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This chapter is an informative chapter regarding the entire backstory of the base plotline of this story.

I personally advise you to skip this chapter and head to The Messenger chapter if a lot of information is overwhelming for you, and have everything explained throughout the story.

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NOTE: All information here will be spread throughout the story. Regardless of whether you reading this or not, you will understand the plotline as you read through! You can also always come back here if you need a refresher on what the story is all about. Please remember this!

Aeons ago, the most powerful being aside from the Creator, known as Numen, established his dominion in the World of Dawn. The World of Dawn was the only way for spiritual entities to traverse and experience the physical realm of Gaius.

As dictated by the Laws of Dyr, no spiritual being can traverse the physical world on its own, as there is nothing in Gaius that can sustain spiritual energy. Thus, any spiritual being must conceal its true energy within the World of Dawn and present itself as a mere spirit, before it can manifest in Gaius. This restriction necessitates that any being that wishes to visit Gaius must first conceal a significant portion of its energy in the World of Dawn.

Through the passage of time, there was no ruler of the World of Dawn, and it was simply a passage for spirits to conceal themselves in. As Numen, too, desired to experience the physical realm of Gaius, he eventually became the ruler of the World of Dawn. As Numen had no equal in power, there was no one who could oppose him in his ascent to the throne. In the meantime, he assembled an army of souls and spiritual entities that pledged to protect the World of Dawn against any opposing forces.

As the Laws of Dyr dictate, “There shall be no day without night… There will be no white without black; no good will exist if there is no evil.” Thus, an opposing force, Ziphot, an malevolent spirit that feeds on all of humanity’s base desires and embodies pure evil, exists. Ziphot, growing weary of residing in the land without dawn, desired to break the laws of Dyr and reign supreme over the realm of humanity, Gaius, as it is the greatest source of power.

To gain access to Gaius, Ziphot waged war against Numen, the ruler of the World of Dawn, in a catastrophic battle that resulted in many casualties on both sides. Though Numen emerged victorious, he was gravely injured and aware that Ziphot would seek revenge and attempt to conquer the World of Dawn again.

Numen, unable to merge with another spiritual being as it is forbidden by the laws of Dyr, visited the Land of the Dead and sought the assistance of the Jjabal, the deities of death. Numen requested to search for a suitable deceased individual, likely from a great historical background, to temporarily revive and merge with in order to defeat evil.

The Jjabal granted Numen’s request, but after scouring every corner, Numen was unable to find a fitting vessel. Until he stumbled upon the soul of Adam, the King of Humanity, who possessed a fiery, glowing white eye on his forehead, symbolizing that his soul is cherished by the Creator and cannot leave the spiritual realm.

As a result, Numen decided to place his hopes on the living humanity of Gaius. He shattered his own being into seven pieces, each transformed into a Celestial, hidden across the entire planet.

To summon Numen’s Eye, one must collect the essence of each Celestial, using the seven Holy Artifacts, each granted by a Witness after passing a test of worthiness. The one who successfully collects all the essences will summon the Eye and the Child of Prophecy, who will guide the summoner to Numen’s Field, where Numen awaits to merge with them and grant their wishes.

Prior to the Great War, the World of Dawn was a tranquil realm, but as a result of the war, Ziphot’s army was able to enter and infiltrate Gaius with ease, since Numen was already weakened. He was unable to exert a significant influence and deemed it imprudent to expend his abilities against the adversary, as Ziphot’s military force was comparably formidable to that of Numen’s. Engaging in combat against them would have been futile, thus Numen elected to permit their presence in the realm.

This precipitated widespread turmoil in Gaius. However, over time, Ziphot’s army established their own autonomous entity within the realm of Gaius. The location of their principal headquarters remains elusive and undiscovered by the common human populace. Yet the ominous fact remains that the Order of Hollow is entrenched within humanity.

The Order of Hollow is a nefarious organization with the objective of preventing any human from discovering any Celestial beings and seeking to bring about the downfall of humanity. This has resulted in an ongoing struggle between the Order of Hollow and humanity.

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