined Sister Teresa to quietly discuss in hushed tones too quiet for the werewolves to hear about what had changed with their bodies and other matters related to demigods.

After activating the skill to transform the demigods Akira felt both mentally and physically exhausted and could barely stand.

“Yap?” asked Fluffball as he stood protectively around Akira.

“I’m fine,” said Akira.

Zundar and the royal guards all rushed up onto the stage and helped escort him through the crowd and into the castle all the way to his large room.

He was in no shape or mood for talking to the demigods or any long meetings with the grand elders.

Akira hobbled into the room with the help of Fluffball where he flopped into his empty cushioned rocking chair next to Mileena who was still pouting.

Although it was well into the night long past midnight both Silvy and Wyt were wide awake.

Mileena had her hands full with Wyt who was getting a late-night snack, while also trying to get Silvy to go back to sleep.

Akira reached out and scooped up Silvy out of the crib and sat back as he slowly continued rocking back and forth in his cushioned rocking chair.

Sometime later when Mileena was finished tucking the sleeping Wyt back into the crib, she looked to Akira and saw him dozing with Silvy also fast asleep on top of his broad chest.

The sight brought a smile to her face and washed away all of her previous thoughts. She silently laid a light blanket over Silvy and returned to her own rocking chair to fall asleep several minutes later.

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